قصة النورس والقط الذي علمه الطيران

  • Title: قصة النورس والقط الذي علمه الطيران
  • Author: Luis Sepúlveda رفعت عطفة
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
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      378 Luis Sepúlveda رفعت عطفة
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    1. Luis Sepúlveda رفعت عطفة

      Luis Sep lveda is a Chilean writer, film director, journalist and political activist.He studied theatre production at the National University In 1969, Sep lveda was given a five year scholarship to continue his drama studies at the Moscow University, but it was withdrawn after five months on account of misconduct he attended a party with a Politburo Officer s Wife, which was considered high ofense.Luis Sep lveda was politically active first as a leader of the student movement and in the Salvador Allende administration in the department of cultural affairs where he was in charge of a series of cheap editions of classics for the general public He also acted as a mediator between the government and Chilean companies.After the Chilean coup of 1973 which brought to power General Augusto Pinochet he was jailed for two and a half years and then obtained a conditional release through the efforts of the German branch of Amnesty International and was kept under house arrest.He managed to escape and went underground for nearly a year With the help of a friend who was head of the Alliance fran aise in Valpara so he set up a drama group that became the first cultural focus of resistance He was rearrested and given a life sentence later reduced to twenty eight years for treason and subversion.The German section of Amnesty International intervened again and his prison sentence was commuted to eight years of exile, and in 1977 he left Chile to fly to Sweden where he was supposed to teach Spanish literature At the first stopover in Buenos Aires he escaped and managed to enter Uruguay Because the political situations in both Argentina and Uruguay were similar to those in his home country, Sep lveda went to S o Paulo in Brazil and then to Paraguay He had to leave again because of the local regime and finally settled in Quito in Ecuador guest of his friend Jorge Enrique Adoum He directed the Alliance Fran aise theatre, founded a theatrical company and took part in a UNESCO expedition to assess the impact of colonization on the Shuar Indians.During the expedition he shared the life of the Shuars for seven months and came to an understanding of Latin America as a multicultural and multilingual continent where the Marxism Leninism he was taught was not applicable to a rural population that was dependent on its surrounding natural environment He worked in close contact with Indian organizations and drafted the first literacy teaching plan for the Imbabura peasants federation, in the Andes.In 1979 he joined the Sim n Bol var international brigade which was fighting in Nicaragua and after the victory of the revolution he started working as a journalist and one year later he left for Europe.He went to Hamburg in Germany because of his admiration of German literature he learned the language in prison especially the romantics as Novalis and Friedrich H lderlin and worked there as journalist traveling widely in Latin America and Africa.In 1982 he came in contact with Greenpeace and worked until 1987 as a crewmember on one of their ships He later acted as co ordinator between various branches of the organization.


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    2. «Ora volerai. Il cielo sarà tutto tuo.» miagolò Zorba.«Non ti dimenticherò mai. E neppure gli altri gatti.» stridette lei già con metà delle zampe fuori dalla balaustra, perché come dicevano i versi di Atxaga, il suo piccolo cuore era lo stesso degli equilibristi.Ok, ammetto di essere ancora una bambinetta sentimentale. E' impossibile essere grandicelli e vaccinati e piangere per La gabbianella e il gatto. Eppure, ebbene sì. Io l'ho fatto. E poi mi vanto di non avere la lacrimuccia fa [...]

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    5. ممتعة وساحرة وآسرة مع عمق في الطرح يتناسب وعمر الأربعين ^__^ !!!0أعادتني لعالم الطفولة وحكاياتهاالقصة ممتعة والشخصيات لطيفةوالمغزى سامٍوالترجمة رائعةوأسلوب الكتابة احترافييتناسب مع ما أراده الكاتب التشيلي "لويس سبولبيدا"فعلى الغلاف كُتِبَ: (رواية للفتيان من سن الثامنة حتى ا [...]

    6. i love this symbolic is a wonderful novel for children and for every one, has many wonderful meanings.e cat(ZORBA) who has a principle in his life that he should keep his promise.e other cats who support their friend in fulfilling his missiond the most beautiful value ,is that u can accept the other who is different from u and love him and take him as your familye one chosen to solve the problem was a sensitive person who love reading poetry,the solution for the problem was in one of th [...]

    7. بالرغم من خوفي الشديد من القطط حد الذُعر إلا إن كانت مثل القط " ثورباس" لابد وإنني سأعيد التفكير بشانهم بل ويُمكنني أن أحبهم :)النورس المسكينة قبل أن تلفظ أنفاسها الأخيرة أوصت القط بألا ياكل بيضتها ويعتني بفرخها بل ويُعلمها الطيران !!هل سيمكنه الوفاء بالوعد و أن يصدق العهد ؟؟!ه [...]

