Eva's Story: A Survivor's Tale by the Step-Sister of Anne Frank

Eva s Story A Survivor s Tale by the Step Sister of Anne Frank In March the Germans invaded Austria and young Eva Geiringer and her family became refugees Like many jews they fled to Amsterdam where they hid from the Nazis until they were betrayed and arrest

  • Title: Eva's Story: A Survivor's Tale by the Step-Sister of Anne Frank
  • Author: Eva Schloss Evelyn Julia Kent
  • ISBN: 9780952371694
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • In March 1938 the Germans invaded Austria and young Eva Geiringer and her family became refugees Like many jews they fled to Amsterdam where they hid from the Nazis until they were betrayed and arrested in 1944 Eva was 15 years old when she was sent to Auschwitz the same age as her friend Anne Frank Together with her mother she endured the daily degradation that robbeIn March 1938 the Germans invaded Austria and young Eva Geiringer and her family became refugees Like many jews they fled to Amsterdam where they hid from the Nazis until they were betrayed and arrested in 1944 Eva was 15 years old when she was sent to Auschwitz the same age as her friend Anne Frank Together with her mother she endured the daily degradation that robbed so many of their lives including her father and brother After the war her mother married Otto Frank, the only surviving member of the Frank family Only now, 40 years later has Eva felt able to tell her story.

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      From People Associated with Anne Frank Eva Geiringer shared a remarkably similar history with Anne The Geiringers lived on the opposite side of Merwedeplein, the square where the Frank s apartment was located, and Eva and Anne were almost exactly the same age Eva was also a close friend of Sanne Ledermann, and she knew both Anne and Margot Eva described herself as an out and out tomboy, and hence she was in awe of Anne s fashion sense and worldliness, but she was somewhat puzzled by Anne s fascination with boys I had a brother, so boys were no big thing to me Eva wrote But Anne had introduced Eva to her father when the Geiringers first came to Amsterdam so you can speak German with someone as Anne had said, and Eva never forgot Otto s kindness to her Though they did know each other on a first name basis, Eva and Anne were not especially close, as they had different groups of friends aside from their mutual close friendship with Sanne Ledermann Eva s brother Heinz was called up for deportation to labor camp on the same day as Margot Frank, and the Geiringers went into hiding at the same time the Franks did, though the Geiringer family split into two groups to do so Eva and her mother, and Heinz and his father Though hiding in two separate locations, all four of the Geiringers were betrayed on the same day, about three months before the Frank family Eva survived Auschwitz, and when the Russians liberated Birkenau, the women s sector of the camp, she walked the mile and a half distance to the men s camp to look for her father and brother, finding out much later that they had not survived the prisoner march out of Auschwitz But when she entered the sick barracks of the men s camp, she recognized Otto Frank, and had a warm reunion with him Eight years later, Otto married Eva s widowed mother Fritzi, thereby making Eva a stepsister of Anne Eva later wrote her autobiography Eva s Story A Survivor s Tale by the Stepsister of Anne Frank, 1 which served as the inspiration for the development of a popular multimedia stage presentation about the Holocaust called And Then They Came for Me.


    1. A powerful and well-written memoir of the Holocaust. I always can find room to read one more memoir because while everyone's story is similar, they are all unique. I appreciated how direct Eva was in sharing her story, and also the inclusion of life before the war. Reading about the moving around/sense of homelessness the family experienced during the war but before the camps was something I hadn't really considered beforeI'm sure that "slow transition" helped Eva and her mother survive. I have [...]

    2. This is the story of Eva who as a teenager survives the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Her mother later marries Anne Frank's father.The account is exactly what you expect - gruesome and hard to take. The way it is written, which is very factual and almost business-like, helps decrease the sense of horror that the material gives. Although the content in many places is identical to Jodi Picoult's The Storyteller,(which I happen to be reading at the same time as this book)this one, whilst bei [...]

    3. Eva was an immigrant to Holland. Her parents saw what was happening and fled their native Germany. After another stop they ended up in Holland. She had a happy family and a close relationship with her big brother. She was friends with a bunch of girls that included Anne but wasn't really close to her. She knew Anne's father. The family was betrayed in hiding, not by the people who were hiding them. Those people actually survived the war by living on the stash of food Eva's family had put aside a [...]

