Zelda And Ivy

Zelda And Ivy Zelda and Ivy are sisters with a flair for the dramatic Whether they re performing a circus act fashioning their tails in the latest style or working wonders with fairy dust their exploits are des

  • Title: Zelda And Ivy
  • Author: Laura McGee Kvasnosky
  • ISBN: 9780763604691
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Zelda and Ivy are sisters with a flair for the dramatic Whether they re performing a circus act, fashioning their tails in the latest style, or working wonders with fairy dust , their exploits are described with wit and charm in a very special trio of stories exploring the intimate dynamic between an older and younger sister Full color.

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      145 Laura McGee Kvasnosky
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    1. Laura McGee Kvasnosky

      Laura McGee Kvasnosky is the author illustrator of many books for young readers, including the series Zelda Ivy She lives in Seattle.


    1. Two fox sisters work through sibling ups and downs in this playful series opener, that’s tinged with humor, sly wit and plenty of foibles for human siblings to recognize.

    2. Funny. Cute easy reader, my son surprisingly enjoys it so much that I need to seek out more from this series. The book is about sibling relationships in a very believable way. Zelda is older than Ivy and does take advantage of this fact. The first story had me both shocked and suppressing my giggles at the same time as the older sister dared the younger to do more and more dangerous things. It does bring back memories of growing up with an older and a younger sister myself and the ways we would [...]

    3. Zelda and Ivy by Laura McGee Kvasnosky is a fun easy to read picture book about two fox sisters. The older sister Zelda makes little sister Ivy do lots of things. This story accurately depicts the relationship that sister's could have. I think many children would be able to relate to this book, whether they have a sibling or a friend that they are close to that mirrors Zelda and Ivy's relationship. I know growing up this is exactly how my older sisters treated me. I thought the pictures in this [...]

    4. A tale about a pair of foxes who are also sisters. The eldest, Zelda, is a bit of a bully, convincing her gullible sister, Ivy, to do crazy things. However, she reveals her love for her sister at the end when Ivy wishes for a baton just like Zelda's and Zelda puts her baton on Ivy's pillow while her sister is asleep. A good story to talk about siblings and the kindness of sharing.

    5. Great picture book, especially for girl siblings. Zelda is the older, slightly bossier sister who often directs the play of the two girl, which sometimes leads to sweet mischief and problems. Shows a very sweet side though to her sister, Ivy, in the end. Reminds a bit of Martha and George books with its playfulness.

    6. Children can learn so much from these foxy sisters. Kvasnosky seems to effortlessly input beautiful life lessons and relevant themes into these at-first-glance simple stories. Her illustrations are lush in color and content and, together with the text, create another carefully-constructed picture book classic.

    7. A series of "chapter" stories of two sister foxes - Zelda and Ivy. Mainly it's about how the older sister, Zelda, manages to take advantage of the younger sister Ivy. Though the last story has some redeeming qualities as Zelda puts Ivy's desires before her own - sort of.Rather bland illustrations.

    8. (Children’s picture book, Series) Zelda and Ivy are sisters who make me glad I was the eldest of my siblings. I hope I was a better big sister than Zelda.Charmingly illustrated, this book kicked off a popular series of Zelda and Ivy adventures.Read this if: you’re helping a child deal with sibling relationship issues. 4 stars

    9. After reading this book you can ask children to discuss how they feel about their place in their family. You can also ask them if they have any siblings, and where do they fall if they have any siblings oldest, middle, or youngest. It also tells how older siblings sometimes take advantage of their younger siblings.

    10. This book tells three different stories about two sisters, named Zelda and Ivy. Zelda is older than Ivy and tends to be bossy. Ivy tolerates her sister out of love. In the end, Zelda gives her prized possession, a baton, to her sister out of guilt. This story deals with the relationship between siblings.

    11. Through a cunning combination of body language and dialogue, these candid stories shed light on the confusion and comradery of the social experiment we call “siblinghood”.Books mentioned: Zelda and Ivy and the Boy Next DoorListen to our chat about this book on our JustOneMoreBook Children's Book Podcast:justonemorebook/2007/0

    12. Zelda and Ivy are two sisters whose adventures prove to be fun, humorous and at times problematic. The beginning reader will enjoy their sibling relationship. The entire series is another winner in the realm of beginning chapter books.

    13. Zelda and Ivy are sisters. Zelda puts her younger sister in interesting situations, Ivy trusts her and goes along with it. Divided into chapters which can be read as separate stories: Circus Act, The Latest Style and Fairy Dust.

    14. I really love this book about a big sister and a little sister. It made me laugh as I read this and thought about being a big sister. It also makes me chuckle as I watch my own girls spend time together. Sister's really are more fun to play with than your toys.Shelf 1

    15. ★★★★Zelda and Ivy by Laura McGee KvasnoskyThis is a nice story about a pair of sisters. And in true sisterly fashion, the older, Zelda, is always trying to get Ivy, to do things, she probably wouldn't have done by herself.

    16. Early chapter book about sisters, Zelda and Ivy. Zelda is the older bossy one that Ivy the younger one loves very much.

    17. Great imagination! A time capsule, secret recipes and writing poems offer a great getaway with a sense of adventure fro very young readers.

    18. Great voice! Loved the story and the characters. Perfect. I'll look for more and consider buying for my shelf :)

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