Caszandra Cassandra Devlin doesn t know what she s for But she knows she s running out of time Since Cass was rescued from the abandoned world of Muina the Aussie teen has proven than useful to the people of T

  • Title: Caszandra
  • Author: Andrea K. Höst
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cassandra Devlin doesn t know what she s for But she knows she s running out of time.Since Cass was rescued from the abandoned world of Muina, the Aussie teen has proven than useful to the people of Tare Expeditions to their home world no longer end in slaughter The teaching city of Kalasa has been unlocked After years of searching for answers, they are starting tCassandra Devlin doesn t know what she s for But she knows she s running out of time.Since Cass was rescued from the abandoned world of Muina, the Aussie teen has proven than useful to the people of Tare Expeditions to their home world no longer end in slaughter The teaching city of Kalasa has been unlocked After years of searching for answers, they are starting to make progress.But space is tearing itself apart Ionoth attack in ever greater numbers And the useful stray has been injured so many times that the Tarens hesitate to use her for fear of losing her.With one particular Taren now her most important person, Cass is determined to contribute everything she can and hopes to find some answers of her own What is the link between Muina and Earth Why are the reclusive Nurans so interested in rescuing her And what role in the crisis do the inhuman Cruzatch play Can Cass keep herself together long enough to find out

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    1. Andrea K. Höst

      Born in Sweden and raised in Australia, Andrea K H st currently lives in Sydney She writes fantasy, but wanders occasionally into science fantasy.Her novel The Silence of Medair was a finalist for the 2010 Aurealis Award for best fantasy novel Her novella Forfeit won the 2016 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novella.


    1. Some spoilers for the first two books below.Part of what I adored about Stray and Lab Rat One, parts one and two of the Touchstone Trilogy, was the delightful self-awareness that this story could seem a bit far-fetched at times. As Cass herself said in Lab Rat One, “And me being some mysterious touchstone thing with bunches of incredibly hot people looking after me. It’s all a little wish-fulfillment.” But the thing is, it wasn’t. There was a ring of truth to Cass’s tale and struggles [...]

    2. Right until the final battle, I was leaning toward a 5, but then some stuff happened and I was ready to drop a star (view spoiler)[because, seriously! How could she have fallen for the same trick twice? It was obvious that the disappearance of second squad was a trap to get her to project so they could snatch her in the middle of it (hide spoiler)]. But then, by the time it ended, the characters and the world had won me all over again. And since I was left wanting to read more of their story, ev [...]

    3. Well, I finally finished this one. It took quite a bit longer than the first two took combined, and it's not because Caszandra is a longer book (though it is a longer book). It's because Cazsandra is, in my opinion, a badly-paced book that lags quite a bit in the middle.The other problems I had, both character based:1. How did I miss a decade? Cass and Kaoren are now twenty-eight and thirty respectively and the parents of four children. Somehow, despite Cass's insistence that she wants Kaoren to [...]

    4. Поставила отметку об окончании чтения и поняла, что читала последнюю книгу почти месяц. Все-таки третья часть мне далась поспокойнее, чем вторая, несмотря на подогревающее интерес к книге появление детей, Лиры, Отфотошопленных Богов и многих других. А вот конец слегка разо [...]

    5. I have been waiting for months to write this review, hoping that the words to explain just how spectacularly disastrous this book is would somehow magically appear in my head. I -- I give up. Every time I try, I end up with broken sentences and a lot of emphatic hand gestures and squeaking. So, instead, I'm going to focus on the biggest problem, which should be enough to send anyone running. The first two books in the series are competently written, and in terms of actual, technical words-making [...]

    6. I do NOT want this book to end. Thank goodness there is a "gratuitous Epilogue" and this author has written more than just these books. The plus side, more to read. The negative, I'm going to be broke buying all of her books, but it will SO be worth it. I love the references to movies and books that I love, "Spirited Away" and of course, Harry Potter. The references make me feel even closer to the main character and makes the book that much more "real" to me. This book, just like the other two, [...]

    7. I'm just so darn ANGRY with this series! There were points when I wanted to throw my Kindle across the room and scream. It was so very very almost good! Instead it let itself down time and time again, leaving me sad for the author and angry enough to want my time back.On the plus side, this is actual science fiction, complete with things that can't be properly explained because we don't have the background to understand it. It's confusing and vague, but sometimes that's a good thing when it push [...]

