Katie and the Sunflowers

Katie and the Sunflowers Katie visits five paintings by Van Gogh Gauguin and Cezanne Katie tries to pick the sunflower seeds from the Vincent Van Gogh painting but when the vase tips over the flowers go everywhere Mimi a

  • Title: Katie and the Sunflowers
  • Author: James Mayhew
  • ISBN: 9781841216348
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • Katie visits five paintings by Van Gogh, Gauguin and Cezanne Katie tries to pick the sunflower seeds from the Vincent Van Gogh painting, but when the vase tips over, the flowers go everywhere Mimi, a little girl from a painting nearby, comes to help Katie, but when Mimi s dog Zazou comes too disaster follows This imaginative fantasy about a mischievous character is an oKatie visits five paintings by Van Gogh, Gauguin and Cezanne Katie tries to pick the sunflower seeds from the Vincent Van Gogh painting, but when the vase tips over, the flowers go everywhere Mimi, a little girl from a painting nearby, comes to help Katie, but when Mimi s dog Zazou comes too disaster follows This imaginative fantasy about a mischievous character is an original and fun way to introduce children to art A page of notes at the end gives background information on the artists Includes reproductions of five famous post Impressionist masterpieces Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh Breton Girls Dancing by Paul Gauguin Cafe Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh Still Life, with Apples and Oranges by Paul Cezanne Tahitian Pastorals by Paul Gauguin

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    1. James Mayhew

      Born in Stamford, Lincolnshire in1964, James Mayhew grew up in the Dickensian village of Blundeston in Suffolk After completing a Foundation Course at Lowestoft College, he studied illustration at Maidstone College of Art, graduating in 1987 with First Class honours His first book for children was Katie s Pictures Show, Orchard Books 1989 establishing the long running series about a child s adventures in an art gallery Many of his books have a cultural agenda and James is passionate about introducing children to art, music, opera, ballet and traditional tales.He has published over 60 books, and illustrated and written for many other colleagues including Philippa Pearce, Martin Waddell and Jackie Morris.As a storyteller he has devised and performed a series of sell out concerts for children with the de Havilland Philharmonic Orchestra, and has participated in prom performances at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.He has also created designs and illustrations for the Kirov Mariinsky Opera of St Petersburg and in 1994 won the New York Times award for one of the ten best illustrated books on the year The Boy and The Cloth of Dreams.He has made regular appearances at the National Galleries in Edinburgh and London and visits many schools, and arts and literary festivals.James is a member of the Art Worker s Guild and the Society of Authors.


    1. hem eğlenceli hem öğretici tanımlaması bu seri için rahatça kullanılabilir. ilk okumuş olduğumuz "yıldızlı gece"deki tabloları bu kitabın içinde de fark edince oğlumun: "anne bak, van go'nun iskemlesi, bak bu da yıldızlı gece" diye tanıtıma başlaması çok hoşuma gitti. o yaşta ben van gogh'tan da resimlerinden de bihaberdim. ayrıca kitabı okur okumaz beyefendinin, aynı yıldızlı gece'de yaptığımız gibi, bir röprodüksiyon isteğinde bulunması kitabın ne kada [...]

    2. A nice introduction to the post-impressionists although I personally find them hard to pronounce and sililarly found the many french phrases in the book difficult to read aloud. In one part I wondered if the author was writing more for an implied reader (male like himself) where it seemed he necessarily introduced the women as "beautiful", but maybe he was trying to be pluralistic about "difference" or something.The female protagonist is lively and shows initiative which intitially wreaks havoc [...]

    3. As an eighteen-year-old author, I don't normally post long reviews for children's books. This wonderful story is the exception. Katie and the Sunflowers has always been my absolute favorite children's book! When I was in kindergarten, my sister brought it home from the elementary school library. After reading it for the first time, I begged her to bring it home every weekend. I honestly believe my love for art and literature developed from this little book. I'm a huge fan of Vincent Van Gogh's a [...]

    4. Katie visits the art museum on a rainy day, and starts an adventure when she accidentally knocks over the vase of sunflowers in Van Gogh's famous painting. Artwork comes alive for her as she dashes about the works of van Gogh, Gauguin and Cezanne, trying to fix her mistake. This is a cute and clever way to expose kids to famous works of art. However, the plot itself is not super exciting - merely a means to tie the different artworks together.

    5. One of my favourite children's books of all time that probably first sparked my love for Van Gogh and his art. It is just as warm and uplifting as I remember it being when I was a kid.

    6. Katie and the Sunflowers written by James Mahew brings impressionist paintings to lifequite literally! Several of the famous paintings are incorporated into the story and their most famous worksVan Gough's 'Sunflowers' and 'Cafe Terrace at Night', Gaugin's 'Breton Girls Dancing' and 'Tahitian Pastorals' and Cezanne's 'Apples and Oranges'.As always, Grandma provides the vehicle for the adventure. This time is a trip to the gallery. Much to Katie's delight, the paintings come to life! she manages [...]

