The Vault

The Vault New Adult Dystopian Romance Post Apocalyptic Imagine an underground vault empty awaiting two hundred ticket holders of the finest intellect and genetic disposition to arrive Designed to enforce a

  • Title: The Vault
  • Author: Jettie Necole
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New Adult Dystopian, Romance, Post Apocalyptic Imagine an underground vault, empty, awaiting two hundred ticket holders of the finest intellect and genetic disposition to arrive Designed to enforce a stable society to exist within its own rules, the vault is salvation for the wealthy When a surprise nuclear attack threatens the United States, the vault s residents are drNew Adult Dystopian, Romance, Post Apocalyptic Imagine an underground vault, empty, awaiting two hundred ticket holders of the finest intellect and genetic disposition to arrive Designed to enforce a stable society to exist within its own rules, the vault is salvation for the wealthy When a surprise nuclear attack threatens the United States, the vault s residents are driven underground to begin life anew, but one secret addition to the roster could make the entire system unravel This is the world seventeen year old Olivia Parker finds herself locked inside, and she s not supposed to be there Quickly she must learn and conform to the rules of this new society or face severe punishment Surrounded by strangers, she s torn between trusting the man who forced her inside the vault or the genius who created it If she s going to survive, she won t be able to do it alone.

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    1. Jettie Necole

      Jettie Necole was born and raised in Kentucky, during which she spent most of her time daydreaming, reading, taking photos, shooting movies and searching for four leaf clovers Having a passion for the art of storytelling and dynamics of film production, she earned a bachelor s degree in Film Television from the University of Texas at Austin, during which she wrote, directed, and edited her own films After graduation she moved to Los Angeles where she worked in the Television Film industry Currently she lives in Kentucky with her husband and their fluffy Goldendoodle named Oliver.


    1. I settled on 2 stars because I didn't hate this book with a passion I think I'd give it 1.5 if I had the option. Another reviewer said this book should definitely be classified as teen romance and I 100% agree. I bought it because I was intrigued by the apocalyptic element and I was left without any answers. Apparently there were bombs and radiation (we have to accept the characters' word for it) causing everyone to live inside this vault. Well, we never get to find out what happened, who caused [...]

    2. This was a great compelling read, well out of my comfort zone, but I just couldn't stop reading it! The basic premise is that a teen girl with a bright future, on the verge of adulthood, finds herself in a situation where she is torn between two men, wait .n't stop reading yet! What Jettie Necole has done is to take a classic love triangle and give it an ingenious twist! The Vault is an under ground, reinforced security bunker for the genetically perfect and rich! This is my forte, not so much t [...]

    3. Couldn’t put this book down! It is a true page turner. A great young adult book. It has action, romance, and suspence. The description drew me in and I was delightfully surprised to find a refreshing take on a post-apocalyptic world set underground with realistic characters and realistic challenges. The book is packed with such an overwhelming situation that takes the characters from a normal every day society to a small controlled world that would horrify any person. The author does a great j [...]

    4. I'm sorry, I really wanted to like the book, but all the grammatical errors were very distracting! It's an interesting concept though!

    5. The Vault is Jettie Necole's debut novel, and as far as first novels go, this one is pretty solid.Olivia is a high school senior returning home from a visit to a west coast college when she meets a handsome blue eyed man at LAX. They strike up a rapport, and form what both assume to be a brief airport friendship.Then the end of the world happens.The author does a nice job expressing the naivety of youth, as Olivia is both frustratingly immature (but hey, she's 17 and stuck in an underground bunk [...]

    6. This is one of those novels that you won't be able to put down make sure you have NOTHING else to do for the rest of the day! I won't divulge the details, because I don't want to ruin the elements of surprise for other readersbut I would like to encourage the author to write the sequel as promised! I would love for this story to continue and would DEFINITELY be first in line to download and read it! Jettie Necole is an AWESOME Storyteller!

    7. Olivia's story/adventure since the beginning was so incredibly good! And, once she was in the vault, what a journey. Even though Olivia met Gavin first (and normally, in most books, the main girl stays with her first crush), the chemistry between Olivia and Daniel was so romantic and beautiful. I am totally rooting for an Olivia + Daniel ever after! Oh, I really want to know what happens next *The first book in a series. Yay!!!

    8. Not a bad book but better editing would have helped. "Your seventeen" instead of "you're seventeen" and "except" instead of "accept" type problems were distracting. There was a decent premise and a few characters I liked but everything was so predictable that I found myself skimming to the pages where the people would finally get to the point.

    9. I couldn't even finish the first chapter.I had high hopes for this novel, because I love the concept: an apocalypse happens, the only survivors are a chosen few who take refuge in a secret large subterranean shelter, and one of those elites sneaks in a 17-year-old girl.The one star I awarded this book is for that great concept. But the actual writing is a hot mess.For one thing, the spelling and punctuation are atrocious. That bothers me, but if that were the only flaw I'd overlook it. I'm an im [...]

