Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City

Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City Eight months after The Iron Duke can their marriage survive a new danger After Mina is called in to investigate the murder of an aristocratic bounder her husband Rhys known to the world as the Iron

  • Title: Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City
  • Author: Meljean Brook
  • ISBN: 9781101564639
  • Page: 432
  • Format: ebook
  • Eight months after The Iron Duke, can their marriage survive a new danger After Mina is called in to investigate the murder of an aristocratic bounder, her husband Rhys known to the world as the Iron Duke must overcome his fear for his new bride before his need to protect her tears them apart But when she invites him to join her at the murder scene, a search for a mysteriEight months after The Iron Duke, can their marriage survive a new danger After Mina is called in to investigate the murder of an aristocratic bounder, her husband Rhys known to the world as the Iron Duke must overcome his fear for his new bride before his need to protect her tears them apart But when she invites him to join her at the murder scene, a search for a mysterious killing machine puts her in danger than ever before a danger that leads straight back to Rhys.Previously published in The Iron Duke Includes a preview of Meljean Brook s upcoming novel, Riveted.

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      Book info I am the author of the Iron Seas steampunk romance series I ve written a guide to the world including a map on my website I also write a paranormal romance series, the Guardians That series guide is also on my website, including a The Story So Far feature, which allows you to catch up on all of the books that previously released in the series if you start after the first installment info I am slowly, slowly adding to my shelves and reviews It s unlikely that I will join many book discussions especially of my own work simply because I don t want to stifle reader conversation Bio Meljean was raised in the middle of the woods, and hid under her blankets at night with fairy tales, comic books, and romances She left the forest and went on a misguided tour through the world of accounting before focusing on her first loves, reading and writing and she realized that monsters, superheroes, and happily ever afters are easily found between the covers, as well as under them, so she set out to make her own.Meljean lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and daughter.


    1. I am so excited about my very recent discovery of the Iron Seas series written by Meljean Brook. There are sooooo many stories in this collection and I can't wait to gobble them all up! Steampunk just does it for me in terms of female empowerment. While the time period generally reflects oppression of women, these steampunk gals play the part and allow themselves to remain visually underestimated with their corsets and such, but then they pull an arsenal out from their skirts (or just an opium g [...]

    2. This epilogue novella with its own plot is an excellent addition to The Iron Duke, and I think it is one of those epilogues that doesn’t have bunch of cheesy stuffs. Rhys and Mina’s relationship is more romantic in this novella, and btw, something hasn’t changed like ummRhys still frequently uses that word (view spoiler)[ shag (hide spoiler)]:/

    3. I really liked this little gem and I hope we get more stories with Mina and Rhys! They are quickly coming my most favorite steampunk couple!! Ok, I don't have a huge reading SP reading circle, but I have quickly become to love this couple.

    4. 4.5 stars - I loved Meljean Brook's THE IRON DUKE for her amazing steampunk alternate London, but while I really liked the leads, Inspector Mina Wentworth and Rhys, their story in the THE IRON DUKE - unlike almost everything else of Brook's - wasn't terribly romantic. Well this short set 8 month into their happily ever IS romantic and in some ways sweet - the pair truly care for each other, but both have good reason to fear for losing the one they love since Mina's job is dangerous and Rhys' lif [...]

    5. This is a short story about Mina and Rhys' marriage and how they both need to do their jobs even with the dangers. I loved how they are still hot for each other but to me - what was it 6 or 7 encounters in detail - it was a little much, and I like sex scenes! One of my favorite series.

    6. This e-novella is $2.99 and is from one of my all time favorite authors, Meljean Brook. Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City (Iron Seas #1.5) was originally in the back of mass-market version of The Iron Duke, which I had no idea about. The Iron Duke blew my ever loving mind out of the water (you can read my review here) and based on reading The Iron Duke, no other book I’ve read can come close to The Iron Duke in regards to Steampunk. Every other Steampunk type book I’ve read since The Iro [...]