    8. Reread in preparation for In Arcadia8th Read: 3/8/20177th Read: 7/17/20166th Read: 1/12/20165th Read: 8/24/20154th Read: 6/2/20153rd Read: 03/05/152nd Read: 09/05/141st Read: 02/14/14Original Review:I have to say that without a doubt I believe this series is going to go on my list of series' that I must reread every few years. The world, and the characters, once I got a good concept of them, are of the type that become old friends, and there is nothing more pleasing, then slipping into a familia [...]

    9. I really wish everyone didn't have to get married and have babies and be super duper happy. The actual good part of the whole series, the war with the cruzatch and figuring out their own history and settling Muina, is just put on the back burner while you hear about kids and love lives and blah blah blah. I mean, great, she's with the man that she had no real reason to have logically been with and she is happy. That's awesome. Does every single character have to catch the love bug and get marrie [...]

    10. This is the last book in the Touchstone series by Andrea Host. The whole series has been entertaining and I’m glad I read it. In this last book we have the true enemies revealed (no, it’s not the cats) and the true threat to the world revealed. We also see the pendultimate expression of Cassandra’s power: she can literally create things from pure imagination, will and pain. If there’s a more clear parallel to being a writer, I don’t know of it.Although we do get a clear resolution to p [...]

    11. Just a few thoughts, mostly on Touchstone as a whole. I loved this, although I was a bit slow to warm up to it. By the second book I got absolutely sucked in, to the point where I was starting to feel the characters as real people I might know, or be, or want to know/be. I rushed pretty much straight into the third book, but then managed to give myself a right old migraine through reading obsessively on my damaged iPad screen and had to put it aside for a day or two. (Who'd have known, right?) N [...]

    12. Actual Rating 3.5While I enjoyed this story, the pacing lagged quite a bit for me. The diary style format didn't work so well for me here granted, the slow-downs had to do with how hard it is to figure out how to save the world / universe, and how you aren't in control even if you have super-nifty half-understood powers. I don't think I would have minded the pacing, except that the climax absolutely did not work for me. Partly this was the diary style format, (view spoiler)[where the key entry b [...]

    13. While a satisfying conclusion, I dropped a star on this one as opposed to how I rated the other books in the series. There were a few times I wanted to reach through the electronic page and shake Cass & tell her to ask about this, or demand that, or tell so-and-so to do the anatomically impossible. And there were a couple of places I really wanted more explanation of some things between Cass & Kaoren Ruuel and was surprised she never mentioned some of these things to him (such as him kee [...]

    14. I found, to my bewilderment, that when I started this reread I couldn't remember how it resolved, and it only come back to me as I read it, which was nice, really, as it was almost like reading it anew (except that I was horrified that my memory had failed me!). This time I did feel again that it needed a thorough edit, not only to tighten it up generally but because I found the final resolution a bit hurried, and I found that many questions I had still weren't answered, but I did very much enjo [...]

    15. 4.5/5; 5 stars; AThere was a lot going on in this book. It was pretty exciting to learn more of the story of the original Muinans and to resolve the main conflict/mystery that carried through all three books.

    16. This is generally considered a step-down from the first two books of the series, and it's not hard to see why. This was a perfectly entertaining book in some ways, but in other ways, it takes the weaker points of the first two books and amplifies them. Still, this was a well-written conclusion to a very unique series.Here's the biggest problem: I never really bought Cass's romance with Kaoren. They didn't get together until the very end of the last book, where they had sex for the first time. Bu [...]

    17. Fully satisfying. A great series I highly recommend.I'll try to come back later and make some useful comments about both this one and Lab Rat One, but I just can't manage it right now.Copied from my blog (this content is also in my review for Lab Rat One):Life being what it is, I just haven’t managed to write up any kind of review for either Lab Rat One or Caszandra, the second and third books in Andrea K. Höst’s Touchstone trilogy. Today, I added comments to my entry for the epilogue to t [...]

    18. Listen Lady Author you and me are gonna have a talk about how not right it is to make me tear up several times in the course of reading (especially as that means I had to STOP reading to clear out my blurry eyes). I said this before, but I'll say it again the Touchstone books took me by surprise by just how enthralling I found them.Everything comes full circle in this book, for good and ill. The nature of the book is that they're in diary format so the events are told from a retrospective viewpo [...]

