The Cadaver Game

The Cadaver Game When the decaying body of a murdered woman is discovered DI Peterson has difficulties establishing her true identity But as he digs deeper he has another disturbing case to investigate the naked bod

  • Title: The Cadaver Game
  • Author: Kate Ellis
  • ISBN: 9780749953676
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When the decaying body of a murdered woman is discovered, DI Peterson has difficulties establishing her true identity But as he digs deeper, he has another disturbing case to investigate the naked bodies of two teenagers have been found with fatal shotgun wounds at the foot of a cliff.As Wesley searches for the truth, both cases become stranger as he uncovers a connectiWhen the decaying body of a murdered woman is discovered, DI Peterson has difficulties establishing her true identity But as he digs deeper, he has another disturbing case to investigate the naked bodies of two teenagers have been found with fatal shotgun wounds at the foot of a cliff.As Wesley searches for the truth, both cases become stranger as he uncovers a connection between a sinister manhunt mirroring events from the time of the Napoleonic Wars and an online game that s gripped the imaginations of local teenagers.Then, as a skeleton is found near the place where the dead teenagers were last seen alive, Wesley has to face a terrible truth and a hunt to the death.

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    1. Kate Ellis

      Kate Ellis was born and brought up in Liverpool and she studied drama in Manchester She worked in teaching, marketing and accountancy before first enjoying writing success as a winner of the North West Playwrights competition Crime and mystery stories have always fascinated her, as have medieval history and archaeology which she likes to incorporate in her books She is married with two grown up sons and she lives in North Cheshire, England, with her husband and Vivaldi the cat.


    1. In this book someone has taken a killer of a video game and turned it into a reality. Meanwhile the corpse of a woman has been found in a local house, and a weird concept art involving archaeology is also underway.Eventually the disparate threads of these crimes weave into a shocking story.Fantastic and macabre read.Highly recommended.

    2. While so much attention has been on the book and film, The Hunger Games, having just finished this lastest in the Wesley Peterson series, I'm thinking that an equally chilling and interesting film could be made of this fascinating book. This is actually the 16th in the series. Like other series, I've started reading the newer books after discovering a copy in the library.Wesley Peterson is an urbane, university educated cop who also happens to be black. His father is a well known cardiac surgeon [...]

    3. Better than some in this series, in my opinion: the plot is more complex, and the usual archaeology is less of an exact parallel, which makes it rather more credible. The historical plot forms a more detailed and macabre story than usual, too. The usual police characters are likeable as always.

    4. I already wrote a review. Again, problems with this page: slow to download and update. It times out and my review is lost?Frustrating!

    5. If there is one thought I carried away from The Cadaver Game it's if the future lies in our children, we sometimes have reason to be very afraid. To say more would be to give away more of the plot than I care to do.This is my sixteenth outing with Wesley, his team, and his boss Gerry Heffernan. I've watched each character grow and enjoyed the way Kate Ellis blends a modern police procedural series (Wesley) with archaeology and history (his friend Neil Watson). It's always good to catch up with E [...]

    6. definitely not a standalone book. the characters are underdeveloped (though I HOPE the mains have been developed over the past 15 books), and the writing is choppy. the story has an interesting premise 2.5stars

    7. ‘The Cadaver Game’ by Kate EllisPublished by Piatkus, 2012. ISBN: 978-0-7499-5367-6An anonymous telephone call points the police to the discovery of a dead body at a cottage in Morbay. The place is rented to a Tessa Trencham but the body has been lying there a while, and the maggots have been busy so visual identification is not possible. Investigating are DI Wesley Peterson and his boss DCI Gerry Heffernan. Whilst they are seeking dental records, the bodies of two teenagers are found naked [...]

    8. I love Kate Ellis books and especially enjoy the mixture of a story from past and present times. I do not enjoy the narrative by Gordon Griffin and feel he ruins the books somewhat but obviously Ms Ellis likes him as he narrates all the books so guess I have to put up with that one.This story starts with a woman’s body being found in a decayed state in a house. The supposed identity of the body is not certain when her business partner says she spoke with her a few days before. The bodies of tw [...]

    9. The latest in the Wesley Peterson series. A woman's body is found in a cottage but there is no identification on her and there is some confusion as to whether she is the owner of the cottage or someone else. If she is someone else what is she doing in tshe cottage and who is she and why was she killed. Two teenagers are reported missing and are eventually found shot and naked. Peter on and his team have to discover what they were doing taking part in an online game called blood hunt and whether [...]

    10. Another enjoyable read featuring Wesley Peterson. An decomposing corpse is found in a suburban house after an anonymous phone call to the police, and the bodies of two naked teenagers are discovered in a sandy cove below some cliffs. They had been shot. It all meshes together satisfactorily and I did not guess the outcome until very late in the book. For the first time in the Petersen series, I found the historical sub-text irrelevant. The interaction between the Turner Prize aspiring artist Kev [...]

    11. This is the first Kate Ellis book that I have read and I did enjoy it. The plot is quite complex with multiple crimes interlinking with each other to form a very tightly woven plot. The book starts with a body of an unidentified female followed by the bodies of two teenagers and from there comes a masterpiece in suspense and thrills with more crime along the way of course. The book did keep me guessing up until the reveal but I have to say that after the reveal I did find myself a little disappo [...]

    12. Another enjoyable book in the Wesley Peterson series, this time with a historical sub-plot from the Napoleonic era. I like these stories and read them quite quickly - this one probably deserves a three and a half star rating. The convenient discovery of diaries which reveal all is just a bit too good to be true (but it's the sort of thing any archivist dreams of!) and I think there possibly may be a bit too much dialogue, on balance, but this is a fun series to read if you enjoy both detective s [...]

    13. Wesley Peterson is back, and with less domestic angst than in recent books, although that's made up for by some of his colleagues' ever-complicated personal lives. Meanwhile his best friend Neil has been hired for a most unusual dig by a bunch of highly pretentious individuals. Not my favourite of the series, but some intriguing twists that leave the reader, along with the characters, wondering what really happened.

    14. A generous 3 stars. I have read several books in this series and they are becoming a bit predictable. I also thought that the body count was approaching Midsummer Murders though! I worked out who dunnit and more or less why. I do like the settings and working out where they are e.g. Tradmouth - Dartmouth; Neston - Totnes; Morbay - Torbay possibly just Torquay!

    15. Came in mid-series which is always difficult but this was a good read and I'll read more. Bought because I knew the author was part of Crossing the Tees festival but unfortunately can't go to her event so can't get this signed. (Probably no bad thing as it's obviously a 'buy 3 for a fiver' from The Works. Dunno if this affects what the author gets)

    16. It was a good book with lots of things going on at once. This is my first Wesley Peterson book and it wasn't bad. I'll read another just to give her another chance. From what I have read on here her books are well read so I'll read a couple more.

    17. Another intriguing mystery set in South Devon. The chilling premise of the Blood Hunt felt as though it actually could happen - a dark form of LARPing.Very little character development though for Wesley and his colleagues in this one though.

    18. Only one more to go, the format is now becoming stale, the police procedures are not good. I enjoyed the story but this must be the 15/16th book in the same mode. I have the last one ready to read but will leave it for awhile yet.

    19. The main problem with this book is alot of the characters have similar names which makes it difficult to follow. Apart from that it's a good story with likeable people in a great setting. I am well aware this is book 16 and may go back and seek out earlier stories.

    20. I really enjoyed this Kate Ellis I was beginning to get a little bored with her format but would recommend this book. A page turner and the storey kept you engrossed.

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