Scrapbook of My Revolution

Scrapbook of My Revolution I may as well say it up front I m Malian Yeah one of the freaks I ve got gold skin and the ability to read emotions It s great fun too believe me Yeah right Anger Frustration Desire Try reading th

  • Title: Scrapbook of My Revolution
  • Author: Amy Lynn Spitzley
  • ISBN: 9781620071878
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • I may as well say it up front I m Malian Yeah, one of the freaks I ve got gold skin and the ability to read emotions It s great fun, too, believe me Yeah, right Anger Frustration Desire Try reading those all day But I m not the only one who s frustrated We re all mixed up and sick of the bad press and attacks and everything else from Regulars Things are changinI may as well say it up front I m Malian Yeah, one of the freaks I ve got gold skin and the ability to read emotions It s great fun, too, believe me Yeah, right Anger Frustration Desire Try reading those all day But I m not the only one who s frustrated We re all mixed up and sick of the bad press and attacks and everything else from Regulars Things are changing, though I m getting other Malians in my school together We might be able to show people that we re just as human as they areunless one of my best supporters is really public enemy number one.

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      Amy Lynn Spitzley lives, writes, daydreams, and walks by the shores of a Great Lake in Traverse City, Michigan She has two goofy children and one British husband She finds writing for teens is where it s at because they tend to be informal, character driven, and casual Plus the dialogue is really fun When not writing she can be found creating collages or making faces at formality until it gives up and hides under the kitchen table.


    1. Find my full review on my blog A Secret Book Affair. Let me just start by saying wow *silent applause here* wow. I was truly, pleasantly surprised by this title. When I first read the synopsis for Scrapbook of My Revolution, I had expected a fun light hearted YA book that scratched at the surface of current social issues. Not to say that I was expecting a just okay read, I just wasn't expecting such an amazingly inspiring read! I can't even begin to find the right way to sing praises for this ti [...]

    2. On first acceptance, the overall quality and feel of the book greatly trumps that of the majority of other large-size paperback novels I have purchased over the years. The title is original and captivating with intrigue along with the ambiance of torn and tattered pages used for the cover. The feel of the book immediately harkens back to a style that very few novels dare venture, using the form of journaling (not a verb, I know), scrap-booking, letters and notes to form the narrative and develop [...]

    3. In the wake of an unknown mutation which has affected a large percentage of the population to have colored skin and next level powers, the generation affected is forced to deal with dividing issues greater than any previous group. At the age of seventeen, the protagonist is plunged into the spotlight as her friends and cohort all struggle to find space for something new and sometimes scarry.With amazing characters and fun narrative, this story is both strong and compelling. In a non-traditional [...]

    4. This book is absolutely delightful. The characters are creative and well developed. The book itself is unique, the font is not a standard font and adds to the scrapbook concept. Some of the clippings added to the scrapbook are a little hard to read in the print edition, but the electronic version my husband has allows the reader to make them bigger so that works well.The underlying concepts are ones we are familiar with. People who are different scare some people. These characters fight for equa [...]

    5. I was really impressed by this novel. Here comes a book from a small press (Curious Quills Press) and I'm expecting a light, YA fantasy read. Instead, I get a thoughtful metaphor for intolerance with great characters and story. I'll post a full review at davinajamison.tumblr in the next few days.

    6. I couldn’t enjoy this book, it had its moments but for me it just didn’t work out. One of the reasons for that could be that I’ve read a book that had the same idea and I loved it. It isn’t that popular so I am not sure I can claim that this was a rip off because it wasn’t, they just had similar ideas but there were different things going on.One of the things that really bug me about this book is the main character. She is so obsessed with this idea of a revolution she forgets about th [...]

    7. This is one of the first books I read on my new iPad, and it was a good choice. This was a gorgeous reading experience (I'm talking about both Retina and the book). Because this was a scrapbook, there were loads of images, and they showed up beautifully.Seriously, beautiful.Ok, enough about how beautiful it is, let's talk story. This book has as it's protagonist Amber Alexander, a Malian. A Malian is kinda like an X-Men, as she is born with a superpower - in this case, the ability to read emotio [...]

