Aliata Vraciului: Eu sunt Grimalkin

Aliata Vraciului Eu sunt Grimalkin Dup ce Diavolul i a ucis cu brutalitate copilul singurul el al lui Grimalkin este nimicirea acestuia F r prea mare tragere de inim se aliaz cu Vraciul i cu ucenicul s u Tom ajut ndu i s l lege pe

  • Title: Aliata Vraciului: Eu sunt Grimalkin
  • Author: Joseph Delaney Adrian Deliu
  • ISBN: 9789731284361
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dup ce Diavolul i a ucis cu brutalitate copilul, singurul el al lui Grimalkin este nimicirea acestuia F r prea mare tragere de inim , se aliaz cu Vraciul i cu ucenicul s u, Tom, ajut ndu i s l lege pe Diavol i s l decapiteze Acum, ea este o fugar , iar misiunea pe care o are este una mortal Pentru ca spiritul Diavolului s fie nfr nt i alungat de pe P m nt peDup ce Diavolul i a ucis cu brutalitate copilul, singurul el al lui Grimalkin este nimicirea acestuia F r prea mare tragere de inim , se aliaz cu Vraciul i cu ucenicul s u, Tom, ajut ndu i s l lege pe Diavol i s l decapiteze Acum, ea este o fugar , iar misiunea pe care o are este una mortal Pentru ca spiritul Diavolului s fie nfr nt i alungat de pe P m nt pentru totdeauna, Grimalkin trebuie s in departe de ghearele vr jma ilor capul retezat al acestuia Indiferent de pre ul pe care trebuie s l pl teasc

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      Joseph Delaney is a full time writer living in Lancashire, in the heart of Boggart territory He first got the idea for the Wardstone Chronicles series when he moved to the village where he lives now and discovered there was a local boggart a man like me needs boggarts around He made a note in his notebook a story about a man who hunts boggarts and years later when he had to come up with an idea at short notice developed this into The Spook s Apprentice , the first book in the series.He continues to draw upon the folklore of Lancashire and has acquired much local knowledge over the years which he tweaks and modifies to create his fictional world Another source of inspiration has been Lancashire s varied and atmospheric landscape Many of the locations in the County are based on actual places in Lancashire In the early days of his writing career Joseph worked as a teacher at a Sixth Form College his subjects were English, Film and Media Studies He used to get up early and write every morning before work That way he could write a book a year which promptly got rejected When the Americans bought the series he decided to give up teaching and write full time Prior to teaching he worked as an engineer in his twenties, completing an apprenticeship just like Tom Ward in the spook s books.Joseph describes his method of writing as a process of discovery He doesn t plot too far ahead and often doesn t know what is going to happen until he writes it down In other words he makes it up as he goes along He prefers writing dialogue to description, in which he says he is a minimalist and leaves much to the reader s imagination He has a new series underway, Arena 13 This is a complete departure from the world of ghosts, ghasts and boggarts and centres on a young boy called Leith and surprisingly, an Arena and an evil creature called Hob Joseph has three children and nine grandchildren and is a wonderful public speaker available for conference, library and bookshop events.The Spook s Apprentice, The Spook s Curse and The Spook s Secret have all been shortlisted for the Lancashire children s Book for the Year Award The Spook s Apprentice is the winner of both the Sefton Book Award and the Hampshire Book Awardom publisher s website


    1. After the events of the previous book of the series the witch assassin Grimalkin (yes, she is exactly as badass as it sounds like) is on the run with a lot of dark forces hell-bent on killing her, ironically exactly the moment she ended up on the side of good guys for the first time in her life. This is basically all there is to say.I can talk about bad sides of the book non-stop, so it is much easier to say what is good about it. This is the first time in the series the tale is not told in Tom [...]

    2. Excellent, excellent book. While it was a bit awkward that this book is technically in a different series (The Spook's Series) than the main series that Delaney writes (Wardstone Chronicles if you are not in the US and The Last Apprentice if you are)--awkward because this book actually continues the last book in the series that he wrote but from the character Grimalkin's point of view. And, wow. What a point of view. Grimalkin has been one of my favorite characters from the moment she was introd [...]

    3. ahhh something fresh to help readers carry on with the series. im not saying i dislike Tom or the Spook, but Grimalkin is probably my favorite character in the series. in this addition to the series we get the story of Grimalkin on the run upon returning to the county from Ireland, straight from the mouth of Grimalkin herself! another nice addition is an update from Agnes and introduction of Thorne who will surely grow on you if you're also a fan of Grimalkin or the other Pendle witches. Best bo [...]

    4. SoI was looking back at the books I'd read this year and to my surprise there was no review for this book. So of course I have to put this little snippet in here. This is the ninth book in the series and:a) The witch assassin Grimalkin uses her dark magic a few timesb) She faces a foe she can't defeat despite all her incredible skillc) She has some kind of an assassin apprenticed) She teams up with the Spook and Tom to set a trap for The Fiend (yup they physically set up a trap for the devil him [...]

