Silent Waters

Silent Waters Drawing on fifteen years of submarine building experience Jan Coffey crafts a military thriller that will keep any reader turning the pages A nuclear submarine cuts silently through the waters of the

  • Title: Silent Waters
  • Author: Jan Coffey
  • ISBN: 9780778323198
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • Drawing on fifteen years of submarine building experience, Jan Coffey crafts a military thriller that will keep any reader turning the pages A nuclear submarine cuts silently through the waters of the North Atlantic, commandeered by two dozen armed terrorists.The target New York City.Fighting for their lives aboard the hijacked submarine, Commander Darius McCann and ShipDrawing on fifteen years of submarine building experience, Jan Coffey crafts a military thriller that will keep any reader turning the pages A nuclear submarine cuts silently through the waters of the North Atlantic, commandeered by two dozen armed terrorists.The target New York City.Fighting for their lives aboard the hijacked submarine, Commander Darius McCann and Ship Superintendent Amy Russell have only one hope for survival With the lives of millions at stake, they must play a dangerous game of cat and mouse where capture would mean certain death.On land, two NCIS investigators are working feverishly to learn the details of the hijacking in time to stop the attack As mass hysteria paralyzes New York City, they uncover a trail of secrets as dangerous as the silent weapon aimed at the heart of America.

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      May McGoldrick a.k.a Nikoo Jim McGoldrick Nikoo and Jim McGoldrick are storytellers with a checkered past.From the submarine shipyards of Electric Boat in Groton, Connecticut, and the clubs of Rodeo Drive, to the forges of Pennsylvania and the electronics manufacturers of Massachusetts, these two have spent their lives gathering material for their novels Nikoo, a manufacturing engineer, and Jim, who has a Ph.D in sixteenth century British literature, wrote their first full length novel in 1994 Since then, Jim and Nikoo have written twenty seven novels and a work of nonfiction.They write under the pseudonyms of May McGoldrick, Jan Coffey, and Nicole Cody.These prolific and popular authors have been the recipients of numerous awards for their work They now reside in Watertown, Connecticut.


    1. This is the first book I've read by the author (s) - and it was a decent enough political thriller, that was filled with twists, turns and more twists, though some of them I guessed. Not sure about the ending.The USS Hartford (submarine) is docked at the Electric Boat Shipyard, Groton - as it had to return from being deployed to the Indian Ocean/Persian Gulf due to a malfunctioning Electro-Static Gyro Navigator. Actually, it didn't get far before it had to return - and when it did a group of ind [...]

    2. To all those who look at this book and think, "Hm. Submarines. No thanks." think again. Between a well-paced plot and engaging characters, this is a book that you will find difficult to put down. I really enjoyed this book. To add to the experience, I read most of it while traveling in the backseat of a car for a six hour road trip, so being enclosed in a confined space enhanced the feeling of being on a sub (on which I've never been.) There are technical passages, but they are delivered in a wa [...]

    3. The commander of the submarine USS Hartford goes aboard a day or so ahead of his crew with ship Superintendent Amy Russell just to look around. Well, Submarine Commander Darius McCann bites off a whole heap 'o trouble. It seems the submarine has been taken over by a foreign skeleton crew, it is a nuclear sub, and there are nuclear warheads on board. He and capable (and only a little helpless) Amy forge a workable duo. The sub (and Darius) are unable to communicate with the mainland, and the odd [...]

    4. Because of problems with its navigation system, Los Angeles class submarine USS Hartford docks at the Electric Boat shipyard for repairs. One night while ship superintendent Amy Russell is on duty, the sub is hijacked, with her aboard. She had been in the control room going over the ship’s navigation systems with its skipper, Darius McCann, when the sub was taken. The two of them are locked in a room but manage to escape and wreak havoc on the hijackers’ plans. On land, Lieuitenant Colonel S [...]

    5. This novel is very typical thriller fare. Two people, one with special skills and the other innocent but brave, struggle to survive a dangerous situation – in this case a plot to attack America originated by the most unlikely perpetrator imaginable.This is really a two-part story. The first half concerns the hijacking of a fast attack sub by mercenaries, the second is about what happens after those hijackers are defeated. Both parts were well told but the second one was the more exciting half [...]

    6. An engaging thriller that offers a sneak peak below the surface of general submarine knowledge. The romance in this Romantic Suspense was lightweight for the genre but appropriate for the plot, as in no steamy sex in the middle of a terror crisis. I would have liked just a bit more hint at the ned as to the futures for the two great supporting characters but I can well enough guess with what I'd been given.


