De schim van mijn liefde

De schim van mijn liefde Samen met haar tweede man Hoan en hun zoon Hanh leidt Mien een idyllisch bestaan Na veertien jaar afwezigheid keert haar eerste echtgenoot Bo terug in hun dorp De bewoners verwachten dat Mien eer bewi

  • Title: De schim van mijn liefde
  • Author: Dương Thu Hương Pieter van der Drift
  • ISBN: 9789044510669
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Samen met haar tweede man Hoan en hun zoon Hanh leidt Mien een idyllisch bestaan Na veertien jaar afwezigheid keert haar eerste echtgenoot Bo terug in hun dorp De bewoners verwachten dat Mien eer bewijst aan de oorlogsveteraan Ze ruilt haar gelukkige gezinsleven in voor de schim van haar eerste grote liefde, maar de traumatische oorlogservaringen van Bo beheersen hun leSamen met haar tweede man Hoan en hun zoon Hanh leidt Mien een idyllisch bestaan Na veertien jaar afwezigheid keert haar eerste echtgenoot Bo terug in hun dorp De bewoners verwachten dat Mien eer bewijst aan de oorlogsveteraan Ze ruilt haar gelukkige gezinsleven in voor de schim van haar eerste grote liefde, maar de traumatische oorlogservaringen van Bo beheersen hun leven.

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      294 Dương Thu Hương Pieter van der Drift
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    1. Dương Thu Hương Pieter van der Drift

      D ng Thu H ng b 1947 is a Vietnamese author and political dissident Formerly a member of Vietnam s communist party, she was expelled from the party in 1989, and has been denied the right to travel abroad, and was temporarily imprisoned for her writings and outspoken criticism of corruption in the Vietnamese government.Born in 1947 in Thai Binh a province in northern Vietnam, D ng came of age just as the Vietnam War was turning violent At the age of twenty, when she was a student at Vietnamese Ministry of Culture s Arts College, D ng Thu H ng volunteered to serve in a women s youth brigade on the front lines of The War Against the Americans D ng spent the next seven years of the war in the jungles and tunnels of Binh Tri Thien, the most heavily bombarded region of the war Her mission was to sing louder than the bombs and to give theatrical performances for the North Vietnamese troops, but also to tend to the wounded, bury the dead, and accompany the soldiers along She was one of three survivors out of the forty volunteers in that group She was also at the front during China s attacks on Vietnam in 1979 during the short lived Sino Vietnamese War However, in the period after Vietnam s reunification in 1975, D ng became increasingly outspoken and critical about the repressive atmosphere created by the Communist government Upon seeing the conditions in the South compared with the North she began speaking out against the communist government.D ng moved to Paris in 2006 In January 2009, her latest novel, nh Cao Ch i L i, was published it was also translated into French as Au z nith.


    1. I don't know if it was the translation, the story, or the voices, but this was the rare book I just flat-out did not like. I have no idea why I persevered until the end.

    2. Just realized I forgot to write the review for this one. A story of culture, beliefs and a moral dilemma. What would I do in a circumstance such as this one? Well for one, it probably would never arise and the choice would be clear, but in this case, the war, family expectations and the culture itself made the choice for her. It was one she did not want at all and to us, it would never happen.This book gave me much to think about and at times I felt sorry for all the characters. They are all in [...]

    3. When it rains on page 1 of Duong Thu Huong’s No Man’s Land, you know something’s up. That’s because in Vietnamese novels, the heavens are always trying to shoulder their way into the action, dousing characters with water or setting the odd fire, usually in an attempt to prove they’re wise to danger ahead or perhaps the cause of it. (Elsewhere in No Man’s Land, which, believe it or not, is a painstakingly realistic novel, a ghost shows up to taunt his killer, and the moon gets away wi [...]

    4. Miên était mariée à Bôn avant la guerre du Vietnam. Mais il n'est jamais revenu et elle a refait sa vie avec Hoan, riche commerçant, l'amour inconditionnel de sa vie. Et voilà qu'un jour, quatorze ans plus tard, Bôn réapparaît, réclamant le retour de sa femme auprès de luiTerre des oublis est un livre magnifique, poétique et triste à la fois. Je ne connaissais pas l'auteure Duong Thu Huong mais elle a le talent de transmettre tout l'attachement qu'elle porte pour son pays. Malgré [...]

    5. Lu à l'occasion d'un voyage au Vietnam, j'ai appris beaucoup de choses sur ce magnifique pays, sur les coutumes, les traditions, les modes de vie. Mais que c'est verbeux - des pages et des pages pour nous décrire un simple aspecte des sentiments des personnages j'étais contente de le finir, même si l'histoire en elle-même est belle et touchante. Le même livre en 350 pages de moins? j'aurais mis quatre étoiles!

