The King's Blood

The King s Blood The sequel to the acclaimed series launch The Dragon s Path is the perfect summer read for fans of George R R Martin War casts its shadow over the lands that the dragons once ruled Only the courage

  • Title: The King's Blood
  • Author: Daniel Abraham
  • ISBN: 9781841498898
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • The sequel to the acclaimed series launch, The Dragon s Path, is the perfect summer read for fans of George R R Martin.War casts its shadow over the lands that the dragons once ruled Only the courage of a young woman with the mind of a gambler and loyalty to no one stands between hope and universal darkness.The high and powerful will fall, the despised and broken shallThe sequel to the acclaimed series launch, The Dragon s Path, is the perfect summer read for fans of George R R Martin.War casts its shadow over the lands that the dragons once ruled Only the courage of a young woman with the mind of a gambler and loyalty to no one stands between hope and universal darkness.The high and powerful will fall, the despised and broken shall rise up, and everything will be remade And quietly, almost beneath the notice of anyone, an old, broken hearted warrior and an apostate priest will begin a terrible journey with an impossible goal destroy a Goddess before she eats the world.

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      Daniel James Abraham, pen names M.L.N Hanover and James S.A Corey, is an American novelist, comic book writer, screenwriter, and television producer He is best known as the author of The Long Price Quartet and The Dagger and the Coin fantasy series, and with Ty Franck, as the co author of The Expanse series of science fiction novels, written under the joint pseudonym James S.A Corey.


    1. Onvan : The King's Blood (The Dagger and the Coin, #2) - Nevisande : Daniel Abraham - ISBN : 1841498890 - ISBN13 : 9781841498898 - Dar 501 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2012

    2. Just as brilliant as the first. I love this series. It has everything I'm looking for; not just great characters, but in depth character development. The world building and culture imagined by the author is exceptionally well done. The plot is also complex and we'll crafted. Next!

    3. The last third of the book really saved this one for me and made me want to continue on with the series. All the action took place in Camnipol and Geder continues his transition to a tyrant bit by bit. Increasingly paranoid and thirsty for power/revenge and control. Looks like his priest friends are going to help him on this path. Even if you get the sense that the priests are using Geder for their own ends.Marcus Wester snoozefest. Didn't really do anything. At least that's how it felt to me. W [...]

    4. A great second book to the series. There were parts in this book which had that electric feeling the first book as good as it was didn't. Abraham has such a smooth writing style. He's up there with Lynch in being entertaining while character and world building. Clara's character in particular really stepped forward in this book and the end of her final chapter was brilliant. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

    5. 'The Kings blood' is the follow-up to 'The Dragons Path', one of the best openings to a series that I've read recently. This book does an admirable job of continuing the story started in that book as it further expands the world and continues the development of the characters introduced already. In this book we see more of the world established in book 1. This world isn't particularly deep or inventive but it is solid and serves as a good backdrop to events. The most unique feature of this world [...]

    6. Awesome development from the first book.I didn't really like Dawson in The Dragon's Path, but he really developed as a character throughout this book. (view spoiler)[At least before he was so brutally beheaded. (hide spoiler)]Geder is fascinating and so frustrating at the same time, but you can really see the consequences his power has brought to the world. His meeting with (view spoiler)[Cithrin for the second time was hilarious. Very well done convergence of storylines. (hide spoiler)]I'm happ [...]

    7. I liked this better than the first one, especially at the end. This was bound to happen since I’m spending so much time with these characters, and Abraham is a consistent, talented writer. The first half continued a lot of the issues I had with the first book, though, so I can’t really give this four stars. Maybe the third book will earn it?It’s been a little over a year since the start of the series. Geder Palliako has gone from social pariah to Lord Regent of Antea. Cithrin is still at h [...]

    8. **Here be spoilers. Read accordingly.**Let me say at the start that I really wanted to like The King's Blood, and the series of which it is the second part, The Dagger and the Coin. I like Abraham's focus on characters, something you don't see very much in fantasy, and his willingness to alter the story in interesting ways. In The Dragon's Path, for example, I loved when Cithrin stops trying to be an adventurer and starts acting like a banker. That's the work of an author who's thinking about hi [...]

