Liam Being the Beta to the Panneath Alpha of Australia has never been an easy job Liam Anderson has used his position and constant travel to search for his mate though Unfortunately he s yet to meet the on

  • Title: Liam
  • Author: Toni Griffin
  • ISBN: 9781614957737
  • Page: 338
  • Format: ebook
  • Being the Beta to the Panneath Alpha of Australia has never been an easy job Liam Anderson has used his position and constant travel to search for his mate though Unfortunately he s yet to meet the one person fated to be his.After witnessing something he shouldn t have seen, Declan Morgan has no choice but to run Exhausted, naked and starving he ends up at a house in thBeing the Beta to the Panneath Alpha of Australia has never been an easy job Liam Anderson has used his position and constant travel to search for his mate though Unfortunately he s yet to meet the one person fated to be his.After witnessing something he shouldn t have seen, Declan Morgan has no choice but to run Exhausted, naked and starving he ends up at a house in the small town of Atherton.Liam is overjoyed to have found his mate at long last, but will the reason Declan was forced to run find them before they can live out their happily ever after

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    1. Toni Griffin

      Toni Griffin lives in Darwin, the smallest of Australia s capital cities Born and raised in the state she s a Territorian through and through Growing up Toni hated English with a passion as her editors can probably attest to and found her strength lies with numbers Now, though, she loves escaping to the worlds she creates and hopes to continue to do so for many years to come She s a single mother of one and works full time When she s not writing you can just about guarantee that she will be reading one of the many MM authors she loves.Feel free to drop her a line at info tonigriffin anytime.


    1. Why can’t I find a shifter/mates story that doesn’t end up being a sex fest? I had hopes for this in the beginning, but it soon went the way of most shifter/mates stories. Emphasis on the sex, in thought and deed. There was also parts that would easily of been at home in a MF story. Why mated pairs always seem to need one guy turning meek and mild and in need of lap cuddles is beyond me. I had other niggles with the way this story played out, so I can safely say this is not a series I will b [...]

    2. 4 StarsBased on the other reviews, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this as much as I did! Yet, here I am, all smiles and happy feels, because this MM shifter story hit all my buttons. Firstly, I loved the Australian setting. As an Aussie and a lover of m/m fiction, it's not all that often I find books I want to read which are set in my homeland - especially ones of the paranormal persuasion - so this was an absolute treat. Secondly, this featured one of the best initial meeting of mates scenes I've [...]

    3. It was "ok". Lots of things that could have been fleshed out a bit more. I'm not all that sure I want to continue the series but I kinda want to see how Ben handles his mate.

    4. 4.5 stars for narration / 2 stars for storyI think I just need to accept that Toni Griffin's stories and I just do not get along.The one thing I really liked about this was the narration by Nick Flint. I will absolutely be checking out more of his work.As for the story, I'm easily annoyed by Griffin's continued emasculation of the bottom in the relationship. Seriously, can't both wolves be strong and masculine? No, the guy who bottoms (and consequently will eventually become pregnant if they hav [...]

    5. Enjoyable story that is a spin off of the authors Holland Brothers series.Liam is pack Beta and waiting for his mate to make his life complete, so I guess it's a good thing when Declan shows up naked on his doorstep! ( why, why do things like this NEVER happen to me? huh??)Declan a pastry chef ( againwhy not me*sigh*) has raised his brother since his parents death and except for Tommy he is pretty much alone in the world.Declan witnesses something he shouldn't have which causes him to run, which [...]

    6. After reading the Holland Brothers series, I was looking forward to Liam's story and a continuation of the series through a different pack and I was not disappointed. I really didn't think that I would finish this in one sitting, but like the other books, just got wrapped up in the story. While some will not enjoy this book because of the mate theme and insta-love being the main focus, for me I went into reading this book knowing that. After being introduced to the other members of the Atherton [...]

    7. I think this was a great way to start the series! Reading the blurb, it's not completely clear that Declan is a shifter also but it starts out with Declan witnessing something and shifting to run away. He ends up at his mate's back door where things progress fairly quickly.You quickly find out this is also a spin off of the Holland Brothers, another series I really liked I'm looking forward to the next book

    8. I'm sold. Give me all The Atherton Pack books. I want them all. Declan and Liam were adorable and I can't even with the whole Tommy and Ben thing. What delightful nonsense this is.

    9. Overall book rating: 3Audio Book: Nick Flint - 4Book Cover: 3.5No. I'm not in a bad mood actually. What I liked about this story. 1) Nick Flint - Really enjoyed his rendition2) I liked the characters. They were one of the reasons I finished the story.3) I liked the over-all idea behind the whole thing. 4) I have a soft spot for books with guys that cook. ;-)What I didn't like:I don't like it when the characters in a story makes me think that their IQ's are below average.Pop quiz: So we have a da [...]

    10. After reading the holland brothers, I was really pleased that Toni decided to give Liam his story :-) 3.5 stars That was a great way to start a new series, and to catch a snippet of the Holland brothers was an added bonus. Can't wait to read next in the series.

