Keepsake This story of two sisters each broken in her own way is as unflinching as it is compassionate I was pulled in from the first page Marisa de los Santos New York Times bestselling author of Falling T

  • Title: Keepsake
  • Author: Kristina Riggle
  • ISBN: 9780062003072
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • This story of two sisters, each broken in her own way, is as unflinching as it is compassionate I was pulled in from the first page Marisa de los Santos, New York Times bestselling author of Falling TogetherFor her previous novels Things We Didn t Say, The Life You ve Imagined, Real Life Liars , author Kristina Riggle has garnered fabulous reviews and establish This story of two sisters, each broken in her own way, is as unflinching as it is compassionate I was pulled in from the first page Marisa de los Santos, New York Times bestselling author of Falling TogetherFor her previous novels Things We Didn t Say, The Life You ve Imagined, Real Life Liars , author Kristina Riggle has garnered fabulous reviews and established herself as a rapidly rising star of contemporary women s fiction In Keepsake, she explores that most complicated of relationships, as two sisters raised by a hoarder deal with old hurts and resentments, and the very different paths their lives have taken As always, Riggle approaches important topics poignantly and honestly including hoarding and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD in her remarkable Keepsake while writing with real emotional power and compassion about families and their baggage For readers of Katrina Kittle and Elin Hildenbrand, Kristina Riggle s Keepsake is a treasure.

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      Kristina Riggle lives in West Michigan, where she writes character driven novels about complex personal dynamics Her debut novel, Real Life Liars, was a Target Breakout pick and a Great Lakes, Great Reads selection by the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association Her latest novel, Vivian in Red, is a story of 1930s Broadway and today about a lyricist, the clouded history of his most famous song, and the woman who inspired it.Kristina has published short stories in the Cimarron Review, Literary Mama, Espresso Fiction, and elsewhere, and is a former co editor for fiction at Literary Mama As well as writing, she enjoys reading, yoga, dabbling in very amateur musical theatre, and spending lots of time with her husband, two kids and dog.She appreciates readers who spread the word about her books, through reviews here and around the Web at the various book retail sites


    1. I specifically decided to read this because it was a fictionalised account of hoarding. (There are many NF books out there on this topic & I was looking for a family I could relate to, without the Hoarders TV show experience.) Anyways. This frustrated me to no end, mostly because I hated the characters. Riggle's prose is decent & I am willing to give another one of her books a shot, but I am really let down by this.Trish has got to be one of the most annoying & horrible MCs I've come [...]

    2. A mother’s fear: a knock on the door from family protective services talking about taking away your child. What good mother wouldn’t turn somersaults to keep her child home and her family intact? Any good mother would—but in Kristina Riggle’s novel, Keepsake, doing just that is especially demanding. The reason that social worker is standing at the door ties directly into her addiction—hoarding. Hoarding is the inability to throw anything out, to the point of filling one’s living spac [...]

    3. There's a whole lot of pain going on in this book and this makes it difficult to read. In a review of another book, the reviewer described the mental illness of the character as something "gnawing at their souls". This statement describes my feeling about Keepsake quite well. Here lie characters with a disorder that is “gnawing at their souls”.I've never watched the show "Hoarders" but the show has a huge following. I know most of us on the outside looking in are curious and even have some k [...]

    4. Even though I ultimately enjoyed this one, I have to say--this book stressed me out! Hoarding doesn't affect me personally, but I found this to be a very fascinating and informative account of this disorder. With that being said, much like what happens when I watch the show, when I read this, I just wanted to go through my home and throw everything away. I think part of what interests me so much about hoarding is that I can't wrap my head around it--it's so hard for me to understand. I think th [...]

    5. I never knew much about hoarding until I read this novel, and now I think I understand how it works. The tragedies that triggered both mother and daughter who succumbed to the hoarding compulsion were real and identifiable, but clearly require the hand of a professional to neutralize. The dual narration is something I have never really liked, but in this case it really does work. Both daughters of a woman who died in a fire in her home where things were stacked floor to ceiling and jammed tight [...]

    6. well I could certainly identify with these characters siblings the victim and martyr and the one trying to pass as normal. interesting take on the hoarding issue. some people just can't let go. This is family at a breaking point-fix the mess or lose the kid but its not always just that easy! I very well done story of people in crisis!

