Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity

Rx A Tale of Electronegativity Red is a chemical beta tester It s a nice way of saying professional drug addict But that s not a problem Everybody in the Four Posts is nursing an addiction to something In fact the city s entire ec

  • Title: Rx: A Tale of Electronegativity
  • Author: Robert Brockway
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 164
  • Format: ebook
  • Red is a chemical beta tester It s a nice way of saying professional drug addict But that s not a problem Everybody in the Four Posts is nursing an addiction to something In fact, the city s entire economy is based on Presence a chemical hallucinogen that lets the user peek into history Red s talent for mixing new and interesting narcotic concoctions is usually goRed is a chemical beta tester It s a nice way of saying professional drug addict But that s not a problem Everybody in the Four Posts is nursing an addiction to something In fact, the city s entire economy is based on Presence a chemical hallucinogen that lets the user peek into history Red s talent for mixing new and interesting narcotic concoctions is usually good for a quick buck and a cheap laugh, but this time something s gone wrong, and after huffing a new prototype strain of Presence from Hockner Industries, he s awoken to find himself in violation of a Non Disclosure Agreement A crime punishable by death.His only hope for salvation lies in a mysterious contact with all the answers and seemingly infinite resources But to get to him, Red must first navigate the claustrophobic theater of the Wells, where nobody is what they seem to be, escape the clutches of a mad, phallus obsessed ghetto king, and seek protection from the murderous grey boatmen, all while his frightening and increasingly real hallucinations tear him apart from the inside out With the help of QC, a walking nanotech factory, and Byron, an upper class slacker literally addicted to the past, Red must discover what the strange experimental drug is doing to his mind And he better be quick about it, before the pair of sinister, faceless recovery agents, the Alpha Gentlemen, catch up to him and burn him alive.

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      I am Robert Brockway.I am an editor and columnist for Cracked I am an author.I wrote The Unnoticeables trilogy from Tor Books.I wrote Rx A Tale of Electronegativity.I wrote Everything is Going to Kill Everybody.I live in Portland, Oregon.I dislike raisins.I am right behind you.No, still behind you.Behind you, again.You are now spinning in circles.


    1. Putting the 'Dick' after Philip K Philip K. Dick-jokes? I don't know. I came to this book both as a fan of Brockway's writing for Cracked, and of science fiction in general. I really, really enjoyed this book, from the setting and premise, through the characters that make the story, to the style and humour with which it's done. With subjects like nano-technology and drugs that mess with time, it would be all to easy for an author to fall back on cheap deus-ex resolutions for every conflict, but [...]

    2. First, let me just start off by saying that I found this book to be absolutely, plainly awful. Of the 670 pages, I hated 665 of them. What's worse than just being a bad book, is that it had the potential to be a great book. Brockway is funny and brilliant at writing dialogue. The Unnoticeables wasn't bad. The premise, a dystopian society filled with drug-addicted gas addicts who waste away their lives in hallucinatory trips is a promising premise. That being said, this book was garbage. Have you [...]

    3. In my review of This Book is Full of Spiders I mention that David Wong somehow makes absurd things work within the context of the story. Brockway hasn't quite hit Wong's level of talent in this area. And I honestly think it may be the setting of Rx lacks grounding in the mundane world we find in Wong's books. Every element of these characters' lives is bizarre. Perhaps they respond in recognizably human ways (including accepting a lot of the most bizarre stuff as simply part of their lives). But [...]

    4. Rx is one of the most in depth science fiction novels that I've read in a while. The author went great lengths to explain how every bit of nano-technology and drug worked in the small world of the Four Posts. Despite it all, I never really grasped the concept about how the gas really worked in transporting people to different time lines. Nevertheless, the beginning and middle of the novel was fantastic despite the occasional area were things started to make no sense at all. What really brought m [...]

    5. It's been a year since I've read it, and I can't get it out of my head. I'm not a fan of excessive in-world languages and slang, which make stories almost impossible to follow. In this case, we're dealing with a society so different than our own, that the slang made the story doubly hard to follow at first. But it kept drawing me in, and it's such a rich world that I can't seem to forget it.Because Robert Brockway is a Cracked author, I've seen some reviewers comparing him to David Wong. While ' [...]

    6. "I will say that the weapons and action are inventive and well done, but they don’t make up for the boring first half and over the top attempts to be funny or gruesome. I also felt the book was bogged down by formatting and grammatical issues. The font and spacing make it look like each paragraph is a separate section and it almost seems like it was printed directly off Microsoft Word. I’m not sure who edited the book but the grammatical errors are plenty and really bog down a story with a l [...]

    7. Quite put, this book requires some thought to keep up, but it's worth it. Brockway does a dazzling job presenting a detailed world so far in the future, the technology truly comes across like magic, and many experiences in day to day life that are known of now are set forth for the reader in this far distant timeline, so advanced and beyond our comfort that I'm not sure we could really even compare the two. The characters are all interesting and most are very likeable and fun to read about. Fina [...]

    8. I've reviewed other of Robert Brockway's books, so there's not much more I can say. Like everything else he writes, this book is madcap entertainment in the best possible vein. I've described Brockway's style as pure punk rock, and RX fits the bill. The only thing I can add about RX as opposed to his other work is that the ending shocked the hell out of me. I did NOT see it coming. Shymalan who?

