A Letter to My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends

A Letter to My Dog Notes to Our Best Friends Dogs know how to talk to us they do it all the time A pair of raised ears or a wagging tail can speak volumes to those in the know In this heartfelt ode to the furriest of family members dog lovers g

  • Title: A Letter to My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends
  • Author: Robin Layton
  • ISBN: 9781452114422
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dogs know how to talk to us they do it all the time A pair of raised ears or a wagging tail can speak volumes to those in the know In this heartfelt ode to the furriest of family members, dog lovers get the chance to say something back, sharing personal letters penned to their beloved companions With gorgeous accompanying photographs by Robin Layton, this collection ofDogs know how to talk to us they do it all the time A pair of raised ears or a wagging tail can speak volumes to those in the know In this heartfelt ode to the furriest of family members, dog lovers get the chance to say something back, sharing personal letters penned to their beloved companions With gorgeous accompanying photographs by Robin Layton, this collection of letters and portraits features a wide range of dogs and their owners, including everyday people with remarkable stories as well as celebrities like Hilary Duff, Tony Bennett, and Oprah Winfrey alongside their pooches Throughout, these tales of perseverance, love, and loyalty celebrate the deep and devoted friendships that humans share with their pups.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ A Letter to My Dog: Notes to Our Best Friends : by Robin Layton ↠
      363 Robin Layton
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    1. Loved this book. Read it with Rambo, my pug snuggled up right next to me on one of the hardest days I've had in a long time. He has been right next to me through many, many hard days. Thanks Buddy for your unconditional love and complete devotion. And, thank you Alyssa for getting your now husband the same week you got Rambo. Your giving me Rambo has been a tender mercy every day since!!!

    2. A nice coffee table book but not substantive. Good for gifts, anyone with pets will enjoy it. The pictures are lovely and the sentiments are very nice. It just isn't really one that I'd want to pay for myself, it doesn't say anything I'd refer back to again and again. It's just pretty. As a gift option it's a 4 star though.

    3. Being a dog/cat lover this book really hit home. Reading the letters that were written by owners to their pets really tugged on my heartstrings. I cried a few times during the read and had to hug my fur babies tight and let them know how much they are loved. A great read for dog lovers.

    4. this was a cute book. it is actually a great fundraiser idea for animal rescues, etc in the form of a calendar. past adopters can submit letters and photos. anyway, it was a good read and the photos were very nice.

    5. Simple, touching, beautiful pictures. I love dogs so a few of these sweet letters made me tear up. A great book to share with or gift to a dog lover in your life.

    6. Wow! We do love our dogs, don't we? The letters in this charming book are mostly written by celebs (I guess even they appreciate the unconditional adoration of a dog), but there are some sweet ones written by children who participated in a contest. The photos are stunning. Knowing that other people are just as crazy about their dogs as I am about mine makes me feel a little less crazy.

    7. I love dogs (dog spelled backwards is god) but the letters were very repetitive. What made the book worthwhile was the photography.

    8. Why I picked up the book: Who doesn't love cute animals? I love my own lab retriever and two cats, who were all my first "children". This book contains letters from celebrities and regular folks (kids & adults) to their best furry friends, expressing love and gratitude.Why I finished it: It is a super fast read and gives you warm fuzzies. The photography is great. Even though I'm not a fan of tiny dogs, I wanted to cuddle them all. It makes you want to write your own (see mine below)I'd give [...]

    9. sweet great photosDear Makai aka Kai, Kai-Kai, Boof, No, My beautiful blonde boy;I can't believe it has been almost four years since I brought you home from the shelter. I don't know what I was thinking that day, other than the fact that you had the cutest little face and were so cuddly. You were our last furry baby before the real one came along and you helped fill the gap in our lives while we were desperately waiting for him.I'm still not happy that you decided after three weeks that you didn [...]

    10. This is a wonderful book filled with loving and lovely sentiments by 57 dog 'parents.' Some have well known names, the the majority are probably unknown to the general public. I'm glad the book wasn't entirely centered on celebrity pets. That would've ruined the book for me.I would give this book 5 stars but for the following:#1 Eight of the dogs photos were poorly positioned on a two page spread, and the dogs bodies, and in some case faces, were lost in the center as the pages curved in to atta [...]

    11. The novel A Letter to My Dog is a collection of letters celebrities wrote to their dogs. These letters could include a variety of things, such as their favorite memory, how they got the dog, how the dog changed his or her life, and things like that. There isn’t a story in this novel where the protagonist faces a conflict, and later resolves it. The only story in this is people sharing their life and opening up their home to their loving dog. I really enjoyed reading this because I personally c [...]

    12. This is a collection of letters written by people to their dogs. Some famous, some old, some young contributors all have one thing in common: they love their dogs! The pictures in this book alone are a reason to get this. It is filled with full-page color glossy pictures of all kinds of dogs on every other page! The letters are very touching, some funny, some sad. If you are a dog lover, this is a must read! I'm sure you can agree with most, if not all, of the letters. I know I did! (Gerard's re [...]

