Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade


  • Title: Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade
  • Author: Oliver Bowden
  • ISBN: 9780441020997
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • NICCOLO POLO, FATHER OF MARCO, WILL FINALLY REVEAL THE STORY HE HAS KEPT SECRET ALL HIS LIFE THE STORY OF ALTAIR, ONE OF THE BROTHERHOOD S MOST EXTRAORDINARY ASSASSINS.Altair embarks on a formidable mission one that takes him throughout the Holy Land and shows him the true meaning of the Assassin s Creed To demonstrate his commitment, Altair must defeat nine deadly enNICCOLO POLO, FATHER OF MARCO, WILL FINALLY REVEAL THE STORY HE HAS KEPT SECRET ALL HIS LIFE THE STORY OF ALTAIR, ONE OF THE BROTHERHOOD S MOST EXTRAORDINARY ASSASSINS.Altair embarks on a formidable mission one that takes him throughout the Holy Land and shows him the true meaning of the Assassin s Creed To demonstrate his commitment, Altair must defeat nine deadly enemies, including Templar leader, Robert de Sable Altair s life story is told here for the first time a journey that will change the course of history his ongoing battle with the Templar conspiracy a family life that is as tragic as it is shocking and the ultimate betrayal of an old friend.

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    1. Oliver Bowden

      Anton Gill aka Oliver Bowden has been a full time professional writer since 1984, and in the course of the last 27 years he has published 35 books Gill was born in Ilford, Essex, the son of a German father and an English mother, and grew up in London He is an acclaimed novelist and Renaissance historian currently living in Paris, France Bowden has written novelizations of several of the Assassin s Creed console games.Oliver Bowden is a pen name a pseudonym adopted by the author in order to hide his true identity However, his profession and location are accurate.According to Bowden s interview with UbiWorkshop, he is an avid gamer and gains much of his inspiration for character development throughout the writing process from playing the Assassin s Creed series.


    1. When I get really annoyed with a book I sometimes forget how to write a book review. I don’t approach it how I normally would, and instead I just list a bunch of points that really pissed me off about the work: 1. The same story AGAIN-According to the cover, this is the “untold story of Altair.” It’s not. This book is a verbatim repeating of the events in the first Assassin’s creed game (yawn.) Now don’t get me wrong they were good events. I thought the game was very clever, but I d [...]

    2. After the surprisingly good Assassin's Creed Renaissance and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood novelizations, I was severely disappointed by this latest installment of the Assassin's Creed Books. As it was centered on Altair, I was looking forwards to reading about him. But this book was dire. With Oliver Bowden's previous adaptations, I sometimes forgot I was reading a game novel, as it felt almost like a historical novel. This was achieved mostly because he did. His. Research. However, with this bo [...]

    3. I love this game, I love this story, I love this book. I've been a fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise since playing the first game.This is the third Assassin's Creed novel by Oliver Bowden but chronologically, timeline and game release wise, it comes first. Readers are not disadvantaged at all if they have not read the first two novels.This novel is extremely faithful to the source material, it is clear Bowden worked closely with Ubisoft Montreal as most of the dialog is word perfect when com [...]

    4. The life and times of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, original protagonist of the Assassin's Creed video game series. The majority of the novel details the events of the first game, set during the Third Crusade in 1191 as Altaïr goes from arrogant ignorer of his Order's Creed to wise Master Assassin as he pieces together the puzzle of his given Templar targets and uncovers a conspiracy surrounding an ancient artifact left behind by a lost civilization. (view spoiler)[The book also covers the events afterw [...]

    5. Nono libro finito di quest'anno. Il libro non era male. Oliver Bowden potrebbe scrivere un pò meglio ma da quando leggo la saga in Italiano bene o male ce la faccio. Il traduttore, che solitamente non guardo mai, ha fatto un ottimo lavoro. Ok, poco fa ho guardato chi era. Tullio Dobner. Quello che traduce Stephen King. Forse è uno dei pochi che stimo anche se ho trovato errorini di battitura qua e là. Ma in Italia il double-check pare come sempre non esistere.Per le frasi alla morte dei nove [...]

    6. No words can describe my feelings for this book. Mainly because it is Assassin's Creed for goodness sake. I love the game so much. And I really, honestly, doubt on reading it due to recent reviews on this book which I still don't understand. This book is good. The story is amazing. Altair is amazing. He is such a good role model. I have to admit that, yes, it was followed exactly from the video game. And partly that's what makes it so nice too. Because I fangirl a lot to the video game and I lik [...]

