The Lady's Companion

The Lady s Companion A lady in distress finds an unlikely companion in this classic Signet Regency Romance from Carla Kelly Miss Susan Hampton never imagined she would have to make her own way in the world But when her re

  • Title: The Lady's Companion
  • Author: Carla Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781101573006
  • Page: 439
  • Format: ebook
  • A lady in distress finds an unlikely companion in this classic Signet Regency Romance from Carla Kelly Miss Susan Hampton never imagined she would have to make her own way in the world But when her reckless father gambles away the family estate, and she becomes an unpaid servant of her aunt, she flees in search of a better life Taking the position of companion to a tempA lady in distress finds an unlikely companion in this classic Signet Regency Romance from Carla Kelly Miss Susan Hampton never imagined she would have to make her own way in the world But when her reckless father gambles away the family estate, and she becomes an unpaid servant of her aunt, she flees in search of a better life Taking the position of companion to a temperamental dowager, she finds herself in dangerously close contact with the dowager s handsome bailiff, David Wiggins, who is everything a man should be except a gentleman Though she tells herself he is a thoroughly unsuitable suitor, his irresistible charms could make her forget she was ever a lady

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Although Carla Kelly is well known among her readers as a writer of Regency romance, her main interest and first writing success is Western American fiction specifically, writing about America s Indian Wars Although she had sold some of her work before, it was not until Carla began work in the National Park Service as a ranger historian at Fort Laramie National Historic Site did she get serious about her writing career Or as she would be the first to admit, as serious as it gets Carla wrote a series of what she now refers to as the Fort Laramie stories, which are tales of the men, women and children of the Indian Wars era in Western history Two of her stories, A Season for Heroes and Kathleen Flaherty s Long Winter, earned her Spur Awards from the Western Writers of America She was the second woman to earn two Spurs from WWA which, as everyone knows, is all you need to ride a horse Her entire Indian Wars collection was published in 2003 as Here s to the Ladies Stories of the Frontier Army It remains her favorite work The mother of five children, Carla has always allowed her kids to earn their keep by appearing in her Regencies, most notably Marian s Christmas Wish, which is peopled by all kinds of relatives Grown now, the Kelly kids are scattered here and there across the U.S They continue to provide feedback, furnish fodder for stories and make frantic phone calls home during the holidays for recipes Carla Kelly is some cook Carla s husband, Martin, is Director of Theatre at Valley City State University, in Valley City, North Dakota Carla is currently overworked as a staff writer at the local daily newspaper She also writes a weekly, award winning column, Prairie Lite Carla only started writing Regencies because of her interest in the Napoleonic Wars, which figures in many of her Regency novels and short stories She specializes in writing about warfare at sea, and about the ordinary people of the British Isles who were, let s face it, far numerous than lords and ladies Hobbies She likes to crochet afghans, and read British crime fiction and history, principally military history She s never happier than talking about the fur trade or Indian Wars with Park Service cronies Her most recent gig with the National Park Service was at Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site on the Montana North Dakota border Here s another side to this somewhat prosaic woman She recently edited the fur trade journal of Swiss artist Rudolf F Kurz the 1851 1852 portion , and is gratified now and then to be asked to speak on scholarly subjects She has also worked for the State Historical Society of North Dakota as a contract researcher This has taken her to glamorous drudgery in several national archives and military history repositories Gray archives boxes and old documents make her salivate Her mantra for writing comes from the subject of her thesis, Robert Utley, that dean of Indian Wars history He told her the secret to writing is to put your ass in the chair and keep it there until you re done He s right, of course Her three favorite fictional works have remained constant through the years, although their rankings tend to shift War and Peace, The Lawrenceville Stories, and A Town Like Alice Favorite historical works are One Vast Winter Count, On the Border with Mackenzie and Crossing the Line Favorite crime fiction authors are Michael Connelly, John Harvey and Peter Robinson And that s all she can think of that would interest anyone Carla Kelly is quite ordinary, except when she is sometimes prevailed upon to sing a scurrilous song about lumberjacks, or warble Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star in Latin Then you m


    1. Loved it! ♥ 5 stars!This is a digital re-issue of a 1996 Signet Regency. I like Carla Kelly for STORY as well as love story, and for including tidbits of history. Plus, she writes well, alternating the light with the dark, employing imagery, vivid descriptions, humor, and flowing dialogue. I have only a few minor gripes, noted at the end.Not sure how to rate the steam factor, but there's kissing along with explicit caressing of specific hot spots before the love scenes fade to black.Miss Susan [...]

    2. I'm really loving this author!!!!And this book was so sweet!!! A wonderful story and wonderful characters!More than a hot love story between Susan and David this is a story of a young shetered woman who finally manages to detach herself from her family and class and to start living a life of her own.She discovers that there's a world outside the limitations of the Ton. There're people who live their lives with different expectations and behaviours. While before she saw them as less, she learns t [...]

