Trinity: Military War Dog

Trinity Military War Dog A year ago in Afghanistan Green Beret Heath Daniel s career was destroyed Along with his faith Now he and his military war dog Trinity train other dogs and their handlers Though his passion is to b

  • Title: Trinity: Military War Dog
  • Author: Ronie Kendig
  • ISBN: 9781616265946
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • A year ago in Afghanistan, Green Beret Heath Daniel s career was destroyed Along with his faith Now he and his military war dog, Trinity, train other dogs and their handlers Though his passion is to be back in action, the medical discharge has forced Heath and Trinity to the sidelines Military intelligence officer Darci Kintz is captured while secretly tracking the TalA year ago in Afghanistan, Green Beret Heath Daniel s career was destroyed Along with his faith Now he and his military war dog, Trinity, train other dogs and their handlers Though his passion is to be back in action, the medical discharge has forced Heath and Trinity to the sidelines Military intelligence officer Darci Kintz is captured while secretly tracking the Taliban Only one dog can handle the extreme conditions to save her Trinity Only one man can handle Trinity Time is running out on the greatest and most dangerous mission of their lives.

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    1. Ronie Kendig

      Ronie Kendig is an award winning, bestselling author who grew up an Army brat She married her own hunky hero, who s an Army veteran After twenty plus years of marriage, she and her husband have a full life with four children and a retired military working dog Ronie s degree in psychology has helped her pen novels of raw, broken characters Since launching onto the publishing scene, Ronie s Rapid Fire Fiction has hit the CBA Bestseller List, won the prestigious Christy Award, HOLT Medallion, IRCA, FamilyFiction s Readers Choice Awards, as well as being named an RT Book of the Year Nominee Ronie loves people and helping other writers through speaking, workshops, and or mentoring Find Ronie at roniekendig, on Facebook facebook rapidfirefiction , Twitter roniekendig , GoodReads, and Instagram.


    1. 3.5 starsI'm a little new to the military suspense genre. I've heard wonderful things about Ronie Kendig's talent for story-telling, so I decided it was high time to check her out. Although, I'm not a huge dog lover (don't hate me!), I thought Trinity sounded like an interesting book. The story was great! I liked Heath from the very beginning. He's struggling to figure out what to do with his life after suffering a traumatic brain injury and jumps at the chance to go back to Afghanistan—even i [...]

    2. So I actually started this book way back in February, and was initially a little disappointed. I’d seen SO many people that I love raving about it, and at first, to be completely honest, it was a good book, but I wasn’t loving it like I’d hoped to. I read about 60 pages, then had to put it down…and wasn’t able to pick it up again until now due to heaps of books for review. But then. This month. One afternoon I finally had a little down-time from review books, so I picked it up again, j [...]

    3. I think that the author is an excellent writer, but some aspects of this book made it difficult for me to get through and enjoy. First, I think the title is odd and does not make sense. The focus of the story is not the dog, which I think is actually a good thing. (I would not be interested in a book that was entirely about a dog.) The focus of the story is mainly the dog's owner (a veteran with a TBI), an American female spy, and military operations in Afghanistan. It was an exciting story with [...]

    4. This was the second book by Ronie Kendig which I read, the first beingwhich was a very fast paced, full of action suspense.Trinity had a lot going on. There was a lot of characters and stories going on in Trinity, which resulted in a slower pace. The last 20% was fast and full of action. Even though the book was at a slow pace, I did enjoy it and the stories and mysteries in the book kept me intrigued. There was a lot of mysteries which fell into place at the end of the book, which I didn't see [...]

    5. Review on : amazon/review/RLQNJA8TReview on my blog (to be posted 11/28): christianbookshelfreviewsTrinity is only the second book I've read by Ronie Kendig (the first being Firethorn), but I can already tell I'm a fan of her work! Trinity had a lot of action, intrigue, and was just an overall great military novel!I loved Heath's dog, Trinity! She was so well trained and there were some scenes where I wish I could have seen the things she did. :) The characters were nice - I really liked Heath, [...]

