Graffiti Heaven

Graffiti Heaven THE BOOK EVERY TEENAGER WILL WANT hide from their parents A group of high school students deal with sex love bullying family and betrayal Edgy YA Life is turned upside down for Ash Rata and Tiana L

  • Title: Graffiti Heaven
  • Author: Marita A. Hansen
  • ISBN: 9781478382621
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE BOOK EVERY TEENAGER WILL WANT hide from their parents.A group of high school students deal with sex, love, bullying, family and betrayal Edgy YA Life is turned upside down for Ash Rata and Tiana Lilu after they skip school to take their relationship to the next level When their family and friends find out, they are forced to deal with rumours, bullies, an overpTHE BOOK EVERY TEENAGER WILL WANT hide from their parents.A group of high school students deal with sex, love, bullying, family and betrayal Edgy YA Life is turned upside down for Ash Rata and Tiana Lilu after they skip school to take their relationship to the next level When their family and friends find out, they are forced to deal with rumours, bullies, an overprotective brother and mortified parents.Amongst the turmoil Ash grows closer to his stepdad, learning to trust again after years of holding a grudge against his jailed father But following a guys night out together, Ash s life is shattered when he wakes up in hospital and learns his stepdad has done something unforgivable Traumatised, he pushes everyone he loves away, terrified that they will discover what really happened that night.Set in the year 2000, ten years prior to Behind the Hood, Graffiti Heaven is the first in a series that follows Ash Rata s teenage years, a coming of age tale where both comedy and tragedy battle it out on a New Zealand stage.M15

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    1. Marita A. Hansen

      SOME FACTS ABOUT ME NATIONALITY I am a New Zealander with Croatian heritage.SPORTS As a teenager my favourite sports were karate, badmington, and running I also did unarmed combat and played in a touch rugby team my gym teacher made me do the last one Now, I stick to coaching soccer and running I have completed two marathons, numerous half marathons and one 30K runREER PATH I started off as a Graphic Designer, then went to Auckland University, where I got a BA degree in Art History and Italian Studies and a post graduate Honours degree in Art History I worked in the Art History field, then became a full time artist, doing commissions I eventually lost all of my senses and gave it up to be a writer FAVOURITE FOODS I m vegetarian I love pasta based foods, tofu, chocolate mousse and golden queen peachesD HABITS I m a major procrastinator, I stay up way too late writing, and I get distracted easily unless it s doing something I loveATUS Married to my high school sweetheart which he hates me calling him We have two kids.Author Facebook Page facebook Marita A Han


    1. I read this again because the main character Ash is the older brother of Dante from Broken English. My first review below still stands. Such an intense book!!!Original ReviewThis was one of the most intense books I have read, but in a very good way. At first I thought it was going to be similar to SKINS, and I suppose it was, sort of. It had the teen angst, the troubled relationships, jealousies, peer pressure, a little bit of drugs and sex, family problems, bullying, the partying, but it felt m [...]

    2. GRAFFITI HEAVEN is on special at . It's about Dante's oldest brother, Ash Rata. A young Dante has a couple of cameos in it for all you BROKEN LIVES fans. It also has a new cover in preparation for CRYING OUT SILENT (Graffiti Heaven #2). GRAFFITI HEAVEN and CRYING OUT SILENT are companion books, not sequels. GRAFFITI HEAVEN covers a short period of time, while CRYING OUT SILENT gives a view of what happened before the tragedy in GRAFFITI HEAVEN as well as its aftermath. They can be read in any or [...]

    3. **(Read in August 2012 and again in October 2013**5 out of 5 bucking stars!Genre: YA Romance-Mature/EdgyHeat Level: MinorInstensity Level: Off The Charts!Series: Book #1 in Graffiti Heaven series.Oh. My. Jesus.My emotions are all over the place right now just like the first time I read the book, I can't even with these characters because this was hands down one of the most intense and shocking books I have ever read, I can understand completely why the author stresses the fact that it is an matu [...]

    4. Spoiler Free Review4.5 STARS out of 5Genre: YA Romance-Mature/EdgySeries: Book #1 in Graffiti Heaven seriesShocking, Honest and Well Crafted is Graffiti Heaven as Marita A.Hansen shows us how teens live in South Auckland, New Zealand. This book was chucked full of surprises. Just as secrets are revealed more questions arise in my mind. I could not get enough of this gritty tale as teens struggle with sex, sexuality, suicide, rape, bullying, jealousy and betrayals.If you are a Marita A.Hansen rea [...]