    8. Volare verso il blu Forte il messaggio ecologista, ancora più potente il genuino inno all'amicizia che invita alla solidarietà nonché all'aspirazione del bene altrui per un miglioramento non solo interiore, ma anche di tutto ciò che ci circonda.Da questi semplici concetti un bambino può trarne ottimi insegnamenti; ed anche l'adulto, al contrario delle aspettative, proverà forte empatia nella spontaneità dei messaggi veicolati.

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    10. حتى الآن لا أدري ما سِرّ انجذابي لـ طيور النورس؛و بلحظاتٍ لا أكتشف مغزاها يخترق صوتها أعماقي وإن كان بيني وبينها أميال؛من الحبّ ما لايُـفهم !

    11. 4,5/5Es un cuento precioso, pero creo que la película está hecha con tanto cuidado, mimo y detalle, que eleva la historia a otro nivel.

    12. Sarà una storia per bambini ,ma ha molto da insegnare e la post fazione mi ha commossa. Questo libro è dedicato ai figli dell'autore ed al loro gatto che ha una malattia terminale. Un ultimo omaggio al loro compagno.Non è solo il racconto del gatto Zorba che insegnò a volare alla gabbianellsa Fortunata, figlia di quella gabbiana Kengah, morta ,depositando il suo ultimo uovo , a causa di una caduta in mare su del petrolio riversato in mare illegalmente. Credo che questa storia voglia insegnar [...]

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    14. "Muitas vezes vira lá do alto como certos grandes barcos petroleiros aproveitavam os dias de neblina costeira para se afastar pelo mar dentro para lavar os tanques. Atiravam ao mar milhares de litros de uma substância espessa e pestilenta que era arrastada pelas ondas."Esta substância espessa e pestilenta é petróleo. E isto é descrito por uma gaivota que foi apanhada nesse mar de petróleo, voando com o seu último esforço até a um gato grande, gordo e preto (O Zorbas), e, fazendo-lhe o [...]

    15. Zorba, a fat black cat, will be alone this summer while his boy’s family go on holiday – convenient given the adventure that’s about to befall him. Kengah, an exhausted and oil-drenched seagull, lands on his balcony and lays a final, precious egg. She makes Zorba promise he will not eat the egg but will look after her baby and teach it to fly. He enlists his motley group of friends, fellow cats at the port of Hamburg, to help him figure out how to raise a chick. Sepúlveda, a Chilean autho [...]

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    20. Una delle tante letture che mi hanno accompagnata durante l'infanzia e ne conservo ancora uno splendido ricordo.Dal libro: "Vola solo chi osa farlo!"

    21. أقصوصة جميلة و بسيطة تناسب جميع الأعمار و تحمل معاني كثيرة كالوفاء و الصداقة و الحب و الاهتمام و التضحية أرغب حقا في أن احكيها لأطفالي ممتعة رغم بساطتها

    22. 3.5 STARS I really appreciate some things about this story. I loved the camaraderie and the distinct characters of the port cats. I thought it was great how they are so honorable, especially Zorba, who goes above and beyond to honor the dying wishes of a gull help raise her baby seagull until the baby is able to fly. The conversations between the cats are so much fun, especially when the Col. and SevenSeas are in the mix. Great fun and well realized characters, especially for such a short book. [...]

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    24. This was a really cute little book about a baby seagull who is entrusted to a fat black cat by a dying mother seagull (oil spill) The mama seagull makes the cat promise to (1) watch over the egg she has just hatched, (2) not eat the egg, and (3) teach the baby gull to fly when it's time.It was super adorable how to fat cat (Zorba) consulted with his cat friends to figure out how to take care of the egg and baby gull how they figured out that the seagull was a little girl bird and named her, and [...]

    25. El problema con las fábulas (al menos para mí) es que hay un punto en que rozan por milímetros en el área de la superación personal debido a su alto contenido moral. Y esta no fue la excepción. Después de haber leído "El viejo que leía novelas de amor" me quedé con ganas de leer más de Sepúlveda así que me di a la tarea de conseguir algo y elegí este trabajo sin saber a ciencia cierta que se trataba de una fábula. No me desagradó, pero en retrospectiva tampoco puedo decir que me [...]

    26. "Sull'orlo del baratro ho capito la cosa più importante""Ah sì? E cosa hai capito?""Che vola solo chi osa farlo"

    27. " ربما لا يعرف الطيران بأجنحة طائر ، لكنني كلما أصغيت إليه فكرت أنه يطير بالكلمات "

    28. Τρυφερό και πολύ συγκινητικό με πολλά μηνύματα για τους αναγνώστες, έστω και αν διαβάζεται με "μία ανάσα" στο τέλος πραγματικά πετά κανείς μαζί με την καλότυχη τύχη στον χαρούμενο ίλιγγο του ποιητή

    29. Muito doce este Sepúlveda, não sei por que é que só agora o estou a descobrir, mas vai-se sempre a tempo. Será que existe alguma animação baseada nesta história? Fiz uma breve pesquisa no tutubo mas não encontrei nada. É que é uma excelente fábula sobre a aceitação de diferenças.

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