Curious George Visits the Library

Curious George Visits the Library George is lucky to arrive at the library just in time for story hour But it s not easy for a little monkey to sit still too long From selecting books to getting his very own library card George s day

  • Title: Curious George Visits the Library
  • Author: Margret Rey H.A. Rey Martha Weston
  • ISBN: 9780618065684
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • George is lucky to arrive at the library just in time for story hour But it s not easy for a little monkey to sit still too long From selecting books to getting his very own library card, George s day at the library makes reading fun.

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    1. Margret Rey H.A. Rey Martha Weston

      Margret Elizabeth Rey May 16, 1906 December 21, 1996 , born Margarete Elisabeth Waldstein, was with her husband H A Rey , the co author and illustrator of children s books, best known for their Curious GeorgeAlthough she was born in Germany, she fled to Brazil early in her life to escape Nazism While there, she met her future husband Hans who was a salesman and also from Germany They married in 1935 and moved to Paris, France that same year.While in Paris, Hans s animal drawings came to the attention of French publisher, who commissioned him to write a children s book The result, Rafi and the Nine Monkeys, is little remembered today, but one of its characters, an adorably impish monkey named Curious George, was such a success that the couple considered writing a book just about him Their work was interrupted with the outbreak of World War II As Jews, the Reys decided to flee Paris before the Nazis seized the city Hans built two bicycles, and they fled Paris just a few hours before it fell Among the meager possessions they brought with them was the illustrated manuscript of Curious George.The Reys odyssey brought them to the Spanish border, where they bought train tickets to Lisbon From there they returned to Brazil, where they had met five years earlier, but this time they continued to New York, New York The books were published by Houghton Mifflin in 1941, though certain changes had to be introduced because of the technology of the time Hans and Margret originally planned to use watercolors to illustrate the books, but since they were responsible for the color separation, he changed these to the cartoon like images that continue to feature in each of the books A collector s edition with the original watercolors was recently released Curious George was an instant success, and the Reys were commissioned to write adventures of the mischievous monkey and his friend, the Man in the Yellow Hat They wrote seven stories in all, with Hans mainly doing the illustrations and Margret working mostly on the stories, though they both admitted to sharing the work and cooperating fully in every stage of development At first, however, Margret s name was left off the cover, ostensibly because there was a glut of women already writing children s fiction In later editions, this was corrected, and Margret now receives full credit for her role in developing the stories.Margret and her husband moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1963, in a house close to Harvard Square Following her husband s death in 1977, Margret continued writing, and in 1979, became a Professor of Creative Writing at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts Starting in 1980, she also began to collaborate with Alan Shalleck on a series of short films featuring Curious George and than two dozen additional books.In 1989 Margret Rey established the Curious George Foundation to help creative children and prevent cruelty to animals In 1996, she made major donations to the Boston Public Library and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center She was also a long time supporter of the Longy School of Music The Reys spent twenty summers in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, to enable H.A Rey to better observe the stars for his astronomy writing They became an integral part of the Waterville community and their legacy is honored by The Margret and H.A Rey Center and the Curious George Cottage located there.Dr Lena Y de Grummond, a professor in the field of library science specializing in children s literature at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Miss contacted the Reys in 1966 about the university s new children s literature collection H.A and Margret made a donation of a pair of sketches at the time In 1996, after Margret s death, it was revealed in her will that the entire literary estate of the Reys were to be donated to the de Grummond Children s Literature Collection at Southern Miss.


    1. It reminds me of trips to the library with my little monkey.ough my daughter wondered what those old fashioned due date "stamp" things were

    2. "This is George. He is a good little monkey and always very curious." I love it when books that are in a children's series all start the same. I helps students with predictability. The rest of the story is pretty predictable also if you have read any other curious George books. I don't think any other animal goes on more adventures than curious George. This time, George goes to the library. He notices all of the people looking at book and reading. Then he finds children's story hour. At first, G [...]

    3. Growing up I read, and watched, several Curious George titles. However, this was one I had never read. I really enjoyed the concept of this book. As a child one of my favorite and most exciting things to do was go to the library and pick out the books I would take home. This book portrays that kid that is excited to go to the library and read. I really enjoyed the storyline of George being excited to read so many books. I think this is a great book for kids to read. It shares different guideline [...]

    4. "This is George. He is a good little monkey and is always very curious." So begins this fun story about Curious George's first trip to the library. My students love Curious George and they were delighted this week when I brought in my husband's Curious George stuffed animal from when he was a boy. This would be a great story to review library expectations and book care with my younger students, or to talk about getting your very own public library card.

    5. Mom's Review: Obviously you know why I picked this one out for Jake when he was little. I read it to him at least once a week and he enjoyed it -- as well as the rest of the Curious George stories. It seemed to work as he really enjoyed going to the library -- so far hasn't worked for Jesse, he still doesn't like the library. It's a cute little story, but a wee bit dated. As well the patrons of the library and the library staff are a little too stereotypical for this modern library worker. One o [...]

    6. Curious George Visits the Library by Margaret and H.A. Rey is a picture book. The age group this book is intended for is nursery to primary. The book describes an impatient and curious monkey, who just wants to hear a book about dinosaurs, at story time. Once he’s waited long enough, he take the dinosaur book and browses the library for more books.I liked this book, but I chose to borrow it from the library as an ebook. I don’t have a kindle or nook, so I downloaded a program to my PC. The w [...]

    7. Curious George Visits the Libraryis a picture book written by Margret Rey and illustrated in the style of H.A. Rey by Martha Weston. In this book, everyone's favourite mischievous monkey goes on an adventure to the library for story hour. But patience is hard for such an energetic creature, and in the wait for the librarian to get around to reading the book he wants, George decides to take the book so that his friend, the man in the yellow hat, can read it to him. Adventure ensues as George trav [...]

