Vízparti történet

V zparti t rt net Az Ezeregy jszaka mes it id zi eml kezet nkbe ez a klasszikus k nai reg ny amely epiz dok l ncolat b l izgalmas kalandok laza egym sut nj b l ll B r a cselekm ny mintegy nyolc kilencsz z vvel ezel t

  • Title: Vízparti történet
  • Author: Shi Nai'an Si Naj-an Csongor Barnabás
  • ISBN: 9630711680
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Az Ezeregy jszaka mes it id zi eml kezet nkbe ez a klasszikus k nai reg ny, amely epiz dok l ncolat b l, izgalmas kalandok laza egym sut nj b l ll B r a cselekm ny mintegy nyolc kilencsz z vvel ezel tt j tsz dik, l zad h sei, a rabl k, a szabad harcosok a magyar bety rok t voli rokonai, a saj tos, m r m r feudalizmusra eml keztet zsiai t rsadalom szoros k t tts geitAz Ezeregy jszaka mes it id zi eml kezet nkbe ez a klasszikus k nai reg ny, amely epiz dok l ncolat b l, izgalmas kalandok laza egym sut nj b l ll B r a cselekm ny mintegy nyolc kilencsz z vvel ezel tt j tsz dik, l zad h sei, a rabl k, a szabad harcosok a magyar bety rok t voli rokonai, a saj tos, m r m r feudalizmusra eml keztet zsiai t rsadalom szoros k t tts geit ppen azok b rj k nehezen, akik fejjel kimagaslanak az tlagb l, akiknek jelleme szil rd A reg ny szerepl i, a t rsadalom sz mkivetettjei v g l n ll szervezetbe t m r lnek egy nehezen megk zel thet szigeten, megalak tj k a liangsani testv ris get, s sikerrel llanak ellen a cs sz ri csapatok t mad sainak A V zparti t rt net j, b v tett kiad sa is bizony tja, hogy ez a remek k nyv korokon s orsz ghat rokon t mindig megtal lja az utat az olvas khoz.

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      211 Shi Nai'an Si Naj-an Csongor Barnabás
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    1. Shi Nai'an Si Naj-an Csongor Barnabás

      Shi Nai an Chinese pinyin Sh N i n, ca 1296 1372 , was a Chinese writer from Suzhou He was attributed as the first compiler of the Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.Not much biographical information is known about him Traditionally it was believed that he was a teacher of Luo Guanzhong, who was attributed as a main compiler of Romance of Three Kingdoms, another of the Four Great Classical Novels Some modern scholars doubt that Shi actually existed, but was merely a pseudonym for Luo himself.


    1. Outlaws of the Marsh, a/k/a The Water Margin and other titles, is an epic Chinese novel about rebels, resistance, war, and friendship. It concerns 108 people who, for various reasons, defy local authorities and join a bandit force hiding out on a marsh-surrounded mountain.The first three of four volumes describe how and why these rebels come to Mount Lianshan. These books also detail how local, then regional, then imperial forces attack the outlaws, and how the outlaws cleverly defend themselves [...]

    2. I had read two different versions of comic based on Outlaws of the Marsh, all I can say is that the stories of the Outlaws are filled with actions and excitement. It's an engaging read although the author seems to hate beautiful, slutty women a great deal and think all of them deserve to die.So maybe one day I should read the original textybe one day

    3. The Outlaws of the Marsh (Shui Hu Zhuan) is the third of the Six Classic Chinese novels I have read so far, and the earliest one: it was written in the 14th century, but like The Scholars and The Plum in the Golden Vase or, Chin P'ing Mei, it is set several centuries before that time, specifically in the 12th century during the Song dynasty – there does seem to be a distinct pattern here, with each of the three novels referring to their particular present only by way of writing about the osten [...]

    4. Abenteuer im alten ChinaDas erste, was ich bei dieser Rezension erwähnen möchte, ist, dass es sich bei diesem Werk nicht um eine Übersetzung handelt, sondern um eine recht freie, stark kürzende Nachdichtung. Geschätzt die Hälfte des Originalwerks fehlt, wie das bei Kuhn-Übertragungen üblich ist.Die für das Verständnis des Romans wichtige Einleitung, in der Marschall Hong die gefangenen Dämonenprinzen freilässt, fehlt komplett. Die gesamte Shi-Jin-Episode wurde zu einem Zusammenfassun [...]

