The Third Witch

The Third Witch Reisert s mesmerizing first novel re imagines Macbeth Shakespeare s classic tragedy of power and madness through the eyes of a mysterious young girl on a dangerous quest for vengeance

  • Title: The Third Witch
  • Author: Rebecca Reisert
  • ISBN: 9780743417716
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Reisert s mesmerizing first novel re imagines Macbeth, Shakespeare s classic tragedy of power and madness, through the eyes of a mysterious young girl on a dangerous quest for vengeance.

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      Rebecca Reisert Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Third Witch book, this is one of the most wanted Rebecca Reisert author readers around the world.


    1. Overwritten in a gratingly earnest, faux-medieval high-fantasy kind of way. By the end I was contemplating a drinking game based on the number of times characters said "'Tis" and "'Twas." Other distinguishing features: long passages in italics and an insistence on referring to one character as He and Him. The plot is fine, but the way the book was written and the ever-increasing Mary-Sue-osity of the main character irritated me beyond belief.

    2. I absolutely LOVED this book. It may help that Macbeth was one of my favorite Shakespearan plays, but this wonderful twist on that tale is strong enough to stand on its own. Told by "the third witch" of the "bubble, bubble, toil and trouble" scenes, this is an involving, fast paced tale of revenge -- oh so fitting in Shakespeare's tale of someone who gets exactly what he deserves for his crimes. Of course, it was written by an English teacher who had taught the play for several years. It had to [...]

    3. The concept for the book is very interesting. Using one of the witches to narrate the story of Macbeth is a completely novel idea, and with the proper execution, it could be a spectacular story. There were a lot of things that I really enjoyed about the novel. I absolutely loved Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and I thought it was clever and imaginative of Rebecca Reisert to merge her story with the classic tale. It is a daunting task to transform the mystical into plausible events, and the author’s [...]

    4. I was hooked from page 1 and couldn't put this book down. I did not lose interest in a single paragraph.The author who has been teaching William Shakespeare's Macbeth for decades has provided an exciting flip side if you will of the play, with the story of Gillyflower, a teenage girl, who is adopted by two old crones who live in the woods and are involved in herb lore and the like. This is not the first time , having viewed several movie versions of Shakespeare's Macbeth where the third witch is [...]

    5. This was a great quick read. Love when another author tries to step into an established story - the new layers can either be intriging or cumbersome.I enjoyed the read! Although, I thought the ending did not do justice to the entire work, in fact, I thought the last three pages ruined the entire toil of Gilly's journey. Her choice was the good one, just the options! Come on!

    6. Do you like Shakespeare? Specifically, Macbeth? More importantly, are you a fan of alternate retellings? How about medieval Scotland?If the answer to these questions is yes, then there's a chance you might like this book. Unfortunately, there's also a chance that you won't. I'm pretty much the exact reader this type of book would be targeted toward, and this book just didn't work for me. This was the kind of book I should have liked. I do, in fact, have an appreciation for Shakespeare, and Macbe [...]

    7. Wow this was great! What a smart novel to write. I felt like I was right back inside Macbeth as if Shakespeare wrote this himself. I think he would agree completely with the events of this novel. Even though you should read Macbeth and definitely need it to really appreciate his novel, I also think this can function independent of the original play. The only reason this isn't 5 stars is that Gilly annoyed me throughout the whole thing, was pretty obnoxious and ungrateful for everything she was p [...]

    8. Oh this was such a fun read. I loved the behind-the-scenes story with a witch from Macbeth as the central character. She was complex, interesting, and developed. Surrounding characters were just as full and dimensional, and the concept of the story a delight to Shakespeare fans. From setting, dialogue, clear conflicts, central goals, and various character relationship struggles, this is a wonderful read, and I'm so happy I found it hiding in a search result.

    9. inth-grade English class. We even had to write our own added scene(s) to the play as a writing assignment, while attempting to use Shakespearean language. Last year for my birthday, Josh and I saw Patrick Stewart (yes, Mr. Jean-Luc Piccard, Professor X) play Macbeth in a stage version of the play at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It made me love Macbeth even more. Normally, I am not a fan of modernizations of plays like that, especially on the stage, but that production took the cake. It was inc [...]

    10. I'm never quite sure how to feel about a story that picks up on a minor character from a more famous work. Sometimes it can be done quite well (see Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead) and other times be quite dull (see The Turquoise Ring).This particular book does a great job of tying in many of the scenes from Shakespeare's Macbeth, and in that it is fun to watch the parallels to see what else might have been happening during some of the pivotal moments of the play, and then see how the t [...]