    4. Like all Holocaust memoirs, Eva's Story is tragic and heartbreaking and yet filled with the miraculous power of the human spirit. It is remarkable that an ordinary teenage girl could endure and survive such horrible things and still go on to live a normal life. After the war, and after learning that her beloved father and older brother were dead, Eva finished school, became a professional photographer, married and had 3 children.Eva's mother, Fritzi, married Otto Frank, the father of Anne. Fritz [...]

    5. Eva Schloss is the posthumous step-sister of Anne Frank. One reviewer said that this book takes off where Anne's diary left off. That is a good way to begin to think of this book. It is told from the point of view of the adult Eva, decaded after her camp experience. It is detailed and emotional and amazing. The connections to Anne Frank are interesting and give a nice context to the story the reader. However, this woman shares parts of life that are stunning even without the connection. I will n [...]

    6. I loved this book. Eva is the posthumous step sister of Anne Frank. Her story is the basis for a play called "And Then They Came for Me". I first saw the play as it was the high school production in Dec 2008. My son was in the play. Eva Geiringer Schloss attended each production. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us all as she did Q and A after each show. She also just happens to live within blocks of my house here in London!!

    7. This is one of those books that everyone should read. It is not enjoyable obviously due to the subject matter, but it is so important that everyone knows what happened so as to prevent it happening again. Eva fled to Amsterdam with her family when the Germans invaded Austria, living on the same estate as Anne Frank and her family. Although she knew Anne, I believe they did not know each other well. The story follows Eva and her mother as they go into hiding separately from her brother and father [...]

    8. An amazing story of survival. Eva Schloss was a playmate of Anne Frank's. Eva survived and tells her own story - life before the war, her life in hiding, her experiences living in a concentration camp and building a new life after she was set free. Following the war, Eva's mother married Anne Frank's father. Otto. Eva's Mom and Otto Frank had both lost their spouses during the war. Therefore, Eva became the step-sister of Anne Frank & step daughter of Otto Frank.Eva's book picks up where Ann [...]

    9. Eva Shloss nous livre un récit autobiographique bouleversant, pour ne pas dire admirable!J'étais complétement prise par ma lecture; même quand mes parents m'appelaient, je ne réagissais pas.^^L'auteur nous transporte véritablement à Auschwitz où elle nous conte les abominations, les insultes, la torture, les privations, le froid, l'angoisse, le manque d'hygiène Et aussi l'espoir.C'est très beau et étonnant de voir à quel point les prisonniers s'entraidaient et prenaient soin les uns [...]

    10. okay, this is going to sound horrible, i know, but i felt like eva was a little jealous of her posthumous step-sister. i understand the idea of this is what happened after the diary, except that it kind of isn't. i think i would have liked it better if she hadn't mentioned anne frank so much and just wrote her own story. i ended up feeling for otto frank the most, strangely enough. good book to give to kids about what life was like inside the concentration camps and how they stayed sane. and yes [...]

    11. Was not an up lifting book, but interesting in the fact that so many people were hidden during the Holocaust. Then those same people that were hiding people gave up some of them up for money, or else they themselves were arrested. After the war Eva's mother married Anne Frank's father. They both lost their spouses and some children, so they had a lot of the same grief. She helped Anne's father publish Anne Frank's diary . As the book states. " a tale worth telling". It took Eva 40 years to tell [...]

    12. I don't think I can add anything new to what other readers have already said about this book. I can only add my name to list of people who have been moved by the courage Eva Schloss and her mother had to survive their horrific ordeal.

    13. Another interesting memoir from a survivor of the holocaust. While it is similar to other memoirs it is also a bit different because she became the "step-sister" of Anne Frank. Though the girls were acquaintances before the NAZIs invaded the Netherlands they were not related. It was after the war when her mother, widowed by the Holocaust, and Otto Frank, widower by the Holocaust, married and Eva became a "step-sister" to Anne Frank. Among the more interesting parts of the memoir is the interview [...]

    14. Having just heard her speak, a lot of this book was already known to me. It is a good depiction of life before the war as Jews tried to get out of harm's way. Then the story of hiding comes, followed by life in a prison camp. The will to live seemed vital to those who did survive. The end of the book gives a quick summary of Eva's life since the war. Her view of the Russians as her heroes is interesting since so many now see them differently. It just showed how a lack of information can affect y [...]

    15. Wow, what an emotional roller coaster. This Holocaust memoir was one of the most gripping and detailed accounts of survival and human strength that I have read. Everyone knows the story of Anne Frank, and this is the story of a teen who lived in Anne's same neighborhood with a very similar story of hiding, being caught and sent to concentration camps. Their stories truly intertwine as years after the war, Eva's mother married Anne's father. I highly recommend this story to anyone interested in t [...]

