One Wicked Sin

One Wicked Sin Once the toast of the ton Lottie Cummings is now notorious for being divorced Shunned by society the destitute beauty is lured to become a Covent Garden courtesan Until a dangerous rake saves her wi

  • Title: One Wicked Sin
  • Author: Nicola Cornick
  • ISBN: 9780778304692
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once the toast of the ton, Lottie Cummings is now notorious for being divorced Shunned by society, the destitute beauty is lured to become a Covent Garden courtesan Until a dangerous rake saves her with a scandalous offer.The illegitimate son of a duke, Ethan Ryder rose to the ranks of Napoleon s most trusted cavalry officer until his capture landed him in England asOnce the toast of the ton, Lottie Cummings is now notorious for being divorced Shunned by society, the destitute beauty is lured to become a Covent Garden courtesan Until a dangerous rake saves her with a scandalous offer.The illegitimate son of a duke, Ethan Ryder rose to the ranks of Napoleon s most trusted cavalry officer until his capture landed him in England as a prisoner of war Now on parole, Ethan is planning his most audacious coup yet But he needs Lottie s help to create a spectacular diversion Yet their pact ignites a passionate bond that may scandalize even these two wicked souls.

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      International bestselling author Nicola Cornick writes romantic historical mysteries and witty and passionate Regency romance She studied History at London and Oxford and was awarded a distinction for her dissertation on historical heroes It was a tough study but someone had to do it Nicola has a double life as a writer and guide at the stunning 17th century hunting lodge, Ashdown House.Nicola lives near Oxford and loves reading, writing, history, music, wildlife, travel and walking her dog She also loves hearing from her readers and chatting to them on her blog at nicolacornick She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter NicolaCornick


    1. ONE WICKED SIN, the second book in Nicola Cornick's delightful series Scandalous Women of the Ton, is a compelling story of scandal, honour, betrayal and passion.Once married to a fabulously wealthy banker, Lottie Cummings had been one of the foremost hostesses in London until her reckless behaviour changes everything. Divorced by her husband, shunned by her former friends and disowned by her own family, she finds herself destitute. Her options are limited and she becomes a courtesan in a Covent [...]

    2. This series my my new guilty pleasureexcept I feel NO guilt, only the most amazing pleasure as a result of reading. These books have it all, and especially in One Wicked Sin, everything works together to draw you in and keep you hooked: romance, espionage, family, secrets, redemption, and the most GLORIOUS sex. I 100% recommend this book!Picking up from Whisper of Scandal, we rejoin Lottie. Being too indiscreet about her affairs, she is divorced and disgraced, disowned by her family, and now wor [...]

    3. This is a wonderful story and it flows very smoothly. It is also wickedly hot. Enough so that it will sizzle your fingers as you turn each page but with characters that are venerable, untrust worthy, shunned by the Ton and just down right naughty.Lottie our heroine has been shunned by the Ton for flaunting her affairs in the face of her rich husband who divorces her and leaves her completely destitute. Ending up in a brothel of all places for someone who was on the highest point of the ladder in [...]

    4. I picked this one and the next one up to continue the series began with Whisper of Scandal. In WoS I didn't really like Lottie Cummings' character, because she was so flighty and selfish, and a little annoying. So when I started this one, and saw her brought down within the first pages, it was a little fun. But as the story continued, and I found the reasons why Lottie acted the way she did, I started to feel sympathy for her and understand her motives, though I didn't always agree with the way [...]

    5. The hero is the bastard son of an English lord who's been fighting for the French, for liberte, egalite, etc and is now a prisoner of war. He is "on parole," living in the open in a village, with permission to go to London if he asks ahead of time. The heroine is a divorced woman with no income who's trying to make a living as a prostitute--but she's not any good at it, despite all the lovers she took when she was married. (Her ex, in this time when nobody got divorced, is gay and only married h [...]

    6. I am not sure why I am so surprised, but I really enjoyed 'One Wicked Sin'. I thought that it would be a mediocre Regency romance without personality and I only picked it up to get it off of my shelf, but it was a vivid read with a good plot and unique characters and I am not sure that I can part with it now. Cornick took the Regency period that I know and love, and she tilted it on its head. The heroine was unafraid of scandal and lust, and in fact courted notoriety. The hero was a bad boy, not [...]

    7. I'm surprise to find that I like this book. What plague my interest at first is the plot of the story, even though usually I'm not a fan of mistress turn to heroine book. Which usually doesn't have characters to be admired of.I like Lottie, usually she is the type of character belonging to the wrong side of main characters. However in this book I get to fulfill my want. I always wanted to read a book where the antagonist character become the hero/heroine.Overall I loved it and I am going to read [...]