    10. This book really captivated my attention. I am a fan of post-apocalyptic books, so I decided to get this one when it was available for kindle (for free). This book is definitely set for more of a young-adult audience, as the subject matter (which could have progressed towards more adult themes) was kept at more of a young-adult level. I liked the book (and stayed up late reading it) but I think the author definitely has some room for improvement. I felt that the characters were a little underdev [...]

    11. I was teetering on 3 stars, but I raised it.(view spoiler)[The story is quite interesting and I believe for the most part that my emotions matched hers. If you can get passed some of the grammatical errors like to many commas then you will be fine. Gavin Grant bothered me. Jettie had the military part of him well however his "love" for Olivia seemed just hormonal and he just liked her because she was pretty. To me it wasn't true and it seemed forced. Olivia Parker reminds me of myself. She wants [...]

    12. A short book with an interesting premise. At times the characters seemed a little bit generic or stock, but as a whole, I enjoyed the book. However the Kindle edition contained quite a few grammatical errors, which seemed odd to me. The whole time I was reading this book I kept thinking about Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, but probably only because of the idea of the Vault to save people from a large scale nuclear event. Speaking of the event. One of the bigger things that bothered me (Minor s [...]

    13. Great story, wasn't expecting what I got when I started to read this. The premise is Nuclear War began, there's this Vault that only special folk get to hide out in and our heroine finds her way in via the second in command. At first, I thought I was reading a fan-fic of Fallout (Video Game). Then it started to feel like "Animal Farm"-esque. Finally, it ended up being a love triangle with 20 somethings. The book leaves you on a cliffhanger, but at least some ends are tied up.The scenes are fairl [...]

    14. So the story started out a little confusing. So it starts off after Olivia's mother and brother die. She is on her way home from a college interview. She meets this mystery guy while buying snacks. Then suddenly he is whisking her away and wont tell her why. That is when everything she knows is turned upside down. Gavin gets the call and is told he needs to come back. He realizes that he can not just leave Olivia there. So he drags her along without telling her anything so he can save her life.S [...]

    15. Just finished reading this book, and my overall opinion is that I liked it. It's definitely a YA (young adult) book, and it reads that way (our main female character, Olivia, is 17) so if that is not your preferred style of reading, just be aware of that. I would have preferred Olivia to have a little bit more backbone, but then again, what teenage girl thrust into a new situation does? I also would have liked to know more about the events leading to them going into the vault, but that is just m [...]

    16. I really liked the characters, which made me want more all the time. They were very likeable, and when I have to stop reading and resume the next day or later due to me thinking: I can't bear this! - simply because I got so emotionally involved with the characters' story, then I applaud the characters and the romance written.I'm a bit sad that there wasn't any more about the surface, but as it turned out, it was more about the romance in the setting than about the actual setting. So a minor let [...]

    17. Important: While there is an apocalyptic element in the book it is firmly in the teen romance category. I will definitely read the whole of the book description before I start reading next time. :PIf YA romance is your thing, this book seemed ok although I'm not familiar with the genre. The author does have some run-on sentences but on the whole the writing was readable and I actually did read the whole thing.

    18. First, I would like to thank the author Jettie Necole for giving me this book for an honest review. The story-line had promise, but I feel characters, actions, feelings and the why of these are under-developed for me. I enjoyed the book, but feel it could have been better. Keep working at it Jettie, the story has a lot of potential.

    19. Another one to add to my favs list I was absolutely enthralled with the situation an the characters I just finished it right now couldn't put it down, their was some neglect going on in my household today because I just had to see what happened next!! Definitely 5 stars!!

    20. It was interesting enough to keep reading to the end, but editing would have made it a more enjoyable read. Grammatical errors and repetitions were distractions. Hopefully the next book will be better edited so the author's talent can come through more clearly.

    21. I enjoyed the story, then was disappointed in the ending. I would have liked a little more closure, even if just a little epilogue at the end on what happened to th society, etc.Good story though

    22. I LOVED this story! There were minor punctuation and grammar rough spots, but the story was written well and the characters were well-developed. I fell in love with the main characters, Olivia and Gavin. The book was full of action and suspense and I truly can't wait for a sequel!

    23. Quick read, interesting conceptNot bad for a free book. Good rainy day read. There were definitely some grammatical issues--the writing would benefit from some editing/revision. However, conceptually the plot was interesting.

    24. Only giving this 4 stars because I WOULD like to know the outcome.did they ever discover who was at fault for sending them into the vault and were they ever able to venture out? All in all, an enjoyable read of 'what if'.

    25. Is there going to be another book? I loved reading this. My only issue was the end leaves you with questions.

    26. I enjoyed this book. The concept of being thrown into an underground vault and the world it holds is intriguing. I am anxious to see how the next book plays out.

    27. I love dystopian books. This book was no different. It didn't go where I expected it to, it wasn't your same ol' same ol' dystopian story line. You won't regret reading this one.

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