Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble

Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble It s two times the turmoil for mayhem magnet Callie her curvaceous cousin Lovie and Elvis the King reincarnated as nothin but a hound dog This time they re finding a lot than relics on an archeolog

  • Title: Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble
  • Author: Peggy Webb
  • ISBN: 9780758241412
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s two times the turmoil for mayhem magnet Callie, her curvaceous cousin Lovie, and Elvis, the King reincarnated as nothin but a hound dog This time they re finding a lot than relics on an archeological dig that could truly be their ruin.Forced to choose between one man who wants to marry her and another who already did, Callie Valentine Jones can t think of a It s two times the turmoil for mayhem magnet Callie, her curvaceous cousin Lovie, and Elvis, the King reincarnated as nothin but a hound dog This time they re finding a lot than relics on an archeological dig that could truly be their ruin.Forced to choose between one man who wants to marry her and another who already did, Callie Valentine Jones can t think of a better way to check out of her personal Heartbreak Hotel then to get way, way out of town So when Lovie invites the whole Valentine clan to visit her brainy new beau s worksite near Cozumel, Callie packs up her crooning basset hound and heads straight for the airport But the moment they arrive at the dig, Elvis sniffs out T R O U B L E, in the form of a skeleton too fresh to be part of the research and too dead to spell anything but homicide Suspicious minds blame ghosts and gods, but Callie knows the guilty party is all too human and for once, she s determined not to get involved That determination goes right out the window when Lovie and Elvis go missing It s now or never, if Callie wants to save her cousin and her canine from someone who s got murder always on his mind And when her sexy ex arrives to save the day, she ll have to keep her head together, because her love won t wait but neither will a killer with something deadly to hide P 4 of cover.

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      270 Peggy Webb
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      Peggy Webb is a USA Today Bestselling author from Mississippi She has written 70 novels, 200 magazine humor columns, 2 screenplays Called a comedic genius by her peers, she writes romantic comedy and the hilarious Southern Cousins Mysteries as Peggy Webb She writes literary fiction under the pen names Anna Michaels and Elaine Hussey Pat Conroy calls her literary work astonishing and Kathie Fong Yoneda labels it brilliant The author calls The Sweetest Hallelujah,written as Elaine Hussey, the best book I ve ever written Advance reveiwers say if you can buy only one book, make it The Sweetest Hallelujah Learn at elainehussey An actress and musician as well as a writer, Peggy composed the blues lyrics that appear throughout The Sweetest Hallelujah She has been in many stage plays at her local community theater and says the role she enjoyed most was the Witch in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe I was playing against type, she says Peggy loves gardening, playing piano, singing in her church choir, hanging out on her front porch with friends and owning dogs who think they are the boss She considers her greastest accomplishment raising two wonderful children who are good people, good citizens and good parents She says, I adore my four grandchildren who call me Gigi Thank goodness, the feeling is mutual Series Westland Diaries A Southern Cousins Mystery


    1. So the Valentine clan head to Cozumel - Lovie, to see her boyfriend at his archaeological dig, Callie and her Uncle Charlie to attend a mortuary conference, and Mama and Fayrene, who knows. And of course, we can't forget Elvis. Look at him on that cover looking all handsome and courageous. So early on, Lovie is kidnapped and Elvis follows her because he doesn't want her to be alone. That leaves the rest of the crew looking for them during the remainder of the book.This is the 4th installment of [...]

    2. This is a toughie! I liked the main characters, the crazy family & the dog who thinks he's Elvis reincarnated. This was a quick read. I expected funny & quirky & this book delivers. It was a little hard for me to get into because a dog who thinks he's Elvis helps tell part of the tale. The author gets 5 stars for creativity, character creation & for being light hearted & amusing but I just really had a hard time getting through this book, getting into the tale & admit I r [...]

    3. Lets start with what I liked about #4 in the Southern Cousins mystery series. As always, both Elvis and Fayrene had me in stitches throughout the entire book. I love the "knight and shinning armor" attitude that exist between Jack and Callie. Now, the thing I disliked the most was that Callie and Lovie had no interaction with each other. The thing that kept me coming back was the loving banter that took place between the 2 of them. Lovie's outrageous love for adventure and Callie's straight-lace [...]

    4. Interesting. Elvis the dog added a bit of humor. The characters were sufficiently zany. But for some reason (and I don't know why) it didn't engage me sufficiently to make me add this to my "gotta read" list of series. Apparently there were two predecessors, and it seemed the characters were well developed. The plot was fine but to some extent a little unusual/beyond belief. It was well-written, and for Elvis (the singer, not the dog) fans it might be even more interesting. But for me, it just w [...]

    5. this book was super cute! It was a little hard to get into becouce I come in the middle of a series but as you get to know the characters its really fast pace. The dog personalty reminds me of my dog Roxy. I highly recommend this book. -mimi

    6. In Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble, Callie Valentine Jones escapes her man troubles by taking off to Cozumel, Mexico. Her cousin, Lovie, has invited the whole family down to visit an archaeological dig. When Elvis, Callie's basset hound, who's really the reincarnated King himself, unearths a skeleton not associated with the dig, foul play is suspected. Things go from bad to worse, when Lovie and Elvis go missing. Callie must step up and find the two before they are harmed. This was such a [...]