    8. This book was a fun read. Lottie Cummings disgarded by her husband and on the streets. She ends up in a brothel . One evening a certain gentleman comes in and gives her a very interesting offer. So begins this novel and her love affair. Nicola Cornick does very well in writing love scenes in my opinion. Quite an enjoyable novel. I would recommend it for a light , fun read.

    9. Awas ada SPOILER My very first of Nicola Cornick's. And it's 4.5 stars.Kayaknya saya belum pernah baca novel HR di mana tokoh heroine-nya adalah pelacur. Agak kasar ya, tapi dia emang kerja di rumah bordil. Saya biasanya memilih baca novel yang tokoh heroine-nya masih lugu (dan perawan). Tapi Lottie beda. Yang bikin tertarik sih karena ide ceritanya tentang arrangement gitu. Baca beberapa paragraf di awal, saya punya feeling bakal suka sama karakter Lottie. And indeed I did, dan sangat bersimpat [...]

    10. Take your breath away romanceLottie was an embarrassment to her family when she was a Palliser and a total humiliation as a Cummings. But Lottie was always truthful with herself and even when everyone including family, husband and the ton threw her out on the streets she knew somehow she would survive. Her ex-husband was the liar, the ton hypocritical and her family vicious but still Lottie figured out what she was good at and went from there.But it turned out what Lottie liked and was good at a [...]

    11. The second book in The Scandalous Women of the Ton trilogy picks up from a character I didn’t fancy much in the first story: Lottie Cummings (nee Palliser). Lottie was (is?) spoiled and selfish. In Whisper of Scandal, she’s atrocious. Honestly, I really couldn’t find much to like about her. With friends like her, who needs enemies?The only saving grace for me with Lottie is that I read One Wicked Sin before reading Whisper of Scandal—so I only had veiled references to her past to go on w [...]

    12. 3.5 StarsI was a little dubious about reading "One Wicked Sin" after finding out the heroine was Lottie Cummings. She was in the previous book in the series as a secondary character and I didn't like her at all.However, although I found it difficult at first to forget how awfully she had treated her best friend by sleeping with her husband, trying to seduce her new husband and betraying her in other ways, I did begin to like her more and more as I read each chapter. I began to understand why she [...]

    13. ONE WICKED SIN by Nicola Cornick is a Regency historical romance set in 1813 London. It is well written with details,depth,fast paced and a page turner. It has romance, sensuality,betrayal, love, full of action, deceit,regrets, danger, desire, prisoner of war, British and Irish men. The hero, Ethan, is handsome, full of regrets, hard,the illegitimate son of a Duke, a prisoner of war, determined to free the other prisoners of war of their horrid treatment by the British, considered a renegade, on [...]

    14. Sequels typically don't measure up to the first book of a series. That's my experience anyway; no matter how much I want to like them on their own, for their own measure and delight, it never happens. That can be true of One Wicked Sin.We met Lottie Palliser (nee Lottie Cummings) in Whisper of Scandal. She was Joanna's vapid friend, who became Joanna's husband's lover for a short while. She is bold, seemingly wanton, and perhaps without a code of common decency (she also throws herself at Joanna [...]

    15. One Wicked Sin tells the story of Lottie Palliser, known as Charlotte Cummings in book one. Now divorced, she longs for security and a way out of the sink hole she managed to fall into. Ethan Ryder was the answer to all her problems but nothing comes for free. Ethan made Lottie an offer she simply cannot refuse. Money for scandal was the name of the game they were playing.Truth be told, I hated Lottie on the spot from book one. I didn’t want to read her story. She’s manipulative, insensitive [...]

    16. 2.5. This time I judged a book by its cover and it is the only reason I ended up buying this book. After reading more about this book, I noticed that this is not one of the books which I usually read. However, reluctantly I trudged on - as expected, I did not care much about the way the characters were introduced - even though I do like my romance in novels, the two main characters were drawn together by lust and not by love and true feelings which were a bit too hot and sexy but also downright [...]

    17. I am not a huge fan of romance novels but recently I have been enjoying the odd historical romance. I liked this one because the heroine is not some 18-year old virgin instead she is a 33 year divorced woman who has been caste off by her friends and family because she likes to have sex and her husband did not. Lotty, the heroine, has some realistic concerns like she needs a place to live and she needs money. Ethan our hero is a bit of a rouge, a prisoner or war and constantly involved in traitor [...]

    18. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. Would it have hardly any story & be mostly sex? Or would it be the opposite - too much story & not enough sex?! After all when one reads a romance novel there are certain expectations. You need a good story, you want the sexual tension, you want a happy ending. Well this book met up to all my expectations of how a romance novel should be! It's been a while since I've read any romance books because the last few were pretty lame. I used to be a [...]