    5. In this ninth book of the Last Apprentice series, Grimalkin is the narrator. A very different and intense protagonist compared to Thomas Ward. Grimalkin is my favorite character in the series, and I was ecstatic that one of the books featured her.The witch assassin Grimalkin is on the run with the Fiend's head in a sack. Followers of the dark chase her, but she is no easy target. So her enemy must create a monster designed only for killing her. And they may well succeed. Grimalkin is brought to [...]

    6. În al 9-lea volum din seria ‘Cronicile din Wardstone’ acțiunea ne este relatată prin perspectiva vrăjitoarei Grimalkin, cea mai mare asasină a clanului Malkin. Grimalkin are scopul de a păzi capul Diavolului cu prețul vieții, timp ân care Slujitorii Diavolului ajung să se antreneze într-o luptă pe viață și pe moarte pentru a recupera capul stăpânului lor.Slujitorii Diavolului decid- cu ajutorul magiei negre- să creeze un kretch. Un kretch este o ființă cu o putere nebănu [...]

    7. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with this book. The Last Apprentice series is one of my favorites, but I think it is largely because I love the interplay between Tom and Old Gregory. Grimalkin made an interesting secondary character, but I wasn't interested in hearing her narration. Plus, the story was not terribly interesting to me. Here's the plot: Grimalkin runs around with the Fiend's head, making various stops or detours. And that's about it, although every so often we get a flashbac [...]

    8. First and foremost I was not a happy camper at the end of this book. What I missed in this installment was the two leading characters of the series itself.I was severely disturbed by Grimalkin's inner monologue. How she fantasizes about the 1001 ways to kill a man, and her long suffering at the Fiend's whimsy. Don't get me wrong it was nice to have another perspective to the series, but Delaney has no problem with killing off a number of characters throughout this book. That was a surprise, and [...]

    9. When you read the last book in a series first, and then must go back to read all the previous ones, you know it was a good book. I am now on book 6. In book 9, Grimalkin is a wonderfully strong character. She lives by a code of honor yet serves the dark. She is one of those unfortunate beings who could have been messianic but compartmentalized her grief to such a degree that she can act without feeling. The perfect witch assassin.

    10. OMG I love Grimalkin, she is the best.It was great to see things from Grimalkin's point of view. I love the back story of how Grimalkin came to be. Grimalkin is one of my favorite characters in the series.This book was simply the best.

    11. Great to see things from Grimalkin's point of view. Love the backstory of how Grimalkin came to be. One of my favorite characters in the series!

    12. Chapter I: A Large Green Bitter AppleIt's been a few years since I've picked up a book from this series mostly, because I didn't have the money to buy the books. It's funny, now that I DO have the money, I've checked the book out from the library. Oh, how things go sometimes. I am thankful that this first chapter recaps some of the key points in the last book at least the ones we'll need to know at the start of this story. I'm glad that we're getting this book from Grimalkin's perspective. She [...]

    13. "De ce să-l omori pe cel slab, când poți să te lupți cu cel puternic?De ce să spui o minciună, când poți să grăiești adevărul?O vrăjitoare asasină trebuie să fie corectă și totdeauna să-și țină făgăduielile."Acum că am citit și volumul acesta nu mai am îndoieli cu privire la faptul că Grimalkim e un personaj cu adevărat interesant și mă bucur că am ajuns să aflu mai multe despre ea și trecutul său.Îmi place că deși este foarte puternică și crudă, nu ucide [...]

    14. Grimalkin is the fearsome witch assassin who has no mercy in her for the trying and difficult things she has survived through all these year. I love Grimalkin, she's so bad-ass! She has the Fiends severed head in her possession and she's taking it far away from the rest of his body to give Tom, Alice and the Spook enough time to find a way to bind the Fiend for good. As she runs far away with the monsters head, the Fiend's minions and followers go after Grim and she eagerly slays those who dare [...]

    15. If anyone's been following my progress on this series, they'll know that I really liked it in the beginning, but I've become more and more meh about it as the series has continued. For one, it's kinda of bugged me that Tom's voice and demeanor hasn't really changed, even though he's gone from 11 to 15. For another, I feel like a lot of the books are filler and the series, as a whole, feels needlessly prolonged. (I'm starting to think that the author was hellbent on having 13 books in the series, [...]

    16. This latest chilling installment within the Wardstone Chronicles is full of terrifying drama, spine-chilling suspense and nail-biting narrative! I am Grimalkin (aka. Grim) is the ninth installment within the epic Spooks series that is the Wardstone chronicles. Bursting will fast-paced, intense action and dramatic twists & turns, this is a book that will have you sat on the edge of your seat throughout reading in a feverish frenzy. Exciting, totally absorbing this brilliant book is just a del [...]

    17. Reviewed first at Brunner's Bookshelf"Her trade is death and torture". What a quote, I wasn't sure how I felt about this book not being a Tom and Spook story until I read this line. Yes you read this right, this book isn't necessarily the next chapter in Tom's story, but it does answer come questions. When I started this I felt like I should have just skipped this book and moved onto book 10. Why do I care what Grimalkin does when I am so wrapped up in how Tom is going to defeat the Fiend, and w [...]