    8. Just loved it. Combination of great detail on building/repair of nuclear subs, politics, romance, mystery, really great story. The characters feel so real. Perfect combination of suspence and resolution. Highly recommend.

    9. Action-filled Military Thriller with a Touch of RomanceSilent Waters is the story of Commander Darius McCann and Ship Superintendent Amy Russell as they try to free the nuclear submarine USS Hartford from the hands of hijackers. The bad guys are apparently intent on targeting New York City with its deadly weapons. On shore, NCIS Investigators Lieutenant Sarah Connelly and Commander Bruce Dunn work the clues, investigating who is behind this contemptible plot and why. Although it’s a somewhat t [...]

    10. I enjoyed it. I like her style. I prefer the sexual tension to the explicit sex. I bought a box set of three books because after this, I knew I'd want to read more from Jan Coffey.

    11. The author is actually a husband and wife team of writers, who have worked building nuclear submarines so they know what they are describing in this suspenseful novel involving a hijacked USA Navy submarine. It was nice to see two strong and knowledgeable female lead characters paired with two strong male leads. (I could see it being made into a movie.) Not being too "in the know" about the structure or capability of a nuclear submarine, I had to take a lot of the scene descriptions on "faith." [...]

    12. A US nuclear Sub is brought back to the dock in Groton before deployment to have some equipment repaired. The crew is given liberty except for a small crew to watch the ship. At the last minute the Captain is called in to replace his exec who had a home emergency. The Capt. meets the head of the repair crew and they go early to the sub so she can run some diagnostics on the equipment but while they are on they way to the dock and the sub a fire breaks out in her office and it draws firemen and o [...]

    13. Jan Coffey has written a mystery set in the world of submarines and things going on under the surface of the water.A submarine is hijacked and heads for a target where the explosive power of the sub could kill millions. The target is New York City.The new commander of the ship is Darius McCann and he finds an assistant in Amy Russell who is the ship superintendent.The suspense greeted me immediately and I wondered who would try to hijack a submarine and how they would attempt to get away with it [...]

    14. Interestingly, I pick up this book as part of a 'grab bag' at a recent sale. I had never read Jan Coffey before, but I like to read adventures tied to submarines. The writing was good. The story, while perhaps a bit of a stretch, was engaging. After all, in our current political environment, it is not impossible to think that a sitting U.S. President with low popularity before an election might stage a terrorist event in order to 'show leadership' and get re-elected, is it? Still, the ability fo [...]

    15. This was a pretty good suspense book. It is not what I expected as I was looking for more military action, but it has some pretty good twists in it. The downside for me was the romance. I am a guy so I like to read about blowing stuff uplol. All in all, I would recommend this book and I am looking at other books to read by Jan Coffee.

    16. Once the main characters were established, the story of Darius McCann and his submarine was very thrilling. I read the last 3/4 of the book in one sitting. The author(s) truly understand the workings of a submarine or the book wouldn't hold true. I won this book as part of the First Reads program. Thank you Jan!

    17. This book was a typical thriller, with a dash of romance. It was light reading that I found very enjoyable during my vacation. I tend to like romance thrillers between some of the more intense & complicated dramas I read. I would recommend it, if you are looking for some of the above characteristics in a book.

    18. This novel was a pleasant surprise. I’m not usually keen on political thrillers but the fact that the action was taking place on a submarine was intriguing. The writing is tight and I was quickly engrossed in the story and had trouble putting the book down for the night, which is always a good sign. I also liked the various points of view, which added to the suspense.

    19. Not much happening between the characters and the relationships between them. It was mostly trying to escape. This should NOT be categorized as romantic suspsense, but rather Mystrery. An ok read. If you want fast-paced, I'd recommend Nine Lives by Sharon Sala. 1.5/5 stars.

    20. This book was well written, but I felt like it lacked that little something more that makes you re-read a book a thousand times. I have no specific problems with it, just that vague sense of disappointment.

    21. Absolutely awesome. The plot was amazing and unexpected. The writing style flowed easily. Definitely 2 thumbs up. This author should be a must read for all.

    22. Having a military background made this an interesting read for me and in this day an age with terroristic dangers everywhere made it a modern day page turner

    23. Mediocre character development (the 80's style info dump), but great research and detail work about submarines and some good suspense.

    24. Pleasant readFound the subject interesting and thoughtful. Held my interest regarding security on for nuclear subs that I had not considered previously.

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