Město ze skla

M sto ze skla To save her mother s life Clary must travel to the City of Glass the ancestral home of the Shadowhunters never mind that entering the city without permission is against the Law and breaking the Law

  • Title: Město ze skla
  • Author: Cassandra Clare Eva Maršíková
  • ISBN: 9788020419118
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
  • To save her mother s life, Clary must travel to the City of Glass, the ancestral home of the Shadowhunters never mind that entering the city without permission is against the Law, and breaking the Law could mean death To make things worse, she learns that Jace does not want her there, and her best friend, Simon, has been thrown in prison by the Shadowhunters, who are deTo save her mother s life, Clary must travel to the City of Glass, the ancestral home of the Shadowhunters never mind that entering the city without permission is against the Law, and breaking the Law could mean death To make things worse, she learns that Jace does not want her there, and her best friend, Simon, has been thrown in prison by the Shadowhunters, who are deeply suspicious of a vampire who can withstand sunlight.As Clary uncovers about her family s past, she finds an ally in mysterious Shadowhunter Sebastian With Valentine mustering the full force of his power to destroy all Shadowhunters forever, their only chance to defeat him is to fight alongside their eternal enemies But can Downworlders and Shadowhunters put aside their hatred to work together While Jace realizes exactly how much he s willing to risk for Clary, can she harness her newfound powers to help save the Glass City whatever the cost Love is a mortal sin and the secrets of the past prove deadly as Clary and Jace face down Valentine in the final installment of the New York Times bestselling The Mortal Instruments.

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      Hello ers Here s my official bio Cassandra Clare was born overseas and spent her early years traveling around the world with her family and several trunks of fantasy books Cassandra worked for several years as an entertainment journalist for the Hollywood Reporter before turning her attention to fiction She is the author of City of Bones, the first book in the Mortal Instruments trilogy and a New York Times bestseller Cassandra lives with her fiance and their two cats in Massachusetts You can find me online at cassandraclareI have a blog cassandraclarevejournal and a Facebook facebook Cassandraclareand a Twitter twitter cassieclareI ll be available here on to answer questions for a Author Discussion starting September 18 group show 3Go sign up so you don t miss the conversation when it starts


    1. So, I'm just going to save you from having to read this book:Everyone, except Clary: WOHOO, we're going to Alicante!!!!Clary: *moping* ohnoes, they left me behind! But with my super special unicorn powers I can get there myself, although it was said that that's impossible!Aldertree: YOU GOING TO JAIL!!Simon: Crap, but I guess someone will get me out of jail soon*300 pages later*hello?Sebastian/Jonathan: Hello, I'm a new character introduced only to make sense of this mess. Want to make out?Clary [...]

    2. I had begun reading this laying down and drinking the words in steadily but before I knew it I was sitting on the edge of the sofa and forcing to keep up my eyes focused enough not to move too far ahead. I promised myself I wasn't going to write a spoiler review though Ireallywanted to. Without giving spoilers I can't stress how much a certain line did this or what took me by surprise but y'all are just going to have to read it to feel and see what I felt.EVERYTHING is finally explained. Thank g [...]

    3. At this point I'm most likely not going to continue with the Mortal Instruments series. Sometime in the future I might, but for now I'm leaving it here.

    4. The further I get into this series, the more I enjoy it! I'm enthralled with the stories of these young characters in this paranormal world. With every book, the plot thickens and another layer of the mystery unfolds. This third book had many tests, turns and revelations. Some, I expected and some were completely surprising to me. All of them pulled me deeper into this story and left me craving more.Action was also plentiful in this book. An epic battle ensues that will keep you wondering what w [...]

    5. ***LAST AND FINAL EDIT (JANUARY 19, 2014): I'm no longer replying to the people commenting on this review. People still don't seem to understand my warning stating "if you loved this series, don't read this." If you're going ignore THAT then I'm simply going to ignore your comment. It will not be read by me.*** Also, you may want to read through the comments before commenting. Chances are, what you're about to write may have already been stated.___________________________________________________ [...]

