Tallulah's Solo

Tallulah s Solo Tallulah is certain she will have a solo in her dance school s upcoming performance of The Frog Prince After all she is now an excellent ballerina And she s proud that her little brother Beckett ha

  • Title: Tallulah's Solo
  • Author: Marilyn Singer Alexandra Boiger
  • ISBN: 9780547330044
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tallulah is certain she will have a solo in her dance school s upcoming performance of The Frog Prince After all, she is now an excellent ballerina And she s proud that her little brother, Beckett, has started taking ballet too, even though he spends most of his time goofing off But then Tallulah gets an unexpected surprise and not the good kind What s a ballerinTallulah is certain she will have a solo in her dance school s upcoming performance of The Frog Prince After all, she is now an excellent ballerina And she s proud that her little brother, Beckett, has started taking ballet too, even though he spends most of his time goofing off But then Tallulah gets an unexpected surprise and not the good kind What s a ballerina to do when everything does not go as planned Ballet and sibling rivalry meet head on in this fabulous follow up to Tallulah s Tutu.

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      Marilyn Singer was born in the Bronx New York City on October 3, 1948 and lived most of her early life in N Massapequa Long Island , NY She attended Queens College, City University of New York, and for her junior year, Reading University, England She holds a B.A in English from Queens and an M.A in Communications from New York University.In 1974, after teaching English in New York City high schools for several years, she began to write initially film notes, catalogues, teacher s guides and film strips Then, one day, when she was sitting in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, she penned a story featuring talking insect characters she d made up when she was eight Encouraged by the responses she got, she wrote stories and in 1976 her first book, The Dog Who Insisted He Wasn t, was published by E.P.Dutton Co.Since then, Marilyn has published over seventy books for children and young adults Her genres are many and varied, including realistic novels, fantasies, non fiction, fairy tales, picture books, mysteries and poetry She likes writing many different kinds of books because it s challenging and it keeps her from getting bored She has won several Children s Choice and Parents Choice Awards, as well as the following the Creature Carnival, Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award Honor Book, 2005 I Believe in Water Twelve Brushes with Religion, New York Public Library s Best Books for the Teen Age, 2001 Stay True Short Stories for Strong Girls, Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults, 2000 YALSA On the Same Day in March, Booklist s Top Ten Science Books of 2000 NCSS CBC Notable Book, 2000 Deal with a Ghost, finalist, YA category, Edgar Award, 1998 It Can t Hurt Forever, Maud Hart Lovelace Award, 1983 The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth, ALA Best Book for Young Adults, 1983 Turtle in July, NCTE Notable, N.Y.Times Best Illustrated and Time Magazine Best Children s Books of 1989 Turtle in July was also a Reading Rainbow review book.Marilyn currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband Steve their standard poodle Oggi, a cousin of their beloved and recently departed poodle Easy, seen in the home page photo a cat named August two collared doves named Jubilee and Holiday and a starling named Darling Her interests include dog training, reading, hiking, bird watching, gardening, meditation, playing computer adventure games and going to the movies and the theatre She s also a major Star Trek fan.


    1. Because she works so hard at ballet, Tallulah is certain that she will be chosen for a solo during the winter recital. Despite her remonstrations and advice, her brother Beckett, who also takes ballet, daydreams and plays during ballet class. Much to her dismay, Beckett is cast as the frog in The Frog Prince, and she only gets to play one of the ladies-in-waiting. Tallulah is so angry that she sulks and distances herself from her brother. Eventually, she realizes that he took ballet because of h [...]

    2. Tallulah's outraged when she doesn't get a starring role in the ballet recital. In the meantime, her younger brother Beckett is awarded the part of the frog prince. "'The frog! That's not fair!' Tallulah cried. 'He got a big part even though he goofs off. I got a little part, and I work so hard!'"The endpages feature Tallulah and Beckett trying out different ballet positions, pliés and relevés. Soft watercolor and watercolor and gouache illustrations with plenty of white space give a gentle fe [...]

    3. As a big sister, I adored this big sister/little brother story and admired how Tallulah swallowed her pride to help her brother despite her disappointment.

    4. Although I have not yet read Tallulah's Tutu after experiencing Tallulah's Solo I have added it to my wishlist. Tallulah is a cute little girl who loves her ballet very much and has dreams of what she is capable to become. When her brother starts taking ballet and is not quite as dedicated as she, her frustration abounds. Then to throw in that he gets a special choreographed part and she's plain mad. This is a gorgeous picture book that may help to teach children to stop and look at the big pict [...]

    5. Review via Cracking the CoverRemember Tallulah, the little girl who desperately wanted a tutu? That charming little girl is back in “Tallulah’s Solo,” a fine follow-up that really captures the love of dance.Tallulah’s much more dedicated to dance than her little brother, Beckett, who always seems to be playing around during class. She concentrates well and practices all the time. In fact she’s certain she’ll be chosen to dance a solo in her school’s winter recital, “The Frog Prin [...]

    6. Tallulah is thrilled that her little brother has decided to take ballet classes like she does. Although she's less than impressed by his behavior in class. After all, auditions for the recital are coming up and Tallulah plans to land the solo. She works hard to be the best dancer in class. But when the casting announcement is posted, Tallulah is in for a surprise. This is a great book to help kids learn about coping with unmet expectations, and processing the emotions that accompany disappointme [...]

    7. Tallulah is a fabulous ballet dancer - and she knows it. She works hard in class, she practices at home, and she loves to dance. So when she learns that a choreographer is casting parts for his upcoming ballet, she is certain she will land a big role. But her brother Beckett is given a much better part than she is, even though he is new to dancing and frequently goofs off in class. When Beckett has trouble learning his role, will Tallulah let her jealousy stand in the way of her love for her bro [...]

