Daughter of Liberty

Daughter of Liberty A beautiful rebel spy and a jaded British officer fight a war of wits and words destined to end in passionate surrender It s Eastertide April and in the blockaded port of Boston the conflict be

  • Title: Daughter of Liberty
  • Author: J.M. Hochstetler
  • ISBN: 9781936438082
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback
  • A beautiful rebel spy and a jaded British officer fight a war of wits and words destined to end in passionate surrender.It s Eastertide, April 1775, and in the blockaded port of Boston the conflict between the British Regulars and the Sons of Liberty rapidly escalates toward a fateful confrontation Caught in the deepening rift that divides Whig and Tory, Elizabeth HowardA beautiful rebel spy and a jaded British officer fight a war of wits and words destined to end in passionate surrender.It s Eastertide, April 1775, and in the blockaded port of Boston the conflict between the British Regulars and the Sons of Liberty rapidly escalates toward a fateful confrontation Caught in the deepening rift that divides Whig and Tory, Elizabeth Howard is torn between her love for her prominent parents, who have strong ties to the British establishment, and her secret adherence to the cause of liberty By night she plays a dangerous game as the infamous courier Oriole, hunted by the British for smuggling intelligence and munitions to the patriot leaders And by day she treads increasingly perilous ground as she flirts ever boldly with British officers close to her parents to gain access to information the rebels so desperately need.Elizabeth s assignment is to pin down the exact time the Redcoats will march to capture the patriots hoarded munitions But she hasn t counted on the arrival of Jonathan Carleton, an officer in the Seventeenth Light Dragoons To her dismay, the attraction between them is immediate, powerful, and fought on both sides in a war of wits and words When Carleton wins the assignment to ferret out Oriole, Elizabeth can no longer deny that he is her most dangerous foe and the possessor of her heart As the first blood is spilled at Lexington and Concord, Carleton fights his own private battle of faith Meanwhile, the headstrong Elizabeth must learn to follow God s leading as her dangerous role thrusts her ever closer to the carnage of Bunker Hill.

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    1. J.M. Hochstetler

      I am the daughter of Mennonite farmers and grew up in central Indiana I am a publisher, professional editor, and award winning author My American Patriot Series is the only comprehensive historical fiction series on the American Revolution The Northkill Amish Series, coauthored with Bob Hostetler, is closely based on the story of our Hochstetler ancestors, who came to this country in 1738 seeking religious freedom, only to be caught up in the savage clashes of the French and Indian War Book 1, Northkill won Foreword Magazine s Indy Bronze Award for historical fiction One Holy Night, a modern day nativity story, was selected as Christian Small Publishers 2009 Book of the Year.


    1. Since I'm a fan of the American Revolutionary War, Daughter of Liberty by J.M. Hochstetler was an enjoyable read! It did get a little slow at times - the historical detail of that day was pretty extensive - but I don't believe I ever found myself bored of this story. It had excitement, what with spy missions and battles and mystery. And a rather complex romance. (The romance did lean more toward the cliches of Christian Historical Romance, especially older novels, but it wasn't too bad.) And the [...]

    2. Excellent. Melds history, romance and personal growth into a single story. Heavy on you-are-there details for life in colonial Boston as well as the opening shots of the American Revolution. Unfortunately history and Hochstetler's plot carries away several characters who would make fine allies and enemies in the sequels. Style is just a bit pedantic. Written for all ages, appropriate for young adult readers.Several main characters suffer through thoroughly believable, if modern crises of faith i [...]

    3. Mrs. Hochstetler has an amazing grasp of Revolutionary War history. She creates characters who have stayed with me and beckon me back in to the next book in the series. She weaves conflict and intrigue throughout the book, and I found myself riveted and surprised at every turn. I learned so much, but in a very enjoyable and effortless way.

    4. Daughter of Liberty, book 1, American Patriot Series by J. M. Hochstetler*****American Colonist Oriole, wanted for crimes against the King, barely escapes after a harrowing race through the night fleeing British officers who are determined to catch him-this time. Hiding behind shrubs he waits till they give up once again before he rides to his fellow loyalists meeting place and turns over the documents he is carrying. Oriole is part of the sons of liberty who have banded together to get out from [...]