    13. This is a beautiful book!!!I was crying before I even finished the first letter! I also chuckled at some of the antics these dogs get up to. A lot of the letters were written by people I am not familiar with and I think that is a good thing. If it were all celebrities it would have been too cheesy. The photography is beautiful and there is a little something about each doggie family at the back.I love that most of these dogs are rescue dogs.I love that these people say that these dogs have saved [...]

    14. I received this book from my 4 legged daughter London. By far it is one of the best gifts a mom of s beautiful fur child could receive.From the first letter to the last, my eyes welled up with tears. How I wish all animals were loved as completely as the dogs within the pages of this book and as deep as the love I have for my London. The only thing I wish, is that I would have thought of this idea. What a beautiful work of art. From the stunning images to the heartfelt words. This is truly a won [...]

    15. This year we had a student who lost her three dogs and home to a fire. Our librarian was doing a poetry unit with 4th grade at the time and had them write poems to her about loss, grief, love, etc. I worked with her to create some poetry of her own and then we had them bound together as a memory journal. She loved, I loved it, 4th grade loved it. It was wonderful. I think this book would be a great addition for similar lessons on grief. It's a good icebreaker when discussing the loss of a pet an [...]

    16. 26 book challenge- a book with pictures Absolutely gorgeous pictures!! My rating here is for the pictures and the format. Each letter has at least one full page dog picture. At the end is a picture of the dog and letter writer with a short bio. I would have given 5 stars had there been less or better yet no celebrities included. I'm interested to read what people would write to their pets- I don't really care what Oprah in particular has to say to her dogs.

    17. Dog lovers will recognize themselves in these letters written to their dogs. Humorous and loving, the letters epitomize everything there is to know about having a dog, including all the laughter, tears, and frustrations. Above all, this book perfectly shows the friendship and love between humans and their pets. A great read for anyone who has ever had a dog, and even for those who just enjoy a touching read. -Jennifer W.O.

    18. I didn't even make it halfway through this book before I went to their website - alettertomydog and wrote a letter to my dog Parker. This book happened to find me when I was going through a lot and my dog was the most important constant in my life. I laughed, I cried, I even started to fall for celebrities I didn't care for. Just by reading their letters. Dogs can do thatg people together. This book is one of those crowd around and read together coffee table books.

    19. Love LettersI loved reading these letters. If you don't know how much a person can love their dog, read this book. It's spelled out in plain words for the whole world to see. The pictures let us see who these special letters are talking about. As for the dog lovers out there, these letters talk about things we already are privileged to know. It's easy to see why dogs are known as Man's Best Friend. Maybe we could request a Volume #2

    20. i received this book as a christmas present. i opened the wrapping paper, saw the title and started to cry. i'm a sap when it comes to doggies. truly love them. i read this in one sitting. it was a super easy read and the pictures are beautiful. some of the stories will make you teary. i didn't make it to the third sentence before crying. however! it really is a wonderful tribute to our four legged friends. it's definitely a book i will leave out on my coffee table.

    21. Although it's pretty much celebrities talking about their dogs, this is by far one of the sweetest most heartwarming books I have ever read. Especially after having to put my dog down three weeks ago. Thank you Robin Layton, for making me remember my dog in nothing but the best ways. I'd recommend this book to anybody.

    22. Exceptional photography. The individual stories are heart warming but tend to pile on in a rather repetitive way sooner than I would have expected. A good book to leaf through when you have the flu or your brain isn't functioning.

    23. I received this book from my best friend who knows how much I love dogs.I so much enjoyed all the letters and pictures of the dogs.This book is not for most people but anyone who is a dog lover will enjoy it.

    24. This isn't a story but rather a collection of letters written to dogs from their owners; some young, some old and even some celebrity letters are thrown into the mix. It's the type of book that gives you warm fuzzies. A good coffee table book with awesome pictures and heartfelt words.

    25. Heart wrenching letters from owners to their beloved dogs. I remember crying in my lhasa-shit-zu's hair all through high school. "Boys SUCK Penelope!" I still have dreams about her. Maybe I'll write her a letter this weekend.

    26. heartwarming, heartbreaking. I sobbed throughout this book, from the first page to the last, at the end I felt both exhausted and refreshed in the knowledge that there are amazing people out there with amazing stories, who own truly amazing dogs.

    27. It's about dogs - of course I loved it! The first letter had me crying, others had me laughing, and all of them made me thankful I too have a loving dog in my life. The dog photography is beautiful - so many adorable puppers. <3

    28. Five stars for the photos. I loved, loved these. The dogs featured were mostly ones belonging to celebrities, which is cool I guess. I think the cutest letters were ones written by children. Check out the website: alettertomydog/

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