Hallowed Murder

Hallowed Murder The police call Allison Lord s drowning a suicide but her housemates at her University of Minnesota sorority insist it was murder That s when alumnae advisor Jane Lawless steps in to find out the t

  • Title: Hallowed Murder
  • Author: Ellen Hart
  • ISBN: 9780312319311
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • The police call Allison Lord s drowning a suicide, but her housemates at her University of Minnesota sorority insist it was murder That s when alumnae advisor, Jane Lawless, steps in to find out the truth Assisted by her irrepressible sidekick Cordelia, Jane searches for clues, and what she finds is as chilling as the Minnesota winter At a lonely vacation lodge, amidstThe police call Allison Lord s drowning a suicide, but her housemates at her University of Minnesota sorority insist it was murder That s when alumnae advisor, Jane Lawless, steps in to find out the truth Assisted by her irrepressible sidekick Cordelia, Jane searches for clues, and what she finds is as chilling as the Minnesota winter At a lonely vacation lodge, amidst the icy snow drifts, she risks her life to ensnare a cunning killer.Nominated 1990 Minnesota Book Award for Best Crime FictionNominated 1989 Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian MysteryNominated 1996 Golden Earphones Award Audio World , Best Unabridged BookWinner 1996 Golden Earphones Award Audio World , Best Reader of an unabridged work, Carol Jordan Stewart for her reading of Hallowed Murder

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    1. Ellen Hart

      Ellen Hart is the author of twenty eight crime novels in two different series She is a five time winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Mystery, a three time winner of the Minnesota Book Award for Best Popular Fiction, a three time winner of the Golden Crown Literary Award in several categories, a recipient of the Alice B Medal, and was made an official GLBT Literary Saint at the Saints Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans in 2005 In 2010, Ellen received the GCLS Trailblazer Award for lifetime achievement in the field of lesbian literature For the past fourteen years, Ellen has taught An Introduction to Writing the Modern Mystery through the The Loft Literary Center, the largest independent writing community in the nation Ellen s latest Sophie Greenway mystery is No Reservations Required Ballantine Rest for the Wicked, the twentieth Jane Lawless mystery, will be released by St Martin s Minotaur in October 2012 Bella Books has recently revived the out of print books by publishing them in both trade paperback and E book Ellen lives in the Minneapolis area with her partner of over 35 years.


    1. Hallowed Murder, the debut novel in Ellen Hart’s Jane Lawless series, makes for an enjoyable read as a cozy mystery; however, this novel also serves as a time capsule of sorts. With marriage equality the law of the land even in Alabama (well, in early 2015, nearly so anyway), we forget how often people — even people you’d expect to know better — openly expressed blatant homophobia in the late 1980s. So, children, gather round, and please let me tell you about the bad old days. Condemning [...]

    2. I like reading series from the beginning so that I can see the progression of the character as the books unfold. This was a nice easy read set in a city in which I live so places are familiar which is even more fun. The main character is a strong and likable woman who happens to be a lesbian. She has interesting friends and community folk. The writing is good, and the mystery is believable and had me guessing all the way through. I expect to enjoy book 2.

    3. The first in this long running series, that came out in '89. With amatuer sleuth Jane Lawless, searching for clues in the death of a soroity student, where she is an alumnae advisor. When word get's out that the student was a lesbian.homophobia and sexual politics arise.A finalist for a LAMBDA award, this debut is a nice entry into this cozy mystery series. 3.5 stars.

    4. At some point, on the basis of one book -- yeah, I know, not exactly a representative sample -- I wrote that Jane Lawless wasn’t exactly my cuppa tea. I'm not sure why, really, though it wasn't the lack of sax and violins, in other words, its "coziness", something just seemed missing. Anyway, I stand, well, sit corrected. The large number of Lambda Awards wins and finalist selections -- 4 and 11, I think -- led me to believe I was the one missing something, and to try again. SoI just finished [...]

    5. You know, there wasn't a whole lot of lesbianism in this lesbian detective story. Yes, two of the main characters are lesbatrons, and one of the murder victims is a lesbian, but they don't have relationships. Maybe they do in later books? Not like I am looking for a hot steamy lesbo romp, but I guess I was spoiled by Elizabeth Sims and her awesome Lillian Byrd series. Also, there was a lot of religion. It was ok; it wasn't poorly written and the characters were fleshed out. I finished it, I just [...]

    6. Set in Minneapolis?St.Paul, this series stars jane Lawless, resteraunt owner, and her "fabulous" friend, the outrageous theater director Cordelia Thorn. Jane is still grieving the loss of her partner, a woman she was with for years, throught the first half dozen books or so. While the mysteries are good and usually involve families and secrets, Hart does tend toward repition--how many books can Jane mope over her turn to alcohol for solace, etc. But that's a minor criticism.

    7. I really liked this first book in this series. Jane is a character I could get into a relate to. It's a good mystery. The lesbian aspect is, in this story (don't know about the rest) more about judgments of society, and more particularly religion, on LGBTQ persons.I've already bought the next in the series.

    8. Stilted dialogue, poorly plotted, swift unrealistic ending. There's a kernel of a great buddy relationship between Jane Lawless and Cordelia Thorn but it's undeveloped in this debut. The series has continued and won awards, so she must get better.

