Midnight Midnight is a compulsively readable legal thriller by Kevin Egan that keeps tightening the screws with every page How long can you hide a death The New York County Courthouse in Lower Manhattan has

  • Title: Midnight
  • Author: KevinEgan
  • ISBN: 9780765335265
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Midnight is a compulsively readable legal thriller by Kevin Egan that keeps tightening the screws with every page.How long can you hide a death The New York County Courthouse, in Lower Manhattan, has its own rules and traditions When a judge dies, the members of his staff keep their jobs until the end of that calendar year So when Judge Alvin Canter quietly expires in hiMidnight is a compulsively readable legal thriller by Kevin Egan that keeps tightening the screws with every page.How long can you hide a death The New York County Courthouse, in Lower Manhattan, has its own rules and traditions When a judge dies, the members of his staff keep their jobs until the end of that calendar year So when Judge Alvin Canter quietly expires in his chambers on December 31st, his loyal clerk and secretary find themselves in a difficult situation Their jobs will vanish at closing time unless they can conceal the judge s death until after midnight.Neither Tom Carroway nor Carol Scilingo can afford to be out of work Tom is deeply in debt to an impatient loan shark, while Carol is a struggling single mom whose young son and aging mother depend heavily on her And both Tom and Carol have secrets they re desperate to keep hidden.Their plan seems simple enough make it look like the judge died at home on New Year s Day But that s before other people get involved a crooked union boss, a brutal mob enforcer, and Carol s suspicious ex boyfriend Pretty soon, Tom and Carol find themselves over their heads in an increasingly dangerous conspiracy And if they re not very careful, than one body may be discovered in the new year Alfred Hitchcock would have loved Midnight s twisty, original plot Phillip Margolin, New York Times bestselling author of Sleight of Hand

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      Kevin Egan graduated with a B.A in English from Cornell University, where he studied creative writing under Dan McCall Jack the Bear and Robert Morgan Gap Creek He is the author of eight novels, most recently A Shattered Circle, which was published by Forge in March, 2017 The first installment in his current legal thriller series, Midnight, was named a Best Book of 2013 by Kirkus Reviews His first novel, The Perseus Breed, combined a science fiction story line with strong mystery genre elements In the book, Borley Share s obsessive quest to understand the sudden disappearance of his first serious girlfriend uncovers the existence of an alien race using the Earth as a nursery to raise its young Writing as Conor Daly, he published a three book mystery series featuring Kieran Lenahan, who quits the practice of law to become a golf pro In Local Knowledge, a dead client s testamentary request that Kieran auction a set of rare German golf clubs enmeshes him in a murderous conspiracy with roots in World War II In Buried Lies, Kieran is falsely accused of torching his own pro shop on the same day that his long time caddie falls in front of a train Only Kieran believes that the two events are connected The Booklist review of Buried Lies opined Good golf scenes and a believable mystery make this second Kieran Lenahan novel the best golfing mystery on the market In Outside Agency, Kieran wakes up in a strange apartment next to a woman who happens to be dead He has no memory of who she is or how he got there, but needs to find out fast to save his own neck Writing as K.J Egan, he published Where It Lies, which features Jenny Chase, a single mom and country club pro This book opens with the apparent suicide of a greenskeeper, who is survived by his wife and autistic teenage son When the greenkeeper s life insurer disclaims its million dollar policy based on a suicide clause, Jenny sets out to prove that the death was murder Along the way, she uncovers even horrible secrets Kevin s short fiction has appeared regularly in Rosebud, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, and The Westchester Review His short stories also have appeared in Whispers, Fiction Quarterly, Dan River Anthology, and the Small Crimes and Fedora III mystery anthologies Kevin has worked as a law clerk and foreclosure mediator in the New York County Courthouse for over 20 years This iconic courthouse, which often appears in movies and television crime dramas, is the setting for Midnight, The Missing Piece, and A Shattered Circle, as well as several of his Alfred Hitchcock short stories.


    1. Midnight by Kevin Egan begins on New Year's Eve as an uneventful average day in a Manhattan courthouse where the loyal civil servants are finishing work before the new year. Judge Cantor goes into his chambers as usual and is accompanied by his court clerk Tom Carroway and secretary Carol Scilingo. All is well until Judge Cantor quietly passes away in his sleep. Upon discovering he's deceased, his "brainiac" team comes up with the idea that if they can prolong his actual time of death, they will [...]

    2. I have to admit, I absolutely loved the premise of this book. It hooked me when I read the jacket sleeve. I have never heard of Kevin Egan or Midnight before I saw this book at the local library and picked it up. It wasn't the positive reviews on the front and back by established authors, it was this: The New York County Courthouse, in Lower Manhattan, has its own rules and traditions. When a judge dies, the members of his staff keep their jobs until the end of that calendar year. So when Judge [...]

