The Right-brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success

The Right brain Business Plan A Creative Visual Map for Success Turn Passionate Ideas into Profitable Enterprises Do you dream of making a living doing what you love but find the process of creating a viable business plan like trying to fit a square peg into a rou

  • Title: The Right-brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success
  • Author: Jennifer Lee Chris Guillebeau
  • ISBN: 9781577319443
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Turn Passionate Ideas into Profitable Enterprises Do you dream of making a living doing what you love but find the process of creating a viable business plan like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole Jennifer Lee knows what it s like to make the entrepreneurial leap and how to do it successfully The key is using, rather than stifling, imagination and intuition.Turn Passionate Ideas into Profitable Enterprises Do you dream of making a living doing what you love but find the process of creating a viable business plan like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole Jennifer Lee knows what it s like to make the entrepreneurial leap and how to do it successfully The key is using, rather than stifling, imagination and intuition Lee s illustrated, colorful worksheets and step by step instructions are playful yet practical, transforming drudgery into joy They ll enable you to define your vision and nail down plans for funding, marketing, networking, and long term strategy Discover how to Develop a financial plan with fun and flair Select your circle of support to get the work done Clarify your business values and goals Paint a picture of your business landscape Understand your competition and what makes you stand out from the crowd Identify your perfect customers and create a marketing plan to reach them Map out concrete action steps to bring your Right Brain Business Plan to life

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      128 Jennifer Lee Chris Guillebeau
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      Jennifer Lee Chris Guillebeau Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Right-brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success book, this is one of the most wanted Jennifer Lee Chris Guillebeau author readers around the world.


    1. The Right Brain Business Plan, is a different type of business book, at least in the way it is presented. In place of complex numbers and numerous words, the book uses a visual approach to demonstrate various business concepts. The book is full of sticky notes illustrations, colors, pictures and boxes that help the creative or visually oriented entrepreneur get started with their business plan.The book offers insights into how to map out a financial plan without becoming intimidated by the numbe [...]

    2. This book really worked for me. It wasn't fluffy, which I hate. The advice was solid and logical, and talked not just about developing a business, but how your ethics and values should work with and strengthen your plan. Good for right-brainers and those people straddling the divide. Highly recommended.

    3. If you have a creative business — or you’re thinking about starting one — this book and e-course will uncover new possibilities and inspiration that you never thought possible. An empowering must-read. (The e-course is fabulous too.)

    4. It’s important to have a plan. You need to be very clear about your business: what you stand for, what you want to accomplish, and what you bring to the table. In this way, you can focus your energies wisely to help achieve your version of success. Everyone who owns a business realize that they need to create a business plan. They understand the importance and agree that having a plan is probably a good thing. Doing so can be extremely intimidating. The Right-Brain Business Plan is the busines [...]

    5. Rare book that helps out the people (like me) who havetrouble understanding all the mumbo jumbo of otherBusiness Plan books.It translates the technical parts into fun, activeinvolvement in Business Plan development!

    6. This really helped me get my business plan well on it's way. I know I will be referring to it throughout this next year often. Great ideas and inspiration! What does success as a writer look like to me. The most important planning I've done.

    7. There was a time when Jennifer Lee thought that creativity and business mixed as well as oil and water. Then she succumbed to the entrepreneur bug. That’s when she realized that business and creativity do go hand in hand. In fact, they have to if one wants their idea to surpass hobby level. The Right-Brain Business Plan shares the process created during the journey that allowed Ms. Lee to reconcile the two entities.“In this book, you get to make better business buddies with your artistic, vi [...]

    8. Buku yang benar-benar menarik. Pemaparan Jennifer mirip dengan yang kulakukan selama malang-melintang di dunia kewirausahaan. Yang belum kulakukan adalah membuat rencana bisnis. Kurasa suatu hari aku akan 'mencuri' bocoran-bocoran rahasia keberhasilan Jennifer ini. ;)Yang paling berkesan:Menjadi wirausaha kreatif itu membutuhkan nyali, perlu tulang punggung, jiwa dan raga. Anda terus-menerus bergerak, menghadapi tantangan, dan meraih peluang, jadi sangat penting meluangkan waktu untuk merayakan [...]

    9. If I enjoyed making collages, I probably would've gotten more out of this book. However, there is plenty of good business info presented in non-threatening, friendly language.I kept thinking of Havi Brooks and her site, The Fluent Self, where she's been modelling this business approach for years.If spreadsheets give you hives (I kind of dig creating a good spreadsheet) and you're building a business, I'd recommend this book.If you're well aware that right and left brain behavior aren't so easily [...]

    10. A wonderful book for people who want to engage their creative side and make business more fun. Highly recommended.

    11. If your an Artist, Writer, Creative Right Brainer. This business plan resource is for you, it's amazing and fun, and you get to know your business 100%.

    12. I am a definitely a left-brainer, but when it comes to business plans, I am just clueless. This book made writing a business plan very accessible to me. The business terms were defined in real-world language. The author uses playful, colorful and visual ways to assemble a business plan, starting with the big picture and then drilling down into the parts. It is a great way to look at creating a business based on values and passions. I have never worked in business and am starting one in my retire [...]