    5. The world in this book is light-years away from the world I grew up in, and though we were far from rich and we five kids never went to private schools, you'd still have to say I was privileged. By the time we got to secondary school we'd had violent responses socialized out of us and I never saw anyone pushing anyone around, let alone getting into fights. Towards the end of my years at school it was becoming 'fashionable' to swear, but it was never part of an everyday vocabulary. If any of the [...]

    6. Talented new author Marita Hansen is an expert at getting inside the mind of her characters. She takes a firm hold of the reader and drags them kicking and screaming into the pages with her. Not always pleasant and many times downright cringe worthy, she takes us inside the lives of four troubled teenagers. Their souls are laid bare to our eyes, every motive, good and bad, exposed, their deepest, darkest secrets held under a magnifying glass. They live in a hypocritical society, one where people [...]

    7. "Graffiti Heaven" offers a deep and frank look into teenagers and young adults and the issues they face, not only in New Zealand (where the story is set) but nearly everywhere. Marita Hansen's crisp, lean, and straightforward style plus her ability to ratch up the conflict make for an addictive read, regardless of what genre you are into. I went ahead and plowed through the novel's 359 pages because I liked what I had sampled of the book a while back. The story is told through the perspectives o [...]

    8. I read this book because I took part in a group read. Boy - am I ever glad I did! Thanks Book Loving Kiwis!It took me a little while to get into the swing of the dialogue in this book, even though I lived in South Auckland, but once I became used to it - I was captivated. Stuff the housework - once I was engrossed in this book - nothing else got a look-in and my house became a mess. Thanks for that Marita! :)Not afraid to delve into the darker side of human nature, Ms. Hansen delivers a gritty a [...]

    9. This was one intense read from beginning to end! It was well written, and I *got* every single character whether I liked them or not. It was so interesting to watch these characters change/grow as the book progressed. Not all of them are likeable, yet they had redeeming qualities, and the more I read from each perspective, the more I learned about each character, the more I understood them (maybe not agreed with the choices/actions, but understood a little better). Most seem to be change for the [...]

    10. An interesting clock rewind, visiting the characters from the Behind the Lives Series, 10 years earlier to see where it all began. I loved that the characters are multi-dimensional, it makes them more real. I think the author deals well with some very tough life events - bullying, rape, teen pregnancy and sexual orientation/prejudice. I can't wait until I can get hold of huge next book in the series (hint hint lol).

    11. I'm ashamed to admit I havn't read alot of kiwi authors over the years but thanks to GR's I am so pleased I found Marita Hansen! What a storyteller! I was engaged from beginning to end. Looking forward to the next book in this series.

    12. Another intense book from Marita A. Hansen. After giving up with a really boring book (On Green Dolphin Street), this was just the thing I needed to get me excited about reading again :) Graffiti Heaven is set ten years before 'Behind The Hood' so the characters you know are here, they are just a little bit smaller and sidelined. However the characters you do get are well worth reading about! I loved Ash. Liked Tiana and loved Jenna's bitchy bits. But when I say I liked them, if I knew them in r [...]

    13. I don't think I have read a young adult book that has such an intense and dark story line like the one in Graffiti Heaven. It is raw, real and not for the faint hearted.The book follows four teenagers who are all dealing without private troubles and serious issues. Ashley Rata is the centre of the book but his girlfriend Tiana, her brother Levi aka Spike and Ash's ex-girlfriend Jenna also share centre stage with him.The book follows the four of them over the course of a few months and reveals ho [...]

    14. 3.5 stars. I read Behind the Tears first, which was awesome. I had to find out the background on Ash, so here I am. Both of these series are really full of life issues but you need to read them with an open mind. I really love reading a different version of English. I am thinking of adding some of Their terms to my vocab. This book seemed to drag a bit.

    15. So, ummmm I'm scratching my head here. Lets see Overall, the book wasn't bad.The beginning was very tedious and had I not been reading on my iPad would have thrown the book down in frustration. Luckily I should some restraint and my iPad is still intact. (Thank God!) :) The first few chapters had this book feeling like a total chore for me. In the sense that I was dragging my feet and not into it. But my commitment to finish books I start, kept me reading. One thing that annoys me to no end in b [...]

    16. I thought I was really going to dislike this book, and as I read the first few chapters I did dislike the book. It was not because of the plot or the writing still; it was because I hated Jenna and the New Zealand language was confusing. However, I am glad that I powered through and continued reading because I really liked the book. I feel that the author touched on a lot of the things that teens deal with in everyday life and she handled them well.I did not like Jenna. Even after finishing the [...]

    17. I'm thinking this is a story based on Romeo and Juliet, but I don't care. I don't care about any of the characters. I won't even think about this book again after I hit enter on the review.

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