    6. Green Beret Heath Daniels’ feels his life is over after he suffers a head injury and is discharged from the military. When he is offered a chance to train other military dogs and their handlers, he jumps at the chance to prove himself and to perhaps be allowed back in the military. Will he and his dog Trinity be able to save the captured Darci Kintz before she’s killed or Heath suffers another blackout from his brain injury?Fans of fast paced military thrillers will love this new series by R [...]

    7. It is really over?? MUST it really be over??*Deep Sigh* What a read! It's that kind of book where you are rushing through it, biting your nails as you read as fast as possible in order to see what on earth is going to happen nextt you're heartily depressed when you reach the end!!Ah well, every good book MUST come to an end. Sadly! Needless to say, I am looking forward to the release of Talon VERY much!! Both Talon and his owner, Apsen, were characters I wanted to get to know more. Not sure what [...]

    8. I have to admit, when Ronie Kendig announced she was going to do a book series on military war dogs, I was afraid that I wouldn't like it. I have loved everything Ronie has written to date so why would I feel this way about this series? Well, I'm not a gigantic fan of books written about animals. I enjoy pets (I have many of them!) but I'm scared to death of dogs bigger then me!! All that being said, at this point, I believe Ronie could write an instruction manual for just about anything and I w [...]

    9. Wow, this is the kind of book that will make you appreciate military war dogs and their handlers whether you're prepared for it or not! Candace Calvert endorsed this book and this is what she had to say, "Dodge bullets, cling by your fingerprints to an icy cliff--then fall heart first for a wounded hero and his incredible military war dog. You won't sleep, but please remember to breathe." I think Candace PERFECTLY describes what every reader will experience with this book, I made sure to remembe [...]

    10. TRINTY, book one in the A Breed Apart series is exciting, suspenseful, and romantic. What else would you expect from a Ronie Kendig book?Heath Daniels’ military career is over. After suffering a traumatic brain injury in a bombing in Afghanistan, Heath is discharged from the army. His only saving grace, Trinity−his military war dog−refuses to be handled by anyone else and is retired, giving Heath his partner back. Together, Heath and Trinity end up at the A Breed Apart training facility wh [...]

    11. About two years ago Green Beret Heath "Ghost" Daniels' military war dog Trinity saved his life from a bomb. He got injured and now suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury. Heath will black out for seconds when stressed out. He's frustrated that he can't go back into the military.Trinity refuses to work with another handler and so Heath can adopt her.Now Heath and Trinity are part of A Breed Apart. Heath is starting to feel useful again. A Breed Apart is going on a mission to support soldiers in Afgh [...]

    12. Review originally posted on my blog Christian NovelsThis book was EPIC! Ronie Kendig is seriously one of the very best authors that I've read-and I've read A LOT! Every time a pick up one of her books I'm amazed by how much I'm drawn into the lives of the character and how superbly written every book is. Needless to say Trinity lived up to and exceeded my expectations!Heath was the perfect wounded hero. He was equally tender and strong, which is a quality you can't help falling in love with. I l [...]

    13. Every book I read by Ronie Kendig just keeps getting better. In Trinity, I wasn’t sure what to expect because I knew nothing about Military War Dogs, but since I love all of Ronies other books, I knew it would but good. But it wasn’t just good, it was so awesome I didn’t put the book down until I finished it!I can’t say enough about Heath Daniels and his military war dog. I was in awe of the relationship the two of them had and Trinity was just amazing! I grew to love that dog like it wa [...]

    14. This was one GREAT book!! Want high-impact action, military suspense, romance, adventure, great characters, and a theme that gets you thinking. . an look no further than Ronie Kendig. This author has a knack for grabbing you and shoving you right in the middle of some pretty intense, heart-thumping action. Every night when I curled up to read, I felt like I was roaming around the blistery caves in Afghanistan with a loyal German Shepherd by my side, being targeted by rogue Chinese madmen. Now, h [...]

    15. The most surprising thing to me about this book is that I really liked it. With a military setting and a military war dog as a character, I wasn't sure I was going to get into this book.It did take me a while. Kendig's writing style is true to the male POV, which is much different than other books I usually read. I had trouble following the action at first because it is fast-paced, but by the middle of the story, I was hooked and willing to follow it through.And I'm glad I did. Kendig writes viv [...]

