The Enforcer

The Enforcer Lacey Benoit is in need of a fresh start Her best friend Dr Zoe Millis has been begging her to make the move from Maine to California Taking a leap of faith Lacey does just that Living in San Diego

  • Title: The Enforcer
  • Author: Nikki Worrell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lacey Benoit is in need of a fresh start Her best friend, Dr Zoe Millis, has been begging her to make the move from Maine to California Taking a leap of faith, Lacey does just that.Living in San Diego definitely has its perks, such as, sunshine and beaches The best part of moving to the west coast, however, is that Steven is still on the east coast Catching your almosLacey Benoit is in need of a fresh start Her best friend, Dr Zoe Millis, has been begging her to make the move from Maine to California Taking a leap of faith, Lacey does just that.Living in San Diego definitely has its perks, such as, sunshine and beaches The best part of moving to the west coast, however, is that Steven is still on the east coast Catching your almost husband having sex with one of your bridesmaids on your wedding day would make even the strongest woman jaded Therefore, Lacey has sworn off men for a while, especially men who travel a lot that have easy access to loose women.When Lacey meets the new enforcer for the San Diego Scorpions, she thinks she might be in trouble But she is determined to fight her attraction to the sexy NHL hunk And she is successfulr about a day.

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      329 Nikki Worrell
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      ABOUT MEI am a simple country girl from South Jersey who took my love of reading and shifted it into a love of writing I am an avid hockey fan Go Flyers , which prompted me to start my writing with hockey romance stories I now write erotic romance as well, and maybe something a bit different than both of those genres in the not so distant future When not at work as a full charge bookkeeper in Philadelphia, I m at home writing, reading or simply spending time with my husband of over twenty years Both my husband and I love animals immensely, which is evident in my writing Even my badass characters have pets Heck, one has a bunny If there is any advice I would impart upon you, it is this Follow your dreams Always Don t let anyone tell you it s foolish or unattainable You have but one life to live live it You can keep up with her at nikkiworrell.


    1. Some books have characters that are just so amazing that you can't stop reading because you want more of them. Jody by far saved this book. I adored him. Lacey drove me crazy for about almost half the book. Especially when she went on the speed date and also when she would push Jody's protective and possessive buttons then cry wolf. Jody was perfect and I really hope this author can give us another hero loyal and true like he was. I really am scared to read about Vlad and Chloe because the sleep [...]

    2. DNF at 20%Probably will come back to later. The writing is just not doing it for me.I think I am hungover from my last book. :-(

    3. Totally enjoyed this book. It may not be the best written and I am not a fan of the "all knowing" POV, but it was a fun, sweet story. Jody was AWESOME!!!! I found myself smiling throughout most of this book. It was just so fun.

    4. A hockey book?! Well, don't mind if I do!!It was an ESR (easy sexy romantic) read! & I finished in 1 afternoon - couldn't put it down.

    5. This was good, but that's it. It was good. It's been two days since I finished, and I only remember the base plot points.I like the occasional alpha hero, but the MCs had only known each other a week and the H was already going all caveman on any man that looked in her direction (even her BFF's gay brother). The H was a sweet guy but o m y g o d does he have control and jealousy issues. A majority of the book focuses on the h's stalker ex-fiance (which is not remotely mentioned in the synopsis). [...]

    6. I received an ARC in return for an honest review and feel truly honored to have had the chance to read this amazing book in advance to it being released. I have been following the author's page now for several months and loved all her teasers and her trailer, I could not wait to read this and was not disappointed.The Enforcer is written by the author in 3rd POV and she did a great job, I sometimes have a harder time connecting with the characters when it is in 3rd POV but did not at all with thi [...]

    7. The characters of this one are too "well rounded and perfect". Everything is explained and excused as soon as it happens, leaving no "flaws" to deal with, and essentially no "drama" to lift the book from meh to dang.The characters are also a bit of know-it-all's, and they have a solution ready as soon as an issue presents itself. No one in the story has any real issues, and it all reads like something out of Disney.Another problem with the book, is that too much of the plot happens in the head [...]

    8. I would give it 2 and 1/2 stars. I had a hard time with this book, I almost didn't finish it. I was really looking forward to it and really wanted to like it, but it was just ok. At times is seemed like too much was crammed into the story and it was just too neat. I like a HEA, but this one was just too clean. I was more surprised that something didn't happen (view spoiler)[ with the bipolar ex, he gave up too easily after the fight, I figured he would try to get back at them for his being arres [...]

    9. Cute, sweet sports romance. The H/Jody is the enforcer for the Scorpions hockey team. He’s all alpha male - jealous/possessive/crazy in love with Lacey the h. It’s almost insta love for Jody. Lacy has an issue with trust due to a cheating ex-fiancé and is cautious about moving ahead with a new guy. Lacey isn't one of the stupid heroines for a change and insists on keeping her independence despite Jody’s extreme alpha male ways. Jody even talks to the team's psychologist, Zoe (Lacey’s BF [...]

