Alex On leave from the Australian Army Alex Lawson has arrived in the little country town seeking answers from generously curved Harly Bentley She s kept a secret from him for years but he s here now he

  • Title: Alex
  • Author: Angela Verdenius
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On leave from the Australian Army, Alex Lawson has arrived in the little country town seeking answers from generously curved Harly Bentley She s kept a secret from him for years, but he s here now, he s furious, and nothing is going to stop him from getting the truth.But will the results be what he expected

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    1. Angela Verdenius

      A member of both the Romance Writers of Australia the Australian Romance Readers Association, I live in Australia, where I am happily ruled by my cats When not procrastinating and sneaking peeks at books, or at work as a nurse, I can usually be found at my trusty computer procrastinating by playing on the internet I started writing sci fi romance some years ago before spreading my wings and writing contemporary romance But there s always room to spread my wings further So, apart from romance, I also wrote a short horror story Zombie Hospital I mean, get it I love zombies and I m a nurseI was influenced by night shift, I tell you I love supernatural horror films not slasherey make me queasy and cringe and I stand up and say proudly ZOMBIES RULE They are truly the coolest of the monsters.Reading has always been my escape, writing my dream Horror, crime, mystery, thrillers, humor, myths, legends, fantasy and history ,there are no limits to the wonders to be found And romance Well, that adds the spice, hope and happiness ever after


    1. In Ms. Verdenius’ book Big Girl Lovin’: Vet’s Delight we met Cindy Lawson’s two brothers, Alex the career Army man, and Marty the playboy. Both managed to find a place in my heart as they help tend to Al, her newborn kitten she was adopting. I am pleased that they found a place in her heart also and that each gets their own book with their very own big girl heroines.Alex was first. He comes home on leave, hurting from the death of buddy of his who never knew his wife had just given birth [...]

    2. That does it!! I'm irrevocably in love with Alex. The hot military guy who loves women on the fluffier side of life and has a great sense of humor, what's not to love?Favorite scene:Alex -“See, when I say strip, you strip. When I say come here, you come. When I say kiss me, you kiss me. When I say you’re walking around in my presence in nothing but silk stockings and a garter belt and a red satin bra, you will do so.”Harly - “Not happening.”Alex - “Insubordination will not be tolerat [...]

    3. I read the second book in this series first, and it was better than this one. The writing was all over the place, and it doesn't seem to have been properly edited - there weren't a lot of mistakes, but the mistakes that were there were quite glaring.Full review to come soon, both here and at (un)Conventional Bookviews.

    4. 3 Take it or Leave it Stars!Why, oh why am I such a sucker for a good set of abs? It's like as soon as I see some smoking hot abs on the cover of a book all rational thought leaves my mind and I am suddenly tripping over my own tongue in an effort to pound the buy it now button on without a moments thought or consideration for what the book is actually about. Now, sometimes this method works in my favour. I head into a book "ab blind" and enjoy the ride it takes me on, but sometimes, like in th [...]

    5. “You’re not a big woman, Harly. You’re not a little woman, you’re not a skinny woman, you’re not a fat woman, or petite, or any other word we’ve all heard to describe a person. They’re just labels. You are a woman. " Okay, mr. Alex I think you just stole my heart !!!! So, yeah I read this a long time ago but never actually had the time to put it on my 'read' shelf here on greads, but today I just came across my memorable quotes notebook and I had this quote right under self-esteem. [...]

    6. Oh I loved Harly and Alex what a wonderful couple, Alex so proud and honourable, Harly content in her small but valuable life. Alex sweeps back in after 16 years away totally knocks Harly off her feet and totally messes with her orderly life, secrets revealed, truths told and hearts mended, what I enjoyed about this story was the pace, it wasn't rushed, it took it's time so you got in involved with the characters and how they were feeling, I really felt for Harly and her mixed feelings for Alex [...]

    7. It was sweet, an ok read. This is my second book from Angela Verdenius. I also read Doctor's Delight. These are both rated the same, but I did like the other better. Doctor's Delight was a more fun read and this one seemed to be a more realistic one.Her books seem very similar and a little repetitive, but I think I will still read the next book in this series.

    8. Liked Alex, Harley was ok, the story was fairly weak plotwise, but the interactions and dialogue was cute. Quick read, found myself skimming it a bit, but I do enjoy the 'plus size' heroine aspect - and Alex was hot!

    9. Some weak/repetitive spots but a likable couple and a good "showdown" between the hero and the heroine's parents.

    10. Alex is the perfect guy. If women were allowed to create the man of their dreams, I think it would be Alex Lawson. Which means have a great hero and we also have a very likeable heroine. Harly is the kind hearted next door neighbor type who you would want to be your best friend for life. I really like all the characters in this book and everything that happened, but for some reason I wasn’t satisfiedI WANTED MORE .ere was something missing…It just seemed like the story needed a conflict that [...]

    11. Really loved this romance. Alex Lawson, australian army soldier, returns home on leave with one thing in mind, but when he is to go back his life has new meaning & purpose. Harly Bentley is a pretty girl from his past, who has a heart of gold & a capacity to forgive with her whole heart. Harly has been through so much in her life. She has a secret that she believes is well kept & doesn't want anyone to know about. Whats done was done, the past is the past & she has come to terms [...]

