Love from Your Friend, Hannah

Love from Your Friend Hannah Hannah s best friend Aggie moves away and doesn t answer a single one of her letters Determined to find a new pen pal Hannah picks an address from a box on her teacher s desk It s a boy but his fi

  • Title: Love from Your Friend, Hannah
  • Author: Mindy Warshaw Skolsky Laura Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780064407465
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hannah s best friend, Aggie, moves away and doesn t answer a single one of her letters Determined to find a new pen pal, Hannah picks an address from a box on her teacher s desk It s a boy, but his first letter is so dopey, Hannah isn t even going to answer it Instead, she writes to President Roosevelt Before long, Hannah has a whole lot of pen pals and finally discovHannah s best friend, Aggie, moves away and doesn t answer a single one of her letters Determined to find a new pen pal, Hannah picks an address from a box on her teacher s desk It s a boy, but his first letter is so dopey, Hannah isn t even going to answer it Instead, she writes to President Roosevelt Before long, Hannah has a whole lot of pen pals and finally discovers the perfect friend, in the most unlikely place.In this absorbing epistolary novel, Mindy Warshaw Skolsky takes readers back to the late 1930s, and into the life of an irrepressible and unforgettable heroine.A Parenting Magazine Book of the YearA finalist for the Texas Bluebonnet Award A Smithsonian Magazine Notable Book for Children 01 02 Young Hoosier Book Award Masterlist Gr 4 6 00 01 William Allen White Children s Book Award Masterlist

    • Unlimited [Suspense Book] ☆ Love from Your Friend, Hannah - by Mindy Warshaw Skolsky Laura Hamilton Â
      291 Mindy Warshaw Skolsky Laura Hamilton
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    1. This is just as delightful as I remembered; I'm usually not a fan of epistolary novels, but Hannah's voice is so charming - and so is her grandmother's! And FDR's secretary!* - and the storytelling is so clear without ever taking on the self-conscious tone that epistolary novels can have.Hannah's entire life is pretty charming, too. Her story is set toward the end of the Great Depression, but her family earns enough through their restaurant, and she lives in a small-town bubble with occasional b [...]

    2. Love from Your Friend, Hannah by Mindy Warshaw Skolsky is an excellent historical fiction novel that tells the riveting tale of a young girl named Hannah struggling to live both physically and socially during the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Hannah and her parents manage and live in the back of the Grand View Restaurant in Grand View, New York. Besides trying to make ends meet during the Depression, Hannah is also distraught when her best friend Aggie moves away. Hannah wrote her letter aft [...]

    3. This was amazing! It takes place in the past and is about a buch of letters to and from Hannah. I learned to not to judge a person by their outside or not to judge to quickly.I recamid this book to anyone for a love for reading letters.

    4. I am filled with woe that I did not read this book as a child. The child within me was full of wonder and excitement at the president and Eleanor's correspondences with Hannah. I would have wanted to shake Edward for writing Hannah such lousy initial letters, but would be so proud of his progress. I would have wanted (and still do) to travel up to Hannah's mountain side with a good book. This was a great "lesson" book for kids without being too preachy. Oh and mind the violets!

    5. Hannah Diamond is the heroine of Mindy Warshaw Skolsky's Love From Your Friend, Hannah, a historical novel set in Grand View, New York in the 1930s. What should you know about Hannah? Well, she's a young girl who is missing her best friend, Aggie, who moved away. She's part of her classroom's pen pal program, but, she has DRAWN THE NAME OF A BOY! And since the teacher saw her draw his name, she can't put that piece of paper back to draw another name--no matter how much she wants to. Since her fi [...]

    6. This book was very good and I really enjoyed it a lot. I had never heard about this book before but what drew me to it was that I had my name but once I started reading it I actually got into the story.Hannah's best friend, Aggie, moves away and doesn't answer a single one of her letters. Determined to find a new pen pal, Hannah picks an address from a box on her teacher's desk. It's a boy, but his first letter is so dopey, Hannah isn't even going to answer it. Instead, she writes to President R [...]

    7. i really liked this book. the whole book is written in letters from and to hannah( exept for one at the end). hannah loves to write letters, she writes letters to her grandmother, her aunt, her freind aggie who moved, her freind from kansas, presedent rosevelts secratary (missy), mrs. rosevelt, and even presedent rosevelt!! this book is half fiction, half non-fiction. when hannah writes to president rosevelt he writed back! so hannah becomes pen pals with the white house as she wites letters to [...]

    8. Hannah is a girl during the Great Depression who helps out at the family restaurant in New York. She loves reading and she especially loves writing letters. She has many pen pals: her grandma, Edward who lives on a farm in Kansas, her aunt Becky, President & Mrs. Roosevelt and President Roosevelt's secretary.This was an adorable, enjoyable book. It also made visions of lesson plans dance in my head. (Which isn't really a good thing on Friday night but, oh well.) I'm thinking that this might [...]

    9. I read this book several times as a child, and I always enjoyed it just as much as the first time. I enjoy the fact that this book is told through letters, and I think that is one of the reasons I found it so interesting as a child. I think this would be a great book to use in a classroom. The children would be able to write their own letters to people they admire or look up to, and they might even be able to send them out to these people if they are still living. I think it also is a great book [...]