    19. This book is so dampened down by the slow pace and the lack of dialogues. (view spoiler)[And the kids, most of all, for me, the kids. (hide spoiler)]I was pretty pleased with the previous two books, and the slow building romance, but in this book the main relationship jumps ahead so far and fast that I got jetlag. And Cassandra’s decisions overall seemed very unrealistic to me for an 18-year old with a pretty mellow personality and a pragmatic attitude. There was also a distinct absence of dia [...]

    20. I have found this third book to be the most exciting of the series. This book brings together all the questions you want answered while leaving just a little bit so you want more still. I was sad to let Cazandra and all the other characters go, feeling I knew them by the end of this book. I cannot say enough about the author of these bookse writes so well. I hate books that are complicated or tacky to read, but I like a little escapism too. The author lets you escape into the pages and this worl [...]

    21. Not yet ready to write a review. Not sure I want to anyway. There are already beautifully written reviews on this book/series.I enjoyed the story of Cassandra a lot to the point that I am even going to read Gratuitous Epilogue. I'm told it's about weddings, babies and all. I cannot believe I'll be reading that lol But then, the romance (s) in this series was (were) not sickeningly sirrupy (which was a change from my previous series read). SoPlus, I do want to know if they'll be able to make some [...]

    22. This was a real let down. It dragged the whole way, and when the climax happened, **SPOILER** the main character wasn't conscious and didn't use her powers to triumph, which is so disappointing after she had shown such ingenuity and bravery throughout the first two books. This book focuses more on her growing family and on colonization of Muina. The explanation of what the pillars are, what the cruzatch are, how these words are related to Earth, etc. aren't explained except if the most cursory w [...]

    23. Read 11/26/2011 - 5 stars - I absolutely love this series! It is so superbly fantastic! I'm sad to see the characters go, but Ms. Höst is really, really good about making the story feel finished--so although I'm sad, I feel complete. Can't wait to read the "Gratuitous Epilogue".Re-read 11/8/2014 - 5 starsRe-read 12/3/2017 - 5 stars

    24. Just an awesome ending to a great series though I am super grateful/happy the author write the "Gratuitous Epilogue" because it gives that perfect gossipy ending to all the characters you want to know - what happened next??!!?? - about.

    25. This is the third part of the Touchstone trilogy, and anyone who, like me, loved the first two, won’t have any problem enjoying this too. I’ve classified these as sci-fi (other planets, high-tech everywhere) but I’m getting less sure, since the technology is delightfully arm-wavy. All communication is via the ‘interface’, a brain-embedded universal internet which is incredibly useful at crucial moments. It can send/receive messages, provide all sorts of background information (aka inst [...]

    26. So.Obviously, I have fallen in love with Cassandra Devlin and Kaoren Ruuel.The plot is interesting, the world building - great. But what really won me is Cassandra. She is smart, she is kind, she is sarcastic, she is uncertain, she is anxious. And a lot more. I had never identified myself with another heroine so much. I could have been there instead of her and do the same things.The books are not perfect of course, and I will admit to liking the first two better than the third. It's a bit like t [...]

    27. SPOILERS AHOYI had some major issues with this book, and with the way the series ended.First of all, there are way too many characters, place names, and named elements of the universe to keep straight unless you read all three books in quick succession. I didn't, and so I constantly felt lost as I read this third book. There is a glossary in the back, but it's not convenient to flip back to it when you're reading in ebook format. The story was not written in such a way to make it easier.Second, [...]

    28. Warning this review has a ton of spoilers. I really did enjoy this book a lot but didn't think it matched the other two books in the series. For one thing Cass is eighteen years old and right at the beginning of a brand new relationship with a twenty year old man (I'll call him a man because he is much more manly than some forty year olds that I have met but twenty seems very young to me) they move in together !!?!?!?! and the they adopt three high needs children. Eventually this becomes four hi [...]

    29. A whole bunch of stuff happens in this book but the diary like aspect of telling the story means that it all kind of ambled along detailing Cass' days as a displaced Earth girl, adding bits and pieces of world building and plot as it felt like it, until suddenly the action rating went through the roof. Instead of her talking about all the cultural differences she experiences, her frequent trips to medical and worrying over all her friends and their insanely dangerous job, we're getting a retelli [...]

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