    11. 4.5 starsAs any worthwhile description will tell you, The Third Witch is the story of Shakespeare's MacBeth told from the point of view of one of the infamous witches. Gilly has devoted herself to her revenge against the man she only calls "He" or "Him", which is revealed early on to be MacBeth. No reason is given - at least not until late in the novel - but her singleminded bloodthirstiness is reason enough to keep turinng the pages. Nevertheless, despite being consumed with a desire to kill, s [...]

    12. I don't give out a lot of 4 ratings, and 5's are even rarer, but I feel this book deserves it because of the effort it took to write a feminist re-imagining of "Macbeth" while remaining faithful to the facts in Shakespeare's version (which itself strays from the historical facts). Not that Reisert pulls it off entirely. There are a couple of scenes I found implausible (when the messengers looking for Macbeth on the heath reveal to the three women--commoners all--the content of a message intended [...]

    13. The Third Witch is a first novel for a teacher and Shakespere 'addict'. The premise of the book is set around the story of Macbeth and the "3 witches" he meets along the roadside. (Which is taken from the play "macbeth"). The story is told by Gilly, who starts out as a young girl. She has been befriended by two elderly ladies upon her wandering through the woods. She was raised by them after her family was 'lost' in a war-of-sorts. Gilly spends her day gathering herbs and foraging through fields [...]

    14. The Third Witch was hard to put down. This book is a retelling of Shakespeare’s MacBeth from the perspective of the third “witch”. Gilly is a young girl living in a hut in the woods with Nettle and Helga. It’s not an easy life—gleaning small treasures from the battlefield dead and learning herb lore—but we soon learn of Gilly’s one goal in life: kill Him. It takes a long while until His identity is revealed, and longer still until you learn the impetus for Gilly’s seemingly unrea [...]

    15. reaksi pertama setelah menutup halaman terakhir: wow."wow" nya itu untuk:- keberanian untuk menceritakan ulang satu karya terkenal dan menuangkannya kembali dari sudut pandang yg berbeda- caranya bu guru satu ini menghidupkan karakter gilly salah satu dari three witcheswellmpai beberapa halaman awal.ak susah untuk tetep setia baca buku inian segala upaya dari keyakinan bahwa ada sesuatu yg beda dari sekedar macbethnya ki william, kebosanan dan kaburnya cerita di awal halaman akhirnya membawa say [...]

    16. This medieval offering following the script laid down by the master bard was a rivetting and enjoyable look into behind the scenes maybes. The story is of the "forgotten" surving child of Lady Macbeth who has made her life into a quest for revenge against her father's murderers: Her Mother and Macbeth. While the author freely admits she made a choice to adhere to Shakespeare's storyline rather than historical ones, you still get a sense that she took pains to make it as historically accurate as [...]

    17. I'm a sucker for Shakespeare tie-ins, so when I saw The Third Witch was written from the perspective of one of the witches in MacBeth, I was intrigued.I'm about halfway through, and have been nibbling at it for a few weeks now, a few pages at a time. That says something, I think - it's not driving me to gulp it down in one sitting.It's an intriguing concept with lovely writing, but for me at least, the intrigue falls short. I figured out the "twist" in the first little bit of the book, and the l [...]

    18. This book is based on MacBeth, who was an actual historical figure, I guess. The main character is a young girl named Gilly who was taken in by two strange women when whe was found wandering as a child. It is now seven years later, and Gilly is obsessed with seeking revenge on Him, the man who violently ripped apart her childhood. The story of Gilly's past comes out slowly throughout the book, and Him ends up being MacBeth. There are some pretty violent images in the book (it is the middle ages) [...]

    19. Love Shakespeare? This book and the author's strong command of prose will feed your habit. And if you love Macbeth, then even better. Rebecca Weisert pulls apart the threads of Macbeth's story through a tapestry of prose, poetic imaginings and an alchemy of suspense, unraveling into a 'What if' re-imagining of the Scottish thane and his consort/wife. As much as I love the play and Shakespeare, it's always been, for me, about Lady Macbeth. In this, I am not alone. Rebecca Reisert obviously shares [...]