    16. I had the privilege of meeting Eva Schloss in person whilst I was in school and I was so honoured to hear her story. Her talk, along with her book, holds so much emotion and I was honestly in awe by how much her and her family had overcome. I can proudly say that I own this book, in which, inside contains her warm words of appreciation.

    17. I read this preparing to hear the author speak and am so glad I did. This book told the story of what happened after The Diary of Anne Frank ended - the atrocities of the Holocaust. This needs to be mandatory reading in schools

    18. This book is amazing. I met Eva in person and she was unbelievably well spoken and put together. As far as holocaust books go, this is a great one.

    19. Podem ler o post completo em folhasdepapel.wordpressAproveitando o balanço que este ano ganhei no que respeita à Segunda Guerra Mundial, escolhendo livros como ‘Maus’ e ‘A Bibliotecária de Auschwitz’, a minha mais recente escolha recaiu sobre ‘A rapariga de Auschwitz’. Este livro, que me passou despercebido até o encontrar em destaque numa Bertrand, conta a história da vida da meia-irmã póstuma de Anne Frank, que tão bem conhecemos através das suas frágeis palavras.O livro [...]

    20. No matter how many holocaust survivor stories I read they all tell a different story that is moving in their own way towards the struggle to stay alive. Eva's Story is no different on that front.Eva, born in Vienna in 1929 lives as a middle-class Jewish family, her father, Erich, is a successful Austrian businessman, a shoemaker by trade. As times change and being Jewish becomes more hazards the family flees to Amsterdam. The housing complex they rent a small apartment from also houses the Frank [...]

    21. This emotional and powerful story is yet another testimony of the will to survive despite incredible odds.Life as she knew it ended for Eva Schloss with the German invasion of Holland. After two years of hiding, her family was betrayed, and tragically she was captured on her 15th birthday.Her brother and father were sent to Auschwitz and she and her mother were cattled in trains to Birkenau death camp.Much like Thomas Buergenthal, author of A Lucky Child: A Memoir of Surviving Auschwitz as a You [...]

    22. $3.99Eva and her family are Austrian, but as the war is starting to rumble from Germany on out, the family moves to Holland where they begin a new life. Unfortunately they are arrested on her 15th birthday. Her parents knew the best chance they had for survival was to stick together, and so Eva and her mother miraculously survived 9 months in (after hiding for nearly 3 years) Birkenau although her father and brother did not survive the camps. Whenever I read an account by a Holocaust survivor I [...]

    23. I feel lucky to have spotted this biography in my local library. I hadn't had any knowledge of Eva prior to this. The details are tragic and heartbreaking. I was moved instantly, it is an honour to gain knowledge from this book.

    24. I sat in the front row of a sold out theater, it was Roosevelt High School's play titled: "And Then They Came For Me" based on the book, 1D Eva 19s Story 1D. The play was core shaking. But after the play; Eva Schloss appeared and walked onto the stage; it was difficult to hold back the tears as she walked forward with such strength. A powerful, heartbreaking account of a holocaust survivor and a friend of Anne Frank. With passion and strength Eva answers questions from the audience. We all have [...]

    25. I have read many holocaust biographies and this one was really interesting because of experiences I read about in other ones. Eva is Anne Frank's post-humus step-sister, as her mother married Otto Frank, after surviving Auschwitz. I have no idea how I never have heard of this book and ended up picking it up since there was a signed copy in a used book store for cheap.Like Anne Frank, Eva's family was in hiding in an attic until someone betrayed them. Her family was then taken to Auschwitz. I've [...]

    26. How have I not heard of this book before now? I love The Diary of Anne Frank, have read it many times, and have visited her hiding place in Amsterdam as well. I find nonfiction accounts of the Holocaust to be so eye opening and interesting, and am always in search of new ones to read. I cannot believe I hadn't heard of this book until I saw it as a suggested book on . It is an excellent account of a survivor's story, and even more interesting is that she ended up being "related" to Anne Frank af [...]

    27. I thought this a good addition to the books I've read about the Holocaust, WWII and Berlin. Eva's family lived in the same area as Anne Frank and her family, in fact Eva talks about Anne and how much she admired her for her self-confidence and maturity. Like the Frank family Eva and her family went into hiding and managed to survive 2 years before they were betrayed. They went to one concentration camp and then Auschwitz, the most dreaded place of all. Eva was able to stay with her mother, her f [...]

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