Final Price (Paul Chang Mystery, #1)

Final Price Paul Chang Mystery Wilmington Delaware is one of those cities that feels like a small town Neighbors know one another and businesses cater to the needs of the citizenry But what happens when the local car salesman suf

  • Title: Final Price (Paul Chang Mystery, #1)
  • Author: J. Gregory Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wilmington, Delaware is one of those cities that feels like a small town Neighbors know one another, and businesses cater to the needs of the citizenry But what happens when the local car salesman suffers one lost sale too many, when one customer decides to buy from the competition because the price is too high, interest rates aren t friendly, or that shade ofWilmington, Delaware is one of those cities that feels like a small town Neighbors know one another, and businesses cater to the needs of the citizenry But what happens when the local car salesman suffers one lost sale too many, when one customer decides to buy from the competition because the price is too high, interest rates aren t friendly, or that shade of blue just won t work In J Gregory Smith s electrifying thriller, Final Price, Shamus Ryan s frustration works like a thorn under his skin until psychotic urges take over and he commits murder serial murders, in fact his victims chosen from prospective clients who dared to walk away With Smith s chilling scenes of massacre, readers are pulled into the vortex of a warped mind, one man justifying heinous acts, and two detectives running a race against time, trying to solve seemingly random killings Paul Chang, a Chinese American homicide detective, is struggling to understand why these murders are taking place Assisted by his neurotic partner, Nelson Rogers, Chang goes after the killer with logic, tenacity, and no small measure of fear Written from the perspectives of Detective Chang and Shamus Ryan, readers quickly find themselves seeing the world in unique and often disturbing ways they never expected With dark humor and gritty suspense, Smith has crafted a refreshing and surprising thriller.

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    1. J. Gregory Smith

      Prior to writing fiction full time, Greg Smith worked in public relations in Washington, D.C Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware He has an MBA from the College of William Mary and a BA in English from Skid College His first novel, Final Price, was selected as a Quarterfinalist in the 2009 Breakthrough Novel Award Just released as a self published work, it is now available on , Kindle and select bookstores He lives in Wilmington, DE with his wife and son.


    1. This book is priceless! A fresh look at a serial killer - he's a car salesman!!!! Unique characters - an Asian for a change and his dysfunctional but sensitive sidekick Nelson. And all steeped in sly dry humor (which obviously some of the reviewers of this book didn't get). In one scene Chang and Nelson are getting tea. The clerk calls out: "3 Percent". When Nelson returns from getting his drink, Chang asks him what that's about. He replies he told the girl she had so many metal piercings her ch [...]

    2. I really liked this book. The characters were diverse, developed and can easily be made into a series that would interest me.If I remember right, the profanity and adult scenes were kept to a minimum, if there at all. Fair warning, I've read a few books in between this one and the review. So, my memory may not be right thereI'll look forward to Chang as a PI.

    3. I wasn't impressed by this book although it had pretty good ratings. It just didn't hold my interest and it was one of those you just can't wait for it to be over. I think the author tried to make it interesting with gory details but it just didn't flow well for me.

    4. This was an interesting mystery with a good premise. However, I didn't like the author's use of stereotypes. Not my favorite, but not bad.

    5. When I started this book, I didn’t realize that it was the first in a series -- the Paul Chang Mystery series. It appears the next book is Legacy Of the Dragon and the third book is Send in the Clowns. However, this book stands completely on its own -- the ending wrapped everything up.But don’t let the word “Mystery” in the series title fool you. This is not, by my definition, a mystery. Maybe the sequels are, but this book is not. Two of the most common questions I expect to have when r [...]

    6. The premise of “Final Price” is interesting. When I realized (very soon into the book) why Shamus Ryan is leaving a trail of murderous mayhem in his wake, it seemed like an interesting and fresh motivation for a killer. Shamus stands in for everyone out there in sales or customer service land who is tired and angry at the way they are treated by an uncivilized, impolite and inconsiderate society. So, Shamus kills. Shamus kills with regularity. Shamus kills over and over. Potential readers sh [...]

    7. Final Price by J. Gregory SmithA quarter finalist in the 2009 Breakthrough Novel contest, this book deserves to be looked at carefully. Most of us have purchased a car at one point or another. I doubt many of us have considered the car salesman’s point of view, let alone a psychopathic car salesman. Shamus the car salesman does not take rejection well. His reaction to rejection is investigated by the largest Chinese American State Trooper in Delaware and his emotionally vulnerable sidekick. P [...]

    8. In the case of Shamus, when life hands you lemons, you grind them into someone's face. You know, after you have murdered them. Shamus is a car salesman with problems. Those problems being his potential customers skipping out on a buy after he put in time, effort, and killer deals on the table. When he can't close the deal and the customer finds somewhere else to buy a vehicle, costing him his pride and commission, he is calm. Until he's off work, anyway. That's when the anger hits, and he looks [...]