    7. My 10 y.o. boy really enjoyed reading this together with me. It might have helped that we had just watched a Doctor Who episode about Vincent Van Gogh, and previously seen a Museum exhibit of Paul Gauguin's work (which he only vaguely remembered.) But even without that, the story is fun, and the last page, giving context about the three "Post-Impressionists" featured (Paul Cezanne being the third), told a good (non-fiction) story in itself. When rain chases Katie and her Grandmother out of the g [...]

    8. This book describes about impressionist paintings at gallery. Katie and her grandma went to art gallery. During her grandma sit down to rest, Katie looks around many artists' works. It's very impressive and gorgeous! when she reaches out in the frame of painting, it begins to live. All paintings tell the story which contains painter's own idea in their works. There are the most famous artists in the world in this book. Such as Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh, Breton Girls Dancing by Paul Gauguin, [...]

    9. The big selling point of this book is the exposure young readers will get to some of the world's most familiar paintings. However, the story, while appropriately madcap, ends abruptly and without the logical and satisfying conclusion I'd predicted. I even thought a page must've been missing because of the screeching suddenness of the ending. My five-year-old daughter didn't think the sunflowers of the title looked realistic enough, but that's more an issue for Van Gogh than for James Mayhew. Eve [...]

    10. I really enjoyed the art facts and material that were incorporated in this book. I feel like this book would be a wonderful way to incorporate art and fine art curriculum standards in a fun way. This book will allow for future creativity and encourage the students to think outside the box. Each page seems to come to life and allow the student to feel like they are viewing art from a different point of view.

    11. Explore the worlds of van Gogh, Gaugin and Cezanne through this museum adventure.Paintings come alive creating chaos through the paintings and their worlds right in the museum while Katie's grandmother sleeps! Fun, nourishing, visually stimulating and informative, this book will delight everyone. We used this book as an artist in focus paint session and to study impression and post impression periods. Brilliant resource, absolutely loved it how engaging this book is.

    12. I recently discovered this series and so wish I had had it when I was a kid. I was (and still am) so intrigued by art, especially impressionism and post-impressionism, and would have delighted in Katie's adventures in the museum. Once again, Katie finds herself diving into paintings and having a major adventure through some seriously famous paintings. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend to anyone who is/was/knows a budding art fan.

    13. A gentle, imaginative story about a little girl who interacts with the objects and people in several famous paintings. My students enjoyed reading this as a follow-up to the beautiful Vincent's Colors.

    14. Another adventure of Katie at the museum. She jumps in and out of post-impressionist paintings ranging from van Gogh to Cezanne. Of course because it's about art, the illustrations are quite captivating. It's very fun to see such famous works of art come to life and dash about the museum.

    15. An adorable art adventure! Katie jumps in and out of the museum paintings by Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Cezanne. Katie's interactions with the paintings bring them to life literally as she interacts with their characters. At the end, information is provided about each of the post impressionist painters.

    16. In this book, Katie is in a museum and she is able to jump into famous portraits and take a new adventure. This would be a great book to read to the class to get them to use their imagination and connect to art. I would have them choose a piece of art and write a story of them in the setting of the picture.

    17. Story of a little girl that enters into famous paintings at the museum. Great for art teachers and art lovers.I am personally drawn to any book about art. What I like about this book is that the story reminds me of my own experience with art. Great art drawns me into the painting. This happens literally in this book. I would love to do a cross-curricular activity with our art teachers.

    18. In this story, a little girl goes to a museum and uses her imaginations to become part of the paintings. She becomes friends with everyone in the paintings. While she is their she has an accident, and has her friends help her. Great story to read to children and promote children to use their imagination.

    19. A wonderful adventure in a museum. When it's raining too hard for Katie and her Grandma to plant seeds in the garden, they head to the museum where Katie discovers she can go in and out of the paintings. A fun adventure ensues, featuring the art of post impressionists like Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Paul Cézanne. Loved the illustrations!

    20. Katie goes the museum and knocks over the vase in Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers, she then travels through other paintings trying to make things right again.This is a wonderful book; a lovely way to introduce children to famous works of art and get them to think creatively about people and places inside of paintings. Ages: 5-8

    21. Readers are able to join Katie as she steps through and interacts with several Post-impressionist paintings at the museum; usually in a clumsy sort of destructive way. This is a fantastic way to expose kiddos to beautiful art and think about experiencing it in an entirely new way. Magical

    22. I do love the Katie series. A great way to introduce famous artists and their works using a fun story about Katie who can step into the paintings and the adventures she has.I was looking for sunflower stories as part of an art class. I used this book to show Van Gogh's Sunflower painting.

    23. While visiting the art museum, Katie has an adventure stepping in and out of five paintings by Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Cezanne. Includes information about Post-impressionism and the particular paintings and artists in the story.

    24. Both kids enjoyed this book. This is a great way to introduce the names of artists and some of their most famous work. They will be sure to remember who painted the Sunflowers the next time they see a picture of it. :)

    25. Emily and I loved the Katie books by James Mayhew. Each book is about Katie and her grandmother's visits to the art museum. Each time Grandmother falls asleep and Katie explores the painting, up close. It is a wonderful way to introduce young children to fine art.

    26. Don't tell kids how education this romp through three painters' works might seem to adults. It holds it's own as a mischief and resolution tale.

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