    11. After having briefly encountered Liam, one of the pack members of the Atherton pack starring in this new series, in the Holland Brothers books, I was curious about his story. With an interesting special talent and a clear need to find his mate, Liam had me rooting for him from the very beginning. Add the fact he is partnered with a werewolf pastry chef, and I definitely had to read this book. And it definitely did not disappoint: a great combination of an emotional love story and a tale of coura [...]

    12. 2.5 StarsThis one was meh. I wanted to like it. I liked Liam; Declan was eh. I've read a number of PNR/shifter books and this one lacked details regarding the shifters. I was floored to learn that there's (view spoiler)[an MPreg theme here (hide spoiler)]. It didn't come to fruition in this book but again there was no explanation about the how's and why's. It's just kinda dumped on you at the beginning. In all fairness, I understand from some of the other reviewers that this series is a spin-off [...]

    13. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS ENTIRE SERIES!!! I stopped reading some shifter erotica, but everytime Toni Griffin comes out with a new novel I am ALL OVER IT. The chemistry and romance amongst the mates and how the meet are original and electric. Like nothing I have read in any other shifter novels. I read all of the "HOllAND BROTHERS" series, and am looking forward to "THE ATHERTON PACK" series. COME ON TONI, BRING ON THAT SEXY ALFA OF THE ATHERTON PACK WHOAAA!!

    14. Review of the first 2 books in the seriesThis series is a spin off from the Holland Brothers Series by the same author while this series seems to have a slightly more Australian feel to them, there is still a bit too much reliance on cliché shifter tropes for me the other thing that doesn't sit well about these series is the lack of explanation about how wolves are living un-discovered in Australia whilst I acknowledge that Australia is a massive land mass, I find it highly improbable that w [...]

    15. Short and sweet. Just what I needed after a truly awful book earlier today. Standard shifter-mate stuff (with the mating knot). Good light read. Now I need to read the sequel so I can find out how Ben and Tommy come together and the Holland Brothers series from this same author, since she teased us with it in the beginning.

    16. Loving this series. I enjoy a slightly damaged hero and/or one who is in trouble and needs a bit of rescuing. Here Declan fits this role perfectly but he's strong enough to be his own person. Love the baking!

    17. 3.5 stars. Typical shifter storyline, but it was cute although I think Declan comes across as much younger than he's actually supposed to be according to the story.

    18. This is a decent little story. Given it's length the plot is resolved very quickly so that's not super suspenseful or exciting, but it's not really supposed to me. The focus is the relationship, and I can't complain there since the two sex scenes were uber steamy. This is a mate story in true form so expect instal-love, they know they are mates as soon as they meet and there is no questioning or drama in that regard. Sometimes I prefer more tension in my mate stories, but again, given the length [...]

    19. Declan witnessed his Alpha killing another member of the pack in cold blood. He literally runs for his life, leaving his brother behind. His flight brings him to the Atherton pack and on the porch of his mate Liam.Liam, who was looking for his mate his whole life, was of course overjoyed to finally have found him…ked on his porch. He ushers Declan in his house and that´s when it got weird for me. I mean, I understand the whole mate concept, so I didn´t question Liam´s decision to let Declan [...]

    20. I am a sucker for a well written short story. Add in the shifter part of this story, and I was so excited to listen to this book. As individuals I really enjoyed the characters. Liam is big and sexy, and Declan is sweet and loyal. I was excited to see their love story. I expected sparks to fly between these two but was, unfortunately, disappointed, leaving it to fall a bit under the forgettable category for me.Here is my primary problem with this book, and other books like it. If there is a pred [...]

    21. I don't read a lot of paranormal/shifter romances but felt like a change so picked The Atherton Pack series. My choice was also impacted by my interest in the Australian setting.I enjoyed the story which was about Declan running from trouble after witnessing a murder. Declan is running for his life but also fearful as he has left his younger brother behind and is afraid of repercussions. As fate would have it, Declan turns up on the doorstep of his mate. He is destined to be with Liam, beta in a [...]

    22. I love a good M/M Wolf book ♡ And I've found good ones are hard to come by!! But Toni Griffin sure knows how to write a damn good wolf book! I love all of those Holland boys and their mates soo when I was introduced to Liam in Jake and Ricks story I was eager to read his Book and now that I've not so patiently waited for his book to come out now I have to wait for Ben's Torture. Pure. Torture. Is it Fall yet?? Anywhoo I loved loved loved this book!! Im soo glad Liam finally found his mate [...]

    23. Overall book rating: 3 StarsAudio book: Narrator - Nick Flint 4 Stars Book Cover: 4 Stars MC1: Declan Morgan - Pastry Chef MC2: Liam - Beta for his AlphaDeclan ends up naked on the door step of Liam's house after running away from his Alpha. Liam is Declan's mate and the mating takes place not long after his arrival. Everything happens a bit to fast in this book. I did not like the plot of this book - there's nothing wrong with it, it's just a matter of personal taste. I for one didn't like the [...]

    24. Really enjoyed reading this story. Looking forward to many more on the Atherton Pack, along with the Holland brothers and their pack. I laughed during one scene, held my breath in another and wanted to cry when Declan's brother was nearly killed. Anxious to see his story come to light.

    25. Loved it! I loved Toni's Holland Brothers, and this spin off series looks to be just as good!I am looking foward to the rest of them

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