    5. A staggering achievement, and a very odd book from cover to cover. It's greatly cynical, and one can perhaps read it on an infinite number of different levels. The book never makes its intent overt. It can be read as a grand adventure story and a tale of loyalty, as I believe many young readers enjoy the book (or retellings of some of the stories from within the book), but there is certainly an odd mix of sincerity and irony throughout. Facts contradict statements, ethics and loyalties are ever- [...]

    6. Volume 1: pp. 1-538Volume 2: pp. 539-1072Volume 3: pp. 1073-1603Volume 4: pp. 1604-2149This book is a tremendous saga of outlaws that are loyal to the emperor and seek an amnesty. The book is considered a classic in Chinese literature. Written in the thirteenth century roughly, the story tells of a group of outlaws that despise corrupt officials and feel they have blinded the emperor to whom they are loyal. It would be too simple to compare this story with Robin Hood. Set in the twelfth century [...]

    7. There are Four Great Classical Chinese Novels? Why don't I know anything about anything?Okays, and they are: this one;- Romance of the Three Kingdoms- Monkey: The Journey to the Westand Dream of the Red ChamberObviously I'm going to have to read one per year starting next year. Awesome, man, awesome.Also, I'm gonna want to return to Maija's shelves at some point to look more closely at her non-Western choices. She seems to have thought this out well.Meghan says Shapiro is well-considered; Dent-Y [...]

    8. I was disappointed with this series. After reading Three Kingdoms, I was excited to read, what some consider, the spiritual successor. However, whatever Three Kingdoms did right, I got the feeling that this series dropped the ball.I never got the feeling that more than 4 or 5 of the characters actually had any depth to them. That is a problem when your story is suppose to be about every one of the 109 protagonists, not to mention the countless of antagonists. Furthermore, the author had a poor s [...]

    9. Outlaws of the Marsh, written in the vernacular, is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.It's set in the Song dynasty and tells of how a group outlaws gather at Liangshan Marsh to form an army before they are eventually granted amnesty by the government and sent on campaigns to resist foreign invaders and suppress rebel forces. What's striking about the book and this particular translation is the sense of modernity. You quickly get used to the the many names and feel a ce [...]

    10. Unlike any text I've read, except The Old Testament. It has the feel of ancient oral stories transcribed into a narrative written form. The story slowly unfolds, there are hundreds of characters and many of the main characters have two or three names. Somehow all characters are inter-twined and related through the telling of the tale. The grand theme is a slow rebellion by ordinary people in response and reaction to the increasingly self-important, over-wealthy, and isolated and dependent ruling [...]

    11. It was a tough book to get through. I enjoyed the story, but was troubled by the cruelty displayed by the bandits of Liangshan Marsh. The cruelty wasn't the work of individuals overcome by passion, but that displayed by the leaders in their tactics to get people they wanted to join them.

    12. The story, one of the four great Chinese classical novels, describes events from the 12th century Song Dynasty. The plot, written during the 16th century Ming Dynasty is fiction, though it is based on historical characters.I would separate the book into two sections. Roughly the first half describes various criminals, evildoers, and misfits, all of whom tend to gravitate toward an outlaw post at Liangshan Marsh. These chapters are full of violent actions such as killing tigers, poisoning people, [...]

    13. Sehr schöne Ausgabe eines Meisterwerks der WeltliteraturDies war meine erste Begegnung mit den klassischen chinesischen Romanen. Ein Text, der so alt ist, und trotzdem derart lesbar, ist im europäischen Raum kaum zu finden - die Geschichten der einzelnen "Banditen" sind unterhaltsam, manchmal komisch, tragisch und spannend. Ein Kaleidoskop der damaligen chinesischen Kultur. Man darf hier kein "modernes" Buch erwarten mit Charakterisierungen und durchgestylter Plotline - dies ist mehr eine epis [...]

    14. Recently I read, Ready Player One and it caused me to remember my favorite video games, most of which were mentioned in the book. One game that was not mentioned, but was one of my favorites, was a game called Bandits Kings of Ancient China. It was an incredibly complex game where you had to control a number of the 108 (bandits, demons and hero's) of the book. They all build individual armies, and, as you become their leader you actually control their armies both in war and building, crops, skil [...]

    15. This has an amazing array of characters (no you can't keep track of them all) but it is a fun look at the warrior life in old China. Its really a 3.5Basic plot is various top commanders and great fighters are tricked by people scheming to rise in the ranks of the emperor's army. These people eventually band together and through various journeys and wars attempt to show the emperor the corruption that has permeated his country.The actual author or authors is unknown but it definitely has politica [...]