    7. Getting this sneak-peak into Mina and Rhys' married life was absolutely a treat. Although they are crazy about each other and the spark is definitely alive, they cannot figure out how to be with each other. For Rhys, being a part of the family and loving Mina come with the fear of losing her. Mina continues working on the streets and her scuffles with criminals often leave her injured. I love that Rhys, worried to death as he is, still leaves her to do what she loves and does not interfere. He p [...]

    8. (3.75/5.0) B-I liked this epilogue/novella about Rhys and Mina. I particularly enjoyed the fact that as they adjust to marriage and work through fears, they have taken the time to form their own little family with Anne the Tinker. Still, Scarsdale is the most memorable character in this short story with his unbearable situation. It is heartbreaking, and I'm hoping that Brook finds a great resolution for him. I also wonder if the storyline used as part of the mystery in this short about children [...]

    9. There's a particular kind of book that works well on a plane. It has to be absorbing, so that you're not distracted by the people crawling over your lap to get to the bathroom or accidentally elbowing you in the chest because, let's face it, no one can actually stay within the two cubic feet of space they give you. It also has to be the kind of book that you can pick up and set down, because occasionally you might want to crawl over the lap of the person next to you to get to the bathroom, or pe [...]

    10. If you enjoyed Mina and Rhys in The Iron Duke, you will really enjoy them here. It's been eight months since they married and we get to see how married life is treating them. Of course, there is a case for Mina to solve as well. I just got such a kick out of Rhys and Mina in this novella. Rhys is having a hard time dealing with the possibility of Mina getting hurt on the job and it doesn't help that the newssheets exaggerate everything. Since Rhys has never really loved anyone before, he has suc [...]

    11. This short 100 page story is a nice look into Rhys and Mina's HEA. I was a fan of the first book and really liked both Mina and Rhys although it wasn't the most romantic book it was very well written, entertaining and the world building was fascinating. This book takes place 8 months after the end of the Iron Duke and gives a look at the relationship between Rhys and Mina. It has the romance and lovely moments that the Iron Duke didn't have. You can see right away that Rhys and Mina love each ot [...]

    12. 2.5 StarsIt's a cute extra and it gives more insight into Rhys' mind and his feelings for Mina, but other than that, I felt it was completely unnecessary. Again, works well as an extra and as a gift to the fans, but not as a $2.99 novella. Also, the "I must shag you to make sure you're alive" was romantic the first time, extremely annoying the other two or three times.Probably the most memorable part/character was Scarsdale, but his parts were fillers.

    13. Terrific follow-up novella to The Iron Duke! Action, mystery, romance, shaggingaginative and short story has everything that Iron Seas fans love! I definitely recommend it to those who loved The Iron Duke and who may have felt disappointed by Heart of Steel! Secondary characters - Scarsdale, Newberry, and tinker child Anne - were an added treat. The Riveted excerpt look very good, too!

    14. I had such a fantastic time with The Iron Duke that I immediately launched into this follow up novella that took place eight-months later. What comes after the Happily Ever After for The Iron Duke and his Inspector? It was great discovering the answer.Marriage is something neither the one time slave then pirate who became duke and the society outcast female copper ever thought possible. And love? To love so fiercely that it scares them and they are afraid to lose this wonderful thing together or [...]

    15. Back with Detective Inspector Mina Wentworth and her Iron Duke. It was fun to catch up with this pair in this novella. I came back and read this after I finished all of the novels currently written in the series. There has not been a disappointment yet. Well developed characters, fantastic world building, adventure, and romance. Steampunkish? So fun!

    16. Mina Wentworth and The Invinsible City is a novella for the first Iron Seas series that was a continuation to Detective Inspector Mina's story and her marriage with formidable Rhys "Iron Duke" Trahearn. Months after her incident and marriage with Rhys, Mina was still ever in love with the Iron Duke despite his constant worries with the dangers her career entails. Like what a married spouse to a cop would feel, Rhys is still struggling with his protective instinct while being supportive to his wi [...]

    17. Rating: 3.5 StarsGosh, this had me squealing like the fan girl I seem to have become overnight. Or rather over just a few daylight hours of reading. No matter. Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City is a novella, though not too short thankfully, that details the marriage of Mina and Rhys alongside the everyday troubles they face. Honestly, I love reading about the long haul to make a marriage work just as much as I love reading about the journey to finding "The One" and although this book doesn't [...]

