Beginning Pearls

Beginning Pearls Now younger readers can enjoy the wit and outlandish puns in the world of Pearls Before Swine Meet the always hilarious cast of Pearls Before Swine Heading the cast is Rat a mean spirited rodent who

  • Title: Beginning Pearls
  • Author: Stephan Pastis
  • ISBN: 9781449423032
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Now younger readers can enjoy the wit and outlandish puns in the world of Pearls Before Swine Meet the always hilarious cast of Pearls Before Swine Heading the cast is Rat, a mean spirited rodent who lives with the trusting and simple minded Pig Their supporting cast includes the highly intellectual Goat the meek and defenseless Zebra and the hungry and incompetent Cr Now younger readers can enjoy the wit and outlandish puns in the world of Pearls Before Swine Meet the always hilarious cast of Pearls Before Swine Heading the cast is Rat, a mean spirited rodent who lives with the trusting and simple minded Pig Their supporting cast includes the highly intellectual Goat the meek and defenseless Zebra and the hungry and incompetent Crocs With cartoons specially chosen for young readers, Beginning Pearls retains the strip s signature dark humor and outlandish puns

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    1. Stephan Pastis

      Stephan Pastis was born in 1968 and raised in San Marino, California, a suburb of Los Angeles He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1989 with a degree in political science Although he had always wanted to be a syndicated cartoonist, Pastis realized that the odds of syndication were slim, so he entered UCLA Law School in 1990 and became an attorney instead He practiced law in the San Francisco Bay area from 1993 to 2002 While an attorney, he began submitting various comic strip concepts to all of the syndicates, and, like virtually all beginning cartoonists, got his fair share of rejection slips Then, in 1997, he began drawing Pearls Before Swine, which he submitted to the syndicates in mid 1999 In December, 1999, he signed a contract with United.Pearls Before Swine debuted in newspapers in January, 2002, and Pastis left his law practice in August of that year Pearls Before Swine was nominated in 2003, 2004 and 2007 as Best Newspaper Comic Strip by the National Cartoonists Society and won the award in 2004 and 2007 Pastis lives with his family in Northern California.


    1. I am a big fan of comics. I should clarify that – I am a big fan of comics but have never understood the attraction of Marvel or DC. I never really watched cartoons so perhaps I got left behind somewhat. Woe is me. However having spent most of my childhood knee deep in Mad Magazines, Phantom and Commando comics, I was glad as I got older to discover the work of Scott Adams, Gary Larsen and even Robert Crumb (there needs to be a little bit of anarchy in comics, otherwise what’s the point?). H [...]

    2. ARC provided by NetGalleyI love the "Pearls Before Swine" comic strip, it's one of my favorites to read each day. The slightly dark sense of humor, the bad puns, and the seemingly simplistic complex characters of Rat, Pig, Goat, and the crocs make me laugh out loud every day. This particular book is a collection of older curated strips with an introduction by each character as to who they are. The strips are curated to pick out some of the less dark/punny strips that might appeal to a younger re [...]

    3. Stephen Pastis was supposed to do a signing at BEA, but he cancelled and a nice booth staff member gave me a copy of the galley. These are not new strips. I think what they did was they went through all of Pastis's past collections and picked out the ones that were the least offensive. However, they included a bunch about the Crocs and Lions eating Zebras, which, quite frankly, I think would be very disturbing for kids. If I'd read this as a kid, it would've given me nightmares. However, my best [...]

    4. A selection of Pearls Before Swine comics that are kid-friendly. This selection introduces all the characters and includes some new comics as well as comics Pastis wrote for adults that have been adapted for kids or were deemed kid-safe.I've read one of these kid-friendly Pearls books and don't remember anything edgy in it. This was the first one done for kids and I think Pastis and his editors learned over the years what is ok and what is debatable. This has some comics with humor that's more a [...]

    5. Actually what the Rat claims in the beginning of the book is true, he is the most amazing character in the book! I liked few strips better than the others Over all a nice light read Best for a change in reading! Nothing great but yeah was good

    6. Beginning Pearls has a hilarious host of characters whose interactions with each other will make readers chuckle. The antics found throughout the pages are performed by Rat, Pig, goat, Zebra and the Crocs. Each character brings about their own spin on the world they live in.Rat's ego always seems to get the better of him as he spends him time getting the best of Pig. Pig, on the other hand, has a very simplistic yet optimistic view of the world and loves corn dogs, bacon, his stuffed bear Mr. Pi [...]

    7. 3.5 stars. I love Pearls Before Swine but I am unsure about how I feel about this new trend in publishing, putting together "children's collections" of newspaper strips that are pretty safe anyway. I mean, nothing that objectionable happens in a regular strip of Pearls. True, some of the humor does fly over kid's heads because of a concept or the language used. And the little "chapters" introducing each character were a nice touch, but I can't shake the feeling that this is just a cash-in on the [...]

    8. I received an ARC of this book from the publisher.I haven't read any comic strips regularly since I graduated from high school and moved away from home about six years ago. Back when I did live at home, however (and had access to a daily newspaper), the funnies were definitely my favorite part (they didn't even have Suduko in the paper back then). Pearls Before Swine was one of the comic strips I highly enjoyed reading.Since I haven't kept up with the strip, this collection of old strips was a g [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this comic book. It was fun, silly and just hard to put down. It’s everything the weeklies are but better, because of the ongoing jokes (or at least, they’re easier to follow in this form).It’s definitely not for teaching your kids morals or lessons (it’s an animal eat animal world here), but great if you just want to make them laugh. Though it had me laughing from the beginning of the comic, I think the Zebra’s section was the strongest. I felt bad for laughing someti [...]