    9. rantingdragon/review-oAt the opening of The King’s Blood, we find ourselves back in the remains of the Dragon Empire and the world of the Thirteen Races of Humanity. Geder Palliako is suddenly an important figure in the Antean Court, with the mysterious Spider Priests at his side. Kalliam Dawson, a noble of the old order, works to maintain the tradition of the court while Cithrin bel Sacour struggles to hold on to her branch of the Medean Bank, and Captain Marcus Wester, haunted by his past, w [...]

    10. As I may not be able to do a full FBC rv close to the US publication date, I will try to have a longer "raw thoughts" review here.The book is secondary world fantasy at its best and in addition it has a writing style quite above the usual "utility English" of the genre; maybe not quite at (the top of) literary fiction levels (see Hari Kunzru's Gods without Men for recent such), but close, while pretty much all the things that I would mark as negatives come from the nature of the genre rather tha [...]

    11. In many good series, often we see the first book is needed to set up the characters and the world, and the second book this foundation can be used to really have them develop and interact. What happens is the events of the novels start to take their toll on the characters, and all the fluff they build around themselves is pulled away.This is what happens in The King's Blood. The Dragon's Path introduced us to young protege banker, awkward minor nobleman scholar who happens to fall into power, st [...]

    12. Pardon me, but bloody hell this is a great series !I can't put the books down !RTC when I am done with them all.On to book 3

    13. This series keeps getting better and better! I gave the first book four stars as well but only because it was very well written. I didn't feel like it would be one of my all time fav rereads however with book two this series is starting to really grow on me. I'm still a little confused about a few things. For instance, I wish the thirteen races would be explained a little more. Right when I think I really know a character I realize that they have tusks or dragon scales! Superficial, I know but w [...]

    14. Now that I have finished this story, I have to say that I am a little bit disappointed. We had some character growth in characters like Geder and Cithrin, but that is it. I was expecting a big part of the this novel to focus on the Spider Goddess and her plans to take over the world and the was nothing. Not even a hint of anything new. The story itself carried on where we left off, but in all honesty, it kind of just mosied on down the river, picking up some small insignificant character story a [...]

    15. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, as I have book 3 sitting right beside me. The King’s Blood picks up right where The Dragon’s Path left off. The dreaded “middle book syndrome” isn’t a concern here. Abraham knows the story he is telling, and nothing feels out of place or rushed. The characters all have a life of their own, and the series is starting to grow in scale. There were several memorable scenes in this second volume and one event in particular came as a shock. Daniel Abr [...]

    16. Pretty darn good second book in the series although you can't start with this one. You must read the strong first book The Dragon's Path. This series is excellent and surprising it has not gotten more attention. See Conor's review for a great synopsis: /review/showGreat characters that keep you interested. 4 Stars

    17. 4.5 This book elicited more emotion from me than I was expecting. Great characters and story. The only thing this book was missing for me was great action scenes, but every other aspect of it was top-notch.

    18. Mi-a plăcut continuarea poveștii. Mi-a plăcut simbolul cercului și a lumii care se rotește în cerc. La fel ca și destinul oamenilor. Mi-a plăcut desfășurarea liniștită, implacabilă a poveștii și ideea că faptele de acum generează consecințele de mai târziu.

    19. Tricky: last 20%=5; 45-80%=4; The first 45% 2-3 stars. I'm rounding to 3!I like Clara, Marcus, Kit and Cithrin grew on me just as Geder began annoying me. I enjoyed her description of him. I'm reading straight on and hoping the five star feeling continues.

    20. Daniel Abraham is one of my must-read authors. I reckon his Long Price Quartet to be the finest work of modern fantasy I've yet read, and his current sci-fi and urban fantasy series are coming along nicely too. Yes, he's prolific, and, even better, he writes fast - a new book a year for each series. No long waits. This book is the second in the Dagger And Coin Quintet, his first attempt at a more traditional form of fantasy, and as such is still settling in. The first book was promising, if a bi [...]