    7. “Much More Than Just a Hound Dog” MysteryElvis, the beloved Rock-N-Roll Icon is reincarnated into Callie Valentine Jones’ handsome Bassett Hound, who uses his talents once again, including baying a medley of “The King’s” tunes (some even I had forgotten!) with the fourth of Peggy Webb’s “Southern Cousins Mysteries”. Uncle Charlie Valentine, well-respected mortician of Mooresville, is heading to the Undertaker’s Convention in Cozumel and has quite the zany crew accompanying hi [...]

    8. The Valentine Family is at it again – and no one is going to harm them. Elvis, reincarnated as Callie Valentine Jones’ Bassett hound dog, will make sure of that! Along with mysterious Jack and Uncle Charlies help! While in Cozumel for an undertaker’s convention and to visit with Callie’s curvaceous cousin Lovie’s archaeological boyfriend, a drunk Lovie is kidnapped right off the beach! Elvis thinks it is his responsibility to keep tabs on Lovie and follows the kidnapper and they both b [...]

    9. This is the first in this cozy mystery series that I have read and I enjoyed it. Callie is a great character who is trying to get a divorce from her hot undercover operative husband to marry a safe vet in her small town. Jack her ex doesn't really seem to want to let her go. Callie has a great quirky southern clan including her mother, and her sex obsessed cousin Lovie. They head south of the border for an undertaker's convention(her uncle is a an undertaker) and to visit her cousin Lovie on her [...]

    10. I love the reincarnated Elvis, existing in the body of a hip-swaying, lip curling, Basset Hound owned our sleuth, Callie Valentine Jones. Callie and Elvis have been solving murders for a while and Callie has no thoughts of murder as the book begins. Callie has more important thoughts going onould she divorce Jack or marry Champ? While these hard decisions are being contemplated, Callie's best friend and cousin, Lovie phones from Cozumel, where she is with her boyfriend, Rocky (he is an archeolog [...]

    11. Callie Jones, her basset hound who thinks he's the reincarnation of his namesake Elvis, her mother Ruby Nell, and others from their small town head down to Cozumel, where cousin Lovie's boyfriend Rocky is involved in an archaeological dig. Then Lovie and Elvis disappear, and uncle Charlie sends out a call for Callie's estranged husband Jack--since Jack and Charlie both work for the Agency, Charlie can always reach him. Meanwhile, since Elvis himself is narrating alternate chapters, the reader ca [...]

    12. Keeping the mystery light and her readers (and their dogs) howling with laughter is Peggy Webb’s latest Southern Cousin mystery, “Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble.”Peggy Webb is an absolute master when it comes to writing comedy, and her charmingly hilarious books are evidence to her storytelling skills. If you’re looking for a dog-gone good time with your cozy mystery, look no further than Webb’s Southern Cousins. You’re sure to find yourself “Shake, Rattle and Roll-ing” wi [...]

    13. Normally, I find this series cute. This time a whole bunch of things got on my nerves. The way the main character lets her mother sponge off her, her nympho cousin, etc. Maybe it wasn't the right book at the right time for me. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it. Maybe a lot of things- like the love triangle and the never occurring divorce- need to get settled already. Not going to give this book a star rating because I don't know if it's me or the book.

    14. If you are in the mood for a totally unrealistic but hilariously wild romp through the Mexican jungle with a basset hound named Elvis, who thinks he's the real thing, Callie, a hair stylist with a thing for shoes and her cousin Lovie, who can only be described as outrageous, then this book is for you. This series of cozy mysteries is never believable but always entertaining. Clever writing and likable characters win the day. This is some of my favorite light reading.

    15. The characters were very likeable, but the text was riddled with typos and formatting errors which really detracted from a plot that held promise but never really fulfilled it. Some of my disinterest in the story could be because this is the fourth book in the series but the first that I've read, but it felt like the author was rushing against an impending deadline.

    16. More mischief for the Southern cousins when they go on a tropical vacation to visit Lovie's current love interest and go to an undertaker's convention. When members of their entourage come up missing it is up to the rest to solve the mystery. Great addition to the series -- now we have to wait until the fall for the next addition to the story

    17. I love this series and this book was great as well. Callie and the crew head down to Cozumel, where they plan to relax in the sun. Then Lovie and Elvis get kidnapped and Callie has to find them. There were a lot of chapters written in Elvis' POV, which I loved because he is my favorite! Keep them coming Peggy Webb!

    18. This is a really fun mystery. At certain points there are so many people running around that it reminds me of a Scooby Doo episode where they are chasing/being chased by the monster and running in and out of doors. I literally laughed out loud when the last bad guy was caught (don't want to spoil it by telling you why).

    19. Fun and fast read, Elvis is pretty open alive and well, just in a form of a doggie Definitely a laugh out loud type of book :-D

    20. These Elvis books by Peggy Webb keeps me laughing. I always look to see what the cast of characters is up to and I look forward to future novels by this writer.

    21. Another solid entry in this series. Anyone who enjoys a cozy mystery with romantic overtones and plenty of zany action should give this series a try.

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