Caleb's Story

Caleb s Story For use in schools and libraries only Adventures beginning with Sarah Plain And Tall continue as the family excitedly awaits the arrival of a new family member with the exception of Jacob who is ho

  • Title: Caleb's Story
  • Author: Patricia MacLachlan Glenn Close
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Audiobook
  • For use in schools and libraries only Adventures beginning with Sarah, Plain And Tall continue as the family excitedly awaits the arrival of a new family member, with the exception of Jacob, who is holding a bitter grudge.

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    1. Patricia MacLachlan Glenn Close

      Patricia MacLachlan was born on the prairie, and to this day carries a small bag of prairie dirt with her wherever she goes to remind her of what she knew first She is the author of many well loved novels and picture books, including Sarah, Plain and Tall, winner of the Newbery Medal its sequels, Skylark and Caleb s Story and Three Names, illustrated by Mike Wimmer She lives in western Massachusetts.


    1. This story is told through Caleb's eyes. His grandfather they thought dead shows up and brings the family drama. This story focuses on how difficult forgiveness is and how important it is also. Patricia does a wonderful job keeping the story at a high level and it seems effortless for her. It feels like a family history and not a fiction story. Patricia is able to give well told warm stories for fans for the prairie.

    2. Patricia MacLachlan always seems to be able to fill my heart with her stories. Doesn't hurt that many of her main characters have the same names as people in my family. She manages to put a whole adult-sized novel's worth of character development into simple plots with lots of "white space" for each reader to bring themselves into the family she presents in such a short read.

    3. If you liked Sarah, Plain and Tall, you'll like this sequel. Sarah, Jacob and the children are living on the prairie during the winter of 1918. There is a war raging in Europe. At home, influenza is making many people ill and killing some of them. Anna is leaving to move into town so she can finish her education and work with the town doctor. As she leaves, she gives her brother Caleb a blank journal with instructions to write down everything that happens around the farm. That shouldn't be too h [...]

    4. I really liked this book. Yes, it did make me cry. It was a little predictable but still a lot of fun and some surprises! Would highly recommend for younger people and familyI liked that it was not told from Anna's point of view anymore but I did love her! I kind of wish there would have been more books by Caleb.

    5. This is the third book in the Sarah, Plain and Tall series. It focuses on Caleb, the son of Jacob Witting, the stepson of Sarah, the younger brother of Anna and the older brother of Cassie. It starts out with his sister, Anna, giving him a journal to write down what happens on the farm and the family while she is away from them. Anna will be close but not close enough to live on the farm. She is helping the town Doctor by being his nurse. She doesn't want to miss anything so Anna asks Caleb to k [...]

    6. “Caleb’s Story” is the third story in the “Sarah, Plain and Tall” series. The Witting family adds a little sister, Cassie who is now about 4. Annie gives the family journal to Caleb for him to add to, as she is going off to town for school and to work for the doctor. Little Cassie is the first to spot a strange man behind the barn. Bitter feelings and resentment arise when Jacob realizes that this stranger is his long lost father, who walked away from the family with no explanation whe [...]

    7. Heart warming and heart WRENCHING! I loved it. I fall in love with the characters more and more with each book. Forgiveness is the main theme here. Not just, "I'm sorry" and then "Oh, that's okay" kind of thing. No. The What-I-did-was-wrong-and-naming-it confessiond then words of love that conveyed forgiveness. Yes. This.One of my favorite scenes[after receiving a gift] Grandfather put a hand on his chest. "Grandfather?" I was scared. I thought he was sick. Grandfather waved me away. "It isn't p [...]

    8. What a great addition to the series. I really enjoyed being able to continue on the journey from Caleb's perspective, I found it enjoyable and it was neat to see things through his eyes. Caleb was by far my favourite character in Sarah Plain And Tall, when my teacher first read it to me and this book brought back the wonderful feelings of nostalgia and happiness, it was perfect! I highly recommend it to people who have read the first two books in the series. I just love reading the Sara Plain An [...]

    9. A nice exploration of the characters through their reactions to a new kind of challenge. Interesting plot delves into characters' past rather than facing the present. Narrated by a new voice, not as authentic as the first, but still riveting. Introduction of several new and likable characters.

    10. Too long ago (within past 2 years, though) to say more than "I love Patricia MacLachlan-- if she wrote for cereal boxes, I'd read them"

    11. Amazing! This book is as wonderful as the other books in this series. It is truly a heart warming tale. I highly recommend it to readers of any age.

    12. A sweet story, with a scope suitable for adults and language and brevity suitable for kids. I love this whole series so far.Also, this is a great book to read if you wake up in the middle of the night with existential angst.

    13. Anna has done something terrible.She has given me a journal to fill.MacLachlan has done something terrible. Many years after the enchanting story of Sarah, Plain and Tall, she had some pages to fill. Perhaps she had some money to earn, or a publisher to placate. But by 2000, strangely, she seems to have regressed from the tight, engaging writing she produced in 1985, or 1993 with Baby. Oh, all the ingredients are there for what could be a cracking good read dealing with serious issues, such as a [...]