    18. Instead of Tom Ward, Grimalkin narrates this installment. She is the witch assassin of the Malkin clan, and her name is no accident: Grim Malkin. Like her, the book is rather single minded and relentless.My sister puts post-its of simple affirmations around herself. The idea is to bring up positive images that will help mold herself into the person she wants to be. Grimalkin seems to have done much the same, and through the power of positive thinking, she formed herself into the most brutal and [...]

    19. 3.75*Let's get right down to it. I didn't like Grimalkin always referring to her "witchy eyes." It's a stupid complaint, but there it is.Some have expressed disappointment over a male author writing female characters. I'm not sure why that is, at least in this case. Is it because she's tough and likes to fight? Well, first of all, that was her upbringing as a witch. Witches don't exactly run around in frilly dresses and pink ribbons. And where I live and grew up, I know/have known plenty tough-a [...]

    20. Grimalkin the Witch Assasin is the 9th book in The Last Apprentice series. The series follows the story of the people of the light battling the denizens of the dark. This version of the series follows the witch assassin, Grimalkin, of the Malkin witch clan. Although Grimalkin is a dark witch, her lifetime goal is to destroy the devil himself: The Fiend. In the previous Last Apprentice book, Grimalkin and a Spook's apprentice named Tom Ward, bound the Fiend in a pit with silver alloy stakes. Grim [...]

    21. As mentioned in a previous posting in regards to this 'series', I was given almost the entire THE LAST APPRENTICE series.And again, I have to state that this is NOT FOR YOUNG READERS and should be for strictly GRADE 8 and up.It contains Black Magic, Demons, Witches, and all sorts of bloodletting, dismemberment, and much violence depicted within it's pages. Still can't believe it's zeroed in on basicly a Young Age Group. For mature Teens and such? Yes, by all means as this is proving to be a very [...]

    22. In this book, Thomas continues his Apprenticeship as a Spook, someone who fights the dark and boy is it a hard one. It continues the story of The Last Apprentice but this time, in Grimalkin's, a witch assassin who has temporarily allied with Thomas to destroy the Fiend, point of view. It's always nice to know a little backstory from a character who actually kills for a living. What made me really like the book is that I noticed that the writing was different than in Thomas's point of view. There [...]

    23. It is a sad day when I read one of my beloved "Spook's" books and don't like it!! I got to chapter 6 (which is 60 pages in) and decided to give up and read the last 2 chapters to see what happens in the end. I must admit though that this story is written from a different characters point of view and I think that's why I don't like it. I don't really like Grimalkin, the witch assassin, I prefer to hear the tale from Tom Ward, the spook's young apprentice. I also enjoy The Spook's (John Gregory) h [...]

    24. I think this is my favorite book from Spook's Apprentice Series, ironically this is not even about Spook's ApprenticeBut really I love Grimalkin and to read the book from her point of view is entertaining. She's totally bad ass, courageous, strong, but still have a soft side in her. And I can't not love Thorne, she's witch assassin apprentice, Grimalkin's protege. Trust me, you gotta love her characterBeside Grimalkin's adventure in this book I love how Delaney give us a lil bit snippet about Gr [...]

    25. Excellent book. It deviates from the main storyline of Tom Ward while still being counted as one of the series; this runs parallel to it, adding and never taking away. I was very worried I would have to say goodbye to my favourite character with this reading, but instead I was surprised by the death of a new, and welcome, addition. (I had actually held myself back from liking Thorne too much because I was SURE she was going to turn against Grimalkin. So much for intuition.) I cannot wait for wha [...]

    26. I got this from the library not realizing it was ninth in a series, but I'm giving it up at around 20 some-odd percent through. The protagonist is a female and she couldn't read less female if she tried. Here is the reason I tend to not like male authors writing female characters. I may pick up the first book in the series because I saw a few of my friends rated it pretty high, but at this point in time it's pretty low on my priority list.

    27. In this latest addition to the Last Apprentice series, the main character is Grimalkin: the famous and deadly witch assassin, who is carrying the head of the Fiend. His followers have spawned a creature of the dark whose sole job is to kill her so they can reunite the head with the body of the field. While Tom, Alice and the Spook are essentially absent, Delaney continues to develop the series using other characters.

    28. I love this series, but I was not terribly impressed with this book. I love the character of Grimalkin in the other books, but I didn't really enjoy her being the main character and narrator of this one.This is the first time I'm giving a book in this series less than 5 stars.I ended up skimming through this book a fair amount and don't really want to buy it for my collection.I missed Tom and the Spook and I am still looking forward to the next book in this series!

    29. This book was a different view than the others, it was written from Grimalkin's POV. It's her storyline from the time she took custody of the fiend's head. It also looks back on her life and gives great insight into who she is and why / how she has become the witch assassin. Great read and a fresh take, was good to not have to put up with "the spook's" constant whining about "the girl".

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