    10. This was a great read. The story is about trusting someone after a bad relationship. And boywas it bad. Lacey has trouble trusting men after finding her ex-fiancé having sex with one of her bridesmaids on the day of her wedding to him. She is looking for a fresh start, so she moves from Maine to San Diego, California, where her best friend Zoe lives after she landed an HR position interview with the team Zoe works for. It is while living with Zoe, Lacey meets Jody. Lacey was a bit annoying to m [...]

    11. Overall rating: 2.5 starsGenre: Contemporary RomancePlot: 6/10Ending: 6/10Writing: 4/10Hero: 6/10Heroine: 4/10Humour: 3/10Steaminess: 5/10HEA: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Recommend: not really Re-read: nopeRead more from author: probably not

    12. I was one of the lucky ARC readers for "The Enforcer"Nikki Worrell is an AMAZING Author!!!The Enforcer has it ALL going on !!! This took on quite a bit of my emotions A little laughter, a little tears & the PERFECT amount of sex!!!! I have to say that I REALLY couldn't put this book down !!!

    13. I have read a lot of NHL books but this one was not what I was expecting. There is no ice hockey action until 75% into the story.I have never read a book quite like this before. Every single character gets their own POV! The POV can change upto 4 times in some parts and becomes quite confusing. Lacey is in a shop one day when a guy hits on hereven the guy gets his own POV! I didn't like the writing style.What puzzled me is the author thanks her beta readers at the end of the book. Interestingly [...]

    14. *I was given an ARC Copy in exchange for an Honest Review*Lacey Benoit had to get away. Away from the pain of her brother's death, away from the pain of a love betrayed and away from a life she thought was perfect, lost. So when her best friend in San Diego calls and says come move out here with me - she finally says yes. So she packs up everything in Maine and takes off for San Diego where she has a job interview with the San Diego Scorpions NHL Hockey Team.Jody LaGrange is new to the Scorpions [...]

    15. 3.0-3.25 RATING- I probably wouldn't have read this one if I wasn't able to borrow it through SCRIBD. The sample just didn't pull me in but I saw a few of my GR mention that the hero was very possessive and that's what I was in the mood for so Overall, it was an okay read. It did get better after I got into the story. I liked it enough to read another book in the series (I did skip book two just because the story line didn't appeal to me). This wouldn't be a book I'd necessarily recommend but I [...]

    16. "Angel, I love you, and I'm not afraid to tell you in front of all these people. As a matter of fact, I'm proud. You have made me a better man."Lacey Benoit's life came crashing down the day she was supposed to marry the love of her life. She found him in the bridal room with one of her bridesmaids. She has recently lost her brother, her parents moved away and now she has to deal with a broken heart as well. So you could say that her life recently has been anything but easy, so she decides that [...]

    17. When I saw the cover I knew I had to read the book, hello hot guy, tattoo = YAY!! I liked being in Jody's mind it was entertaining, "just Lacey, eh? Well just Lacey, it's been nice talking with you. Thanks again for taking my message." It was also interesting being in Lacey's mind, "oh his jeans hung on his hips like they were honored to be on him. I know I would be." Me too, sister me to. There were some awkward times between Lacey and Jody, "you smell like" he leaned closer to her, "I don't kn [...]

    18. I loved this book! It was very well written and easy to follow. It had a mild stalker theme going on but was a major ALPHA male read. I loved the male character in this book. He was so alpha, so "arggg me male you my female" but then so lovable at the same time. I can not wait for the rest of the series!! This book is a HEA and each book sounds like it will be about a different member of the team.

    19. I won a signed paperback and promptly bought the ebook as not to break the binding! All I can say about this book is BRAVO! This book is a winner! Where is my Jody? Nikkit to writing the sequel, I can't wait to read more. Character development was good and story was well written. Author gave a glossary of terms for those not familiar with hockey! I happen to love the sport and LOVE LOVE this book!

    20. A new fan to the world of hockey, I absolutely loved this story. It was a bit corny and unrealistic at times but I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't smitten with Jody and his alpha maleness. lolI'm curious as how the next installment involving Lacey and Jody's BFF's and how that will turn out given that it is off limits for department workers to fraternize or get involved with their players and all though.

    21. Smut Hut ApprovedA true lover and a fighter wrapped up in this sexy alpha male NHL player!!! Great book that is sweet and was able to teach me a lot about hockey. :)Well written and great characters. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

    22. Who wouldn't fall head over heals with Jody??? OMG he's got to be in the top five of best book boyfriends ever!!! Must read series

    23. Hmm. I’m gonna go out on a limb, and venture that I am in the minority in that I did not like this book. That’s ok, I’m used to being a non-conformist.While there were good elements to this book, I’m gonna focus on what I didn’tlike. Yeah, ok, Happy Holidays! Gah - I’m such a Scrooge!First, I didn’t like the cover. I know! I know! But here’s the thing - the guy is standing there awkwardly. He’s off-center, and kinda leaning over to the side. It just looks weird to me. Also, and [...]

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