    9. Just like old times.I didn't know what to expect when I started this book. I love mystery storylines, they always move fast and you have a little blood. This is definitely Opposite of that. It remind me of the old PI tv shows. The storyline moved along slowwhich made it hard for you not to miss anything. The characters were great. Jane was so laid back I thought oh she going to get whacked. Cordelia kept cracking me up she is great friend. The others characters fit right into the storyline just [...]

    10. It's okNice reading something set at the U of M and Minneapolis. The story is ok. The writing is pretty good.

    11. Hallowed Murder, by Ellen Hart, a-minus,Narrated by Aimee Jolson, Produced by Audible Inc downloaded from audible.I've been waiting for a long time for these books to become commercially available and Audible Inc. has finally done it. However, they have some things to straighten out. For example, at least when I looked at the publisher's note Audible provided, it was the wrong note for a different book. Also, they have a cassette version listed by another reader which I've never seen. Despite th [...]

    12. Two parts to this review: the mystery itself and the LGBT component.Mystery: This is an excellent "whodunit" mystery. No gore or fear elements. Just a murder with a large cast of possible murderers. The author does a nice job of unfolding the clues with a varied cast of characters: This was written in 1989, the first book in a continuing and current series. It is still unusual in 2015 so was especially unusual in 1989 to have an author write as a lesbian, featuring her main character as a lesbia [...]

    13. Where Hallowed Murder is concerned, our protagonist is Jane Lawless who runs a restaurant - in this particular book, she's also acting as an alumnus adviser for her old sorority, one of whose members has apparently committed suicide. Jane isn't so sure and decides to investigate, discovering that some of the people around the sorority have issues with both religion and sexuality that make them prime suspects in Alison's death.It's very much a book of its time, since it's set in the 1980's, and t [...]

    14. A lesbian woman is murdered. That was a surprise for me, because I wasn't expecting it to be a lesbian book, but it touched a lot of arguements that I make with other people as well. It's a well written, thought provoken book about the subject. It also irritated me, but that's a good thing because it means it's hitting close to home. I rather enjoyed this book, surprisingly enough, but it was also a bit confusing as I've not read the others in the series which helps with the backstory of the mai [...]

    15. The mystery itself was good and I couldn't figure out who the murderer was. I had two big problems with this novel though. First, I find it ridiculous that all of the religious characters were hypocrites, rude, bigoted, fanatical, crazy, or some combination thereof. I don't expect a cozy to have particularly well- rounded characters, but really. Second, at the climax of the plot, Jane (view spoiler)[ was driving a car. Why on earth didn't she just run Adolph over? This whole section was so silly [...]

    16. Review on the cover "a top novelist in the cultishly popular gay mystery genre". Who knew there was such a genre, much less a pecking order of authors in that genre? But seriously--homosexuality was a prevailing theme in this otherwise standard murder mystery, with each main straight character (except Maggie and the brother) having extreme views on lesbianism. I found all the archetypal bias distracting personally, but probably not any more than stereotypical sexuality and problem drinking in ot [...]

    17. Ellen Hart is an AWESOME author, and the Jane Lawless mysteries are fabulous reads, one by one. I hate that in the bookstores these are pigeonholed under GLBT, they really need to be in the mystery section so more mystery booklovers can discover these stories. Jane Lawless is a pretty awesome protagonist, and the dramatic Cordelia, the funniest and most formidable sidekick EVER. Highly recommend!

    18. What’s not to like about a lesbian detective? The first of the Jane Lawless series, this does a nice job of introducing our heroine. This was the third mystery by Hart I’ve read, so I haven’t done a good job in reading things chronologically. While this was a good mystery, it all seemed a bit dated (having been written in 1989.) So chances are I would have rated it higher having read it when it first came out.

    19. Not sure about the Scooby-Doo style ending (where all the characters stand around laughing and saying "aren't we glad THAT'S over" while the murderer conveniently has a heart attack--also, honestly, if a murderer offers you the opportunity to drive to freedom across a frozen lake surely the best thing to do is take that opportunity to run him the hell over). But I liked the characters and it was fun to read.

    20. Mystery novels don't usually change people's lives, but this one changed mine. I can't remember when I read it, but it was the first lesbian mystery I'd ever read, and it made me want to write my own. Later when I did, imagine my delight when the amazing author Ellen Hart generously encouraged me.And I defy anyone to name a funnier character than Cordelia Thorn!

    21. Felt very much like a first novel. I liked the main character and her best friend. I'm very glad the rest of the characters were specific to this book as they were all so irritating I never want to hear about them again. I got tired of the 1985 midwest bigotry in the story, but it was true to that time.A good solid mystery. I'll likely read the next one.

    22. Good mysteryHumorous, Cordelia may be on of the drollest characters in modern mysterydom. She acts as Dr Watson to Jane's Sherlock. Good mystery with a plausible ending. More importantly, it treats homosexuality as an acceptable way of life. I will definitely read more of these.

    23. Good mystery read. I so did not figure out who did it til almost the very end. I think I figured it out 2 pages before the reveal. Good stuff. Well written. The worlds worst typos - something I've noticed in other e-books.

    24. This was a fun read. It was a little clunky, but it was engaging and I couldn't put it down. besides, it was her first book. I'm excited to devour the rest of the books in the Jane Lawless series.

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