    7. I'm surprised that so many people rated this a four or five. The characters are flat, the plot is slow and the writing is uninspired.

    8. Kristina Riggle definitely has a gift for writing about serious issues. This novel deals with some difficult situations.Trish is a single mother. She has built a secure world where she feels safe. She is surrounded by all of the things that make her feel comfortable. Trish is a hoarder.This all comes to light, as a crisis when Trish’s son is injured. Children’s Services is called in to investigate, with every intention of removing him from the home.Trish needs help. Her sister, Mary, is her [...]

    9. This is Trish's story. She's a single mom with a problem. Her family mantra is "mom's not perfect,". But the dirty secret is that she is a hoarder. When her son is injured in an accident at home, family services gets involved and Trish must face the hoard or lose her children. This book is more than about hoarding or being a bad housekeeper. It's about fractured families and fractured souls. It's about secrets that lie buried among the stuff. The characters are well written and Trish's anguish o [...]

    10. My review:I would like to start with the book cover. It's beautiful! If I wouldn't know what the book is about, then deciding only from the cover of the book you expect the content to be something else. It's a classy picture to put on a book which is about hoarding. Slightly misleading on the first sight, but elegant cover in my opinion.Keepsake by Kristina Riggle is a wonderful book about family ties and relationships, different disorders people are struggling with, about pain, hope and love. K [...]

    11. Thank you to Book Club Girl for proving me with a copy of this novel. Please check out her bogtalk podcast with author Kristina Riggle for an insightful interview about the novel. blogtalkradio/book-clu The novel is told in alternating chapters in the voice of the two main characters, sisters Trish and Mary.Trish is a single mom with a young son Jack. She thinks she has everything in her life under control although it may be telling that her catch phrase "I'm not perfect". When Jack is injured b [...]

    12. First, I have to say had this book not had the bad words marked out, I wouldn't have been able to give it such a high score. I really enjoyed the story but if all the whited out spaces had the F-bomb, it would have been too harsh to enjoy.The cleaned up version was enjoyable, however. At the end of the book, Kristina Riggle mentions an Oprah episode on hoarders that fascinated her and she eventually wrote Keepsake dealing with a competent, successful, organized person who is also a secret hoarde [...]

    13. Trish is a single mom doing her best to raise two kids while working full time. But Trish also has a big problem: Trish is a hoarder. She managed to hide the problem from outsiders until her youngest son, Jack, was injured when a stack of things toppled over on him. The doctor reported Trish and now she's faced with cleaning out the clutter or facing court and possibly losing Jack. Her oldest son, Drew, has already left because of the mess and Trish can't bear losing both of her boys. But as muc [...]

    14. I found Keepsake to be a fairly enjoyable read, although it seemed to me that the ending was a bit abrupt. Keepsake tells the story of Trish, a single mom, who is forced to deal with her problem with hoarding when she is faced with potentially losing custody of her 8 year old son, Jack, to the authorities due to the hoarding. She is reunited with her estranged sister, Mary, when Trish's older son, Drew, contacts Mary to enlist her help with Trish's hoarding problem.The story unfolds with the sis [...]

    15. The book wasn't horrible, but it tends to become dull in places. Trish is a hoarder. I got that from the beginning. After a while, I grew tired of hearing about the stacks of storage containers, or how she resisted parting with anything. I felt the emotion in the book was what carried it through. the family tensions and dynamics were well done, but the repetitive hoarding sequences wore on me. I never liked the television show for the same reason. Once the camera panned the piles of 'stuff' it w [...]

    16. She did a great job of showing family dynamics in which relationships are strained, but everybody still has enough love to pull together and help each other. Well done.Also well done are her descriptions of the hoarding behavior, perceptions that others often have about hoarding and the "fixing" process. I recently read Dr. Robin Zasio's book, "The Hoarder in You" and found many similarities in Keepsake's characters. I can't give this book more stars because the writing style was a little bother [...]

    17. 4.5⭐️. If you have ever loved a hoarder, this book will give you a little glimpse into the workings of their mind. Confusion and chaos. I really enjoyed this book!

