Forever Freed

Forever Freed A heart can break even one that no longer beats I stalk my new neighbors a single mother and her child drawn by the irresistible scent of their joy and love I crave their blood starved for some he

  • Title: Forever Freed
  • Author: Laura Kaye
  • ISBN: 9781601549327
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • A heart can break, even one that no longer beats.I stalk my new neighbors, a single mother and her child, drawn by the irresistible scent of their joy and love I crave their blood, starved for some healing respite from my ancient guilt and grief Now to lure them into my grasp.But they surprise me Little Olivia accepts me without fear talking, smiling, offering innocentA heart can break, even one that no longer beats.I stalk my new neighbors, a single mother and her child, drawn by the irresistible scent of their joy and love I crave their blood, starved for some healing respite from my ancient guilt and grief Now to lure them into my grasp.But they surprise me Little Olivia accepts me without fear talking, smiling, offering innocent affection that tugs at my long lost humanity Her mother, Samantha, seeks me out when she should stay away, offering sweet friendship, and tempting the forgotten man within me They lure me instead Ah, Dio, Lucien, run and spare them while you can

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      Laura Kaye is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary and erotic romance and romantic suspense, including the Hard Ink, Raven Riders, Blasphemy, Heroes, and Hearts of the Anemoi series Laura s hot, heartfelt stories are all about the universal desire for a place to belong Laura grew up amidst family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil eye curses, cementing her life long fascination with storytelling and the supernatural Laura also writes historical fiction as Laura Kamoie, and lives in Maryland with her husband and two daughters, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.Join Laura Kaye s Newsletter smarturl subscribeLauraKaye to Receive New release alerts News about contests and giveaways Sneak peeks and teasers Early cover reveals The most up to date book news and new releases Book signings and appearances Online events for readers Upcoming sales


    1. 5 Stars! I was utterly captivated by this endearing, sweet romance. Lucien is a vampire born out of tragic circumstances and has never really embraced what he has become. The loneliness he feels is crushing and it pained me to the bone. The first person narrative was so well done, that you couldn’t help but feel his emotions, his longing for some normalcy, in his not-so-normal life. He becomes involved with Samantha and her delightful daughter Olivia, “Ollie”, and realizes that perhaps he [...]

    2. Forever Freed is a very sweet, romantic, and heartwarming story. The relationship and bond that forms among the three main characters, Lucien, Samantha, and Olivia (Samantha's daughter), is tender and endearing. Especially, the relationship that developed between Lucien and Olivia. The interactions between the two was fun, sweet, and my favorite part of the story.  The reason I didn't give this book 5 stars is because even though the book ended well, it also felt rushed. Plus, in my opinion, t [...]

    3. I had heard (or rather, read) really great things about this book, but after starting it I was disappointed and expected this to just be an okay read. I'm very, very happy to say that I was wrong! The book starts slowly and it took a little time for me to get into it, but it ended up being an absolutely lovely romance with a hero who gained a permanent spot on my Best Romance Heroes Ever list. Characters Main Characters: Lucien (27.5), Samantha or Sam (26), Olivia or Ollie (5)It was slightly d [...]

    4. Opening Line: "The sleek silver Beemer swerved roughly to the curb in front of my driveway, cutting me off as I pulled out."Lucien Demarco is hungry. We join him (in 1st person POV) seeking out a blood source after a long dry spell. One night he runs into an old vampire friend who ironically is now director of the Detroit blood bank. All our hero can think is perfect, guilt free sustenance, freedom from the weak blood of animals and evil men he’s been forced to feed on. As Lucien wanders the h [...]

    5. I found Laura Kaye's books through a friend of mine, who also liked her fanfiction on the internet. The first book, or should I say, novella, I read was "Hearts in Darkness", which blew me away in originality and simplicity; i.e no battles scenes and few characters.This story was a heartfelt, emotional and lovely romance between, a vampire, Lucien and Samantha, a human. Another interesting twist and one I found unique, was the inclusion of a 5year old girl, "Ollie," Samantha's insightful daughte [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book! The character's were enduring especially little Ollie (Olivia), Lucian was filled with such self hatred at times it was overwhelming and with Ollie's unconditional love for him and Sam's gentle nurturing he learned to let go of his past & guilt. This would have been 5 stars if we were given a glimpse into their future with a more indepth epilogue.