    3. Another five-star read from Carla Kelly.Susan Hampton's father, Sir Rodney, is a gambler. Indeed he's such a bad gambler that he's lost everything, including Susan's pearls inherited from her late mother. After Susan and Sir Rodney moved in with his sister, Susan realizes that her future role will be as the unpaid, unappreciated servant to her haughty aunt. Determined to control that future herself, she impulsively gets a job as a companion to the widowed Lady Bushnell and takes herself off to t [...]

    4. It is hard for Carla Kelly not to write a good historical romance. Her characters are believable, there is just the right amount of angst and tension, and her stories contain bits of humor. The hero is never perfect but, oh, what a guy! Simply put, her men are the marrying kindE LADY'S COMPANION has a young noblewomen, Susan Hampton, in dire straits. Her father is a compulsive gambler and childlike in many ways. He eventually gambles away every last possession in their household. Rather than bec [...]

    5. 5/5; 5 stars; A+To me this is historical romance at its finest and a perfect example of why I love this author. In the beginning when she was describing the life of the family of a gambling addict I could feel the hopelessness and despair in the air. It was that vivid. As the story progressed, the characters along the way became equally as vivid. One of the things I admire about this author is her ability to create believable characters and to make the historical setting come to life. She also p [...]

    6. The words that immediately spring to mind when writing about this book are “charming”, “warm” and “honest”.The story opens on the twenty-fifth birthday of Susan Hampton, only daughter of inveterate gambler Sir Rodney Hampton. He has lost almost everything of value that they own, and Kelly very skilfully draws a picture of the Hamptons’ impoverished circumstances. Susan’s relationship with her father at the outset reminded me somewhat of that of Amy Dorrit and her father; loving b [...]

    7. Susan Hampton's father gambles away everything, leaving Susan at the mercy of the rest of her shitty family. So she decides to get a job and ends up lady's companion to a former Colonel's wife. Also working for the lady is a "sexy" Welshman named David Wiggins whose backstory is plum full of tragedy and woe. I AM VERY UNHAPPY.1. I have expounded upon my dislike of Kelly's heroes in the past: the Manly Men who are secretly Jesus and therefore will Save the Heroines from their Evil Slatternly Selv [...]

    8. Different. Nice. Enjoyable. A comfortable romance.Susan is a lady. Her father gambles the family into poverty. Susan finds a job as a lady’s companion. She falls in love with the bailiff - below her class. Her relatives are horrified that she would be with anyone of that class. I enjoyed the relationship development. I enjoyed things with the employer. No stupid stuff. No contrived conflicts.This might be for readers who do not want sex scenes. There is one vaguely referred to, no details. Oth [...]

    9. This is now where I wish I could write reviews like some other reviewers are able too. I just don't have the right words. Carla Kelly is always a sure thing for me. I know I will get an incredible read, characters I can care for and a quiet understated way of seeing the world she writes about. And this too is a quiet one. Or so I thought. It is quiet yet substantial. The characters became so very dear to me that I felt everything along with them. So quiet that I didn't notice how deep it went un [...]

    10. Obviously Carla Kelly is a genius. This book was no exception. Awesome heroine, self-sufficient and optimistic with a personality and wit. Hero full of character with a believable background and he's Welsh! Together they really sparkle. Cannot believe I've used that word but it's true; they have some fantastic interactions. The romance builds slowly and subtly and believably. It's beautiful when they finally acknowledge their feelings. In addition to the central story Kelly has created a cast of [...]

    11. The first 75% of this book was 5 stars! I can't eloquently explain why but it became 4 stars after they were married. I almost wish it would have ended sooner because of that. I loved the book even with the rating decrease. So many of the characters, no matter how brief their role in the story, were genuinely good and kind. I liked that a lot! I loved the main characters. All but a few pages (newlyweds) were clean. even those were far from what most would deem inappropriate but I wouldn't want a [...]

    12. I love this book. Carla Kelly managed to write an engaging story with a satisfying romance that wasn't dependent upon the H&H constantly bickering with each other.

    13. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts for more, visit Punya ReviewsThe Lady's Companion by Carla Kelly is the latest in her backlist I finished a few days ago. It was amazing, to say the least. A very heartwarming traditional regency with an sweet heroine, a superb hero made grand with Ms. Kelly’s beautiful storytelling.I decided to bring The Lady's Companion up my TBR pile because for a reason. A few months ago, I read another book by Ms. Kelly titled Marriage of Mercy, w [...]

    14. I wanted to slowly read this book – to slowly devour every word. I love this book!! The hero and heroine are so great – two tortured, abused people who find each other and everything good happens to them!! It was just so romantic and warm!! I just picture them together forever and all their little children. I loved reading about David and Susan. I loved the story - the ending always makes me cry.One of my favorite Carla Kelly books. Loved the hero, loved the heroine and loved the plot and al [...]