    16. Very readable for a 450+ year old book, if you enjoy martial arts with a touch of magic, this can be a fun read. This translation is much earthier than others and I suspect closer to the original. You will find such heroes as drunken Sagacious Lu, who has a tendency to smash things up. and slimy Pecker Head. It's one of those books that young scholars would sneak into their rooms, it wasn't considered fit material for reading. Think feudal pulp fiction.With 108 heroes, that start to blend togeth [...]

    17. You must love to read and love to practice chinese martial arts to get into these books. They are brilliant and also hard to follow. But do give it a try if you have the time to read.

    18. Ooh akhirnya saya berhasil menamatkan satu lagi novel klasik china. Muhahahaha.Awas! Repiu ini mengandung banyak SPOILER! (meskipun spoilernya bisa anda temukan dengan mudah di wiki :v )Baiklah, saia dengar banyak gosip tentang novel ini. Termasuk klo katanya Shi Nai'an itu Luo Guanzhong, ato Luo ikutan nulis bagian2 novel ini. Intinya, mau tak mau saia jadi banding2in novel ini dengan RoTK. Emang ceritanya ada mirip ada enggaknya, sih.Miripnya, sama2 ada perang *plak*. Okeh, loads and loads and [...]

    19. As one of the 4 Great Classics of Chinese Literature, it is clear how The Water Margin has earned a special, though cautious, place in the Chinese tradition. It is a tale of lawlessness and honour among thieves, and runs contrary to the Chinese tradition of law, order and stability.Upon reading this, I was initially curious as to how this was an influence on Mao Zedong, but it becomes clear that the influence was primarily on his period before power, rather than in power. The story of the brigan [...]

    20. Hard to believe that this was written in the fourteenth century. Full of intrigue and humor that translate today.

    21. This book had everything that Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Vol. 1 and Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Vol. 2 lacked. I find it really surprising that people prefer the older story. The stories of the 108 "heroes" of Liangshan Marsh were all fascinating. Albeit a little bit barbaric, but fascinating. My biggest problem with Three Kingdoms was that there really wasn't anything that we really knew about the soldiers beyond their desire to fight. Here, yes, we saw this same desire to fight, but we [...]

    22. "The earliest components of the Water Margin (in manuscript copies) were from the late 14th century. The earliest extant complete printed edition of Water Margin is a 100-chapter book dating from the late-16th century in 1589.[15] Another edition, with 120 chapters by Yang Dingjian (楊定見), has been preserved from the reign of the Wanli Emperor (1573–1620) in the Ming dynasty. Yet other editions were published since this era to the earlyQing dynasty , including a 70-chapter edition by Jin [...]

    23. I read the translation by Shapiro, adapted to four volumes by The Foreign Language Press, Beijing. I was surprised by the number of simple errors in the text - hopefully there are later versions which have been cleaned up. The endnotes were helpful but could have been more instructive.The first part of the story was interesting (staves splitting trees, people being mixed into dumplings, ghosts informing on their murderous relatives, etc.) I liked following the adventures of the early characters. [...]

    24. I'll be frank. I've read this book before and liked it even less. Perhaps Pearl S. Buck's translation "All Men are Brothers" was just that ineffective. I felt the characters were almost psychopathic in their glee in killing certain people in most gruesome ways.Sidney Shapiro shows his excellent talent in translation, but for this reader it was not enough to endear him to this work. Yes, some of the characters have become more interesting, but overall this reader feels that Outlaws of the Marsh i [...]

    25. If Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the Chinese version of a cross between the Arthurian legends and War and Peace, then Outlaws of the Marsh is the Chinese equivalent of the Robin Hood cycle crossed with Alexandre Dumas' longest serial works. This 16th-century epic novel tells the story of 108 star spirits who are incarnated as humans and band together to right injustice and just generally raise a ruckus. The individual story of how each of the 108 finds himself outside the law and forced to jo [...]

    26. I'm determined to read this. I read Dream of the Red Chamber or whatever they're calling it these days in my twenties, so I want to get through my second Chinese classic in my forties. Time's up Jan 2012. I was glad to see I am not the only one taking months to get through it. It is repetitive, charming, funny, outrageous, and not exactly dominated by individual narrative the way a western Epic would be.

    27. One of the four classics of Chinese literature, with translation by Sidney Shapiro. I have doubts as to the accuracy of the translation, but the stories themselves are wonderful, almost like a chinese Robin Hood. One that wasn't afraid to blackmail innocent people every now and then, or whose Merry Men were a little more salt of the earth. Very good nonetheless.

    28. GREAT Chinese novel. Extremely entertaining. Pearl Buck's translation (All Men Are Brothers) is one of the most readable in English. And, from an episode in this novel came another great novel, The Golden Lotus.

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