    8. My daughter, 6, is interested in ballet as so many other girls her age are. It is part of the package of being a girl: ponies, ballet, and pink. She asked me to get some books about dance, and I brought home a stack of over 20 from the library. This one made the cut.Both she and my son, 3, love to have this one read, and it features an older sister/younger brother relationship. Tallulah envisions herself being the best dancer and getting adoring attention from her fans while the other dancers ar [...]

    9. Tallulah loves ballet and dreams of having her moment in the spotlight. Now that she’s taking ballet classes, she knows that she is going to be a beautiful ballet dancer, certain that she will get the lead in the upcoming recital. Tallulah is happy that her younger brother Beckett is taking ballet classes too, but she is NOT patient with his zooming and jumping around. When Beckett is chosen for a big role in the recital, Tallulah is shocked and discouraged. Little children will be drawn to Bo [...]

    10. Tallulah is certain she will be given the role of "Princess" in hte next ballet performance. Imagine her surprise and dismay when her brother (an undisciplined beginner) is cast as the "Frog Prince" and she is left to dance as one of the ladies in waiting. Tallulah will have to dig down deep to get past her hurt pride and help her brother, who truly wants to be a great dancer like his sister. The beautiful watercolor illustrations let the personalities of the characters shine through on every pa [...]

    11. This Librarian Uncle gives another big thumbs up for Tallulah! Alexandra Boiger beautifully illustrates another one of Marilyn Singer's book to perfection. Don't worry about an overload of pink in this children's ballet book, because the color pink did not throw up all over it. The illustrations are just fantastic and the story is very well done. The book teaches not only do you not always get what you want, but it also teaches the importance of being an older sibling and that it's your responsi [...]

    12. Tallulah loves ballet, and now her little brother is taking lessons as well! That's goodor is it? She's happy to help him learn the ropesor the barre, as it were. After all, she has more experience and is willing to share it. However, things take a bad turn when Tallulah longs for a solo at the recital. She ends up not getting it, but her brother gets one instead. Jealous and angry she doesn't want to help him prepare, but Tallulah eventually comes around. This is another dance story with just t [...]

    13. In this book, it shows illustrations at the beggining and end of how to do ballet moves (such as releve and others). It is educational and sends a good moral. In the book, the girl was a good ballet dancer and was excited to have her brother join her in her class. But her brother does not listen in class and gets put in time-out all the time. Then her brother gets a part in a dance show but Tallulah gets mad because he has better moves than her and he misbehaves. She then realizes she should be [...]

    14. This is a fun story about ballet and sibling rivalry with almost the same plot as Angelina in the Wings by Katharine Holabird. The narrative is entertaining and Tallulah shows her emotions without being overly bratty or insufferable. Our youngest especially loves books about dancing and ballet and loved the illustrations. We enjoyed reading this story together.

    15. This is a ballet-themed story that could actually work in a story time with boys and girls - especially if the boys are preschoolers like Tallulah's brother. Beckett can be seen kicking, picking his nose, standing on his head, playing with cars - and ultimately, practicing to dance the part of a frog. In her efforts to help her brother, Tallulah, too, becomes a star. Alexandra Boiger's sweet illustrations are the heart and soul of this book. Definitely include this one in dance-themed story time [...]

    16. Tallulah wants to have a ballet solo and pictures herself in this role all the time. Her brother has just started taking lessons, but he does not put the effort into learning as much as she does. Much to her dismay, she does not get the solo and her brother gets a big part. Her mom reminds her that the brother started ballet because of her and he could really use some help. Cute ending to the story.

    17. 40 months - Sometimes life is disappointing and it's sometimes hard to accept being passed over for a part to someone else. This is a great story about being the better person and getting over one's loss and helping another to succeed. Sometimes good deeds, patience and perseverance pays off down the road. A lesson we could all learn from. I would agree with another reviewer there is a very similar Angelina story.

    18. Tallulah's dreams of being the lead ballerina face unexpected challenges when her younger brother joins her in lessons, pesters, yet gets roles because he's the only boy. Mother's suggestion to help him learn is resented, then considered, then tried. His eventual success shines the spotlight on Tallulah and they can costar in a production of Hansel and Gretel.Lovely illustrations, strong personality portrayals, and a realistic view of ballet lessons and practice are all strengths.

    19. I was tempted to give this 3 stars because I figured out every step of the plot. However, as in the first book [Tallulah's Tutu], Ms Singer has a message here for every little girl who dances, and for every parent of a little girl that dances. The sibling interaction is wonderfully real and the artwork charming.

    20. I love this whole series, the illustrations are lovely, the stories are great and also teach a lesson. In this one Tallulah's brother is granted a solo while she is passed over. At first she's jealous and ignores him but, with some initial encouragement from her mom, she eventually helps her little brother learn his part. After all, he started taking ballet because of her.

    21. These are some of my favorites of Libbie's books. Because Tallulah is a dreaming, selfish, funny kid. The illustrations are fantastic and Tallulah does learn her lessons. And if your kid is obsessed with dance, all the better!

    22. I thought it would be more of one person's struggle but its a sibling story. I noticed that older children get the grasp of it but younger kids lose attention towards it. It was cute, nice, and simple I liked it.

    23. Food to have nontraditional gender portrayal through ballet. Sibling relationship and such unique contexts, dance studio!

    24. Tallulah is so enigmatic! I love her return in this book as she helps her brother learn ballet. She seems like a real little girl that I know. Another great book by Marilyn Singer!

    25. Lovely story about a girl helping her brother, the characters are interesting and the illustrations are soft and interesting.

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