    20. Not having touched Macbeth since school many many years ago, this book intrigued me on the library shelves. I have thoroughly enjoyed the author's take on the characters and immediately after reading it googled Macbeth the real person and found Reisert had used historical facts about Macbeth's life to incorporate into her novel. While the real Macbeth, King of Scotland was supposed to have been a fair and just ruler, it did not stop him being a bloody warrior all through his life and apparently [...]

    21. It got better towards the end, but overall was very disappointing. The main character was whiny and annoying, and I only liked her in that one flashback scene when she was a little girl, but even then she managed to get on my nerves. The way the main Gilly viewed Lady Macbeth and her husband seemed really rude an unnecessary to me, but maybe i'm biased because Lady Macbeth is my favorite character. I do like, however, how Macbeth and his wife's relationship was portrayed. The entire story was pr [...]

    22. This is the story of Shakespeare's Macbeth as told from the point of view from one of the three witches. An original back story is created to explain why the youngest witch, raised by the other two since she was seven years old, wants to take revenge on Macbeth.The writing was okay: good enough to move the story along and not be distracting in and of itself, but I felt it dragged a bit and had to force myself to keep reading. That said, I did want to keep reading to find out what happened. I thi [...]

    23. It's so sad that I'm so picky lately. I had high hopes for this one, but it turned out not so great. I don't know anything about Macbeth so maybe that's why I didn't like this book. I like witches and folklore, but I didn't like Gilly. She had a multiple personality disorder or something. I am going to kill Him, I guess I won't kill Him, maybe I will kill Him, maybe not, should I kill Him? Holy cow--make a decision already! If your life is an arrow, then just get the job done. If not, move on! G [...]

    24. This book was such a pleasant surprise- the first book that I felt inclined to rave about in ages. I liked the language, the pace, the characters. Loved the way she integrated the actual Shakespeare dialog into the novel without it seeming forced. Reminded me of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead in that it had the play going on in the background while we saw bits of that action from a totally different point of view. Suggested this for f2f discussion group- we read it along with the play. [...]

    25. This book is tied to the story of Macbeth, which I found to be an interesting little quirk. Favourite Quotes:"Water seems soft, but I have seen the hollows in the hardest stones worn deep by the soft, patient water.""But be wary of disguises, lass. A person begins by wearing the disguise, but far too soon 'tis the disguise that begins to wear the person.""But as Nettle says, sometimes it is not till we lose a thing that we understand how much we love it.""I would like to make her suffer, but the [...]

    26. So, this book was pretty cool. Ive never read a book where the main character is so bent on revenge. And the only problem I had with this book is that after reading it, I still dont feel like Ive read a book where the main character is so bent on revenge. The girl in this story, Gilly, is so obssessed with killing MacBeth that one would think she was consumed by her desire for revenge, yet she is such a kind person. Her sweet, kind personality makes her role as hateful revenge bent witch unbelie [...]

    27. A surprising story of a single-minded girl hot for revenge against Scotland's greatest warrior, Macbeth. The author does a wonderful job of weaving her character into the story of Macbeth as told by Shakespeare in his blood-soaked but historically inaccurate play, making her actions important parts of memorable moments in the play. Best of all, the reader gets her wish: despite the dark shadows, real horrors, and sense of doom that hangs over her, Gilly finds her way through it all and chooses l [...]

    28. So, maybe it would have been fine, but I think I had read it before - parts of it (lots of parts of it) seemed incredibly familiar. And if I can read a book and then completely forgot that I read it, that's not a great endorsement of the book. On the other hand, this is another book of the three I got at once, without paying much attention to what they were, because I thought "it would be interesting to read three books with Witch in the title and compare them." And unlike the other one, whateve [...]

    29. This is the telling of Macbeth from the perspective of one of the three witches, a teenaged girl named Gilly. It's a coming of age story that takes place in 11th-Century Scotland and focuses on Gilly's desire for revenge. It might have been written for young adults (I don't really know), but it's an interesting story for adults as well. Fast paced, but poetic enough to retain the mood of Macbeth:"I am a gapeseed, a strutting hobbledee horse, full of fury and threats but able to do nothing but pl [...]

    30. Well that was way more engrossing than I thought it would be. This was an interesting followup to having just finished listening to Alan Cumming's Macbeth. It had been a very long time since I had read that particular play so I definitely needed a refresher on the story. I definitely enjoyed this and it reminded me a bit of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, so far as it's about secondary characters. Like a behind-the-scenes but in story form.

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