    7. Wow that was just a wonderful and heart touching book. I so felt for Lucien and his lonely existence until of course he found happiness. Ollie is so wonderful, such a beautiful little girl that wears her heart on her sleeves. Such a great read that I'm looking forward to reading more from Lauren Kaye.

    8. A heart-warming story about a vampire named Lucien and the human woman and her child who give him a reason to carry on with his life. They enable him to absolve himself of the guilt he carries about the murder of his wife and daughter, who were killed by the vampire who turned him. This was my first Laura Kaye book and I'm glad I gave this author a try. I haven't felt so strongly about the characters in a book in quite sometime. Ms. Kaye manages to make you care without going overboard or being [...]

    9. I really liked this one. It's the story of a vampire, Lucien, narrated in 1st person POV which was very original. He's about 140 years old and living a shallow existence until he meets a woman, Sam. Lucien is an empath, so he feels the emotions of others. Sam's happiness, her entire essence, just calls to him. He reaches out to embrace her and the feelings she evokes in him, overcoming his bloodlust. He then meets Sam's daughter Ollie, and once again he's astonished by their acceptance and overw [...]

    10. The most beautiful and sweetly innocent love story I've read in a very long time. Lucien, a lonely, self-loathing vampire, finds true love and acceptance first with adorable, precocious 5 year old Ollie and then her mother Samantha. What I loved most about this book is that Ms. Kaye put as much effort into developing Lucien and Ollie's relationship as she did Lucien and Sam's. Each time he referred to them as "my girls" I melted inside because their connection was palpable and believable.Compare [...]

    11. I really loved this book! I definitely connected with these characters. I loved the fact that it was told from Lucien's point of view. Lucien is a vampire who had lost his wife and daughter in a tragic turn events. He spends many, many lonely years hating who and what he is. I tend to have a thing for dark, tortured, and brooding men. You just can't help but like Lucien, even though he is a predator. He meets a little girl named Ollie who is just adorable and wise beyond her years. He later meet [...]

    12. Loved this book! Great read! What can I say, just got totally sucked in , Lucien Demarco is an empathic depressed and somewhat self loathing vampire,he was turned well over a hundred years ago by a vampire that killed his wife and 3 year old daughter and can not let go of his guilt of not being able to protect them.Circumstances bring him into contact with Olivia and Samantha sutton whose happiness and joy of life become a draw for him, and not with the most harmless of thoughts at first; over a [...]

    13. What an interesting and entertaining way to tell a Paranormal Romance, in the first person, from the male/hero vampire's point of view. Started out a little slowly, but then you get to really know the characters. I really enjoyed this book!

    14. ~* 3.5 Stars *~Sweet Romance With a Bit of a BiteHe lost his wife and young daughter the night a monster slipped out of the shadows and stole his humanity, leaving him forever changed and his family little more than broken, bloody dolls. He had never forgotten, and he'd never forgiven himself for not being able to prevent their slaughter. Every year for over one hundred of them he paid tribute to their memories during the month in which they were slain with ritual he took from his Italian herita [...]

    15. Man I'm on a role with finding books I love lately. This one was about a vampire who fell in love with a human and her daughter. He went from wanting to consume her to wanting to protect and love her.I couldn't put this book down. I read all night. It was filled with so much passion and emotion. Actually a lot of emotion since Lucian was an empath and could feel everyone else's emotions. The cool thing about this book was I agreed with Lucian with all the decisions he made. Usually when the prot [...]

    16. To see this review and more like it check out my site ufreviews So to begin, I would like to say that this book is a little bit on the difficult side to get into. The beginning doesn't just grab your attention like some other books too. And while I did try to figure out why it didn't grab my attention, I really could not figure out a legitimate reason why. The writing isn't bad, and the characters aren't confusing, it just didn't seem to jump out at me. Although it might be that I didn't really [...]

