The Vendor of Sweets

The Vendor of Sweets While the colourful sweetmeats are frying in the kitchen Jagan immerses himself in his copy of the Bhagavad Gita A widower of firm Gandhian principles Jagan nonetheless harbours a warm and embarrass

  • Title: The Vendor of Sweets
  • Author: R.K. Narayan
  • ISBN: 9780140185508
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • While the colourful sweetmeats are frying in the kitchen, Jagan immerses himself in his copy of the Bhagavad Gita A widower of firm Gandhian principles, Jagan nonetheless harbours a warm and embarrassed affection for his wastrel son Mali Yet even Jagan s patience begins to fray when Mali descends on the sleepy city of Malgudi full of modern notions, with a new half AmeriWhile the colourful sweetmeats are frying in the kitchen, Jagan immerses himself in his copy of the Bhagavad Gita A widower of firm Gandhian principles, Jagan nonetheless harbours a warm and embarrassed affection for his wastrel son Mali Yet even Jagan s patience begins to fray when Mali descends on the sleepy city of Malgudi full of modern notions, with a new half American wife and a grand plan for selling novel writing machines From different generations and different cultures, father and son are forced to confront each other, and are taken by surprise .

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    1. R.K. Narayan

      R K Narayan is among the best known and most widely read Indian novelists who wrote in English.R.K Narayan was born in Madras, South India, in 1906, and educated there and at Maharaja s College in Mysore His first novel, Swami and Friends and its successor, The Bachelor of Arts, are both set in the enchanting fictional territory of Malgudi and are only two out of the twelve novels he based there In 1958 Narayan s work The Guide won him the National Prize of the Indian Literary Academy, his country s highest literary honor In addition to his novels, Narayan has authored five collections of short stories, including A Horse and Two Goats, Malguidi Days, and Under the Banyan Tree, two travel books, two volumes of essays, a volume of memoirs, and the re told legends Gods, Demons and Others, The Ramayana, and the Mahabharata In 1980 he was awarded the A.C Benson Medal by the Royal Society of Literature and in 1982 he was made an Honorary Member of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters Most of Narayan s work, starting with his first novel Swami and Friends 1935 , captures many Indian traits while retaining a unique identity of its own He was sometimes compared to the American writer William Faulkner, whose novels were also grounded in a compassionate humanism and celebrated the humour and energy of ordinary life.Narayan who lived till age of ninety four, died in 2001 He wrote for than fifty years, and published until he was eighty seven He wrote fourteen novels, five volumes of short stories, a number of travelogues and collections of non fiction, condensed versions of Indian epics in English, and the memoir My Days.


    1. نص ممتع وآسر، غني بالتفاصيل. البيئة الهندية حاضرة بكل الجلال والجمال، صراع الأزمان والأجيال، الطبيعية المدهشة في الحوارات، رواية جديرة بالقراءة جدًا.

    2. This was a nice read; light and refreshing after finishing dense and menacing “Woman in white” by Wilkie Collins. This is a story of contradictions between a father and a son. Father is average and very normal Indian Father who is constantly worried about his son’s future and who irrespective of seeing his expectations crushed every day keep loving his useless son. Then scenes from the past when Jagan himself was a son portrayed the irony of parents’ and childerns’ relationship in humo [...]

    3. تعرض الرواية بشكل رئيسي الفروق بين الأجيال في الفكر والرغبات فالأب جاجان المتمسك بمبادئه و قواعده الخاصة و رؤيته لمستقبل ابنه التي تتعارض مع فكرة مالي الابن المدلل وتطلعه في أن يصبح كاتباً . يترك مالي الجامعة ويتجه لأمريكا عائداً بفكر أكثر تعنتاً تاركاً معتقداته الهندوسية [...]

    4. I happened to be reading this book while I was visiting the same house where RK Narayan penned his books. The Vendor of Sweets made me chuckle in a few places - there is the typical Narayan wry wit and the philosophical undertones that characterizes his work. An enjoyable read.

    5. أول قراءة لي للروائي الهندي آر كي نارايان و ليست مشجعة أبدًا،فالرواية باهتة دون محفز يجعلك تواصل القراءة و تعالج الأحداث بسطحية خالية من العمق والتشويق ، في أحد أطياف المجتمع الهندي ( التاميل ) يكدح جاجان بائع الحلوى الذي يربي إبنه الوحيد مالي بعد وفاة والدته ، رتابة حياته أك [...]

