The Magus

The Magus On a remote Greek island Nicholas Urfe finds himself embroiled in the deceptions of a master trickster Shimmering surreal threads weave ever tighter as reality and illusion intertwine in a bizarre ps

  • Title: The Magus
  • Author: John Fowles
  • ISBN: 9780330299268
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • On a remote Greek island, Nicholas Urfe finds himself embroiled in the deceptions of a master trickster Shimmering surreal threads weave ever tighter as reality and illusion intertwine in a bizarre psychological game John Fowles expertly unfolds a tale that is lush with over powering imagery in a spell binding exploration of the complexities of the human mind By turns dOn a remote Greek island, Nicholas Urfe finds himself embroiled in the deceptions of a master trickster Shimmering surreal threads weave ever tighter as reality and illusion intertwine in a bizarre psychological game John Fowles expertly unfolds a tale that is lush with over powering imagery in a spell binding exploration of the complexities of the human mind By turns disturbing, thrilling and seductive, The Magus is a cerebral feast.The Magus is a deliciously toothsome celebration of wanton story telling Before one quite realises what is happening, one finds oneself no less avid for meanings and no less starving amid a plethora of clues than is Nicholas Urfe himself Mr Fowles s mysteries stand in similar relation to those myths that inspired them Sunday TimesA splendidly sustained piece of mystification such as could otherwise only have been devised by a literary team fielding the Marquis de Sade, Arthur Edward Waite, Sir James Frazer, Gurdjieff, Madame Blavatsky, C.G Jung, Aleister Crowley, Franz Kafka and the author of They Shoot Horses Don t They financial TimesIt is a major work of mounting tensions in which a human mind is the guinea pig Mr Fowles has taken a big swing at a difficult subject and his hits are on the bull s eye Sunday TelegraphCover Illustration by Robert Mason

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      John Robert Fowles was born in Leigh on Sea, a small town in Essex He recalled the English suburban culture of the 1930s as oppressively conformist and his family life as intensely conventional Of his childhood, Fowles said I have tried to escape ever since Fowles attended Bedford School, a large boarding school designed to prepare boys for university, from ages 13 to 18 After briefly attending the University of Edinburgh, Fowles began compulsory military service in 1945 with training at Dartmoor, where he spent the next two years World War II ended shortly after his training began so Fowles never came near combat, and by 1947 he had decided that the military life was not for him.Fowles then spent four years at Oxford, where he discovered the writings of the French existentialists In particular he admired Albert Camus and Jean Paul Sartre, whose writings corresponded with his own ideas about conformity and the will of the individual He received a degree in French in 1950 and began to consider a career as a writer.Several teaching jobs followed a year lecturing in English literature at the University of Poitiers, France two years teaching English at Anargyrios College on the Greek island of Spetsai and finally, between 1954 and 1963, teaching English at St Godric s College in London, where he ultimately served as the department head.The time spent in Greece was of great importance to Fowles During his tenure on the island he began to write poetry and to overcome a long time repression about writing Between 1952 and 1960 he wrote several novels but offered none to a publisher, considering them all incomplete in some way and too lengthy.In late 1960 Fowles completed the first draft of The Collector in just four weeks He continued to revise it until the summer of 1962, when he submitted it to a publisher it appeared in the spring of 1963 and was an immediate best seller The critical acclaim and commercial success of the book allowed Fowles to devote all of his time to writing.The Aristos, a collection of philosophical thoughts and musings on art, human nature and other subjects, appeared the following year Then in 1965, The Magus drafts of which Fowles had been working on for over a decade was published The most commercially successful of Fowles novels, The French Lieutenant s Woman, appeared in 1969 It resembles a Victorian novel in structure and detail, while pushing the traditional boundaries of narrative in a very modern manner In the 1970s Fowles worked on a variety of literary projects including a series of essays on nature and in 1973 he published a collection of poetry, Poems Daniel Martin, a long and somewhat autobiographical novel spanning over 40 years in the life of a screenwriter, appeared in 1977, along with a revised version of The Magus These were followed by Mantissa 1982 , a fable about a novelist s struggle with his muse and A Maggot 1985 , an 18th century mystery which combines science fiction and history.In addition to The Aristos, Fowles wrote a variety of non fiction pieces including many essays, reviews, and forewords afterwords to other writers novels He also wrote the text for several photographic compilations.From 1968, Fowles lived in the small harbour town of Lyme Regis His interest in the town s local history resulted in his appointment as curator of the Lyme Regis Museum in 1979, a position he filled for a decade.Wormholes, a book of essays, was published in May 1998 The first comprehensive biography on Fowles, John Fowles A Life in Two Worlds, was published in 2004, and the first volume of his journals appeared the same year followed recently by volume two.John Fowles died on November 5, 2005 after a long illness.