    17. After reading the first 3 chapters of Forever Freed on a website I anxiously awaited purchasing it and reading the rest. In the end, though there were one or two areas in the plot where I felt a tiny bit unsatisfied, I really enjoyed Forever Freed. After losing his human wife and child to the vampire who created him Lucien tries to suffer through his tortured existence. He finds love and acceptance in his vampire family/coven but it just isn't enough to sooth the ache in him. Attempting to live [...]

    18. 3.5 starsFOREVER FREED is a stand alone paranormal storyline by Laura Kaye. The premise focuses on vampire Lucien Demarco, a human woman Samantha Sutton and Sam’s daughter Olivia. Lucien is a vampire who has fallen in love. Samantha is a human female, with a young daughter, and it is through Sam’s daughter that Lucien will first begin to lose his heart. Living for decades, feared and ignored by humans, Lucien is overcome with emotions when one small young child opens her heart and her mind t [...]

    19. I guess I'm in the minority here but I struggled through this whole story. I don't know if my expectations were just unrealistically high because of how much I love love loved "Hearts in Darkness". I was over the moon for that novella and didn't want it to end.Part of it was the fundamental problem I had with Lucien stalking Samantha in the beginning in order to kill her. Instead of him coming off broody and sexy, he was just plain stalkerish.Also, I didn't feel a lot of chemistry between Sam an [...]

    20. Very very close to a 5 star book. Just a couple of things nagged me a little. One being the Twilightness of the story in the beginning and kinda at the end (but of course I love Twilight!) plus a couple other things I can't say because I don't want to give anything away (parts of the ending).Basically it's a very sweet story and Ollie adds a lot of originality to the story. Lucian is my favorite kind of hero. Tormented and lonely. Seeking love and redemption even though he doesn't think he is or [...]

    21. Rating: 4 or 4.5 haven't decided yet.(Wow. This book ended up really rocking. about 30 percent of the way in, I had to "take a break" because it just wasn't doing it for me, not really. But getting back to it, something clicked and it took off. I ended the tale with a smile on my face.)This is a standalone vampire story with a great deal of character development. In fact, this is all character driven. The mood is subdued, and actually starts out very, very slowly, but there's a wonderfully flesh [...]

    22. As posted at choicebookreviews****3.5 stars****This was so unlike any other vampire novel I have read. And with saying thatI liked it! I loved Lucien and how he transformed with the love of a good woman. He was do desperately lonely and hollow that once love and commitment entered his life he became alive for the first time in a long time.Samantha was sweet and kind. She was beyond understanding and I appreciated her the more for it. Of course, the star of the show was Ollie! She was a child bey [...]

    23. This is a great story; I was so excided when I won it. I just could not wait to jump right in and start reading it.I have Forever Freed in PDF Copy witch did not give to much time at one time to read it. However, when started back into it each day, I had to make my self-get up from it. I loved how Laura Keye put this together. The charters are just wonderful. The point of view in this book was different then some of the books I have read, from this point you got to see though the hero’s eyes. [...]

    24. I seriously think I'm being too generous by giving this book three stars but it was an original idea for a paranormal read even if the author failed in the execution of said idea. I dont think I ever read a book that was so intense and boring as hell at the same time, I found myself forgetting this was a paranormal read which is crazy because the entire book was from luciens "the vampire" point of view. now I'll be honest at times I did find this book entertaining it had its moments ,but mostly [...]

    25. This was a fantastic story. I was a little leary at first but it finally grabbed hold of me and didnt let go! I loved how it was written in Lucien's perspective and I loved his tortured soul. Sam and Ollie are two great characters, such a loving mother and a fun little girl (who just accepted Lucien as being 'different'). I did love the ending, but it left me wanting moreI need more Lucien, Sam, & Ollie, this just cant be the end of their story!!!!

    26. Not really sure how to feel about this book to be honest.bye more 2,5 stars than 3. was ok nothing more,nothing lessIt did bug me a bit that a single mom didn't feel more bothered about bumping in to a man more then once in a short period of timeead she let her child be with him.hd I got a little twilight vibe about there abilities and that the hero only feed from bad guys.but overall an ok book

    27. Great good vamp/bad vamp story. Single read, which is nice that this bk could wrap it up in one rather than add to my huge list of dangling series. Loved Lucien the hero, his family and little Ollie.

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