    14. Anna, through whose eyes and emotional perspective we received the narrative in Sarah, Plain and Tall and its sequel, Skylark, is an older teenager by the time that the events in this third book take place, and lives in town apart from her family. Before she first left home, though, she gave her younger brother Caleb a blank notebook journal of his own, and told him that it was now his responsibility to write down what happened in the family, recording the significant events of their lives in pr [...]

    15. Caleb’s Story would be appropriate for kids in upper elementary and middle school. This chapter book is the third in the Sarah, Plain and Tall series. Their family has expanded and become a cohesive unit. The winter weather has caused some problems, but they are used to it. Anna, the oldest daughter, is staying in town to work for the doctor, her future father-in-law. Jacob, the father, is also going into town for some business and won’t return for a few days. The rest of the family is left [...]

    16. Anna has done something terrible. She has given me her journal to fill.In Anna's journal the words walk across the page like bird prints in the mud. But it is hard for me. It is hard for me to find things to write about."It's your job now," Anna says as she hands Caleb her journals, asking him to continue writing the family story. But Sarah, Jacob, Anna, Caleb, a.Anna has done something terrible. She has given me her journal to fill.In Anna's journal the words walk across the page like bird prin [...]

    17. I am constantly surprised (and pleasantly so!) just how lyrical Patricia MacLachlan's writing is. This is the third book in the 'Sarah, Plain and Tall' series, and the first two were told by Anna, Sarah's step-daughter. In this book, Anna has given the responsibility for the family's story to Caleb. Because of this, I was expecting the writing to be markedly different. While it is very clear that this is Caleb's voice (emphasis is put on things in a different way than Anna would have done), MacL [...]

    18. During the school year, this is where I'm at: between children's literature and educational giberish! I prefer the children's lit. Caleb's Story is a follow-up on Sarah Plain and Tall, by the same author. It is rich in figurative language and tells a warm and insightful story of a family torn apart by misunderstanding and pulled together through the hope of children. A wonderful read for any age but I specifically gave this assignment to 4th graders. Remember, parents, as important as it is to h [...]

    19. What a delight it was to find this book (published in 2001) after having read and seen the Hallmark Hall of Fame versions of Sarah Plain and Tall(pub 1985) and Skylark(pub 1994) so many years ago! This one was also adapted into a film, apparently with the title "Winter's End". Seeing Christopher Walken as stoic prairie family man again after such. uh, memorable, roles as he's had in Pulp Fiction, the Weapon of Choice video, etc should be a treat.Preview the book from

    20. Simple yet poetic, soul stirring writing fills the pages of Caleb's Story. The third installment of the Sarah, Plain and Tall series in told from the eyes of Caleb as Anna has passed pen and paper to him. Caleb is both sensitive and pragmatic. There is plenty of adventure and emotion found in this short book. I teared up more than I ever have during any Hallmark movie. But I also smiled plenty at the family's love for one another. I enjoyed meeting two new family members-Cassie, the newest addit [...]

    21. Not as good as the first two in the Sarah Plain and Tall series, but still nicely written and wonderful pacing. The tone of the story is effectively changed with the change of narrator. I usually don't like change, but I didn't miss Anna's character anywhere near as much as I thought I would. MacLachlan is wonderful at conveying who the characters are without excessive description (almost sole use of dialogue and narration). The characters are so lovable. A fairly predictable, yet, hear-warming [...]

    22. Anna has given me an arduous task. I,Caleb, must continue writing the story of our family life. I don't like journal writing and have no talent with words.We work on our farm--we go to school; besides nothing happens here or so I thought. Cassie and I find a strange man in our barn; John (our long-lost grandfather) joins our family. My journal writing comes to life!"The wind howls outside, the snow and sleet hitting the windows like stones tossed there. Inside it is peaceful. But John doesn't lo [...]

    23. Anna has moved to town to go to school and to assist the local doctor. She has passed the responsibility of recording the family’s story on to Caleb. At first Caleb feels there isn’t much to tell and doubts his own abilities to write as well as his sister. But then his little sister Cassie meets a strange man in their barn and suddenly Caleb has an interesting story to tell. Who is this strange man? Why is he here? What does he want? Why is Papa so angry with him? This was a touching story o [...]

    24. "It's your job now," Anna says as she hands Caleb her journals, asking him to continue writing the family story. But Sarah, Jacob, Anna, Caleb, and their new little sister, Cassie, have already formed a family, and Caleb fears there will be nothing left to write about. That is, before Cassie discovers a mysterious old man in the barn, and everything changes. Everyone is excited about the arrival of a new family member--except for Jacob, who holds a bitter grudge. Only the special love of Caleb, [...]

    25. I enjoyed reading this book. It was very easy to read and there was never really a time where I got tired of reading it. I had read the previous book in the series, Sarah Plain and Tall when I was a kid, so the story's characters were somewhat familiar to me. I think the author conveyed a valuable lesson in the story: forgiveness. This is something many people struggle with and this story reminds us that life is too short to hold grudges.

    26. its about Cassie saw a man and Sarah took him in and they don't know who he is but when their papa came in he got all mad because he thought his father was dead and then the rest of the days Caleb's dad was really mad then Caleb told his pa to make up with his grandpa when they did their pa broke his ankle after they fixed it Sarah got buried in the snow and they rescued her. before Caleb was teaching grandpa to write the end Caleb gave grandpa his own journal.

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