    1. My students like to use the made up word, "unputdownable." I always laugh at this. I can always put down a book, I can even put down this one. The problem is, I can't seem to stop picking it up again.We are thrown, whether we like it or not into the addled frantic mind of Nicholas Urfe, a man in the middle of a suspenseful psychological experiment. The only problem is, without telling us, Fowles turns it into a suspenseful philosophical experiment as well. We are left never fully knowing what is [...]

    2. Ανήκει στην κατηγορία των βιβλίων που δεν θα ξεχάσεις ποτέ όταν το διαβάσεις. Έχει μια μυστηριακή πολύπλοκη και πολυεπίπεδη γοητεία που διεισδύει στο μυαλό και σε παρασύρει σε μια δοκιμασία αυτογνωσίας. Με ολοφάνερη την αγάπη του συγγραφέα για την Ελλάδα της απόλυτης γεωφ [...]

    3. FINAL REVIEW""The Magus" is a stunner, magnificent in ambition, supple and gorgeous in execution. It fits no neat category; it is at once a pyrotechnical extravaganza, a wild, hilarious charade, a dynamo of suspense and horror, a profoundly serious probing into the nature of moral consciousness, a dizzying, electrifying chase through the labyrinth of the soul, an allegorical romance, a sophisticated account of modern love, a ghost story that will send shivers racing down the spine. Lush, compuls [...]

    4. this book fucked me up. i suppose it could be defined as a "psychological thriller" but its very jungian, steeped in metaphor and symbolism and eroticisim and mythology and shakespeare. its also an intense love story of sorts, the main character is a completely fleshed out, real, flawed person who you relate to and fear for and empathize with. the premise is that this british guy gets a teaching job on a small island in greece soon after WWII ends and becomes intwined in the lives/mind games of [...]

    5. Here on , rather than judging a book by its cover, it is always handier to judge a book based on what your friends and people you are following had to say about it after it had passed under their beady eyes. I have 91 friends here on and follow 6 people and of the 12 friends and three people I'm following, only one (Kingfan30) wrote a review. Even the more loquacious members of the group have chosen to remain silent - Karen, Mike and PetraX - not a jot or a scribble (yet). I can see all the rat [...]

    6. Oh boy. Here's the thing: If you read this novel as a citizen of 2010, a member of our hyper-speed, uber-connected modern society that navel-gazes in 140 word bytes with little interest in true introspection, The Magus will seem almost comical in its psycho-thrilling, Jungian dribbling plot and Baroque-meets-mod writing style. If you, dear reader, consider that The Magus was partially written nearly 60 years ago (begun in the early 50s, published in '65, revised in '76), its risky political and [...]

    7. I had no idea what this book was about. The prose style was nice, but the plot was completely unfathomable. I decided about a third of the way through the book that it was one of the worst things I had ever read. But, due to some strange self-flagellatory compulsion, I told myself there was no way I was going to let it beat me, so I slogged through, teeth clenched, until the end. I found out later that they actually made a movie out of it. About the film, Woody Allen is to have said, "If I could [...]

    8. 3.75⭐️Yes. Yes. Yes! I made it!!! My final book of 2017!!💃🏻Oh and Nicholas, You deserve everything!😡RTC

    9. SPOILERS!Well, everything one might say about this book could be taken as a spoiler, including this very remark.The book is a pretty good read, or it would have been if it had weighed in at two hundred or so pages shorter. And, given that the book is entirely a gradual denouement, one has to admire Fowles's skill in controlling it over such a long span, like a musician making a hugely long crescendo.But I guess in the end, I didn't much like the book. In the 'trial' scene, a report is read out a [...]

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    12. I have rarely been so unpleasantly surprised - and bitterly disappointed - by the sudden turn that a novel takes as with the abrupt shift that occurs roughly mid-way through John Fowles The Magus. The first half introduced the ethereal, creepy and gripping experiences of the young Englishman Nicholas Urfe, estranged from his Australian girlfriend Alison and teaching at a boys school on the remote Greek island of Phraxos. Thoroughly disenchanted with the course his life has taken, and gauging wit [...]

    13. Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC's Big Read Poll of 2003.Nicholas Urfe, an Oxford graduate post-war, with no direction and a slight hint of nymphomania, travels to Greece to work as an English teacher on the remote island of Phraxos, mostly to get away from an Australian girl he shagged but doesn't love and wants to ditch.Unsurprisingly, the remoteness is boring and he is drawn to browsing the island, where he finds an even more remote house in which lives [...]