    9. Not half bad, for what I paid for it, and for having a cover that looks like a Trapper Keeper I used to carry back in like '90. This was given away for free to anyone who had a Kindle, about a year ago. I figured maybe that was because they didn't feel right charging for it, given its quality, but now I've come to suspect that they were trying to generate interest in the two books this guy has released subsequently. Final Price is a strong foundation for a career as a guy who sells $3 mystery no [...]

    10. This poor book had been sitting on my TBR pile for awhile. Actually, so long that I couldn't remember what had tempted me to purchase it in the first place. With a little guilt that the book had been neglected I started it with out knowing much about the story (this I had also forgotten). As I was introduced to the characters I started to wonder if it was purely a police crime story or something more. This feeling never left me, even on the last few pages. After thinking about it a little more, [...]

    11. Great concept for a story. A car salesman does not handle rejection very well and lashes out to punish those who wasted his time and then doesn't buy a car from him. You have a Chinese/American hero cop, a nerdy sidekick, a serial killer trying to make his dead Grandmother happy, and bad politics. The story moved along well and I enjoyed it, however, I did get a bit distracted with the authors attempt to have the hero cop practice Chinese meditation tactics to escape the negativity of his corrup [...]

    12. It was ok. The mystery was interesting, but that's about it. I hated the Chinese stereotypes and the crap with "Confucius say". It just came off as racist. The other thing that really bugged me is, he seems to hate women. Nearly all the women in this story, what little there are, are written as horrible people. They're mean, domineering, slutty, incapable of making a decision without a man, on and on. There's not one single decent female character until almost the end of the book. And then, one [...]

    13. This novel introduces a great new central character, Paul Chang, to the thriller genre. A Chinese-American detective, Chang is likable, credible and has enough psychoses to be endearing. Chang's partner, Nelson Rogers, is another likable, interesting character and I hope that this is the beginning of a series featuring the two. The premise is scary enough--a psychotic, serial-killer car salesman and the story is told through alternating perspectives, Shamus Ryan, the car salesman, and Chang. Bew [...]

    14. This is a very interesting and compelling novel. The author does a superb job of giving you a glimpse into the mind of a serial killer as he takes you along on the quest to capture him. It is almost chilling at times to think how easily one could cross paths with someone as disturbed as the antagonist in this novel. The hero, Paul Chang, is very well defined and we are treated to a deep understanding of his personal history and his struggles with his own violent nature. Further, there is a broad [...]

    15. Paul Chang is a Chinese American homicide detective on the Wilmington DE police force. He and a friend were both NY City cops but resigned under cloud before singing on in Wilmington. Paul has some inner turmoil’s that he fights with the help of a old Chinese aid for his elderly mother. Shamus Ryan is a car salesman who had a very abusive upbringing and when customers give him a hard time and he looses a sale he is compelled to even the score in a very bloody manner. Its up to Paul and friend [...]

    16. Interesting charactersInteresting charactersI chose this rating because it was a little difficult getting behind the characters at first. I probably would've enjoyed it more had I read previous books about these same characters. In the end the suspense was enough to keep me interested.

    17. I found this book very very interesting. The author builds a complicated web if characters. It is one of those books that allows you to see that people aren't all black or white. It has a great balance of humor, shock, and action. Definitely one of those books you had to force yourself to slow down because you didn't want it to end

    18. I have mixed emotions about this book. I enjoyed the dual POVs but didn't appreciate the racial stereotypes. Rage comes in many forms. Perhaps that's the point. It really isn't a mystery, since you meet the "bad guy" early and here half the tale from his POV. I enjoyed it enough to want to read the second in the series.

    19. The book was ok. There were a few stereotypes that weren't needed. There were a few pieces of the story that were not fully developed or followed through on. Interesting story idea but not well developed.

    20. Good ReadThe book is well written and the characters very entertaining. My only issue is the poor relationships with Paul Chang's superiors. It seems that too many detective stories have to have such nasty bosses. I will definitely continue to read J. Gregory Smith books.

    21. This book reminds of the thriller physco! Very good read about a serial killer who is mental. Makes u think about who u come In contact with in this crazy world! Once I got into it; it was a page turner.

    22. You are on a overnight journey and don't want to sleep and want to tame a break from what you are reading currently, but want to read something. This one is line that.

    23. what a hoot, very nice police and serial killer procedural. encore so far has been very nice imprint with good editing, and exciting noir/violent/crime ridden/on-the-edge stories.

    24. This book was a fun read. I will think twice about giving a car salesman a hard time next time I buy a car!!!

    25. MarginalIt's clear a lot of work went into this, but it feels somewhat formulaic. I thought the characters felt too stereotypical and the plot was thin. I'd give this a rest.

    26. A delightfully creepy villain (I won't be pissing any car salesmen off for a while!) and an interesting set of detectives. I would definitely buy a sequel!

    27. Well executed tale of a serial killer and cop who follows his own route to protect and serve. Worth reading.

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