Getting Old Is Murder

Getting Old Is Murder Gladdy Gold narrates driving retirees around Ft Lauderdale from their Florida condos Selma and Francie are the first to die coincidentally days before their birthdays Can slow gardener Denny hear

  • Title: Getting Old Is Murder
  • Author: Rita Lakin
  • ISBN: 9780440242581
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gladdy Gold 75 narrates driving retirees around Ft Lauderdale from their Florida condos Selma and Francie are the first to die, coincidentally days before their birthdays Can slow gardener Denny hear his mama on the phone nightly Detective Langford has a hot dad, Glad s style.

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    1. Rita Lakin

      After being widowed at a young age with three small children, Rita Lakin began an extensive writing career, which has included staff writing on television programs such as Peyton Place, Mod Squad, Dynasty, and Strong Medicine, as well as creating original series such as The Rookies She has won an Edgar Allen Poe award for her screenwriting, as well as receiving several other award nominations, and her two original theatrical plays, No Language But a Cry and Saturday Night at Grossingers, are still being produced around the country.Series Gladdy Gold


    1. This is another series hubby and I are sold on! The women and fellow residents are quirky, and while the murders and other issues are serious, there is some great humor in each book. The Publix grocery store? Well, we have one here, and the scene had us in stitches!

    2. In this start of the Gladdy Gold cozy mystery series, retiree Gladdy proves herself an excellent sleuth, capable of outdoing her local police department and avenging her friends' deaths. Lakin introduces us to Gladdy and her Gladiators, aka, sister and friends, who live in a Florida retirement home but are itching for something to do besides gossip. Gladdy is the one who starts to put together the idea that the heart attacks suffered by elderly women were actually something more sinister. Her sp [...]

    3. This book was a witty romp into the world of condo's and life in Ft. Lauderdale if you are a retired widow. You are introduced to the language of Yiddish and do expect to laugh.The mystery was sad and even though you cheer the capture of the villian, you still feel the sadness. Luckily, I have the series so am off to the next one "Getting Old is the Best Revenge."

    4. When Gladdy Gold's neighbor, Selma Beller, dies, Gladdy is saddened, but not concerned, at 75 and living in a retirement community, Gladdy is accustomed to death. But when her best friend Francie dies, Gladdy is heartbroken and begins to be suspicious since both Selma and Francie died around the time of their birthdays. Gladdy tries to convince the police that murder may have taken place, but they don't believe her so she starts investigating on her own. After two more deaths and a couple of aut [...]

    5. Absolutely charming book, a quick read. If you like the TV program "Murder She Wrote" you might like this book. This is the 1st of several books in a series about Gladdy Gold, an over the hill sleuth, who lives in a Ft. Lauderdale retirement village. Sprinkled with Jewish expressions, this book is delightful even if you aren't Jewish or if you have never been to one of the retirement villages in Florida. A glossary in the book helps with unfamiliar words and there is even a drawing of the place [...]

    6. #1 in the Gladdy Gold series. Quick, fun read. Interesting introduction to a large cast of quirky characters. My only quibble is that the solution to the puzzle was telegraphed too early.Gladdy Gold series - 75-year-old Gladdy Gold and her gang of Fort Lauderdale retirees are hunting down a killer - one who is stalking them. Selma Beller was the first to go - but Gladdy and her neighbors never suspected murder until another of their friends died in a similar way. Now a handsome young detective w [...]

    7. This series is super funny. There's something about little old ladies running around trying to solve a mystery while forgetting what's going on half the time that makes me laugh. It was also a little twisted. In this book, Goldy's friends keep dieing from a "heart attack", but she thinks otherwise. So she and her friends try to find out what's going on. Mostly it's just her, but the others are entertaining. Kind of made me think of The Golden Girls, where Dorothy was always in charged and the re [...]

    8. I really wanted to like this one. I like the setup and the idea and even most of the characters, but something fell flat for me. I adore cozy mysteries. Maybe the murders just felt too sad or the characters seemed a bit too overdone, but something about it just made it hard for me to get into. I might try the second in the series and see if maybe it is better. If you are retired and living in Florida, this may resonate with you a bit more.

    9. Initially, I was going to give the book three stars, but the last third of the book was so good I couldn't put it down. This is a really fun cozy read, a little slow to start, but definitely worth reading it through to the end. I loved the old Jewish ladies, the humor was great.

    10. This was a serious murder, but an incredibly fun read. I'm a single retired lady living in a retirement village an enjoyed all the situations that these ladies got themselves into. The pool, grocery store, and playing cards really made me laugh. I will read more.

    11. Loved this book. Since I am close to Gaddy's age, I can appreciate the references to "old" age. I've already ordered the second book in this series. Great characters! Well written.

    12. The story was good. The characters were delightful. I will probably read the other books in the series. This might make a good television series.

    13. People are dying at a retirement community in Fort Lauderdale--not an uncommon event when the residents' average age is 70, surely? It's only when Our Amateur Detective Protagonist's best friend dies, shortly before her birthday and shortly after another reasonably healthy (for her age) resident also died shortly before her birthday, that Gladdy gets suspicious. Subsequent deaths under similar circumstances only heighten her suspicions and the fears of her friends.Gladdy does go to the police wi [...]