    5. I am a 65 year old grandmother returning to this book after about two years. I have never forgotten the story that I was unable to finish. I began my quest to recall the title or author's name. Impossible! After a search of multiple possible titles with the words "liberty" or "revolutionary" or "freedom" included, I finally stumbled upon the correct one. My search was not in vain.I was introduced to this author and her series by my daughter who read the books to her sons. They enjoyed the books [...]

    6. Clean historical Christian novelI enjoyed this historical detailed novel about our early history of the colonists. It was easy to connect with the characters and the interlaced biblical directions and honoring the Lord. I recommend this book

    7. This is a new author for me. I loved following the activities of the Patriots and the Loyalists around Boston before the battle of Bunker Hill. Every page drips with spying and questionable loyalties.

    8. Title: Daughter of Liberty (The American Patriot Series #1)Author: J. M. HochstetlerPages: 432Year: 2012Publisher: Sheaf HouseMy rating is 5 stars.I found this series quite by accident when searching for books of interest on . Now I am so glad to have read book one as there are five others in the series published thus far, though is out of stock on some of the books. I think these wonderful faith-filled historical stories have caught the attention of readers as they so richly deserve to be noti [...]

    9. As a lover of historical inspirational romance, "Daughter of Liberty" held me captive with its charming characters and daring adventures. And as a lover of the history of the American Revolution, this same book thoroughly swept me away. The author, Joan Hochstetler, is an expert in every detail of the era. She describes in depth the events leading up to the start of the Revolution and she well portrayed the pain of families and friends divided in their loyalties between following the laws of the [...]

    10. Powerful and heart pounding!This book is well-written and the characters feel so real! This story in Boston at the beginning of the American Revolution. You will read the story from both sides of the war: Patriot and Loyalist. Daughter of Liberty has a lot of action, spies, intense emotions, and romance. I found the story fast-paced and thrilling! A delight for any history buff and reader!This quote by Elizabeth struck a chord with me:“We have to find the strength to go on and to win—for the [...]

    11. The writer creates a brilliant scene & describes things well.but knowing who Oriole is from the book jacket, i couldnt get into the book because of the behavior she shows. Its written in the 1770s yet her uncle & cousins let her ride all over the countryside as a boy, get shot at & spy just because her Aunt said she'd be good at it? The spying i could by but not her family treating her like a woman would be treated now, theyre only concern for her heart when they hear an intelligent [...]

    12. Our heroine disguises herself as a boy to spy for the American cause. She also falls in love with a British officer but things are not as they seem. While she resolves to refuse to love him he has secrets of his own.The suspense in this book is almost unbearable. This suspense in this book is almost unbearable and I liked it very much. what I didn't like was that once again Paul Revere is portrayed as a hearing man.Paul Revere was deaf. I wish historical fiction writers would get their facts rig [...]

    13. Excellent descriptions of the British attack on Concord, Lexington and Boston, and the efforts of the colonials to fight back. The author knows Boston in intimate detail, you'll feel yourself there with the heroine Elizabeth in the late eighteenth century. Characterizations are very good. The overly religious parts were awkward for me and took away from the tension of the story. Otherwise, a great read.

    14. This is the newly revised and updated Heritage Edition of book 1 of my American Patriot Series, which releases in April 2012. The covers of the Heritage Edition feature paintings by renowned historical artist Don Troiani.

    15. Daughter of Liberty (American Patriot Series #1) is an awesome read! If you are a history nut like me, then this is the book for you. I don't keep many books after I have read them, but this one is a keeper. Looking forward to more of the series.

    16. Fabulous historical fiction set in Boston during the Revolutionary War. Spies, love of God and country, battles, family, and clean romance are the hallmark of this excellent book.

    17. excellentHistorical events accurate and details made the reader feel present at the events. Strong, compelling characters set the stage for future developments.

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