    3. This is a very exciting book that starts with the character of Judge Alvin Canter arriving at his chambers on Ney Year's Eve. He told his secretary that he would be taking a nap in his office. The secretary, Carol Scilingo, goes about her work and the same goes for Tom Carroway, the law clerk, after he arrives at work. After receiving a phone call inquiring about a case, Tom goes into Judge Canter's office to ask a question and finds the Judge dead on his couch. When a judge dies, the members of [...]

    4. There are some nights when insomnia actually pays off. I received an AR copy of Midnight yesterday, and, thanks to a convenient break in my reading line-up, could slip it in right away. The premise is Judge Alvin Carter happens to die in his chambers on December 31. While that might seem a tidy way to end a year, it puts his law clerk and his secretary in a bit of a bind; by the traditions of the New York County Courthouse their jobs would be safe until the end of the year a seated judge dies, b [...]

    5. Meh. It was ok. Wasn't the best plot but it did have it's twists and turns, and kept the pace/action going to the end, but it felt like it was going nowhere, and the characters were a little wooden, I never really cared for them that much. 3 stars, maybe 2 and a half.

    6. It's hard not to quip that this is "Weekend at Bernie's Courthouse." A clerk and assistant conspire to hide their judge employer's body for a day; once the new year starts a judge's staff is kept on for the calendar year even if they die or leave their position. So when they find him dead mid-day on Dec 31st they decide, given the current economic condition, to hide his death for a day. This works out not as well as they'd like; thus the book.The book suffers from this summary; it's hard no to t [...]

    7. This is a really fun book based on a unique concept. When Judge Canter dies on New Year's Eve in his courtroom chambers, his staff is in quite a dilemma. As it is the last day of the year they will find themselves unemployed come New Year's Day unless they can make it appear that the Judge died after the year end. His law clerk and secretary decide to hide the body so it appears that he died in the new year, thus saving their jobs for the next year. Complications arise and (so as not to give too [...]

    8. I chose MIDNIGHT by Kevin Egan off the display shelves at the library, finished it today, happy I found it easy to read with short chapters and a plot I could stick with. Tom Carroway and Carol Scilingo work for Judge Canter in a New York courthouse as law clerks but after the judge dies in his chambers, Tom and Carol realize they will lose their jobs at the year's end unless they can keep others oblivious of his passing until midnight on New Year's Eve. A gambling problem leaves Tom in debt and [...]

    9. Two courthouse employees plot to conceal the fact that a judge has died. At first they are simply trying to hold onto their jobs, relying on a quirky custom that dictates they will serve out the remainder of the calendar year. The task begins with a sardonic jollity, but slowly grows darker until it becomes pitch noir. This novel’s greatest strength lies in its atmospherics, conjured with vivid descriptions of the iconic New York County courthouse, with its quirky traditions, secrets, and curi [...]

    10. Not the typical type of thriller that I pick up, however I was at a Literary Festival in Millbrook, NY, last weekend, met the delightful author, and my mom was kind enough to purchase it for me. As I said, not my usual fair, of murder mystery/horror - this was more what's going to happen next, suspense. Though I do love the lawyer genre, I generally don't go for suspense and I'll admit to putting it down several times over the last few days to let it sit. But I think that's really a compliment, [...]

    11. When a judge dies on New Year's Eve, Tom and Carol fear they might lose their jobs so come up with a plan to keep the judge's death quiet. But for how long? Soon they find themselves in more trouble than just that! I liked this book more than I thought I would. It kept me entertained and the ending part was really good! You should read it.(Gerard's review)

    12. A great mystery. I was taken from a few pages in. The end was unexpected too. Grey characters all around, who to root for?

    13. This was a completely unbelievable, preposterous tale that I just tore through! I usually don't have much patience for out-there plot lines, but this just zipped along, and the problems encountered kept mounting, keeping me thinking how the heck are they going to get out of this mess? At times, it worked to read it as a farce, incresing the entertainment value. The ending was pretty hokey--I really doubt that coyotes would attack someone unless they were rabid, but it made for a funny read. I al [...]

    14. I was enjoying this book, well on its way to a 4-star rating but then the author did something stupid. He had a character unable to see the time on his cell phone because he was in the subway and couldn't get a signal. This is ridiculous. The clock is built into the device, it can use the signal to sync but does not need it to show the time. And I was two-thirds through too!I have since discovered a workmate who read my review on Facebook had a phone that would not give the user access to normal [...]

    15. Another book that I stopped reading less than halfway through. Premise is a judge dies on New Year's Eve and his law clerks don't want anyone to know until midnight so the county will allow them to keep their jobs for the next year. Since it's NYE, most people in the courthouse are gone. They could simply walk out, lock the door behind them and the judge would be found two days later. Problem solved. But this author wants to complicate it. I don't like complications.

    16. Didn't like this book at all. Can't remember why I wanted to read it ( probably rec by USA book list). Silly story about a law clerk & secretary who plot 2 hide their judge's death in order 2 save their salaries. This results in several other criminal activities by several other people. It was all pretty far fetched.

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