    6. Although the entirety of the book is a little depressing, the ending was more of a happy ending with a shock as well. I always felt sorry for Mien because I could imagine myself in her shoes how she must have felt when she made the decision to live with her first husband because of the pressure she felt from her society. I never faulted her for feeling the way she did, I was always sympathetic towards her and only wanted the best for her. Now Bon is a different story. I hated his character so mu [...]

    7. I think, maybe, this book was hard to relate to due to cultural differences. Bon was a disgustingly selfish human being. I think the author tried to temper the reader away from this initial reaction by a sizeable chunk of this book describing what he had been through. Not so much of the war and napalm, but the fact he had his dead rotting sergeant harnessed to his body, dragging it through the jungle for days and talking to his spector. So yeah, Bon wasn't right in the head. The Mien at the end [...]

    8. This was a really great book giving a fascinating insight into Vietnamese life as well as dealing with some really interesting issues related to war and its aftermath. Mien and Bon were married but during the war in Vietnam he was declared dead and Mien has since remarried and has a child with the rich landowner and businessman Hoan. Fourteen years has passed and Bon returns; he is hoping to have his wife and his life back. As the venerated war hero he has the full support of his village and whi [...]

    9. Terre des oublis, de Dương Thu Hương, est un livre que l'on termine en se sentant vidé, soulagé, tant les pages défilent, nous emportant toujours plus au coeur des tourments des protagonistes qui les habitent. Ce roman, ayant reçu le grand prix des lectrices de Elle en 2007, nous plonge dans le Vietnam d'après-guerre. C'est dans un environnement riche en couleurs, en senteurs, que Miên, l'un des personnages principaux de l'intrigue, va voir sa vie changée au retour d'une excursion en [...]

    10. This is Huong’s most recent novel to find its way into English translation. It tells a familiar story, a supposed war widow has married again happily and is well-embarked on her new life when her first husband turns up alive ten or so years after he was presumed dead. Set in Vietnam the book is truly a character study of Mien, the woman with two husbands, and Bon, her first husband and a shattered veteran of the war with the South and the US, and Hoan, the successful businessman and devoted se [...]

    11. The stories, songs and overall culture of war-generation Vietnamese (on either side) are overwhelmingly about great sacrifice and great suffering, and this book follows the trend. Having grown up with this mentality around me (at times illuminating but suffocating at others), I wasn't sure if I'd be able to handle No Man's Land. At least the first half of the book is profoundly depressing, or about the profoundly depressing circumstances in which the primary characters find themselves, and the c [...]

    12. This epic novel revolves around a highland village in post-war Vietnam. The strength of this book is in its characters, well-crafted enough that you eventually see each of them, even in their competing roles within the plot, as you would a friend. By virtue of familiarity with their experiences as well as their aspirations and ideals, you come to identify with all three main characters, and thus are brought face to face with the classic Confucian conundrum of the story (a tragedy of sorts), wher [...]

    13. "Do I love Bon out of stupidity? No, I don't. I came back here out of duty, one ordained by some ancient, unwritten law that, though it was never recorded anywhere, never laid down in black and white, has become THE law." (p.95)After he's been declared dead for over a decade, a man emerges from the jungle back to his home village, where he intends to reclaim his wife, who is already remarried and with a son. Unfortunately, the village's will seems more powerful than her own.No Man's Land is a bo [...]

    14. A haunted look at a happily married Vietnamese woman whose first husband, declared dead years ago, returns from the war -- the pressure she feels from the ghosts of her ancestors and the living villagers, the agonies of the returned soldier, from the war and the absence of the love he had dreamed of, and the dream-boat conduct of the second husband. Powerful images, very fine translation, much to ponder, but doesn't reach the heights of two other of her books, Paradise of the Blind, and Novel Wi [...]

    15. Variation très réussie sur le thème du retour de Martin Guerre. Cette fois-ci on est au Vietnam et un soldat rentre chez lui après 14 ans d'absence. Entre temps, sa femme s'est remariée et a eu un enfant avec un autre homme mais à son retour elle décide de retourner vivre avec son premier mari parce que c'est ce que tout le village attend d'elle en reconnaissance du sacrifice du soldat pour sa patrie. Ce qui est intéressant c'est qu'on suit les trois personnages : le premier mari (compl [...]

    16. 12 years after her first husband disappeared during the Vietnam war, his happily re-married wife is shocked to find him returned. Now the richest woman in the village with a husband who cherishs her and a child, she is forced by her own ethics and village pressure to go back to her impoverished wracked first husband, a man more truly ghost than human. Tragedy unfolds as her first husband enmeshs her poverty and squalor with guilt, but continues to attempt to recapture her heart and his youth. He [...]