    9. RX: A Tale of Electronegativity is easily the best science fiction novel I’ve read in the better part of a decade. While perusing authors recommended to those who enjoy David Wong, Carlton Merrick III, and Robert Jeremy Johnson, I discovered this novel, and downloaded a sample to my Kindle. I got through maybe five pages before I knew I had to buy this book. When introduced to a protagonist who has woken up in the sewers without pants or underwear as a result of being too stoned for pants to b [...]

    10. Quite a rideI loved that there wasn't a lot of over explaining of the tech involved. However I did have some small but irritated beef with a few instances of incorrect use of anatomy terms. Those areas would have benefited better from the same brevity given the tech.Aside from that it was an exciting and captivating story and Brock has most definitely earned me as a big fan. I look forward to more.

    11. Hands down some of the finest world building I have ever read. However, I wish the plot had received as much attention. I spent the entire book wanting to know more about the world and not caring at all about where the plot went.

    12. This book was originally released as a trilogy. I loved loved loved parts 1 and 2. Intriguing world, good characters, fun writing style. But then came part 3. Most importantly in part 3, the number of narrators explodes, so I really lost my connection to Red, Byron, and QC. They felt like extras by the end of the book. Second, I hated the ending. The author did an excellent job building expectation and suspense, then nothing.(view spoiler)[There's no conspiracy. The characters you've known and l [...]

    13. It isn't everyday you find a book like Rx. From the oddly poetic prologue, irreverent characters, all the way to the exhaustive research that can be made very well evident in the amazing annotated version, this story delivers in ways I wish more books could provide. Rx takes place in a futuristic world where nanotech and drugs are a part of everyday life, leading to a complete shift in the nature of commerce, labor, and general human existence. Our protagonist Red is a beta-tester of new drugs - [...]

    14. Let me just start off by saying that I don't normally read this genre of fiction (sci-fi), but I bought it anyway because I liked this author's column on Cracked. This book did not disappoint! The characters are quirky and completely believable. There is always a slightly humorous undertone in the character dialogue and the incredible attention to fictional details kept making me think "This author either has one hell of an imagination or he's done a lot of drugs" But either way it made for such [...]

    15. Interesting mix of nanotechnology and drugs, great world building. Reminded me of _A Brave New World_ with echoes of _Fear and Loathing_ and _Idiocracy_. I liked that Brockway included characters from different segments of the society so that you could see the weirdness of the different levels through the eyes of an outsider, even when it did get a little confusing sometimes. I didn't like Byron or Zippy, but I suppose that was intentional. QC and Victoria came across as a little flat, but I dug [...]

    16. Some of the best world building that I've read in a while. Also, I loved the characters. Having severely flawed people as main characters makes me really relate to them, being severely flawed myself. The plot was perhaps a little weak in comparison to the setting and protagonists, but only inconsequentially so. The whole thing reminded me a bit of Transmetropolitan, but the city here is a much more interesting extrapolation of our times. There are slums in the world today that I can almost imagi [...]

    17. I love books by funny people. Humor books are usually bad because it's a book written to try and be funny by someone whose job is comedy, usually following a theme. Books by genuinely funny people - guys who know how to tell a story and a joke - are always so much better. Rx is a great read and I'm sorry it took me so long to get to it. The world is imaginative and the characters are engaging. Literally my only complaint is a relatively weak end relative to the overwhelmingly solid pace of the s [...]

    18. Funny and creative sci fi book about a crazy future where everyone lives cramped together in giant 10,000 story buildings scrabbling in makeshift shanty towns between levels and nanotechnology is standard fare and everyone's hooked on this strange drug called "presence". You gradually lean what the hell is going on with a great page-turner story and fabulously lyrical cursing and descriptions of hallucinations and future tech and the violent and unpredictable slumdwellers. Pretty unique book.

    19. I really loved the not safe for work language. There's a ton of really creative stuff in Rx, not least of which is cursing. Some of it is non-sensical, and it goes off the rails at the end. Still, a thoroughly original, mostly believable near future dystopia that had me literally laughing out loud? Yes, please.

    20. A kickass kinetic future built on drugs and the characters are still taking them. This is what happens when the urban sprawl doesn't stop, it discovers nanotech and becomes more insane and dense and dangerous than you could imagine. That's why you pay Brockway to imagine it for you and read the hilarious results.

    21. ending was kinda rushed but good overall. author didn't feel the need to explain in detail all the sci-fi future tech characters used which i liked because sometimes it is nice to not know what is going on.

    22. The do scriptures of the settings were astounding. I could see and feel and touch the same things the characters were. Some of the actions were not quite clear and could have used some more explanation. Still, I really enjoyed the story of this fantasy future world.

    23. HmmNot quite sure how I feel about this one. Different and strange but in a pleasant and sometimes humorous way. A rereading may clarify some things but I'm not sure I'll ever get around to it or if I'll even ever really want to

    24. Great futuristic cyberpunk sci-fi. Great characters, great story and all around great idea. The ending left a little to be desired, but was definitely fitting. Robert Brockway has proven that he's more than just a funnyman, he's also a very talented writer.

    25. While the language and such can be a bit crude, if you don't mind that, it's really a very interesting book, with good humor now and then in the story. All comes together pretty well.

    26. My new favorite book! Well written, interesting, and exciting. I have not gotten too far yet as I just got the book but it is hard to put down.

    27. A masterpiece of brilliantly written characters interacting in a huge and detailed environment. I heartily recommend it to anyone who likes scifi.

    28. Was seriously thinking of sagging off work and lying in bed reading the rest of this book, clever and funny. Recommended.

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