    10. I hope I can find the earlier Hannah books, but in the meantime, I so enjoyed this one. It starts a little clunky with the exposition and the Depression-era tropes, but gets better and better after those are out of the way. The little farm-boy was my favorite. I was so sorry when it ended, and also I hoped there was going to be some resolution about why Aggie never wrote back--I thought maybe she couldn't afford the stamps. It says in the back that Skolsky was working on another book; I wonder i [...]

    11. This is a heartwarming, entertaining read about a girl, Hannah, who grows up in 1938. Throughout the course of the novel Hannah writes letters to a myriad of different individuals, including her old best friend, Agnes, a new pen pal, Edward, from Kansas, and even President Roosevelt. I read this back in junior high and had been thinking of it recently so I grabbed a copy while I was at the library. This novel, although more geared towards adolescents, is still as wonderfully charming as I rememb [...]

    12. This is a really good book written in letter form (like Dying to Meet You), but I don't really think the ending was that great. It had some really funny parts and some great drawings in the book. I was super surprised when Hannah started writing to President Roosevelt, and he wrote back! Hannah rapidly becomes pen pals with not only the president, but also Eleanor Roosevelt and their secretary! A fun book to read for girls.

    13. Such a fun read for YAs! A young girl in 1937 New York state, is sad at losing her best friend through a necessary move. She turns to writing letters and receives four unlikely pen-pals in President Franklin Roosevelt, his wife Eleanor, his secretary Missy Lehand and a young boy that lives in Kansas. The story told through letters is an informative diagram of what it's like during America's turbulent years leading up to WWII.

    14. Really loved this book! It is so cute! About a girl I think around the depression time who lives in the north and her friend moves away and they promise to be pen pals but she never writes back! so then she gets a pen pal from class and its a boy and she is not happy about it! but writes him anyway! She writes to her grandmother and other people including even the president!its a cute book and i really liked it!

    15. gr 4-6 246 pgs1937-1938. Grand View, NY. Hannah's best friend Aggie moved away and made Hannah promise to write. Hannah keeps her promise, but Aggie never writes. Since her father says that President Roosevelt understands people's problem, Hannah writes to him about her pen pal problem. Now Hannah almost has more pen pals than she can handle!Great story told through letters. Lots of details about daily life 1937/1938.

    16. I don't usually like books like this because I don't think there's much of a story line, but Skolsky did a wonderful job with this book! It was entertaining and really educationalI loved learning about the year the book took placePresident and Eleanor Roosevelt, the Dionne Quintuplets, stamps cost 3 cents, what candies and desserts they sold in stores was just a really neat book in my opinion!

    17. I love Hannah's cheery and optimistic voice, I also love reading letters from Hannah's grandmother and Edward. Franklin Roosevelt is very inspiring and his and others personalities shine through in their letters which is amazing as the author has never met them, but after reading this book I feel like I have.

    18. I would have the students write a letter to someone in their life and we would mail the letters to them. I would also like to set them up with a pen pal so they could share letters with other students their age from a different part of the United States. Writing letters is a lost art and it is fun to do, plus it is exciting to receive a letter in the mail.

    19. I only read the first couple of letters. I didn't feel like countinuing the book because I don't think it is apprpriate for my grade level. It is wayyyy too easy. That is why I dropped it. If I was younger, I would have read it. I think the perfect time to read this book is in 4th grade. I guess I'm a little too late. Hahahaha.

    20. This book, though! Loved it! I really love fiction set in the '30's-40's, and this one was so great! I love the fact that it was written in letter form, and you can quickly read a little at a time. I'm giving it 4 out of 5 stars, because it's not my favorite book ever, but it was really, really good!

    21. This is a great book to read. Its so intresting and I like how its all written in letters. Hannah meets so many people by just mailing letters. She talks to the president and she has a problem with her friends. This book was mind grabbing and I just kept reading it for hours. I recommend this to anybody, that means boys and girls.

    22. This book was amazing. I can't believed that Hannah wrote letters to FDR! ans Eleanor Roosevelt and Miss Missy. it's quite interesting and awesome because the author is writing the story in letter format. I recommend this book for anyone who likes historical fiction since it takes place in the 1930s.

    23. My 8 year old daughter took this book out of the library. I don't usually read what she's reading (I'll obviously check to make sure it's appropriate!) but for some reason, this book interested me at first. I'm so glad that I read it! It's a wonderful story, written entirely in letters to and from young Hannah.

    24. It was good had many feelings. shows how someone feels when their friends leave them But most of all, it teaches us a very important thing in life. what ever happens, whenever happens, wherever happens. we should never give up

    25. I went to a book store and found this one. I decided i'll do it for a book report. It's about a girl who writes letters to who friends and family. This is an intresting book. I'm still reading this book.

    26. A nice story that gives you a taste of what living in the a small town in the 50's would be like. A very charming story, but very short. I also think that it is written more towards a lower reading level then I am.

    27. Review from 2004It was very funny! I could only get it on tape. I think it would be fun it the book has pictures of the stamps. I liked Edward Winchly. He was funny, but I almost felt sorry for him. Aunt Becky was funny too. I wish there was a sequel!

    28. I think this book is funny in a way that I cannot explain why, Hannah is pen pals with President Franklin D. Rooselvelt!I reccomend this book for people who love to write and like history!

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