    17. What do you do when your husband never returns from military service and you move suddenly to have him come back to life? That's the basic premise of Duong Thu Huong's "No Man's Land." Mein's first husband, Bon, is sent off to serve his military duty shortly after their marriage begins. Long after he should've returned, Mein remarries and has a son. Then Bon reappears like an apparition long forgotten. The villagers urge Mein with their silent glances to return to her first husband out of loyalt [...]

    18. I was a bit disappointed with No Man's Land. The story was lengthy and the main character, Mien, was a typical Northern Vietnamese woman back in 70s-90s who was so submissive to old, rotten traditions and bound to community's point of views rather than her own. To this I think it was stupid and annoying; yet unfortunately for most of the underdeveloped areas of North Vietnam, there are still many women like Mien. Compared to Huong's Paradise of the Blind, this novel was dragging. I decided to sp [...]

    19. This books describes beautifully the impact of the Vietnamese war on Bôn. The chapter where he is lost in the jungle fighting both friendly and enemy ghosts is brilliant. You can literally see the "decheance" of this man. Hoan Mien´s second husband had an easier life but accepts things that most men would not be able to face. Weakness no? Quite the contrary. Mien the wife sacrifices herself for the war hero. I loved this passage Hoan is speaking ¨Le bonheur n'est qu'un bien hypothéqué, on d [...]

    20. This beautifully written book takes place in central Vietnam during the 1970's. A young peasant woman (Mien), happily married to a very successful farmer, returns to her home in the country to find a throng of villagers outside her gate. She learns that her first husband, who reportedly died as a war hero many years earlier is in fact alive and has returned to claim her. Mien is faced with the immerse pressure from the community and the party authorities; she agrees to leave her second husband a [...]

    21. Un magnifique voyage au Viet Nam. Les sons, les saveurs et les couleurs sont parfaitements décrits et nous transportent dans ce monde étrange, empreint de traditions et de superstitions. On comprend et on compatit pendant plus de 800 pages avec 3 personnages malmenés par la guerre et la pauvreté (ou la richesse). Leur destin en est bouleversé. On redoute la catastrophe à chaque chapitre.Une écriture lente et pourtant haletante ; une histoire dépaysante mais qui résonne sourdement en nou [...]

    22. I don't know what happened with this book. The first two-thirds of it had me rivited, couldn't put it down. But then it seemed like from just one page to the other I no longer had any connection to any of the characters. I honestly don't know why that happened and once I couldn't feel for any of the characters I had to just let it go. Maybe one day I'll pick it up again and try to finish it but I don't see that happening soon. A shame and I don't think any fault of the story or writing.

    23. I enjoyed reading this book. A bit too descriptive for my taste. But it was able to teach me a lot about the Vietnam war and the people and culture of Vietnam, and still have a very original story.It was hard to get interested in the story in the beginning, but once I was pulled in, I couldn't stop reading!

    24. Un livre tout en dentelle, sensibleà lire absolument. Une jeune femme vietnamienne, croyant son mari mort au combat,épouse un homme sensible, érudit et fortunécependant,celui que l'on croyait mort revienton assiste au fil des pages au drame qui se joue entre ces trois personnages, prisonniers des traditions et respectueux les uns des autres

    25. Told from Vietnamese perspective, this book follows three people dealing with post-vietnam fallout. It's basically a love story, but the character development is amazing. This is a beautiful book. I couldn't read anything for months after I finished it because everything paled in comparison. I had to switch to nonfiction for about 7 months!

    26. I did not enjoy this book. I feel that it did not personally connect to me as a person most of the time. I have noticed I enjoy books that are mostly mystery or dramatic and this book was niether which is anohter reason why I did not enjoy this. This book would be good for someone who likes to hear about other peoples thoughts on life.

    27. Notwithstanding that this book takes place in Vietnam, a place I have never been and know little about, this brilliant author swept me up in the story, characters, and setting. It's been awhile since I finished the book but I remember it as being a moving and sensual love story, as well as a meditation on war.

    28. a sad and human tale. Love triangles, and war zones Like dominoes, war on the homeland, like the one in the setting of this book, Vietnam, knock over the dreams of even those who are the unsuspecting dominoes at the end. Great readThu Huong Duong can make a an amazing, palpable, tangible tapestry of human emotion with very poetic language

    29. I loved the book! Even though some people "déconseillent" to read itI'm ready to fight for it! It's a tragical and uncommon story, as some people are saying "love triangle", but not in it's usual presentationApart from an interesting plot, the book familiarizes you with Vietnamese everyday life, which is so vividly and lovely described

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