Summon Breandan is a godling doing godless things For the one he loves he is prepared to destroy the balance of nature His beloved Rae has passed into the Otherworld and he s determined to bring her back

  • Title: Summon
  • Author: Penelope Fletcher
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Breandan is a godling doing godless things For the one he loves, he is prepared to destroy the balance of nature His beloved Rae has passed into the Otherworld, and he s determined to bring her back, no matter the consequence Blood sacrifice is not the only cost for summoning a divine spirit to mortal form The Loa are desperate to return to the realm of the living, andBreandan is a godling doing godless things For the one he loves, he is prepared to destroy the balance of nature His beloved Rae has passed into the Otherworld, and he s determined to bring her back, no matter the consequence Blood sacrifice is not the only cost for summoning a divine spirit to mortal form The Loa are desperate to return to the realm of the living, and with Cael bitter in defeat, he considers an alliance even his coven cannot hope to control Lochlann is conflicted Blood tied to a vampire, his Wyld is in turmoil, yet he struggles to focus on anything but Daphne Goblins enroach on fairy borders and swarm over shifter territory Proud, the new Pack Alpha remains reluctant to bind his kind to the fairies who betrayed them, regardless of his claim on the new High Priestess Can the creatures of the forests coexist as they did so long ago Family Honour Love There comes a time when all dreaming ends.

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      171 Penelope Fletcher
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    1. Penelope Fletcher

      Penelope Jade Fletcher is a British author of genre romance She has a number of international digital bestsellers, reaching the Kindle UK Top 100 chart in early 2011 with her third book, and the Barnes Noble Nook Top 100 chart later the same year with her fifth.Debuting at twenty two years old in 2010 with young adult fantasy Glamour, Penelope predominantly writes romance novels with supernatural elements, but recently penned a historical western, and has a regency romance in the works.Penelope has independently sold over 100,000 eBooks She loves nothing than reading Writing comes a close second.


    1. I was a bit disappointed by this end to these stories. I understand now why it took Fletcher so long to release it because she bit off a real lot by making the choice to include so many different POVs. I liked the idea of being able to see what Breandan's view was but I felt like she should have just kept it to that. All the crap about Lachlann's feelings about Daphne and the should he, could he, would he was a bit redundant. And it seemed a whole lot like she moved backwards in that since they [...]

    2. I am impatiently awaiting this book coming out. It seems like every series I get into is incomplete and leaves off on a cliff - hanger!

    3. Less than impressed with how this book ended. It was good all the way through then the last few chapters just went bonkers!! Everything happened so fast I couldn't get my head around it! I was so angry that quiet a few of the main characters died. I really regret buying this series just based on how the series ended.

    4. I was very dissapointed in this book. I throughly enjoyed the previous books but this was unpleasent.In short, the writing was choppy (and it was not in the previous books). Often when a segment was retold from another point of view key features would change in weird ways (ex. different characters where present or different sequence of events).Post ressurection, the opening was extreamly slow. I can't really explain more without sploilers, but there had to be a better way to start the story. It [...]

    5. I just finished this book earlier today, and I am extremely disappointed and dissatisfied. I really enjoyed the other books in this series and became enamored with these characters especially Rae and Breanden. I found this last book to be rushed, poorly crafted and completely dispassionate. The shuffling of point if views was unnecessary and disrupted the flow of story. The biggest disappoint was the conclusion. Killing off many major characters and leaving other characters without closure was j [...]

    6. A lot of skimming contributed to the finishing of this book. I lost interest pretty much the moment after they brought Rae back and so did the author!So disappointing!

    7. This is the 4th and last book in the Rae Wilder series. I bought the first three books at the same time and read them pretty quickly. I didn't realize there would be a 4th book, otherwise I would have waited and read them all together. I really hate reading most of a series and having to wait a year or longer for the end. And for this series, the third book ends with a huge cliff hanger.My problem with waiting for the last book is not that I'm disconnected from the story once it finally comes ou [...]

    8. I liked the first books in this series but found this one to be disappointing. Like other readers/reviewers said the writing was choppy and the story seemed to be pushed from one idea to the next very quickly. Jumping from one point of view to another throughout the story was not smoothly done; at times it made things confusing and made the writing feel chaotic. Also, not sure if anyone else had this problem but my eBook had some issues; at some points sentences or even paragraphs repeated thems [...]

    9. I had a very hard time getting through this one. Its never taken me this long to get through a book. I read the ebook and it was kind of hard to follow because sentences and at times whole paragraphs were repeated. It was also confussing because people who you thought were died in the other books were in this one and people who you didn't realize died were dead. I'm glad I read it because it finished the series but it was just ok compaired to the others in the series.

    10. I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed. Whomever was responsible for the editing of this book should be fired, it was very sloppy. The story itself was ok, not the Penelope I'm used to reading though. There just wasn't that same passion that brings her other stories to life. This one just felt as though it was a rush to get something out.

    11. I am only halfway thru the book and I don't think I will read the rest. I was thoroughly disappointed in this book. It is a complete mess. I really enjoyed the other books but the author totally missed the mark with this one.

    12. I was looking forward to this so much and i was very disapointed in it. Its too messy- too many points of views changing too often. Too many questions left unanswered.

