Master of Murder

Master of Murder Marvin was an eighteen year old senior in high school He was also America s bestselling author of teenage fiction But Marvin wrote under a pen name and no one knew he was famous Then one night he ope

  • Title: Master of Murder
  • Author: Christopher Pike
  • ISBN: 9780833592545
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Marvin was an eighteen year old senior in high school He was also America s bestselling author of teenage fiction But Marvin wrote under a pen name, and no one knew he was famous Then one night he opens a fan letter that says, I know who you are At first Marvin is not concerned, but then another letter arrives, saying .

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    1. Christopher Pike

      Christopher Pike is the pseudonym of Kevin McFadden He is a bestselling author of young adult and children s fiction who specializes in the thriller genre.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name McFadden was born in New York but grew up in California where he stills lives in today A college drop out, he did factory work, painted houses and programmed computers before becoming a recognized author Initially unsuccessful when he set out to write science fiction and adult mystery, it was not until his work caught the attention of an editor who suggested he write a teen thriller that he became a hit The result was Slumber Party 1985 , a book about a group of teenagers who run into bizarre and violent events during a ski weekend After that he wrote Weekend and Chain Letter All three books went on to become bestsellers.


    1. No matter my age, I shall forever regard Pike as an expert at writing books that are as relatable to adults as they are to older teenagers. As young adults near that milestone themselves, novels such as this that treated them fairly on an intellectual level were appreciated. Master of Murder focuses on a young mystery author who ends up – at first without interest – in the middle of a mystery of his own. He is a famous writer, but uses a pseudonym so no one in town knows who he is. It never [...]

    2. High school student by day, secretly a famous writer by night, a young man becomes embroiled in a the mysterious death of one of his classmates (view spoiler)[only to realise he himself is a suspect (hide spoiler)]. Kind of remembered the basics of this one. I flipped through it and it looked worth a re-read.

    3. I hope they don't reissue all these books with slick new covers, because the cheesy embossed ones are so totally awesome. This story had nothing to do with magic or weird or paranormal stuff, so it's unusual that I went for it. Not a top favorite but one I still remember fondly.

    4. My brother bought this for me in a used book store because he remembered I was obsessed with these books in middle school. Some things should not be re-read as an adult

    5. four stars not for the ending but for the whole god damn surreal, suspension of disbelief requiring journey. the ending was convoluted as hell but the book itself was a GEM from the past. i used to devour these books. i have to say that christopher pike has a way more 'sophisticated' writing style than r.l. stine. even stine's fear street series was fairly juvenile and scratch thesurface-y compared to the in-depthness of a christopher pike bookster of murder was about a famous author named mack [...]

    6. I actually really liked this one. It was intelligently put together and excellently played out. Right on par with Pike’s books.Marvin’s got it bad for a girl in his class but his lust for her ends up blinding him to some things and opening his eyes to others. The book he’s writing, it’s strangely similar to a real life death that occurred in his town and people are digging to see just what happened to a star sports player who died the year before.I got annoyed when Marvin kept putting of [...]

    7. Even though this book was aimed at young adults, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and think that Christopher Pike has an amazing way of keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole novel, can't wait to read more of his novels :)

    8. interesting premise but a flat ending and the characters were pretty non-YA even though they were supposed to be high school students - what high school student is tinkering on a lawn mower? or staying out for all hours and the parents are non-existent?

    9. It's not like Christopher Pike's books make a lot of sense in general, but this book was so utterly nonsensical and thin that I got zero enjoyment out of it.

    10. Oh man, I forgot how much I love Pike's books! So much cheese, I could make quesadillas with it lolSo, Marvin Summer is a high school student who also happens to be a hugely successful YA writer named Mack Slate. His identity is a secret from everyone but his 11 year old sister, Ann (an incredibly popular name in the Pike Universe, along with Mike if I recall correctly), so he gets a silent thrill when he sees the girl of his dreams, Shelly Quade, reading one of his books during English class. M [...]

    11. The plot twist in this book could get confusing and became a bit of a stretch at times and I absolutely hated Shelly. However, I liked the main character, Marvin - his life as a writer and his struggles with his alcoholic parents (I just loved Marvin's frog story). Another page-turner from Christopher Pike.

    12. hey i as you can see im writing a review about another christopher pike book. i would absolutly say this is myfavirote book that he wroteter reading this book i learned that there are people that walk beside us that are menacing and others that we dont know yet but they will soon be one of the most imoprtant people in our live.if you guys like scary book you should read it.

    13. Genius. Most complexity packed into an absorbable narrative I could imagine: I read this in three hours but you could spend a semester in a college course with a group of thirty talking about this book. There are certainly things that are utterly improbable about this book that Pike has to sell on his writing alone and he makes some great maneuvers to dignify otherwise absurd human acts. As in, Marvin deciding to recreate the murder that he has uncovered in order to pay back Shelly (who, trying [...]