    6. تنتمى هذه الرواية إلى الرواية العائلية فهى تشبه رواية القوس والفراشة لـ محمد الأشعرى لأننا فى الروايتين فى مواجهة بانوراما عائلية , اللغة فى هذه الرواية سلسة جداً على عكس رواية القوس والفراشة بالرغم من أن رواية القوس والفراش يظهر فيها ألقاً فى الأستعارات ورشاقة فى الأسلوب أ [...]

    7. Written in the late 60s and probably set at about the same time (I don't know the history well enough to pinpoint: clues are the increasing use of private motorcars in provincial cities, the liquor prohibition laws which provide a pivotal plot point, a 60-year old who went to jail as a youth for civil disobedience as a follower of Ghandi and some sort of early computer). The story is loosely about the old India versus the new. The son of the titular sweetshop proprietor goes off to America for a [...]

    8. Brilliant. loved it.Another great story by R.K. Narayan. A simple and humorous. I liked the way the characters are sketched and presented and the smooth flow of the story.

    9. I find it hard to review this book, or even to pin down what I liked so much about it. Mostly, I think I enjoyed the window into a life with very different touchstones and sign posts from my own.The main character is (perhaps not surprisingly) a person who owns a store that makes and sells candy in the Indian village where he lives and grew up. We gradually get to know him and the world as seen by him. The people who work in his shop, his son (whose point of view would probably be more familiar [...]

    10. This one is based on father-son relationship and I enjoyed the content more than Swamy and his Friends. Yet another delightful read from the genius of R.K. Narayan.

    11. Thus I conclude that if one wants to live many lives or many places, one must read books; more and more of them. But I adore the memory of that little self sufficient town with lives so simple yet characters so complex in each other’s company. The monotony I never admired is interesting when I read the lives of Malgudi. There is no day distinctive from the other in Malgudi, yet there is much to graze as the prying of private lives will never come to a stop. I have been browsing much simpler wo [...]

    12. Yet another very well written story my the great man where he brings out the much seen and debated East-West conflict between two generations of an Indian family. It is the conflict between a genuine Indian or Eastern father and his Western-bred son. RK was way ahead of time when he highlighted this issue which we started hearing a lot much later. Going abroad for studies is still a big thing in India so we can easily understand the enormity of the event in our Malgudi town! Every single letter [...]

    13. I have had this book on my TBR for 4 YEARS! Something told me to grab a copy and as usual I always follow my gut when this happens. I am so glad I did. I enjoyed the relationships formed, the narrative was captured perfectly alongside that I just love Indian sweets. My mouth was watering at times.Jagan is my favourite character although everyone was likeable. I will be reading more of his work very soon. Completely hooked. Initially rated 4 stars but changed to 5.If you're looking for a short st [...]

    14. Typical R K Narayan story sweet, simple centered in malgudi portraying the later age days of a genuine, selfless and satyagrahi turned sweet shop owner. His life is full of grief due to society and above all his own spoilt son. Narayan has beautifully portraid the helplessness of an indian father with his traditional values against his son returned from america with a girl and a lot of foolishness.Enjoy to read and it is very sad but practical to understand the feelings of jagan, the shop owner [...]

    15. بكم كبير من التفاصيل المكررة أحياناً يقدم الكاتب صورة لأحد المجتمعات ضمن الأمة الهندية الضخمة، حرصاً على إظهار العادات والتقاليد والمعتقدات كمحور ثقافي ،وفي جو من تضارب الأجيال والثقافات يظهر المحور الثاني للعمل وهو اجتماعي لم أجدها شيقة رغم الاستطراد في قراءتها،وقد شابت [...]

    16. R.k. Narayan is famous for his Malgudi Days and I especially liked his Swami and Friends which was written in a very simple manner suitable for children book. But, after reading this novel, Narayan’s maturity in handling sensitive issues comes into picture. He is one of the most reliable writers, who can be expected to give a beautiful treatment to a common but seldom touched upon subject. Here, the theme is generation gap and Narayan in his own way, explore it humanely. Read more about it on [...]

    17. Secretly, Jagan’s mind was bothered as to why there was always an invisible barrier between him and his son. He had never been harsh to the boy. Yet, reading a sense into the boy’s actions was fatiguing, like the attempt to spell out a message in a half familiar script! R.K. Narayan : Every Indian is well acquainted with the portrayals of South Indian primitive village life by the great author R.K.Narayan, the creator of the fictional yet famous Malgudi. His articles, fictional stories, reto [...]

    18. هذه الرواية أشهى من قطعة حلوى مصنوعة بمعايير جاجان عن الهوة بين الأب جاجان وابنه مالي والتي تاه جاجان بأسباب اتساعها دون أن ينتبه "مالي" لها .