    14. Interesting read for a cozy mystery. The narrator as an old single lady is frank, blatant, but humorous. The allusion to movies, books, fictional characters are witty. Although the culprit and the ending was pretty much predictable, it is good for light reading for mystery fans.

    15. Gladdy 75 narrates usual drives of gang from their Ft Lauderdale Florida condos. She convinces detective Morrie Langford into an autopsy of Greta Kronk after suspicious heart attacks of Selma and Francie before their birthdays. Meanwhile, younger Harriet has day off, chauffeurs girls, in a rush for Jewish tradition, to cremate the Catholic Kronk. (view spoiler)[ First clue Harriet is villain.(hide spoiler)] "My face must be purple" p 177. One side-plot has slow-witted gardener Denny Ryan with ca [...]

    16. Senior Citizens living life through deathGreat story about seniors finding a new purpose in life. It is a funny story about a groups of friends who grow together in search for answers about the deaths of their friends. If you liked Hula Girls series, then you will like this series.

    17. When I first picked up this book, I did so because I was looking for a Miss Marple-esque kind of mystery with the fluffy old ladies solving crime in ways unique to their age bracket, different from, say, my normal mystery reading where all the protagonists are between twenty and forty. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of that. By the second murder I'd already figured out who was doing it (thought not necessarily why, but it didn't surprise me in the end), and I'd also predicted who was going to g [...]

    18. I try REALLY hard not to give books one star unless it totally deserves it. I wanted so badly to like this book because I like light-hearted cozy mysteries. And the premise of Rita Lakin's "Getting Old Is Murder" seemed entertaining enough. A group of old bitties at an apartment complex (mostly for the elderly) who gather together to try to figure out why their neighbours are mysteriously keeling over around them.Quirky characters are always a plus for me, and at first glance Gladdy Gold and her [...]

    19. I've been raving about this book ever since I finished it (Saturday morning--it was the sole book I'd brought during the move).The problem with mystery books is that there is a fine line between giving just enough information so the reader is surprised by the murderer and so much information that it's obvious by page 100 who did it. Then there's the problem of pointing the finger so hard at an obviously innocent person that the reader wonders how they ever caught the real murderer and the reader [...]

    20. My friend came to visit me and left this book behind for my enjoyment. It is a lightweight murder mystery about a "Mature" (never old) woman who turns private eye to figure out who is killing old women in their community. Her cronies join her and their antics are quite hilarious. I actually enjoyed the book, but . . . I felt there was more language than I like and than it needed. I know that won't bother many people, but not to my liking. There is also one character who likes to tell off-color j [...]

    21. Apparently, I'm spending much of my reading time this summer pretending that I'm at the beach. This book would be perfect to read while sitting on the beach sipping a cold beverage and watching the waves. Actually, I'm involved in a reading challenge in which we are trying to find and read a cozy mystery set in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. This is my Florida book. Gladdy Gold is 75 years old and has an opinion about everything. She lives in a retirement condo in a developm [...]

    22. This was one in a huge stack of books a co-worker gave me. I just finished reading The Forgotten Legion by Ben Kane (which I loved) and really wanted to jump into the second book in the trilogy but I decided to read this book instead because in the past I've read trilogies or series of books one after the other and I end up burning out on the series. So Gladdy Gold is polar opposite to Ben Kane's series but it was surprisingly cute and a quick read. There is a whole series of GG books and this b [...]

    23. This is the first book in the Gladdy Gold cozy mystery series. I like to throw in some cozy mysteries in between heavier reads because I enjoy amateur sleuths. I found Gladdy and her group of "Gladdy's Gladiators" a fun mix of spirited older women. While a couple of her crew were annoying, isn't it this way in real life as well? I thought I knew who the murderer was, as well as the motive, but I was wrong. I loved the feel of Ft. Lauderdale in the book, as well as when they get fired up and spea [...]

    24. #6 01/14/06TITLE/AUTHOR: GETTING OLD IS MURDER by Rita LakinRATING: 4/BGENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Mystery, 2004, 297 pgsTIME/PLACE: Present, Ft. Lauderdale, FLCHARACTERS: Gladys Gold, Sophie, Evie, Ida, Bella, etc-- senior residents of Lanai GardensCOMMENTS: Cute debut mystery. Very realistic and humorouslook at a group of seniors living in a condo in South Florida. Several residents have died on the eve of their birthdays, apparently from heart attacks. Gladdy, a book lover and especiallly myster [...]

    25. I really liked this book. The old people were hilarious. They all had their problems, as old people do; (health, dementia, etc.), but I still found most of them likeable. I didn't really care for Hy, who kept telling dirty jokes (I know he would have been reprimanded severely in the retirement home my aunt lives in - they would have told him to 'knock it off' a long time ago); but other than that, the people faced real problems - one taking care of his wife, who has Alzheimer's, another losing t [...]

    26. I LOVED IT! Sorry for the caps, but I seriously loved this book! The whole idea of an elderly lady being the lead character! And her friends, they are some portraits! I loved how they all got explained so you can get into the story with an idea of who everyone is. The idea of the murders were also good and I never expected the killer to be the one!You really get the idea of cozy when reading the day by day of these elderly ladies and how life stirs up when a murder occurs!Now I have to say I lov [...]

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