Cradle of Solitude

Cradle of Solitude It was dumb luck that archaeologist Annja Creed happened to be in Paris when the skeletal remains of a Confederate soldier were discovered This was no ordinary soldier but the keeper of a treasure th

  • Title: Cradle of Solitude
  • Author: Alex Archer Joseph Nassise
  • ISBN: 9780373621521
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was dumb luck that archaeologist Annja Creed happened to be in Paris when the skeletal remains of a Confederate soldier were discovered This was no ordinary soldier, but the keeper of a treasure that could have affected the outcome of the war Annja is unraveling a 150 year old mystery and a trail of clues to the treasure but she s not the only one Original.

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    1. Alex Archer Joseph Nassise

      A house name for the Rogue Angel series, published by the Harlequin Publishing s Gold Eagle division.The first eight novels were written by Victor Milan and Mel Odom New writers joining the series starting with book nine include Jon Merz and Joseph Nassise.


    1. My fifth Rogue Angel (so glad they dont have to be read in order!). Got my dad hooked with the tie-in to American history

    2. Thirty-third in the Rogue Angel urban fantasy series about a sword-wielding archeologist who rights the wrongs. This installment starts in Paris and includes Garin Braden.My TakeIt's the usual for Annja Creed---violence and mayhem, but with an extra dose of brutality and viciousness from the major bad guy. We do discover how Braden has been keeping such excellent track of Annja---it's both a blessing and a curse.There's always a bit of tension with Garin as you never know if he'll try to kill An [...]

    3. *Genre* Science Fiction, Fantasy*Rating* 3.5*Review*Cradle of Solitude finds our heroine Annya Creed on a lost treasure hunt. While in Paris on what seems to be yet another vacation, Annya is asked by the local police to consult in an urgent matter. The locals, it seems, have found the skeletal remains of a Confederate States of America (CSA) Captain by the name of William Parker. Parker somehow ended up dead in an underground catacomb under the streets of Paris and the police want to know how. [...]

    4. The Cradle of Solitude is basically a heist novel. The body of a Confederate soldier who was involved in smuggling the CSA treasury to safety is found in the catacombs under Paris. Anja, who is in town, gets pulled in to examine the body, and ends up an the hunt to find the treasure before a secret organization that was behind the long-dead Captain's death can get to it.All in all, I had a lot of fun with this book. I just had one minor quibble. One assumes that the Captain died not long after t [...]

    5. This was the first Alex Archer book I read and I liked it, though I found the number of people who get killed a bit unnerving. There are now more than 40 books in this series, all featuring Aanya as the protangonist, who has inherited the sword of Joan of Arc. The sword has some sort of magical or mystical properties because Aanya keeps it in a nether world and simply mentally summons it and it appears in her hand. I read somewhere that if you read the series in sequence you gradually learn deta [...]

    6. I stumbled across this book while looking for an ebook to check out from the library, and it was billed as sort of Indiana Jones or Laura Croft adventure. It sounded fun. After reading it, I would more say it is a National Treasure Extra Light. There is only one "riddle" in the book to solve (although the protagonist draws it out by breaking in down into sections), and I feel certain Indiana Jones would have solved it in just under an hour especially with the use of the Internet. I also found th [...]

    7. Cradle of Solitude is fun, light adventure fare. It has a great deal in common with pulp adventure, and the parallels to Lara Croft are obvious. There is an element of fantasy- Annja has a magic sword- but in this book, its importance is limited and everything else about the story is straight-up contemporary adventure (think National Treasure with a body count). I'd probably enjoy the series more without the fantasy element, but it's so minor that it didn't ruin the story for me. This isn't the [...]

    8. OK, but only OK. This series is written by several authors, using the Archer name, as with Franklin W. Dixon and Carolyn Keene. This was fairly exciting, but it repeated some of the previous books (an alligator in stead of a shark, but the same action), and had a "deus ex machina" ending.

    9. For a mens adventure series the Rogue angel series is a good one. However, I think that the good stuff is gone from this series. The plot is good but the story is getting very predictable. Just how many World conspiracies are there?

    10. Great adventure. LOVED that Garin was along for the ride. These books are so much more fun when either he or Roux are involved. Even better if both are. Action packed.

    11. Picked this up on the advice of a Trucker during my road trip. Hoky but entertaining in that it helped the 13 hour ride go by

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