    8. Topic: Picture storybooksTheme: curiosity, library, books,My thoughts: After checking this book out so many times and the library for my son who is a huge Curious George fan we finally bought our own copy. I highly recommend this book about a monkey who gets in trouble, but with the help of his friends they work together to clean up the mess.Activity: Plan a trip to the local library where the students can get their very own “real” library card. A library card can help a child gain a better [...]

    9. Along with the man with the yellow hat, Curious George visits the library. The library is very quiet except for the children's area where a librarian is reading a story about a bunny aloud to the children. Behind her is a stack of books she will also read. George really wants to hear the dinosaur story. George listens to many stories, but gets really anxious and starts looking for books. He likes too many books. In the end the children help him out of his predicament by choosing most of the book [...]

    10. In this Curious George adventure George visits the Library. George goes to story time and he sees a dinosaur book. George wants the storyteller to read the book about dinosaurs, but she doesn't. So George takes it. Just when the storyteller is about to read it she sees that the dinosaur book is gone. George starts looking at books he sees a book about trucks, elephants, boats, planes, cakes, and kites. He finds a cart full of books and thought it was a shelf, but i was a cart of books. The cart [...]

    11. Curious George books were my favorite books when I was a little girl. I would go to the library and always check them out. This one is about George going to the library with his friend in the yellow hat. George is waiting patiently during story hour for the librarian to read a book about a dinosaur, but George can't wait any longer and takes the book. George finds himself in a mess in the library and needs help cleaning it up. He ends up taking home the dinosaur book and the man in the yellow ha [...]

    12. In Curious George Visits the Library he shows he love of reading by wanting to take a cart full of books home but in the end George and the man with yellow hat take a few books home. Then it shows Curious George reading with the man with the yellow hat. This is an excellent way to show young children that books are fun and reading is enjoyable to establish a love for reading at a young age.

    13. Despite the terrible overtones of the original Curious George books, George himself is a loveable character, and when you combine him with books and libraries, what's not to love? Admittedly we see no computers or other modern library features in this book, the idea of storytime and the appeal of picking out books-- plus the mostly-harmless trouble that George's curiousity gets him into-- shines through.

    14. This story is a great way for teachers and parents to teach children about following rules for the library. This story will encourage children to be excited about visiting the library and reading books! This story makes children aware of following the library rules and having their own library card. A learning extension for this story could be how should children treat their library books. I love all the Curious George books and this book is one of my favorites!!

    15. This book is a great one for students to make a text-to-self- connection. It shares about George's adventure to the library for story time and to obtain a library card so he can check out some fun and interesting books. Although it is hard for him to sit still during the story time, the library adventure ends well and George realizes just how fun reading can be. Perfect book to read to students when introducing the library to them.

    16. H.A. Rey's works are always legendary, and Curious George is infamous. What I found most interesting about this work, is how it captures history in a very unintentional way. The children loved the story, but they also loved finding out how we used to go about our book lending without fancy computers, scanners, and kindles. It's very interesting on that level. Curious George Visits the Library is a classic that should be preserved just like our Libraries.

    17. Since I work at the library, this was an obvious choice for a bedtime book. And judging by my experience, it is a pretty accurate portrayal of a library visit, except that no one asked for a parent's ID for George to get his card, George was left at storytime to be babysat (a big no-no), and there were no consequences for his little library destruction caper. All in all, though, this is a satisfying and entertaining book.

    18. If I was a curious little monkey at the library I probably would have done exactly what George did. However, I think if I was a monkey in the library Animal Control would probably get called on me. Anyway, my daughter enjoyed this book and was excited that George liked the same kind of books that she did. Would recommend.

    19. The kindergartners and first graders enjoyed this story, even if I didn't appreciate that George faces no consequences. The Man and the librarian never explain to him how he should have acted differently. One class pointed out how he shouldn't have taken the book or ridden the cart down the ramp, but the other classes didn't, and I think those things should have been discussed in the book.

    20. The man with the yellow hat takes the little monkey to the library and they learn all about the interesting books that live there. Find out what kind of trouble George will get into and how he can get out of it.

    21. My favorite little monkey takes a trip to the library and participates in story hour. As we all know it is hard for little monkeys to stay out of trouble. A great book about reading and the library.

    22. On the back cover, there's a maze (Help George find his way to the librarian or something like that). I showed this to my 3-year-old daughter, and it started a one-week whirlwind love affair with mazes.

    23. I read this title as part of a Rey compilation and enjoyed re-reading it as a highlighted title from DPL to introduce libraries to children. George is such a role model to have is own library card! If only our branch allowed cart rides - ha!

    24. Summary: The man in the yellow hat takes George to the library. George is overwhelmed and excited about all the books that are there. There is a librarian reading out loud to a group of students in another room, she is having story time. George sees a book about dinosaurs and he cannot wait for her to read it. She reads a few books before she gets to the book George wants, and he grows impatient. George grabs the book and runs out of the room. He sees many books along the way that he would want [...]

    25. Growing up I read, and watched, several Curious George titles. However, this was one I had never read. I really enjoyed the concept of this book. As a child one of my favorite and most exciting things to do was go to the library and pick out the books I would take home. This book portrays that kid that is excited to go to the library and read. I really enjoyed the storyline of George being excited to read so many books. I think this is a great book for kids to read. It shares different guideline [...]

    26. What you can expect from CG It's a Curious George book. So it was no doubt excellent. Our family loves George. I will always recommend a George book

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