    21. One of the occasionally frustrating things about is when I look at a good book and see how few people have read it. Since reading Abraham's The Long Price Quartet, I feel this about him a lot. Only 2,000 ratings? This can't do! Meanwhile, books that I find far inferior get rated high and read in the five or six digits range. Even just judging other stuff within the SF/F genre, it really is regrettably underappreciated.When I read the first book in this particular series, I took it as a sign tha [...]

    22. Full Review originally at Fantasy Book Critic ANALYSIS: Daniel Abraham’s debut series had a lot of readers and critics praising his original premise and that did get fans excited for his next series which was a move back to the favored pseudo-European setting. This series was also going to be an amalgam of some classic literature as well as genre favorites. The first book in the series really gave the readers a nice look into the world created by the author wherein dragons ruled a long time ag [...]

    23. Par mieru visā pasaulē #teamGederMan mājās grāmatu plauktā stāv veselas piecas šīs sērijas grāmatas. Noliktas redzamā vietā, lai es par viņām neaizmirstu. Autors man jau sen ir atzīts kā lasāms - kopš Expanse cikla grāmatu izlasīšanas. Arī pirmā sērijas grāmata bija daudzsološa.Pirms daudzām paaudzēm pasaulē valdīja drakoni, taču katrai valdīšanai pienāk gals, un nu pasaulē valda cilvēki. Pareizāk sakot, veselas trīspadsmit rases. Taču nav tā, ka senie di [...]

    24. [9/10]The second book in the Dagger and Coin epic by Daniel Abraham builds on the strong foundation established in The Dragon Pathand continues to impress me with the attention to detail in character development and in political powerplays. The story is told through the eyes of Cithrin Bel Sarcour, Geder Palliako, Dawson Kalliam, Clara Kalliam and Marcus Wester, familiar faces already. Despite several chapters set in Porte Oliva, Asterihold or Carse, most of the plot is concentrated in Camnipol, [...]

    25. THE DRAGON'S PATH was one of my happy surprises from 2011. While the content of the story was not exactly original, it was a book that I grew more and more impressed with as the book went on. One story decision after another just seemed right, and with Abraham's economical writing, they came one after the other. And there was something appealing about the way that Abraham wrote the POVs of even loathsome characters with total sympathy, not using the kind of implied judgments that (say) George R. [...]

    26. The first book of this series got mixed reviews in my circle. A lot of people saw some cliches, a simpler story than they expected, and strange world building that left a lot of questions. I was one of the people who loved it anyway, and hoped beyond hope that some of the minor quibbles would be taken care of over the course of the series.Hopefully the people who had some quibbles but liked parts of Dragon's Path read this, because it shows where the series is heading, and that is no where but u [...]

    27. Executive Summary: Another great entry in this series that steps things up a bit.Audio book: I remember being not all that impressed with Pete Bradbury with book 1. Maybe it was my confusion getting used to the world, or maybe his performance has improved with this second book. I'm not really sure. Either way he has a really great reading here. He does voices for at least some of the characters such that I can now identify who is speaking just by the voice he's using. Highly recommend doing this [...]

    28. A little slow but still one of the better fantasy worlds because of the characters. I like that they're all a mix of good and flawed. Even the bad guy didn't start out as a bad fellow. As it said later in the book, he was a kid who really needed a mother to help him grow up and he never had that. He was really sheltered, immature and inexperienced and when he got thrown into situations that were over his head he reacted a lot like a twelve year-old boy would react. The really bad thing was that [...]

    29. This was a good follow up to The Dragon's Path. I enjoyed the pace of this book more than the first. The story is developing well, and the characters are starting to take on a life of their own.Cithrin is striving to prove her worth to the Medean Bank and find her place in the world. Geder is given a position of power that he doesn’t deserve and not equipped to handle.Dawson the loyal nobleman trying to keep his country from being torn apart from within. Marcus begins a journey that borders on [...]

    30. I don't give 5 stars to epic fantasy books lightly.The first book dragged in parts, but this one was easily better. The point-of-view characters are mostly compelling with only Marcus's stuff dragging a bit. This is very much a bridging novel in terms of his storyline.Dawson and Clara dealing with Geder and his insanity in Antea is the main element of the book. Cithrin journeys from her quite holding in Porte Oliva as far as Antea and directly interacts with the other viewpoint characters there. [...]

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