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    15. Mystical Sirens on Lush Greek Isle Toy with Reality, Fidelity"We've all been playing those mind games foreverSome kinda druid dudes lifting the veilDoing the mind guerrillaSome call it magic, the search for the grail"Lennon, Mind Games, 1973.[[4.25 stars]]John Fowles’ now underappreciated novel, where not much is as it seems, is a mystical morality play on love, truth, maturity, reality, and betrayal, both sexual and emotional. The Magus is set on a lush Greek island, limned by the legends of [...]

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    17. Strangely Disturbing Novel, Many Possible InterpretationsThis novel is particularly tough to review. It's even tough to rate. I'm very ambivalent about this book. It was interesting, but also frustrating.The Magus certainly won't be suitable for people who have Twitter-induced Attention Deficit Disorder and must have quick action and a fast pace.The book's pace is majestically slow, and it takes quite awhile for anything to happen. It's wordy, too.In short, it's an old-fashioned novel and it's a [...]

    18. The Canon is What Our Friends Write“The Magus” is a novel that achieves everything that most of the books pushed and promoted by white American male post-modernists fail to.It’s genuinely innovative in form. Its form follows and complements its substance. Its narrative style reflects its metaphysical concerns. It doesn’t just name-drop post-modern philosophers or concepts, resembling a cut and paste from an undergraduate philosophy textbook. It genuinely explores the issues in a fictiona [...]

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    20. yıllardır beklettiğim bir romandı. her gece 150 sayfa kadar okudum, bir gece sağdan bir gece soldan tokatlandım. fowles ana karakteriyle birlikte okuru da duvardan duvara çarpıyor. psikoloji, insan davranışı, aşk, kimlik bunun yanında ingiltere tarihi, 2. dünya savaşında yunanistan'da yaşananlar yok yok romandatlaka ve dikkatle okunması gereken bir başyapıt.

    21. Con sinceridad, no sé qué decir. Después de haber leído La mujer del teniente frances supe que volvería a leer otra novela de este escritor. Lo que ignoraba era que este no era el libro que tendría que haber leído. Si tuviera que definir en una palabra cómo me siento ahora, solo podría decir que CANSADA. Cansada de tanta mentira. Cansada del juego de Conchis. Cansada de los actores. Cansada de todo.

    22. Reading The Magus was like holding a mirror up to my life, not knowing who it is I'm looking at, not fully understanding where I am or where I've been, and even less certain of where I am going -- not certain of what lessons I've learned or am supposed to be learning, adrift and perplexed about issues of morality/immorality/amorality, not wholly certain if the things I seek and desire aren't already right here in front of me.I think it's safe to say that The Magus was one of the most profoundly [...]

    23. 5 Yıldız!Okuduğum en sürükleyici, sonana kadar final hakkında tek bir fikir bile yürümediğim, yüksek tansiyonlu kitaptı. Kendime notlarım:(view spoiler)[Ana karakter Nicolas Urfe gibi gorünse de bana göre olaylar Cochnis karakterinin etrafında gelişti. Meta Tiyatro'nun iki figüranı Lily ve Rose isimli ikizlere de annelerine de özellikle sinir oldum. Kitapta bana göre en zor okunan bölüm Urfe'un yargıç olduğu mahkeme sahnesi ve sonrasıydı. Bu da çok fazla sembolik gön [...]

    24. Conspiracy Theorist FantasyOh, brother.I had high hopes for this book. Such high hopes.I read and really enjoyed The Collector. John Fowles is a wonderful writer. This book is no exception. This story takes place mainly in Greece, on the island of Phraxos, where English 20-something misogynist Nicholas Urfe goes to escape his recent relationship with his Australian girlfriend, Alison. He meets an enigmatic man who looks like Pablo Picasso, named Maurice Conchis. And then the inexplicable, the su [...]

    25. I'm not exactly sure how to rate this book. But I have a sneaking suspicion that I might read it again at some point, which is generally my personal line for four stars. I picked this up as one of the books on the BBC's Big Read list, which I am slowly making my way through. I am not sure what to make of it. Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review [...]

    26. “There is no plan. All is hazard. And the only thing that will preserve us is ourselves.” ― John Fowles, The MagusWhat is written here must remain hid(view spoiler)[den. So now that you've clicked, let the game begin. But, let's unpack this quick. I felt like I've already spent far too much time being frustrated by the many curves, mysteries, deceptions in this book. I loved The French Lieutenant's Woman and really, really liked The Collector and there were many parts and many scenes from [...]

    27. John Fowles started writing the Magus in the mid-1950s, and struggled with it off and on for the next twelve years. After his first novel, The Collector, became a best-seller, he finally finished the book and published it in 1966. But then, eleven years later, he issued a revised edition, reworking a number of critical scenes. All books reflect the times in which they were written, and this one is no exception. The early scenes are very much a meditation on breaking away from 1950s conformity an [...]

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