    12. I am being lazy (again!) with The Lawson Boys you're going to get a two for one experience; one review, two books! In my defense it isn't just sheer laziness that motivates me, but also to stop from repeating myself, both the books in this series, Alex and Marty are very similar and what I think about one, very much applies to the other. As I wade my way through Ms Verdenius's books I am finding this to be a regular occurrence, her books are very similar in character and tone. I know exactly wha [...]

    13. As an Australian from a small town a few things left me a little confused, like some things they said (a lot of colloquialisms and stuff sounded a bit too old for the age group since they're early 30s) and I'm fairly sure the uniforms for her work aren't a thing, all hospitality workers are meant to wear full length pants not diner dresses? That sounds super nitpicky but it made it feel unrealistic to me. There was also no real drama. There was drama from the past that lasted the tiniest bit the [...]

    14. The hero of Alex is now at the top of my list of favorite leading men in books. Alex has learned secret about his past and the only person that has those answers is Harly, this secret comes at a time where he's battling loss this leads him back to the small town he used to visit in the summers 16 years ago. Once he comes home he finds Harly is now a woman, a woman who is content to live her life alone and is avoiding Alex at all costs will he be able to get her open up?Alex was a military man on [...]

    15. Once again, Angela delivers a wonderful story featuring a plus size heroine and the hero who comes to love her. While I have to admit I figured out the 'mystery' I did feel like Harley did the best she could in what would have been incredibly difficult circumstances. I don't think I could be as forgiving of her parents as Harley if I were in her place. But the love between her parents and Harley soothed me a little.Angela makes a habit of making pets a big part of the story a supporting way its [...]

    16. agak lama namatin yg iniak lambat cerita depannya bikin depreso pembacaendingnya mayan deh.tulah kalo merit ama tentarapulangnya 6 bulan sekali, semoga idup deh sih alexdikirimnya ke afganistan sihenowei intinya ttg co yg ke kampung halamannya buat konfrontasi ce yg pernah one night stand ama diatuh co marah 13 tahun lalu dia gak dikasih tau kalo ce nya halimdia tau nya pas baru2 ini aja en si ce juga dulu kegugurans ngelabrak si ce dan setelah akhirnya ketauan alasannya akhirnya si co bisa maaf [...]

    17. 2.5-3 stars. Alex and Harly's story. Its a love story that starts in their teen years, then fast forward 16 years where they face why they didn't stay together. I thought the story was great and liked the built in suspense. I just cannot handle when the author laments about the physicality of a character. So she is fat, lovable, chubby, full-figured, whatever. Describe her, then get on with it. Yes I get that its her hang-up, and she's self conscious, but damn, it ruined the story for me. It was [...]

    18. even as an aussie, i found some of the aussie sayings/dialogue within this book overdone. we don't talk like that. not even in the small country town that i grew up in not these days, these characters are young, in their 30's! either way, cute story but considering the secret and backstory alex and harly shared, the instant relationship and declaration of love that alex through at harly, just didn't make sence. it came about too easy and wrapped up WAY too quick. i felt cheated, where was the ac [...]

    19. This is a continuation of her series "Big Girls Lovin'" (God how I hate that series title). This will be a new series about Cindy's (from book 3 Vet's Desire) brothers. It was a quick and somewhat enjoyable read, but not the best of her books. The perpetual virgin, or the we dated as teens, i lost my virginity to you and then never slept with anyone else while I pined for you trope is overdone.I did like the heroine's spunk and moxie though.

    20. I believe this one is one of my favorite of this author's books. I liked both of the main characters and could find myself really connecting with Harly. Alex was a dream come true and the sex scenes were very steamy Unfortunately it seemed like the story was just getting started when it ended and I wanted more. I thought the letters at the end were very cute. I'll definitely be watching for Marty's story.

    21. I have to admit from both of the Lawson Boys, I was mesmerize with Alex. His connection with Harley. His emotions going crazy to what happen to his friend at the war. Love the idea the Big Girls also need some love; with no discrimination of the way we look. Congrats to the author another great book created.

    22. Alex and Harly are one of those couples you just root for no matter what because you want them to work out. Alex started off with a grudge against Harly but ended up falling in love. Harly has always wanted Alex but was too insecure to go after anything. Alex has to go back in the army and deploy, will Harly wait for him?

    23. I don't know why I waited so long to read this - I think I thought it was a "secret baby" book, which I don't like. This was great! Loved the angst. The end was a little bittersweet, though - (view spoiler)[the separation of military life is so sad, I think I was hoping the war would end or something. Oh, right, this isn't her sci-fi series (hide spoiler)] (3.5 stars)

    24. Ugh nooooooo!!! whyyyy!!!!! Loved it, everything about it, the story, the past, him, hercredibleuntile very enduld be so much better was so unexpected, so sudden!! anyways was good, i really enjoyed itbut then i was likewhat????? noooooooooooo!!!!!

    25. I enjoy the author's writing style, her sense of humour and the Australian lingo. In this instance I enjoyed the plot too. It had just the right level of angst and tension between the main 2 characters. A most enjoyable read.

    26. This book started so slowly! At first, I thought I was being unfair, but then I checked and I was already at page 102 out of 299. Really it dragged and dragged, and I had such a hard time sticking with it. Overall, it ended nicely, I'm hoping the second one is better than this one.

    27. NiceVerdenius may be my new queen of BBW romance. Her characters are developed and the plots are not so outrageous that the reader cannot identify with the situations

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