    6. 5 If loving you is wrong I don't wanna be right Stars* Major Spoilers ahead*“I told you he’d freak out,” she said. “Didn’t I?” “Ah, the ‘I told you so,’” Jace said. “Always a classy move.”-Izzy and JaceOMG this book was so awesome. So many things happened in this book. It was like an explosion of events. Jace and Clary my God they suffer so much. I felt so bad for their struggles. Loving each other, thinking they're brother and sister and their love is wrong. But the part [...]

    7. This is a re-read from a long time ago with this beautiful new edition of the book! It has been so long since I read this book I forgot a lot of things that happened. I only remembered bits and pieces. The sad parts and really happy parts. . . . Clary did get on my nerves a wee bit, I wonder if she did the first time I read it. But, I still like her for who she is and her love of her family and stuff. OMG, and the revelations at the end! I can't even. Okay, so I read the first three books in thi [...]

    8. Reread: January, 20161st Read : July, 2014This installment could be the best ending if Cassandra Clare didn't do the City of Fallen Angels. Everything I am looking for in a sequel (and finale) is already here. Extraordinary plotline and pacing, engaging characters that continue to get better as the series go by, and the vividly captivating description of Idris. This book is too powerful and well-packed with action and each chapter gets edgier. There were also more revelations here and new charac [...]

    9. It goes without saying that I am a lover of books. Stories, characters, and delicious prosewellese are things that I throw myself into. My shelves are filled with countless books that i have read and loved, stories that I have enjoyed reading.I have never enjoyed reading a book as much as I enjoyed this one. Never.It's a scary thing when you get to the final book in a series or trilogy that you particularly care about. There's a certain amount of apprehension involved,correlating directly to you [...]

    10. FINALLY! It's over! I'm done with the original Mortal Instruments trilogy, and it feels so good.Now, before I begin, I will be courteous enough to inform you all that the following review is filled with whining, griping, and spoilers. If you love anything about this series, read at your own peril. I am not responsible for any strong feelings that my ravaging of these books trigger.Before you read this, please read my reviews of City of Bones and City of Ashes because I will be most likely refere [...]

    11. So I actually enjoyed this book and feel like I should have a ton to say, but first I'm taking a star off for the creepy little Lannister children and returning to that fun rant.I know I already went on about this in my review of the previous book, but let me reiterate: EVEN IF CLARY AND JACE TURN OUT TO NOT BE SIBLINGS, THEY STILL THINK THEY ARE IN THIS BOOK. Like am I the only one who thinks being siblings is not some unfortunate barrier to overcome or a "forbidden" romance that heightens the [...]

    12. “There is no pretending," Jace said with absolute clarity. "I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that, I'll love you then.” City of Glass should be the end of this series. I can't believe how I enjoyed this book beyond my expectation. Clary and Jace finally end up and figure their problems out while Alec and Magnus are much more than just flirtatious, they made my heart flutter all the time. Valentine is likewise out of the shadow and does many things to po [...]

    13. Wow. I am absolutely speechless. City of Glass was indescribably epic. This was, hands down, my favorite book in the series so far. Cassandra Clare has truly outdone herself.City of Glass was just so action-packed from beginning to end that I was literally grasping anything I could put my hands on to keep me from jumping out of my seat from excitementIS is the series that everyone has been raving aboutIS is the Cassandra Clare that everyone loves.With that being said, I've officially completed P [...]

    14. I couldn't have asked for a better ending. I got everything I wanted. I don't want to summarize the book, I'll leave that to others, but I will say that there are some heartbreakingly beautiful scenes in this book. The characters became more developed and more endearing, especially Jace. His sarcastic wit is certainly present in this book; however, he is no longer hiding behind his carefully constructed facade. His torment over Clary is glaringly obvious from the first chapter.I noticed that ano [...]

    15. Μικρό spoil4,5 και όχι 5 εξαιτίας του Τζέις!Τι χλιαρή συμπεριφορά ήταν αυτή στο τέλος; Στην αρχή έδειξε τόσο πάθος με την Κλέρι, όπως και στο προηγούμενο βιβλίο, και στο τέλος, εκεί που λες ότι τώρα θα ενθουσιαστεί, τώρα θα την πιάσει, θα την αγκαλιάσει, θα τη φιλήσει, δε θα θέλει να [...]