    19. I read book 1 Joanna's story way back in 2014. I must have liked the author enough to buy the bext 2 books in the series - and they disappeared into my TBR pile heheI sure am glad I saw this book and read it. Plot wise it is refreshing because I could not imagine how the book would end and give our angsty couple their HEA. In Joanna's story I distinctly remember not liking Lottie as she was such a slut going after even her best friend's men. But in this book we fully learn of Lottie's sad histor [...]

    20. more of a 3.5 actually. this one surprised me, the characters were actually quite believable (for a romance novel) and the plot was rather different. Lottie is the woman the female leads usually triumph over; she's sexy, scandalous, quite lacking in morals, but she has a certain, i don't know, depth about her that allows the audience to still like her and want her to be happy. The male lead on the other hand, while he is fighting for the french in stead of the typical british, he's the steryotyp [...]

    21. This was my first experience reading a book by author Nicola Cornick. It is the story of Lottie Cummings who after being divorced by her sucessful banker husband, has fallen from the top of Londons's society to the dark and sinful life in a seedy brothel. There she is approached by Ethan Ryder, the illegitimate son of a Duke, and now French prisoner of war held on parole by the British. Ethan proposes an offer for Lottie to become is paid and kept mistress in the back country town of Wantage. Do [...]

    22. Readers first meet the outrageous Lottie in Whisper of Scandal, the first book in the Scandalous Women of the Ton series. I knew she was going to be great fun and I’m pleased to report that I was correct. Poor Lottie has been called on the carpet for her promiscuous ways leaving her destitute and forced to sell her favors in order to survive. Oh how far the mighty have fallen. Ethan is a complex character and I went back and forth about whether I liked him or not. Both he and Lottie are mercen [...]

    23. Review - I really loved Lottie, for not being as bad / sinful as she was made out to be. I also really loved Ethan and Arland, but I do wish that we'd seen more of them together than we did. Lottie was particularly interesting to me. Living outside the ton isn't usual in these sorts of novels, particularly in the way that it ends. The French wars make an interesting background, and it often happens that in these novels, it is just about ignored.Genre? - Historical / Romance / EroticaCharacters? [...]

    24. I loved this book. I did not like Lottie very much in the previous book so I was not sure that I would like this book. I am glad I read it. Lottie surprised me with her depth and her principles. Ethan is a complex man. His life was not easy so the reader can understand why he made the choice to support Bonaparte. The more we learn about him, the more he becomes a sympathetic character. Seeing both Lottie & Ethan have conflicting emotions about each other, and try to deny it to themselves is [...]

    25. I loved this historical romance by Nicola's one in a series and I look for more. Just can't get enough of them.Lottie Cummings, once toast of the ton, is now divorced, shunned by soiciety, even her family and friends. She becomes a Covent Garden courtesan until a dangerous rake saves her with a scandlous offer.Ethan Ryder, who has many secrets and was once in Napoleon's cavalry, is captured and now a parole in England. Prisoner of war, and he is planning something really big, a coup. He needs Lo [...]

    26. I really loved this book, which is surprising because I didn't think I would. I didn't like Lottie much from the first book, and was worried she'd be grating in this one. She wasn't. In fact I loved how unapologetically honest she was about herself. I liked Ethan. Truly these characters were made to be together and the writing was beautiful. The author took the time to create such a convincing plot, there was no doubt in my mind about their feelings for one another. The background plot was also [...]

    27. I found this book and the historical event that it is set around really well researched and told. It is a fact often forgetten that there were 60,000 or so prisoners of war in the UK from the Napoleonic Wars. The book deals with one of those prisoners, Ethan Ryder and his romance with Charlotte, a divorcee shunned by the supposedly high sticklers of society. The only reason this book doesn't get a 5 star rating is because the ending is a bit too Mills and Boony for me, a bit too over the top. Bu [...]

    28. As in the first book in the series, I loved the originality of the story, and how actual historical events were used as a background. The author did a good job of taking an unlikeable secondary character in the first book, and turning her into a very likeable heroine in the second. I found myself thoroughly engrossed in the story the entire time. My one disappointment was the end I wanted more of an epilogue, or at least a glimpse into their immediate future. I didn't like the fact that they wer [...]

    29. Original story shows a prisoner of napoleonic war out on parole take on a former-society-darling now-scandalized-by-divorce-courtesan. Excellent descriptions of her insecurities and uncertainty as to her future, her dependence on men for survival. Lottie felt remarkably real and vulnerable, brittle and desperate at times. She had a great avaricious side, a practical nature, a good sense of humor and guts for adventure. Meanwhile, his position was also precarious and his reticence with trusting h [...]

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