    7. Enjoyable but not catchy. Renaissance is still the best one from this series.And really needs to be all the names so similar?

    8. I recently read Assassin’s Creed: The last Crusade by Oliver Bowden, Its about a this group of Assassin’s and Altair one of their top assassin’s fails to follow orders and gets the title of master taking away from him in front of clan. Throughout the story Altair has to prove him worthy of being named master assassin once more.The setting takes place in 11th century Jerusalem, Acre, and Damascus. The assassin’s had a fortress in Masyaf where they lived and trained to be great assassin’ [...]

    9. This novel isn't the best written work in the history of literature, but I found it fun to read a novelisation of the games, and one which teased out more of Altaïr's past. If you're interested in the Assassin's Creed games for their plot, this might interest you, even if you don't want to or can't play the games. It doesn't include the Desmond frame story, but it brings together all the threads about Altaïr in one book, which makes it a smoother learning experience than playing the games.Stuf [...]

    10. This is what the game needs. More plot points. And here they are, beautifully wrapped in a single book. The Creed books are a great asset to the game indeed. They nicely summarise the cutscenes and the story, and present the missing links. This book in particular shows what we did not know about the Great Master - Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. He becomes much more relatable because of this, since the game does not bother to give much of character's backstory. It is always nice to become more acquainted w [...]

    11. If you love the game series Assassin's Creed by Ubisoft than you are going to love the book. Assassin Creed The Secret Crusade embarks on the journeys and hardships Altair had to go through. He seeing his fathers death does not stop him from becoming one of the greatest assassin's the Brotherhood has ever had. This book lacking character development entices you with the crazy plot twist of his Master betraying him. He is than forced to kill him for his betrayal to the Brotherhood. Altair in doin [...]

    12. على ما اعتقد القصة غنية عن التعريف للي لعب assassins creed 1 بس للي ما يعرفهاش سريعًا كده الرواية بتتكلم عن جماعة الأساسنز و صراعهم الأزلي مع فرسان المعبد او the knight templars التمبلزر بيسعوا للحصول على قطع اثرية تسمى قطع عدن لها القدرة على السيطرة على الإرادة و سلب حرية الشخصتتبع القصة اح [...]

    13. Неразказаната история на Алтаир – Върховния учител асасин. Това мото краси корицата на книгата. Ще започна с това, че съм силно впечатлена от факта, че както на английски, така и на български кориците са едни и същи. А още повече ме впечатли това, че за самата направа на кориц [...]

    14. I originally rated this book 4/5 but, after having some time to think through it, I've re-rated it 3/5 and I'll explain why.While this is a fantastic adaptation from, I'll admit, a pretty decent game, there was one major flaw in Oliver Bowden's writing. But let's get the good stuff out of the way first.The storyline is absolutely incredible. It's an adventure in the life of an assassin as he uncovers a conspiracy surrounding the ancient order of the Templars and secrets within his own temple. Th [...]

    15. I just didn't feel like it contributed anything. It felt like the author played the game and transcribed what happened on the screen. But with less depth. It felt so much emptier than the game, and it shouldn't have. It should have added so much more. There's such a unique opportunity to add so much depth to Altaïr, to really throw the reader into a fantastic historical portrayal, to use so many literary references and allusions to Alamut, to have these striking descriptions of Damascus, Acre a [...]

    16. This is the whole story of Altair. First half of a book is telling story of first Assassin's Creed video game. The second part of the book tells story of Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines video games. But alas, this game is ONLY for Play Station- so I will never be able to play it. But at least I could read the story, so it makes me happy even if I can't play that game. To whom who say this book is so bloody and cruel: PEOPLE, it's called Assassin's Creed!!! It's supposed to be bloody!! Besides, in t [...]

    17. My son loves Assassin's creed and has three of these books. I wanted to see why he liked them so much. This one is filled with nothing but death. The plotline could have been a lot stronger; the makings of a great book were hidden in there. What I hated about this book, was the fact that people were dying with slashed throats, stabbed in the chest, but they had plenty of time to lay out all their dastardly plans before they finally succumbed to their wounds. And there was a lot of: he died. The [...]

    18. Having played the asssassin's creed videogames and being a huge fangirl myself I thought that it was FANTASTIC. When the book was over I had a full perspective of the story which by playing the videogame I lost due to my focus to the goals. I have not read the other books, so I thought that this one was the first due to it's name, as it talks about Altair the protagonist of the first video game. Assassin's creed. I would for sure recommend this to anyone interested into fantasy and history as it [...]