    18. Trish is not abusive, and her son, Jack, absolutely adores her. But one day, Child Protective Services are at her door threatening to take her seven-year old Jack out of her custody--not because she hit her children, but because she has too much junk in her house.Trish is a compulsive hoarder; her walls are lined up with columns upon columns of boxes filled with stuff she doesn't even remember. She hasn't seen her dining table in ages, nor the paint on her walls, and her fridge is filled with ro [...]

    19. Trish Dietrich is not perfect. She has a full time job, a divorced mother withtwo children and a messy home, but she does her best. She believes she has her life under control, until her elementary school age son breaks his arm and the incident is referred to Child Protective Services for investigation.Now Trish has to deal with Ayana, a tiny black woman barely out of school herself and somehow this woman has the right to judge Trish, her parenting, her cleanliness, the orderliness of her home a [...]

    20. I found the story interesting, really getting into the why of hoarding. The two sisters had an interesting dynamic, and it was heartbreaking how Trish's son Jack was showing all signs of hoarding at age 7.

    21. Well researched. I was a little surprised that the author had no personal connection with this issue. However, the cleanup process occurred far too quickly to be believable.

    22. In Keepsake, Trish is raising two kids on her own. She doesn't realize it yet, but she's become a hoarder, just like her Mother. When her young son becomes injured after some of her many possessions fall on him, Child Protective Services steps in. To get her son back, Trish enlists the help of her sister, Mary, who's basically her opposite, to clean up the mess. Together they sift through years of clutter and uncover the memories, the secrets and the pain buried beneath it. I really enjoyed this [...]

    23. "Keepsake" was a book I picked up on the markdown (currently unemployed so I always look at the marked down books). Trish's life is turned upside down when her youngest has an accident in the home and CPS is contacted. She is living in a state of denial about how bad her situation is. See, Trish is a hoarder.On the flip side, her sister, Mary, is a complete neat-freak. When her eldest nephew drops in unexpectedly to ask her to help with his mother (Trish's hoarding has gotten to the point that h [...]

    24. This lovely book arrived at my workplace on a Thursday morning and, despite having several other books that were already waiting to be read and which were coming out sooner than this one, I started reading it at lunchtime and hardly put it down for the next three days. I took a break only when the feelings it evoked became too intense and I needed to breathe for a little while before diving back in.The central character in Keepsake is Trish, a woman whose husband has divorced her, whose older so [...]

    25. I reviewed this book for luxuryreading.Whenever I’ve come across one of those TV shows about hoarding I’ve always wondered how the mess could truly get that bad. How do you not know that your house is packed nearly floor to ceiling and that it isn’t a healthy way to live, for you or for any family members living there? How could you stand the clutter, the smell? Keepsake by Kristina Riggle works to answer these questions and more by dropping the reader right into the middle of a hoarder’ [...]

    26. Let me start by saying that I have never seen any of the shows out there about hoarders. We don’t have cable or satellite service, so it’s never been on my radar. What interested me was just the description. It sounded interesting. Based on what I’ve liked as of late, it sounded like something I’d like. And I was right. This is very, very good.My favorite thing about this book? It sure makes me feel a LOT better about my less-than-perfect domestic skills (I’m kidding – OK, half jokin [...]

    27. “Keepsake” by Kristina Riggle is a story of family, secrets, trauma, obsessions, and self-realization. Trish, like her mother Frannie, is a compulsive hoarder. Mary, Trish’s sister, is an obsessive cleaner. Since Frannie’s death in a house fire, Mary and Trish haven’t spoken. Until Trish’s oldest son, Drew, shows up on Mary’s doorstep telling her about Jack (his brother) and how he was injured due to Trish’s mess. Mary is recently unemployed and recently heartbroken, so she goes [...]

    28. Behind closed doors, families hide their secret pain in a variety of ways. For Trish Dietrich, the pain is muffled and pushed down behind the objects she hoards.Her secret is hers alone, she believes, but when her son Jack is injured by a falling tower of objects, she is rudely awakened to its impact on others. And when a social worker appears, bringing the intrusive world of Child Protective Services into her life, Trish is alternately angry, belligerent, and reeling from denial.A seemingly ins [...]

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