    19. One of the best classics EVER. It's rich with Indian culture and family traditions versus the modern man's world. Jagan, the 'vendor of sweets', is an old man running the business of making and selling sweets. He is a man devoted to Bhagavad Gita (an ancient Indian scripture 'song of God'), and is a keen follower and supporter of Mahatma Gandhi, which shaped his young adulthood life into a short prison term during the 40s Ghandi movement. Jagan has unconditional love for his son Mali, who eventu [...]

    20. If you're an Indian, you can't have grown up without knowing R. K. Narayan. He's the man behind Malgudi - the place I like to think of as the universal village. Seldom has a world been so self-contained as Malgudi is, and once you've come across it, you'll know at once that it's everywhere. Malgudi is every village in the world - the people, the mindset, the things you see, the perceptions of the world outside. For every story by Narayanan, you can draw a parallel to your own life, even in the t [...]

    21. رواية بسيطة في المفردات وسهلة في فهم الأفكار وهي أول قراءة لي للروايات الهندية تدور أحداث الرواية بين الأب جاجان وابنه مالي الراوية كتبت باللغة الإنجليزية وتم نشرها لأول مرة في أمريكا وبريطانياعام ١٩٦٧الرواية في مقامها الأول تتحدث عن تربية الرفاهية أو كما نسميها بالعاميّ [...]

    22. رواية سلسلة، وظريفة، تتحدث عن صدمة الحضارة، وهي فكرة كانت متدوالة في الرواية قبل خمسين سنة، لاحظت انه هناك أخطاء في بناء الشخصيات إذ انه يبني شخصية ثم يهدم ما بناه بكلمة او جملة غير مقصودة، أيضا الفصل الثاني عشر من الرواية كان مجانيا، ولم يقدم شيئا للحدث العام بل أخرج القراء [...]

    23. اثنان ونصفاعتمد المؤلف على رسم المفارقه بين ما عاناه جاجان في صباه وشبابه من سطوة التقاليد الغير مفهومة بالنسبة اليه ومن العادات الباليه التي تطوق حياته وتقيد حريته وبين محاولة فرض جاجان نفس التقاليد على ابنه مالي ولو حتى بصورة مختلفةباختصار صراع بين جيلين فقط حاول ان تستب [...]

    24. Unlike other novels by RK Narayana , this novel wander on various matters due to which , I felt its loosing it's track & leading towards boredom , felt tough to go ahead Still anyhow , I finished in longer time than a 180 page novel usualy takes .Inshort , if you are a fan of RK Narayana , expecting his same mastery in storytelling with this one aswell , you might feel disappointed .

    25. "جاجان" افرط في الاهتمام ورعاية وتدليل ابنه "مالي" بعد وفاة زوجتهكمان يدير محل لبيع الحلويات ويستشير دائما "ابن العم" الشخصية المخادعة او الماكرة :Dحبيت اسلوب الرواية البسيط وطريقة وصف الكاتب للاحداث والشخصيات :)اول تجربة لي مع الادب الهندياعجبني ^^

    26. لم تشدني الرواية ولم استطع أن أتعلق بأي من شخوصها، عل ما أضحكني فقط هو تأويل جاجان بأن الساحر كان ابن صانع التماثيل. أما الرواية فلم تقدم جديدا، ولم تناقش فكرة تغير العادات والتقاليد كما فعل غيره من الكتاب. لا أدري كيف يتم انتقاء هذه الروايات ولم هي بالذات تنال حظها من الترجمة [...]

    27. El vendedor de DulcesThis is book that started like another life story telling of a father-son relationship and at some point started wandered to no point at all, yet that part was more intriguing, and even with the open end, it feels rounded.Also interesting that the most interesting part is a flashback in the previous to last chapter, of Jaqan remembering when he met his wife, the wedding, the initial marital life up to the point where their son Mali is born.Now another thing was the connectio [...]

    28. The Vendor of Sweets. R. K. Narayan.India’s Kali Yuga…. December 21, 2000The novelist R. K. Narayan (1906-2001) was born into a Tamil-speaking, Brahmin family. For several years he attended Christian schools in Madras, where he was raised by his grandmother, a devout Hindu who taught him the traditional songs and prayers. His fiction often presents a persona who undergoes a crisis that drives him back in some way to a resolution suffused with an evocation of the Hindu past. Often portrayed a [...]

    29. It is a simple, humorous and sweet story. There is no room for boredom throughout the book. This one’s definitely recommended for lovers of light fiction.

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