    13. ¡Me encanta este libro! Lo he leído un par de veces, lo tengo subrayado y anotado y no me canso de acudir a él cuando necesito un "empujón creativo" en mi día a día. Si estás preparando un plan de negocio con la idea de conseguir un crédito en el banco quizá no sea tu mejor opción - me temo que a los empleados de banca les gustan más el Excel que los collages coloridos - pero si necesitas una primera aproximación amable y juguetona a lo que es preparar una estrategia para tu empresa, [...]

    14. This book walks you through all the thinking behind a business plan but has you work through the issues and the planning by making collages, filling out whimsical "play sheets" (the opposite of "work sheets") and generally turning all the analytical stuff on it's head in favor of a more intuitive, exploratory approach. At the end, Jenn offers you some guidance in going from your artistic masterpiece to a written, standard business plan if you need to go that extra step — but that's not necess [...]

    15. The scrapbooky, 1990's cottage furniture type design really turned me off from this book. Granted, I'm reading it from the perspective of a newly minted MPA student, so terms like "budget" and "money" and "goals" don't scare me. I can see how if you really are terrified of anything to do with business and somehow calling money "moola" makes it easier to deal with, then this book is for you. The author does give very good advice and presents concepts, like "S.M.A.R.T. goals" (for Specific, Measur [...]

    16. Loved this book! Why? I am not an artist - and I am creative and so are you. This taps into the right side of my brain that in the corporate world didn't get much attention.No, I'm not afraid of numbers - having worked 10 years with engineers and another 10 years with accountants as a pension administrator - I know numbers.I loved it because all the other business plan books I found bored me to death. Getting to the numbers for me was the easy part. Discovering what my passion was and what inspi [...]

    17. Whether you own your business or are planning on building one, you'll need a map of where you are going. Traditional business plans are often dry and incomprehensible to creative entrepreneurs. But you do need a business plan, if for nothing more than to explain to others exactly what you do. You need it for yourself, too, to separate the urgent from the important, a task which can easily blur priorities. In nine chapters, Jennifer Lee guides you to creating a business plan that you can understa [...]

    18. I first read this book more than a year ago--almost two--when I was getting ready for my first book launch. I alternated between loving it and hating it--and my interest/ability in reading it petered out after the first couple of chapters.I'm back in it / at it again--in a much more receptive frame of mind--and recognizing that while the book provides me with IDEAS, I actually have to do the WORK--and not just the visioning / planning exercises but the EXECUTION, and I am, on the balance, loving [...]

    19. This book is for creative individuals who need help in creating a plan for themselves as business owners or entrepreneurs. I thought it would have more images, I was thinking it was going to be a Sabrina Ward Harrison style book with a creative business plan style. But I actually feel that it is more left brained with a little bit of right brained pulled in for measure.As far as it being a good business book, I think it is as good as any other business book out there. But it didn't blow my mind. [...]

    20. Watched the CreativeLive workshop using this book and it was awesome. Requested it from the library and was eager to re-live the experience. It did not disappoint. Graphically stimulating text and the exercises are actually fun. But then, who doesn't like to collage? It's amazing what can come through. I took a magazine I don't normally read and came away with amazing insights. If you have never tried it I highly recommend it. If you are stuck it works! I will be buying this book to reference in [...]

    21. While I suspect this book could be very useful for a lot of people, I just really couldn't get past the apparently foundational idea that because I am a visual, creative person, I would therefore be afraid of spreadsheets. And I don't want to express my business plan as a collage.I picked this up because she's doing a free workshop on creativelive this January; if this sounds a nifty approach to you, it's probably worth watching.

    22. Better than half way through the book realized that even this Right-Brain approach to business isn't for me. I love the concept and Lee writes with passion, empathy and heaps of research. But I move in such a different style, one where I do not see an overarching purpose or focus for my work in the long run, but rather step into the light right in front of me and then wait. I may be back to this title later.

    23. A great book that made me see the possibilities of starting a creative business in a whole new (ie very REAL) way. Ms. Lee really understands how to inspire and encourage creative (right brain) people and to demystify business concepts that creative folks often have a tendency to resist. I highly recommend it!

    24. For anyone starting, in the process of, or burnt out on writing business plans I highly recommend this book.Although it is useless for writing an official business plan, it does provide tips, ideas for using your right-brain creativity and imagination to create a visual map for inspiration.Filled with tables, photos, samples, checklists and exercises, this book will energize your work.

    25. Great book! I really enjoyed making a business plan a truly creative process. It is great for business person with an artsy/crafty side and wants to bring that into the business! Definitely recommend!

    26. I think this book over-promises a little bit. While it brings in some business concepts in a way that is more approachable, I don't think following this book will get you to that business place. It's also based a lot on making dream collages and things like that, just not my bag.

    27. Lots of good information but slightly patronizing in tone. Some of the advice just sounds so silly and childish. If you're afraid of the words money and budget you probably shouldn't start a business.

    28. This book rocks! Especially, for creatives who get lost in the process of trying to make their business work. The truth is, most of us who consider writing a business plan should read this book because is takes you off the traditional path of what you think a business plan should look like.

    29. A good jumping off point for those of us who freeze up when hearing words like; business plan, profits vs losses, marketing. Though I am not a big one for dream boards and the like I did find a good amount of usable information.

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