    16. This was the best of the 3 books I have read so far. Action packed from the beginning to the end. The pages just seem to fly by. Despite the book being just a hair under 500 pages I kept looking at he page numbers and 10 to 20 pages had gone by at a time.After Clary's display of power the Clave is interested to talk to her, Jace after his experience with the Inquisitor does not trust the Claves motives, and is determined to stop her from visiting the City of Glass. This book Valentine launches t [...]

    17. Definitely the best one so far. Let's be real, I can't take another book of (view spoiler)[ this brother/sister drama. (hide spoiler)]

    18. HOLY COW, that was something. How can I explain this book?Imagine the perfect day at Disneyland: you buy merchandise of your favorite franchises, you take a bunch of pictures, you hang out with your best friends and family, and you get to eat your own weight in all different kinds of foods like ice cream, churros, and popcorn. But then you decide to ride on a rollercoaster. The deadliest rollercoaster known to mankind. Eating all those foods wasn't a great choice: you vomit in the middle of the [...]

    19. “Malachi scowled. "I don't remember the Clave inviting you into the Glass City, Magnus Bane.""They didn't," Magnus said. "Your wards are down.""Really?" the Consul's voice dripped sarcasm. "I hadn't noticed."Magnus looked concerned. "That's terrible. Someone should have told you." He glanced at Luke. "Tell him the wards are down.”That's a rather long quote, but I just love Magnus, he's amazing and definitely my favorite character in this series.I've actually started liking Clary. Sure she wa [...]

    20. A fabulous reread. This is probably the first genuinely 5 star novel of Cassie’s. City of Glass really doesn’t get enough credit. Where else to begin except to talk about Clary? She’ll be my icon forever, no matter how rash or impulsive she could be. But damn was she impulsive. Not that she was the only one who ran into things head first most of the time, but still. We had to see her learn the hard way to think things through. The really hard way. Of course I’m referring to that confront [...]

    21. 5 BRILLIANT STARS I loved loved loved it!This is the 3rd installment of The Mortal Instruments series I've read and I loved it and enjoyed it. Got to admit, I read City of Bones then City of Ashes and those two didn't grip me as I hoped it would. Now I'm absolutely not regretting picking up the 3rd one! The first half of the book didn't grasp me as much as it did with the rest though, and I did fear it won't ever be. But boy was I wrong. I now know what the hype is all about. The characters has [...]

    22. Una tercera parte MUCHO MEJOR que todas las novelas anteriores. Me ha gustado mucho Ciudad de cristal porque hay una evolución de los personajes muy marcada y porque me ha atrapado como no lo han hecho el resto de novelas que ya he leído de la saga.Me ha encantado el ritmo, los giros y el final que han tenido todos los personajes.¡YA ESTOY EN LA MITAD DE LA SAGA! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeei. Ahora voy a por Los orígenes 1!!

    23. “People aren't born good or bad. Maybe they're born with tendencies either way, but its the way you live your life that matters.” City of Glass was much better than City of Bones and City of Ashes. This book is a perfect candidate for a half star rating but since we still don't have it, I have to be generous. My random thoughts:- (view spoiler)[Jace is not Clary's brother. (hide spoiler)]- I KNEW IT! I FUc*ING KNEW IT! But it wasn't so hard to guess because it wouldn't make sense to write ab [...]

    24. “And now I’m looking at you,” he said, “and you’re asking me if I still want you, as if I could stop loving you. As if I would want to give up the thing that makes me stronger than anything else ever has. I never dared give much of myself to anyone before – bits of myself to the Lightwoods, to Isabelle and Alec, but it took years to do it – but, Clary, since the first time I saw you, I have belonged to you completely. I still do. If you want me.” EXCUSE ME WHILE I CRY FOREVERStil [...]

    25. The end of the Mortal Instruments trilogy brings with it nothing short of a big wide grin. If I could I would've given it 4 and 3/4 stars just a little shy of the coveted 5. The reason? Well, if I had one eensyteensy critique, it would be that it wrapped up a little too neatly. Conversely, you are thinking what if it didn't wrap up neatly, then I would be complaining about that and yes, you are correct.I love Cassandra Clare's writing style. Her incredibly rich characterizations. And a plot that [...]

    26. Definitivamente es perfecto el mejor libro de cazadores de sombras que he leído hasta ahora Jonathan/Sebastián👍🏼😍 no lo pude odiar a pesar de todo lo que hizo

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