    14. This book had such a brilliant plot and twist ending. Like not at all what I was expecting, but I enjoyed it very much. Nice quick read.

    15. Took me a while, I had a hard time finishing Master of Murder. At first, I liked the first several chapters as the writing style was hip and fun. Then, when Pike got down to brass tacks, the story became mundane and all too typical. That was when I lost interest big time. I would read for five pages and then give up for days. It was that boring. Moreover, I found it too hard to relate with the main character because I didn't feel for him at all. Worse, he was attempting a double murder (at least [...]

    16. I picked this book up on a bit of a whim. I was struggling with a very slow novel and wanted something quick, easy and fast-paced while I took a break from said slow book. Boy, was this a treat to read.It tells the story of seventeen year old Marvin who is struggling to finish his latest novel, the last in a series written under a pen name. Then he asks the popular girl at school out and then on this date, the problems begin.I was never really into Christopher Pike as a teenager however, now I'm [...]

    17. 3 1/2 to 4 stars on this onePike delivers a mystery novel within a mystery novel in MASTER OF MURDER. Mack Slate is the best selling author of teenage thrillers novelshe also happens to be a 17 year old boy named Marvin Summer who lives with his alcoholic parents and little sister who is the only one who knows of his identity. Marvin goes to school like any other teen and lives a very modest lifestyle. Just like any other teen he has a love interest, Shelly but of course she's dating someone els [...]

    18. "Master of Murder" is about a seventeen-year-old boy named Marvin, who was actually a famous author who had millions of fans and millions of dollars, but wrote under a pen name so nobody knew who he was.He wanted to remain unknown, for two reasons. One, the last book of his famous series, "The Mystery At Silver Spring", was overdue, and he was worried his fame would soon end. Second, he knew that his father could -- and would -- take away all his money if he knew how rich Marvin was.But then one [...]

    19. I really loved books by this author when I was younger and I still own a number of them, but grabbing this off the shelf at home (having forgotten my Kindle and needing a book that would keep me occupied for an hour or so) I realised that these really are 'teen' books (and youngish teen at that). It took me a while to remember how the victim dies, but the actual murderer I didn't remember until the page before the reveal - the fact that I couldn't recall it or work it out from the book is, in my [...]

    20. I think this book was good. I like the idea of an author that everyone loves, but nobody knows. I think it is funny the way lots of people reacted in his school. Constantly taking about what they think his home life is like and all, but all along he is still in high school. I didn't like Shelly. I thought that she was very double (or triple) sided. She wasn't with him or she was. I knew that once I started reading the book I could guess what was going to happen. (view spoiler)[I thought that his [...]

    21. In a totally awesome meta-narrative, Pike (a bestselling writer of series of suspenseful young adult books who writes under a pseudonym) gives us the story of Marvin Summer, a bestselling writer of series of suspenseful young adult books who writes under a pseudonym. Unlike Pike, Marvin is a high school student, and he finds that the plot of his popular series and his relationship with the girl of his dreams overlap a little too much -- particularly in the area of murder. There are some rather r [...]

    22. This book was the best! Its about this guy named Marvin who writes books with a pen name Mack Slate and he doesnt tell anybody hes rich or that hes an author only his sister knows. Also about a year ago his friend Harry paster dies and the girl he likes Shelly was Harry Pasters girlfriend and she wants Marvin and her to start investigating his death she thinks he was murderd. This is my favorite book in the series!!!

    23. I was a bit surprised how much I remembered from this book. This one also seemed to speed a long a bit more than his other books, and, while it wasn't my favorite, was still pretty good, considering the intended audience. I will say that I do love that today's books for young adults read as much more sophisticated, both in style and in plot/themes.

    24. I really like the ending how Triad was killed by Shelly! (?) I'm so glad that Marvin could finally believe in himself, although the crazy murder part of him was kinda creepy! The intimate scenes are a little weird though.nda random. I like in the end how Marvin and Ann's mom goes sober! That's so great! And he ends up telling everyone the truth! Good for him! :)

    25. Are you looking for a completely unbelievable story filled with underage drinking and lame premarital sex? This is it. Even with a ton of white-out, this book would still be something I'd never want my daughter to read, if for no other reason that it implies that random, unfeeling murder is completely acceptable, maybe even hot.

    26. i didn't really like the ending could Marvin get back with Shelly after what she did do him, even though it was a misunderstanding. and i can't believe she KILLED Triad! killed, like murder! its weird that my 7th grade English teacher was the one to assign THIS book. it has some sketchy hot tub parts

    27. Probably one of my all-time favorite books. I just adore the main character, and I love, love the blend of humor and tension and pathos. It's just so real, even when it's being complete fluff. Delightful.

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