    13. I was so disappointed, I almost did not want to review it. I wish I could ask Miss Fletcher what happened, what she was thinking as she wrote this one out. In my mind, Rae was supposed to be the fairy the fixed her mother's mistakes. She was doing so well, even though, at times, she seemed to be stumbling along, figuring things out as she went.I got bored with this book. Too much talk and thought, not enough action until the very end when EVERYBODY who was ANYBODY, just DIED. That's it! Kill the [...]

    14. (view spoiler)[Oh.I know that telling the story through more than one character is popular these days but I´m sad that this´d happened here. I´m actually disappointed. I´m not done with the book, I´ve read 83 pages so far, but I´m considering leaving the book for the time being. I waited for it to come out for so long and now when it´s out and when I´m in process of reading, I can´t concentrate because there´re just too many characters telling the story. Listening to Braendan was new, [...]

    15. Waited so long for this bookd I was let down. I fell in love with the story and all the characters, then they went away , not sure if it was the time lapse and I didn't have the connection as before but this conclusion felt very rushed. It may be due to that this was in process as well as her other books in different series, and she started a new series all at the same time. But I hope who ever is lucky enough to start this series with all books completed, that they too will love it. The way it [...]

    16. Oh Miss Fletcher :-(I don't know what to say. I LOVED the previous ones & was really looking to this one but not wanting it to end.I'm really not sure what I thought of the different POVs.I agree with another review though in that you should maybe of stuck with just Breanden & Rae rather than adding Lochlan in as well.The ending kinda confused me. It was a bit unclear as to what happened. Still looking forward to starting Burn now :-)SummonPenelope Fletcher

    17. I liked everything about this final book in the series except the ending. For the most part, the story lines were brought to satisfying conclusions. However, the plot element that underscores the entire series, the issue of the different types of beings finding a way to coexist, is left hanging. I was deeply disappointed to have no real resolution on this matter because bringing the humans and the many demon races to a cooperative place is Rae's mission. While this story shows us that Rae accomp [...]

    18. 3.5 starsUnlike a lot of other readers of this series, I really disliked the first 3 books. I found this to be the most evenly paced of the series. The main issue is all the sub-plots that exist. There are MULTIPLE POVs in this story. While it assists in better understanding the motivations of those characters, it's just too much going on.In the past books, Cael was the main antagonist. Here, he is relegated to a minor character, taking a backseat to the Loa, who appeared (literally) in the last [...]

    19. Loved this series! Completely disappointed by how it ended though. First and foremost, I extremely disliked the way this book was written. It continuously shuffled each characters point of view. I felt like a schizophrenic trying to switch and adapt to each characters different personalities. I might also go as far as to add that most of the characters seemed lack their individual spark of emotion in this last book. Perhaps it was due to the style it was written.As for the rest, I felt no closur [...]

    20. Not as apocalyptic as I would have hoped. The ending took me by surprise and I initially felt disappointed but decided that it was rather cute if not for the lack of aftermath explanation.would've like to see more of happened post not-so-apocalyptic events but never mind.overall I guess I enjoyed the series but would not recommend as a serious read. This was something that kept me entertained whist travelling on the train etc. Definitely a good distraction if you're in a boring situation but oth [...]

    21. this whole series gets a VERY liberal three stars. if book two hadn't all been about rae and breandan and lust lust lust it would've been great. the series as a whole was a great concept, but often poorly executed and kind of rambled all over the place without any real direction (a lot like this review). many scenes, looked at independently from the rest of the story, were great. and i've never seen so many characters killed off (so cool!). once the story got moving, i was hooked, wrapped up in [...]

    22. I really liked this book but, the one thing that kept it from five stars was the EDITING! Generally it wouldn't matter but, the book repeats EXACT sentences multiple times throughout. I would suggest better editors and maybe some beta readers to help out. BUT, I loved the ending of the series. Lots of unexpected things going on. Love the characters that we've seen from previous books. A lot of sadness in the book but, most everything turns out well. Sad to see the series end. Looking forward to [...]

    23. I understand what Fletcher was *trying* to do with the ending but instead of tying up all the ends & leaving a poignant and satisfying ending it was really irritating and stupid. It felt rushed. So many new concepts were introduced with no backing to them. And so much senseless violence, a tad surprising when the previous three novels weren't so graphic. Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of gore but it was unexpected & painful to see so many die needlessly. Poor Alecpoor Connall. Just poo [...]

    24. Enjoyed all the other books in the series but this one was hard to following primarily due the constant change in POV (I had to continually go back to the beginning of chapters to recall who was speaking) and the extremely poor editing. I did not like the ending when the majority of the primary characters died even though they were giving an after life. I prefer to think of people in the here and now as opposed to the after life. What were you thinking Ms. Fletcher?

    25. This was a bit of a slog, the multiple POV were irritating and at times repeating parts of the story. The pace wasn't up to the writers usual standard either, I felt as though she'd written the ending then struggled to work out how they got there.The only other thing that irked me was the number of spelling and grammar errors. It sometimes made the meaning unclear, trying to work out what the writer was trying to say!

    26. It felt rushed. The switching around to different points of view was annoying. Too many questions were left unanswered. Most of the characters that meant anything were killed off in the last battle. I still don't quite understand what happened to Daphne and Lochlan. Rea and Breandan love eachother, so the loa just turned to moths and died? It's a shame because I really enjoyed the first 3 books.

    27. I knew how she was going to tie this book this way. I am not saying I am disappointed. I very much liked it. But I loved the first book so much more. It was still nice to complete the series. Penelope Fletcher has so many other great books that keep continuing. I love how she writes so I can't be disappointed in anything she writes.

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