    16. Trinity is not the usual type of book I read, so I was a little skeptical about it, but I've gotta say that I enjoyed it so much! I was on the edge of my seat all throughout this book. I could not read it fast enough and when I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it. This book gave me a whole new perspective and respect for Military War Dogs. I didn't know much about them before this book, but I feel like I learned a lot while reading Trinity. I can't believe how much I loved this book! I hi [...]

    17. Trinity combines Kendig's trademark discarded heroes with the military war dogs. The result is a book I couldn't put down and thoroughly enjoy. Kendig writes military very well, placing the reader in the middle of the action and not letting go. At the end there were a couple times I had to stretch what I thought could really happen, but I willingly did it because I wanted the characters to win. And the twists and turns were great. Combine a broken hero with a broken heroine, an international cri [...]

    18. Trinity delivers romance laced with Ronie’s ‘rapid-fire’ suspense. The story is compelling, gritty, and intense. It kept me up all night; I only stopped reading because the Nook battery died. Trinity has a tight plot with plenty of twists, heartthrob military heroes, and descriptions so rich I could feel the tension. Ronie has a gift for developing characters you fall in love with. For my full review visit my website More Than a Review

    19. Adventure and romanceThis is a solid Christian book for men and women alike. From the first, I wanted to give Trinity a pat on the head even though I knew it wasn't allowed. The book was well researched and action felt very real. If I had one negative thing to say, it would be that she tried to wrap it up a little too quickly.

    20. This is the first book I've read by this author and I loved it. Plan to read all she's written. It was action packed. I learned quite a bit about war dogs. It also gave me a firmer grasp of what our wounded warriors face. Everything was in perfect balance in this book. It has romance, spirituality and plenty of action. A true page turner.

    21. Wow another could not put down book loved loved this. Suspenseful, intense, just darn right so good. I will be reading the rest of them in the series can't wait to get them in my hot little hands!

    22. really liked this oneanly because of the german shaperd!!!! but still it was good i fell in love with "candyman"!! like the store line too!!

    23. A good story about War Dogs, their handlers and the effects on soldiers who have returned home injured The ending was normal, but action a plenty Certainly worth a read

    24. I have to admit this book confused me off and on at the beginning because of the way it skips around to different characters points of view. The author also switches between the characters first and last names enough to make 3 people come across as 6. Once you start to relate the the characters, it's easier to keep them separate in your mind but there were a couple times when I had to go back to when the character was introduced so I could put the first and last name together in my mind. Other t [...]

    25. I've read one other book of hers and have taken the approach to just read without trying to figure out who each character is. In military-style books there seem to be a lot of secondary characters and nicknames to keep track of. If the person is important, he/she'll stand out and that was the case with this one. It took me a few chapters to get into (probably bc of the names/switching POVs) but once I was in, I was IN. The story's fast-paced action kept me reading and guessing. Murphy's law seem [...]

    26. My first book by Ronie Kendig and it won't be my last. Looking forward to reading the others in A Breed Apart series.

    27. This is the first in the A Breed Apart trilogy by Ronie Kendig and the second book of hers I have read, the first being the novella, Whole Pieces, that was part of the 7 Hours Series. I have read other novels from Christian authors about military special ops but this one is unique having the addition of the military war dogs (MWDs) and the story being centred around the role and function of MWDs.Kendig does this very well. I loved how she described the relationship between Heath, her Handler, as [...]

    28. After three tours in the Special Forces, she outranked most of the men she worked with. Especially her handler Heath "Ghost" Daniels. War dogs and specialized search dogs were high-value targets. Terrorists paid big for dead military working dogs. She has countless lives saved under her belt and her final tour almost cost her and Heath their lives in Afghanistan. Thanks to the efforts of the new resolution signed into law by President Clinton a few years back, which allowed dogs to live out the [...]

    29. Ronie Kendig, in her new book, “Trinity: Military War Dog” Book One in the A Breed Apart series published by Barbour Publishing takes us on a thrilling adventure with Heath Daniel and his military war dog, Trinity.From the back cover: An ex-Green Beret and his war dog on the greatest mission of their lives and probably their last***A year ago in Afghanistan, Green Beret Heath Daniel’s career was destroyed.Along with his faith.Now he and his military war dog, Trinity, have a chance to redee [...]

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