Tough to Love: Saving Avery

Tough to Love Saving Avery Hardened from past hurts can Avery West and Steel Brickman find the strength to heal one another Steel s intensity is overbearing and strong crushing Avery s ability to breathe Avery s wall is so th

  • Title: Tough to Love: Saving Avery
  • Author: Ava Catori Lauren Keller
  • ISBN: 9781301230877
  • Page: 310
  • Format: ebook
  • Hardened from past hurts, can Avery West and Steel Brickman find the strength to heal one another Steel s intensity is overbearing and strong, crushing Avery s ability to breathe Avery s wall is so thick it seems almost impenetrable Tangled in a mess of pain and desire, the two must learn to trust one another to find their own salvation.

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    1. I regret to say that I did not like this book I hated it actuallyFirstlySecondlyI'm going to need a lobotomy after reading this!What you ask, is my problem with this very short novella???When writing a book with such serious/heavy subject matter, in this case it was rape, you cannot not write it as a novella. This story would need character development so the reader could connect with the characters, and it would need to be set at a pace where the reader would not want to throw their ereader acr [...]

    2. This book just hit about every point of upset I can think of and it was poorly written to boot. Where do I begin?I've read a number of stellar accounts on and from victims of rape in various literature - YA, Adult, etc. - even considering those where the main character was unlikable or expounding upon their grief in irresponsible ways or irrational lashes out at the world. But this was definitely NOT a good narrative in the least. This book upset me for all the wrong reasons, not only in the mea [...]

    3. I started out this novella with high mediocre hopes, even though it tackled a difficult subject. Rape-as-backstory is so rarely done well, but when the love interest did nothing but bring her pumpkin pie and give her space, I though, "it's not perfect, but that's really cute."It went all downhill from there.First of all, this book is straight-up healing cock. All her problems with "trust" are magically erased when she gets the down low tinglies for our main boy. Honestly, I don't even know why t [...]

    4. Original review at Gabic Reads. Review copy received from Netgalley -- Thank you!!Tough to Love: Saving Avery is NOT your typical contemporary romance. Avery works at a dingy, dirty pub. Steel is the new star of the local football team. When he walks into the pub where Avery works, he recognizes the pain in her eyes. It's pain that he has seen before in his sister's eyes. It becomes his mission to save Avery from herself and the demons that haunt her.But, at first, Avery doesn't want help. She's [...]

    5. This was a moving and thought provoking story. I have to say it had its moments where I didn't want to put it down but yet it was so sad because of the codependency that they both had in the relationship that they had with each other. But, at least there was love there for at the end there seemed to be a HEA. I thought Avery had such a hard past to work through and Steel was the perfect man to help her work through it and Steel too had his issues of being a controlling person but yet he was able [...]

    6. This was a fast good read that I really enjoyed and wanted more of.Avery works at a bar struggling to make it through college. Her life is anything but glamorous. That is until a Tall dark and mysterious Steel walks into her bar. He's hot and seems to have a soft spot for Avery. But is his need to save her going to push her away?I loved Avery! She was tough. She stood up for herself. And she wasn't one of those girls that is stuck on material things. In fact she lived in a disgusting one room ap [...]

    7. TOUGH TO LOVEAvery was thrown out of her home a year ago at thanksgiving by her stepfather. Neither he or her mother believed her about her stepbrother. One year later working at a seedy bar, and living in a room above. She has no friends, at least none are mentioned. Avery has built a wall about her, she's never going to let anyone in again. That is until Steel comes into the bar. He's sees the pain in Avery's eyes, he's seen that same look in his sister's eyes before.I might have given this mo [...]

    8. Not rating this book.Unfortunately I did not even make it past 40%. This is my first book of this author and sorry to say, but I was not impress.Writing style was poor, no build up to each character and the story was not good. We'll, the bits that I have read.Normally I would try to finish a book, but I just couldn't. So this one was a dude for me.

    9. " 'The sea of pain in your eyes painted a picture,' he said, turning around and leaving."Avery mora em um pequeno quarto, acima do bar onde trabalha. Ela construiu uma barreira para evitar que as pessoas se aproximem dela, porque já foi muito machucada no passado. Mas Steel parece não se importar com isso. Ele quer se aproximar dela à todo custo, não se importando com a aparente "frieza" de Avery. Ele se vê voltando sempre para Avery. Quando o relacionamento começa a finalmente tomar um ru [...]

    10. (ARC received from publisher in exchange for honest review of book.)There were parts of the story that seemed very realistic and others that seemed way unrealistic even for a fictional story. Avery was raped by her step brother and disowned by her parents (mom & step father) for accusing her step brother of rape. She lives above the bar that she works at and is going to college. She apparantly doesn't have a single friend that is mentioned in the book. I dont' know if she never had any frien [...]

