ヒカルの碁 15、さよなら

  • Title: ヒカルの碁 15、さよなら
  • Author: Yumi Hotta Yumi Hotta
  • ISBN: 9784088732152
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Yumi Hotta Yumi Hotta

      Yumi Hotta Hotta Yumi, most often written as is a Japanese mangaka, best known as the author of the best selling manga and anime series Hikaru no Go, about the game of go that is widely credited for the recent boom of the game in Japan The idea behind Hikaru no Go began when Yumi Hotta played a pick up game of go with her father in law She thought that it might be fun to create a manga based on this traditional board game, and began the work under the title of Nine Stars Kokonotsu no Hoshi , named for the nine star points on a go board She later worked with Takeshi Obata the illustrator and Yukari Umezawa 5 Dan, the supervisor in the creation of Hikaru no Go She won the 2000 Shogakukan Manga Award and the 2003 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize for Hikaru no Go.


    1. So, there was one thing I liked in this otherwise kind of flat volume, which is that the author is doing "something" with Fujiwara no Sai, and it promises to lead to some character development for Hikaru.The thing is, Hikaru no Go is basically a cross between a bildungsroman and a typical adolescent boy power-up progression series - play a game, get better, play a tougher opponent, get better still, and so on, taking on successively tougher "bosses." What makes the series better and more sophist [...]

    2. 2 Stars because I felt sad for Sai. What happened in book 15 is very unfair to him. It was like he is just a tool, a stepping stone to be discarded when no longer needed. Where is the reward? After waiting for a millennia and this is the answer? I am glad Hikaru is in a slump now. He should be, as it serves him right since he dared to forget who brought him into the Go world in the first place, tutoring him and encouraging him all the way. I do agree that Akira could be the catalyst to rev up Hi [...]

    3. This volume made me sad.bHere, Sai finally disappears from Hikaru's life, and Hikaru has a hard time accepting it. In the end, he comes to the completely wrong conclusion, namely that he should have let Sai play all the time, because he himself could never surpass him. So in the hope of making Sai return to him, he stops playing Go altogether. Touya Akira then goes to talk to him and they have a very emotional confrontation. What is interesting is that even though their rivalry is very much the [...]

    4. With the foreshadowing from the previous tankobon, I knew what was about to happen. Artistically and literary it makes sense for it to happen. I didn't like it, but I knew it was necessary for the story to go on. I just didn't expect it to happen so soon – I thought we would get one or two more tankobon worth of stories before it happened. However, when I saw the title of the tankobon – Sayonara, which is Japanese for Goodbye – I knew, without a doubt, I knew.When Sai brought his concerns [...]

    5. ヒカルの気持ちは分かる。でも碁をやめる?それがどこにさいを喜ばせるの?どこでもないよ。それはたださいにもっと寂しくなるよなんで気付かないヒカルは。広島のゲームはすごかった。

    6. 内容がもう知ってたけど、やっぱり、悲しくて泣いてしまいました!いつも、1冊を読み終わった後に、勉強のために、アニメの会話を聴きながら、もう一度その冊を読み返すけど、こんなに悲しい冊なんていやな感じ… T_TEven though I already knew the story, this was still a sad volume to read. The sensitive person that I am, I cried. I usually re-read the manga while listening to the dialogue in the anime (as I stat [...]

    7. Yumi Hotta, Hikaru no Go, vol. 15: Sayonara (ViZ, 2009)The day that Hotta has been hinting at the entire series is finally here—it's time for Sai to go. Hikaru is wrapped up in his own thoughts, and doesn't even notice until it's too late—and then the rest of the volume is taken up with Hikaru's search for Sai, taking a pilgrimage to Torajiro's sacred sites to see if Sai is hanging around at one of them. It's a fun way to throw in a quick tour of Japan and some cool scenery without actually [...]

    8. Okay, I take it back. The storyline of Sai's confusion paid off over the last two volumes, with Sai coming to a new understanding of his role in Hikaru's life and -- apparently -- departing the series. I can't tell if he's coming back or not, but if he's not then it's a very Japanese ending.For a while, I thought the series itself was on its last volume, and it probably could have ended here. On the other hand it seems to be picking up steam for at least one more set of plot and character develo [...]

    9. Oof. I'm really struggling between 4 and 5 here. For one thing, the loss of Sai packs a huge emotional punch, and as always, the art portion of the comic is top notch. I may be biased in my fannage here, but ugh. Yes.

    10. This story is comfort food for me. I can't quite put my finger on what keeps me rereading/rewatching this and the anime, but my interest in Go certainly helps. I also like that it's a generally positive story about getting good at something

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