    8. At some point in the future some babies are born different. They have different colored skin and abilities. There are blue, pink, green, gold children who can manipulate things, sense things, blend in like camouflage and are great at athletics. These children are known as Malian and they are everywhere. The government has instigated a policy of benign indifference, but people are still afraid and mistrustful of Malians. Amber is a sensitive, gold Malian. She can read the emotions of those around [...]

    9. It took me a while to get into this book. Everything that at first seemed a like a flaw or a shortcoming actually helped in making this book work. The font is a faux handwriting print, so that you feel like you are reading someone's journal (or, of course, scrapbook). Intermixed with the writing are copies of receipts, newspaper clippings, drawings, etc. I am so much older than the target audience that, even though I could read the journal entries just fine, I had to put on my magnifying glasses [...]

    10. 4 StarsTo see the entire review, please visit lions-and-lambs/2Summary:Amber Alexander is Malian. No, this isn't some tribe on some island you've never heard of and will search high and low on your favorite search engine to learn random facts. I've already tried this. Judge me later. Malian is the name given to people born with certain abnormalities like, say, gold-colored skin and hyper-sensitivity to people's emotions. But not all Malians have the same skin tone or ability; some are blue, gree [...]

    11. The reason this is a DNF isn't as much the book's fault as it is mine. I got this from NetGalley but my lending period expired before I got to finish. X-/ In my defense, I didn't know there was a time limit until I reached mine, and I kept putting it off because the non-traditional font and formatting didn't work very well with my Nook.I did manage to get to page 129, so I feel like I can give some idea of the reading experience. While it's not great, it's not terrible. There are a lot of the ty [...]

    12. A fun look at an alternative reality where humanity is beginning to mutate and is dealing with this in much the same way as other differences of appearance have been treated. Some understand, some don't have a problem and some seriously do!Told from the point of view of a teenage Mailian (the book's name for Mutated/evolved humans)it offers an interesting insight into the ealry stages of this groups growing need for a civil rights movement. In this we see how different people view the purpose an [...]

    13. Amber is a great protagonist. She has to deal with a lot of unwanted attention, but it doesn't make her a wallflower. She's hot and she knows it. We all get a bit fed up with those girls who don't know just how beautiful they are. Well Amber, Golden Goddess, knows exactly how attractive she is, and that's an interesting angle to read - because she can sense the emotions of people around her, she knows how they react to her looks. I can't imagine feeling the dirty desire coming off a bunch of tee [...]

    14. For full review, please click hereI went into Scrapbook of My Revolution thinking that it would be another typical dystopian- class segregation, political intrigue, some sort of epic adventure.but surprisingly, from the first few chapters (and indeed most of the book) it basically seemed to me like a contemporary novel with a slight science fiction twist. I actually enjoyed the novel a lot more than I thought I would- it was quite riveting. Somehow, I was expecting big things to happen, and alth [...]

    15. Malians are different from most people. They have powers unlike “regular” people. But instead of superpower teens intent on world domination, this book espouses the opposite – a striving for normality. Yet they stand out because of their distinctive color and abilities such as athletic prowess, powers of manipulation, sensitivity to feelings, and the ability to blend in to their surroundings. Sounds like a great premise but somehow the book fails to deliver completely. No one (not doctors, [...]

    16. An interesting look at racism and prejudice with an added threat of special abilities. I wasn't a fan of the font used - it made it a lot more difficult to read than those that are usually used. I also had a difficult time getting a good picture in my head of what the different colored people would look like. And it seemed pretty preachy to me about tolerance and such.On the plus side, there was a decent story about friends and what their lives were like dealing with the prejudice against them. [...]

    17. Awesome story. I think teens will really get into it. It reminded me a little of "The Hunger Games", but without the violence. Just unusual teens trying to be normal with the added bonus of being different colors, extraordinary talents, and who don't get cavities or break bones. Trying to deal with adults who think they are out to destroy the world when all they want to do is graduate high school. Pretty good read, overall.

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