    11. My thoughts of Tough to Love:I really liked this story! Avery has a lot, and I mean A LOT of baggage. And a complete stranger sees the pain that Avery is in. The pain, Avery thinks, she keeps it well hidden, but it's not. The stranger, Steel Brickman, just another man to Avery, is actually a star football player.He is completely drawn to Avery, and she isn't interested. Well, she is, but she isn't. A year to the day Steel met Avery, Avery was attacked by someone very close to her. Instead of her [...]

    12. Quick read because I ended up skimming. I think the premise had promise but this author had no idea how to go about doing that. This is probably the worst story I've read with this particular plot. It does nothing to support victims of rape; does nothing to uplift women; and does nothing as a piece of literature. This is something that probably should not have been published as written. The writing is below mediocre; the characters are unrealistic, atrocious, and flat. The heroine has a wall bui [...]

    13. This was my first time reading an Ava Catori book. I liked the idea that two people in different places in their lives falling in love despite past experiences. However, while I like the idea, I thought the two characters were slightly unrealistic in how they approached the whole “save me” theme. A pro athlete (Steel) hangs around a bar every now and then to gain the interest of the tough fronted bartender (Avery), but the story didn’t offer vivid descriptions.Avery has experienced a life [...]

    14. This novella is what I would call a real true love story, It isn't love at first sight nor is it a fairy tale, It is an honest, heartbreaking and Realistic Romance. Avery West was betrayed by her family in the worst possible way, now left on her own, to heal her emotional wounds, she meets Steel Brickman local football player and celebrity. Steel has his own emotional problems to work though and gets drawn to Avery. They fall In love, they are what I would see as a realistic romance. I was reall [...]

    15. This novella is what I would call an extreme love story, It doesn't pretend love at first sight, what it does portray is an honest, though dysfunctional relationship between two flawed adults. The lead characters are damaged emotionally and have a lot to work through to be called whole. I found this novella to be a compelling, yet disturbing read. I was rooting for our heroes to attain their happily ever after, and I was satisfied with the outcome. If a reader is looking for something other than [...]

    16. Mmmmmmm yes it's okay.I like steel to begin with, he had his own demons - mainly control! At times he was nasty and others he was patient and kind - I think that's my problem with him, his too changeable. Avery, well she's a damaged character, and is easily guided Luckily she finds some strength eventually.The story line was fine but obviously being a novella certain parts are rushed and could have been stretched out more, due to the subject matter.I didn't love it and I didn't hate it either. 3 [...]

    17. The situation this book outlines of a rape and its impact on the heroine is an important one. The reaction of the family to the situation is realistically and sadly portrayed. However, the writing in this book is rough as we switch back and forth between the hero and the heroine with odd rhythms. There is a great of telling in this story and not a lot of showing. The heroine wonders why the hero is interested in her and so do I really. The hero isn't much more engaging really. The basic plot was [...]

    18. I really didn't like this book. It was a novella about a character who was raped and her process of getting over it and moving on. The boy who falls in love with her is really sweet and then changes into someone who isn't really very nice later on. And it's a novella, so the changes happen way too fast as to be believable or even to have you as a reader care that they're happening. I really liked the main character at the beginning, but she devolves into a needy, simpering whiner the more the bo [...]

    19. After Avery is raped by her hockey star step-brother, she leaves her family to work at a bar and lives in a seedy room above it. All that changes when Steel Brickman, a rising football star with a past of his own, comes into her bar and tries to tear down her walls. The relationship was so ridiculous and dysfunctional and the characters were beyond believably flawed. If this is New Adult, I"ll pass.

    20. I liked this story and the characters, but I felt it could have been longer. I have no problem with novellas, but there seemed to be scenes missing from this book like they were lifted right out. Sometimes they were recapped, so I knew what had happened. But I missed seeing quite a few of those scenes. It wrapped up really quickly, too. Still, I saw them fall in love. I fell in love. And I cared about them both. I'll read more by this author!

    21. This book started out with such promise. I liked the idea of Steel as a white knight who would come in and rescue Avery from her demons. It was working well until he turned into a possessive jerk. It came out of nowhere for me and really ruined the story. The relationship was extremely dysfunctional and I didn't believe the HEA.

    22. Boy saves girl from life of poverty and restores her soul after she is raped. It would have been a good story if this relationship wasn't semi abusive with Steel needing to control every area of Avery's life and attack her verbally. The relationship was definitely not loving and Avery was not saved.

    23. **eARC was provided by NetGalley/publisher for honest review.So this is my first book I have read by Ava Catori. I had a hard time getting through this book, glad it was a novella. I didn't feel the chemistry from the characters.

    24. short and to the pointgot everything you were looking for. received this arc from net galley for an honest review.

    25. I was not impressed with this one. It just did not have the drama I was expecting it to have. For my full review check out my blog.daisysplace67/

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