    19. Interesting story, poor writing. A good introduction to the world of the Assassin's Creed, though, so I'd say it's worth 3 stars as far as novelizations are concerned. Full review can be read at Constant Collectible.

    20. What sets this book above the first two is the complexity of the characters and their relationships. They are more relatable because they experience real things (betrayal, hesitance, confusion, epiphanies, & the act of aging) in more realistic ways and doses. It was also much more well written, though I still have a problem with Bowden's grammar and structure.

    21. The Secret Crusade (Assassin’s Creed #3), Oliver Bowdenعنوان: فرقه اسسین ها کتاب سوم: نهضت مخفی؛ نویسنده: اولیور باودن؛ مترجم: بهنام حاجی زاده؛ تهران، آذرباد، 1393، در ؟؟ ص؛ شابک: 9786006225524؛ گروه مترجمین مجموعه: امیر قربان‌، فرزین لازمی‌زاده، خشایار خلیلیان، کیانا حاج‌دولت، بهراد بهروان

    22. Am citit cartea fără să joc jocul. Personaje și evenimente istorice reale, precum Marco Polo, fratele și tatăl acestuia, Richard Inimă de Leu, conflictele dintre templieri și asasini, în timpul cruciadelor sau expansiunea Imperiului Mongol sub conducerea lui Ginghis Han, se îmbină perfect cu ficțiunea și SF-ul, ca în cazul fiecărui titlu din serie, de altfel. Mi-au plăcut referințele subtile la alte cărți și jocuri din franciza Assassin's Creed, deoarece leagă evenimentele d [...]

    23. Um dos meus livros favoritos. Altair é um dos meus personagens favoritos da franquia, e este livro não conta apenas os eventos do primeiro jogo, conta tudo sobre sua vida. Desde do nascimento até a morte. Eu amei ler isso, cada pagina, cada cidade nova que o livro apresentava era magica para mim. Eu lembro de cada tarde sozinho, vendo o sol se por, enquanto eu estava lendo. Bons tempos, boas memórias.

    24. This book takes place centuries before the othe Ezio centered Assassin’s Creed books. We find Altair Ibn La’Ahad on his adventures as he learns what it truly means to live by the Creed. I very much enjoyed reading Altair’s story since I found him to be an honorable character. I particularly found his wife Maria to be a wonderful partner for Altair given her warrior spirit, something I deeply appreciate in female characters. The pacing was great and the story tight. I look forward to return [...]

    25. Es un libro entretenido, aunque creo que más para fanáticos del juego de Assassin's Creed. Decidí leerlo como parte del Popsugar Reading Challenge, en la categoría de un género que nunca habia leído. La Cruzada Secreta mezcla tanto novela histórica, como fantasía, y me decidí por esto último. Si bien la premisa de la trama es interesante -la vida de Altaïr, maestro Asesino y sus aventuras para encontrarse a sí mismo, así como salvar a la Hermandad, creo que el autor pudo haber sacad [...]

    26. If 'The Secret Crusade' had stopped when the first game had ended, this would probably have been a five. If it had stopped when 'Bloodlines' ended, it would have been a four. As it is now, I'm balancing between three and two, but because of the good times we had together at first, it's a three. And that's me being friggin' generous.This book made me realise one thing: Oliver Bowden (or, more accurately, the man hiding behind this pseudonym) is not a great writer. What charms this book has, we ow [...]

    27. This was fun, plain and simple. A good chunk of the story just retells the events that occurred in the first Assassin's Creed game, but there were just as many parts that were new to me. It's obvious they wrote this to fill in gaps for people who haven't played the first game but perhaps did play the later ones, and it saves the reader/wannabe-player the trouble of slogging through a mostly tedious game (also Altair's kinda horrible voice actor). I still liked the game a lot but only played it f [...]

    28. Assassins creed: the secret crusade"Nothing is true, everything is permitted." Assassins creed: the secret crusade is one of the first book in its series. Also, telling the tale of the first master Assassin ever introduced-Altair Ibn-La'Ahad. After his father's death, Altair was raised to be an master assassin. But in spite of all his glorious victories, Altair failed his most important mission, and got demoted by his master. His master then gave him a chance for redemption. He gave Altair nine [...]

    29. Based on the popular video game from UBISOFTBack Cover Description:" Altair Embarks on a fromidable mission - One that takes him throughout the Holy Land and shows him the true meanind of the Assassins's Creed. To demonstrate his commitment Altair must defeat nine deadly enemies, including Templar leader Robert de Sable. Altair's life story is told here for the first time: a journey that will change the course of history; his ongoing battle with the Templar Conspiracy; and the ultimate betrayal [...]

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