    15. Carla Kelly's books are generally comforting and cozy, and for the most part this one was, too. It didn't wind up being a favorite of the ones I've read, however. It started out pretty strong, but I lost interest toward the end.There were some descriptions of Jewish characters that seemed very old-fashioned to me and made me feel a little uncomfortable, even though the characters were not described negatively in any way. They just veered into stereotypes at times.Also, while Kelly is good at wri [...]

    16. Susan Hampton, beautiful and witty and a lady born and bred, reaches her twenty-fifth birthday still unwed. Still without even having had her Season, her chance at the Marriage Mart—all because of her inveterate gambler of a father, who is certain that the very next throw of the dice will allow him to redeem all his lost fortune. Matters come to a head when he loses their home and is obliged to go, with Susan, to seek shelter with his wealthy sister. Susan, slowly being suffocated by the veile [...]

    17. 4.5 stars. I read this last year but forgot to rate it or write a review. Just wanted to update my shelves. I enjoyed this story very much.

    18. My goodness, Carla Kelly is a good writer. The heroine, Susan, is an upper-class girl who has the misfortune to be the daughter of a father who is what we would now refer to as a gambling addict. He eventually loses everything they own - his estate, his daughter's dowry, their townhouse - and they have to throw themselves on her aunt's charity. And it is charity. When Susan realizes that staying there will mean a lifetime of servitude as a resented guest-cum-unpaid-companion, and knowing that wi [...]

    19. "she indulged in a hearty round of castigating her relatives and wishing them all to hell or Australia - whichever was worse" loc.3123Author: Carla KellyFirst published: 1996Length: 4009 locationsSetting: London, rural England, Regency-ish.Sex: A couple of heated kisses and a marriage night with the door vaguely ajar. Not exactly “clean” but only a whisker away from it.Hero: was previously, happily "married" (some suggestion she was de facto) to a camp follower. She (and the child) died in c [...]

    20. Carla Kelly is usually a hit and miss author with me but I always grab her books with some expectation. I had no idea what this book was about but I couldn't resist getting it because she usually writes about different characters. This story was no exceptionSusan Hampton is a young lady of a good family. Her father, however, is a gambler of the worst sort and has ruined his family. There is no money for Susan's dowry and eventually they have to go and live with a relative. Seeing as she will be [...]

    21. Since "With This Ring" is my favorite Carla Kelly book, sometimes I forget how solid her other stories can be. Reading "The Lady's Companion" was actually a reread for me, but since it's been 10 years or so since the last time I read it, I didn't remember much about it. But I was happy to find that it was rather well done. It's a quiet book, all about Susan moving away from her disinterested family and making her own life and finding her own strength. I enjoyed it a lot, especially because David [...]

    22. Great story. Mrs Kelly has done the unthinkable in Regency romance, she has bridged the social gaps between a woman born into the gentry and a bastard from the workhouse with a dubious background into a believable story of love and understanding. Most other authors attempts at this become ham fisted. Hers does not. The story is exquisitely told in the ethos of the times. This is an incredible read even when read more than once.

    23. I loved this book. It's a quiet book. And while it's about finding love, it's mostly about personal growth and gaining understanding about people and life. Susan changes and matures as life deals her one difficult and unfair event after another, mostly perpetrated by her own family. When Susan seizes control of her life she finds she's capable of things she never imagined. Definitely recommended.

    24. Lady’s Companion was my little companion on a 3-legged flight from CA to TX. Since I was by myself it was easy to get into, but over-all the book was no grabber. When I compare Lady’s Companion to so many other Carla Kelly books I really did enjoy, (and I’ve read a bunch) this one ended up just being an average read. Nothing boring. Nothing exciting. Nothing memorable. Just nice.

    25. No dukes here just a perfect dark-haired, Welsh, bastard-born war hero (with a superb singing voice). Excellent chemistry between Susan and David. Slightly more sensual than other Carla Kelly books, but all action happens within the boundaries of marriage and isn't overly descriptive.

    26. This was a rather sweet book about social divide, what happens when one falls beneath one's social standing, and how one should try to gracefully accept whatever may come one's way.Our lady of the story, Miss Susan Hampton, was past marriageable age, her coming-out money long squandered away by her spendthrift of a father. At 25, her marriage prospects were at a low point, her means so destitute that she could only envisage herself living and tending to her Aunt Louise until the end of her life. [...]

    27. I tend to avoid historical romances from the 80s and 90s because they are too rapey for my taste; however, when I started reading this one I had no idea of its original publication date. I was in the mood for a light and interesting read and this book proved to be all of that because I really enjoyed it.One of the reasons why this book stands out is that the hero is not part of royalty but an ex soldier who now works as a bailiff. He is poor, uneducated and open-spoken, but also charming, intell [...]

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