    10. I'm a little bit confused about this book. Although BN says it's for kids 7-12, and there's a wall for kid's 7-12, this book can be found in the teen department Who is this meant for??? Meanwhile, the copy I checked out of the library has some issues, including one comic, from the Courage Awards, which appears on page 160 and 167, exactly the same. There's also a flaw on page 206 where the exact same panel about the opening statement appears twice--again, exactly the same. I also wonder about Ze [...]

    11. I want to start by saying, I found a lot of this book quite funny. There were some examples of poor editing such as repetitive pages and panels, or maybe that was intentional and I just didn't get the humor of it. Oh well. My biggest question is what age of "younger readers" are they targeting here. As a children's librarian, I am not sure I would give this to anyone younger than 10-12. The characters are just too extreme. Pig is extremely stupid and Rat is extremely rude to Pig, his best friend [...]

    12. If you like your humour with a bit of a twist and a sadistick, mean-sprited Rat, then this book is for you, based on the series of Pearls Before Swine it is aimed at younger readers so untilmated it is mainly "clean" humour with Rat who thinks everyone is stupid, his house mate Pig, who really is stupid, Goat who is just too intellectual for them all. It also includes their Neighbour Zebra who is just trying to get the Lions to stop eating his heard, and then has to deal with the Crocs who have [...]

    13. This collection is hilarious. I thought it was kinda silly at first, but it quickly grows on you. It's just written that way. The characters end up having very distinct personalities that set them apart from one another, which makes each play a part of vital importance. Rat with his twisted sense of both humor and reality. Pig, who is silly and believes most anything he is told. Zebra with the crocodile neighbors that want him as their supper at any cost. All are wonderful. I would love to read [...]

    14. Beginning Pearls is a collection of Pearls that is apparently appropriate for younger readers. Not like toddlers. But um Pearls generally feels edgy. So older readers shouldn't be concerned that the humor won't be something they would enjoy. The pig talks to a relative of his that appears as a sausage. Kinda morbid humor sometimes.I feel like perhaps the only reason why I am not recommending this book harder is I have the large collected volumes. Because I love Pearls and I think you should ju [...]

    15. The book Beginning Pearls is a really funny book. I think you should read this book if you really like comics. The book doesn't really have a story plot to it, but it it just small stories with a big joke. In between each story there are these small sections that talk about the character, kind of like an interview, and it is really funny what the characters say. Just be warned that it does have a bit of dark humor. I really think every one who likes comedy should read this book. Beginning Pearls [...]

    16. Pearls Before Swine Fans Rejoice!!!The lastest is great! Each chapter introduces you to the cast of characters (Rat, Pig, Goat, Zebra and Crocs). With a bit of background, you're off to enjoy selections of strips & story lines.I have a family of five who read and enjoy PBS on a daily basis, so requesting this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review was a no-brainer!(A word to the novice Pearls Before Swine reader, read the crocs' lines out loud and phonetically.)

    17. My only gripe is that we’d even need a book Beginning Pearls this in today’s culture, one that seems to think so little of kids intelligence they need protection from Sesame Street. Whatever, if this book serves as that crucial gateway plug towards full-blown Pearls Before Swine goodness than more power to it. Don’t be fooled by the “For Kids” label that Andrews McMeel plastered on this one, as it makes a great introduction to the comic strip for curious and open-minded adults, too.Beg [...]

    18. I loved the humour in this book, though I'm not sure that I completely agree that it would appeal to a young audience. I would have given it five stars if it weren't for the shoddy workmanship in putting this volume together - I can take a few spelling errors, but one panel is repeated in a strip, and one complete storyline is repeated in the book. The spacing in the introductions of each section makes it feel a little slapped-together as well, but the comics are funny. I`ll leave it at that.

    19. **4.5 STARS**Full review to come tomorrow. This book was split into 5 sections, and I rated each section and mashed them together to get the overall rating. Rat- 4. Hilarious and showed his sweet side. Pig- 4. Super funny and stupid as always. Goat- 5. My favorite character, but why is his part so darn short?Zebra- 5. Ahh, I love Lions and Zebras. Crocs- 5. They always make me laugh. Always.

    20. Another hilarious offering from comic book hero, Stephen Pastis. Once again fan favorites Rat, Pig, Goat and Zebra are serving up plenty of laughs. This book is geared as a primer of sorts for younger readers to become familiar with Pearls Before Swine. This book has full color illustrations and an introduction by each of the characters. Great fun!

    21. I'm pretty sure that these were all in previous books, but I liked reading them anyway. And I like to think that kids are being introduced to the particular brand of dark genius that is Stephan Pastis.

    22. I ordered this one because the strips have been chosen to appeal to a younger crowd. But I think fruit buddies, guard ducks, sea anemone enemies, and appliance conspiracies are ageless. Grouped by character, with an introduction from each. Hilarious.

    23. Funny, And NOT with crude humor! I love the perspectives of the different characters, as well, and the enemies of each of the characters. A fun read! You should try it now!

    24. 3 Stars This is a collection of Pearls before swine strips. It’s fun and entertaining. I like to see the strips are in color. The best part is the introduction by the rat.

    25. It was great. LOL loved it. although most people only like a certain section. For example. I like rat's section!!! ROCKON RAT!

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