    18. Was this great or what?! (oh yea, some of you probably haven't read it yet!)Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City (Iron Seas #1.5) is a great continuation of the couple from the first book(Iron Duke): Mina Wentworth and the Iron Duke himself!ABOUT the PLOT/STORY: 5/5 starsIt takes place 8 months after Iron Duke finished and catch up with our main characters. A big element of the story is the crechés, where the orphaned children of London live. A crime is being investigated by Mina and relations [...]

    19. I totally loved this instalment! The novella is set 8 months later with both Mina and Rhys are settling down and adjusting to married life. A problematic case crops up when a murder of a factory owner happens and Mina with the help of Rhys have to discover who is behind it. This was such a fantastic story, and I loved the development of the romance with Rhys and Mina who are so deeply in love but worried for each other especially about Mina's job and the danger it can present. But Rhys is willin [...]

    20. It's a great case-fic, and I'd happily read a dozen of them if the author wanted to focus on Mina's career especially now that Mina is thinking about her future prospects and what she'll do when age or promotion or family keeps her indoors all day. Unfortunately, I'd only read those case-fics if they stayed away from her relationship. The Iron Douchebag is still himself and DI Wentworth deserves better. Sigh. They still only seem to be connected by lust and availability. I've gotten used to the [...]

    21. This novella is set in the Iron Duke world of Ms Brook's. In this, its been 8 months since Mina and the Duke married. They are still adjusting to each other, and the tension caused by their respective jobs. The "mystery" portion of this story is provided partially by Anne, their adopted 11 year old daughter and partially by the murder of a "bounder" (which in this series doesn't have exactly the same meaning as it does in our world. In the Iron Duke world, it refers to those who "bounded out of [...]

    22. This is a very nice continuation of the first Iron Duke book, with a self-contained mystery plot included in the further examination of what it is like when Rhys and Mina are married. It also puts a spotlight on Rhys' friend, Scarsdale - he really needs his own novella or novel.And I loved that Mina decided to take that young girl who helped her in the Iron Duke under her wing and basically become her family. This is very much a Mina story. Rhys is there, but only as support or foil or sexual ob [...]

    23. I had to have more, it was imperative. And this was every bit as much enjoyable, ass-kicking fun as the first. In addition to that, we get the continued development of life with Rhys and Mina. They're now married and poor Rhys is a basketcase, trying to come to terms with the danger that Mina faces everyday as an inspector. I love the way they work on it together, the way their relationship is evolving. LOVE.Another interesting case in Meljean Brook's amazing steampunk London world!

    24. For those people who love HEA and then some Just like Julia Quinn's the Bridgestones extra, or even more so this short story was perfect. I loved that we got to know how Mina and the Iron Duke struggle to adjust to married life and having a family who loves you. I also have to say it was great satisfaction to read more about Newcastle, Anne and of course Scarsdale. I do hope we get to know what happened to Scarsdale and his marriage in the next book. He deserves happiness, too!!

    25. 3.5 StarsA nice little story about Rhys and Mina's adventures after their wedding. I loved how Meljean Brook balanced the romance with the murder mystery and kept us up to date on our favorite Iron Seas characters like Scarsdale and Anne the Tinker. Can't wait to read the next in the series!

    26. Rounding up to 4. I do love this series and it was a treat to get a bit of Mina, Rhys & Scarsdale. Oh Scarsdale. I can't spoil it, but I really want one of my friends to finish this so we can discuss.A little bit of action, romance still going strong. A very fine way to spend a couple of hours.

    27. Not sure what invisible city the title is referring to but there's at least as much relationship development in this novella as there was in the entire The Iron Duke as Mina and Rhys slowly learn to actually talk to each other.

    28. And so my steampunk marathon continues. Surprisingly enough, I liked this companion novella more than I liked the book itself. But both are pretty awesome.

    29. I loved this novella showing us the Duke and Mina post-marriage! It was so good to see them again. So far this book is my favorite of the series.

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