2150 A.D.(Macro-Philosophy)

A D Macro Philosophy You travel with Jon who lives in When his mind is in the sleep state the forces of the future world reach out to him and show him how things can be Go with him on his perilous adventure a mind e

  • Title: 2150 A.D.(Macro-Philosophy)
  • Author: Thea Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780446330565
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • You travel with Jon who lives in 1976 When his mind is in the sleep state, the forces of the future world reach out to him and show him how things can be Go with him on his perilous adventure a mind expanding exodus from the imperfect today into a better tomorrow Discover the beauty and the emotional demands such a journey can bring Explore the system of thought andYou travel with Jon who lives in 1976 When his mind is in the sleep state, the forces of the future world reach out to him and show him how things can be Go with him on his perilous adventure a mind expanding exodus from the imperfect today into a better tomorrow Discover the beauty and the emotional demands such a journey can bring Explore the system of thought and action that can be achieved in the macro world This is a novel you can t put down a philosophy you can begin living with now.

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    1. I just finished rereading this book. This is my all time favorate book. I remember picking this up late one night at a little book store. I wasn't into science fiction at the time but it kept calling to me. Finally I bought it. I'm so glad I listened to the calling of that book.It's about a Vietnam veteran who falls asleep and wakes up in the year 2150. Each morning he wakes up bake in 1976. Jon wants to stay in 2150 with Lea and it's about his struggles to make it there for good.This book chang [...]

    2. A super fun and readable book, although it seems fairly preachy most of the time. The philosophy centers around the non-judgement of others but the main characters seem to be somewhat judgemental the majority of the time (i.e. everyone in 1976 or on the so called micro island is living a miserable existence, while all of the macro souls of 2150 are in an awesome state of perfectly evolved ecstasy). Also- the book operates under the assumption that we are all predestined to evolve in a linear spi [...]

    3. One of the most influental books i ever read. Like Orwell says in 1984 "The best books are those that tell you what you know already. wide range of criticism of life thus law, order, politics,ethics,religion all from wide range of points of view(basically cosmopolitan). This book surprised me constantly with the comprehensive stunning observations. I didn't believe that it could inspire me enough write a review despite of being speechless and still in the shock of what i just read. This book is [...]

    4. I found this book in the book swap shelves at work (too bad we don't have that any more). Reading a book in 2003 that was written in 1978 and travels to 2150, was a unique experience. Its a look at a future utopian society through the dreams of the main character in 1978 and the weird cross over of realities. Also its claimed that John Lennon was inspired by this book when he wrote the lyrics to Imagine.

    5. What a remarkable book. I dared not read it too quickly lest I fail to grasp the more advanced concepts presented. Even then my mind was frequently awash with the ideas presented and how I saw my life in comparison. Though many of the general concepts were not new to me, Thea managed to present them in a 'novel' fashion that was cohesive and entertaining. As for me, I feel, yet once again, like a beginner. This vision for a new world is certainly attractive to me, and represents the heaven on ea [...]

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    7. In 1969, a professor at Gannon College in Erie, Pennsylvania, had a series of dreams for 6 months. Each night he would pick up where he left off, in an earth 80 years in the future. As strange as this may seem, he condensed his experiences into two books: A Macro Philosophy for the Aquarian Age, copyright October 1970, and 2150: the Macro Love Story copyright October 1971. Both books (white cover version) were published by his short-lived corporation, the Macro Development Center. Don shared the [...]

    8. I read this book when it was first published and have probably given 25 or 30 copies as gifts. This allowed me to shift some rigid concepts about life, death and choice. Plus it's a really good read!

    9. Well done and well written, this book change my perspectives on life when I was younger and continues to guide me to new and interesting places. A must read to see a bigger picture in life than what we are living!

    10. Totally possible from my point of view.Dreams, I have often thought, are merely separate realities.Took me 20 years to read it. A tiny book.

    11. I read this book as a youth and its utopian message resonated with me at the time. It's fun to think about the potential for our dreams, which are probably just an amalgamation of stimuli we receive from daily living, media, stories we here, etc.; however, the concept that we go to sleep and awaken in a better place - still troubled, but evolved beyond pettiness and harm - is an incredible draw. I just remember enjoying where the author took me and I appreciated the reprieve and message of hope. [...]

    12. Yazarın rüyalardan yola çıkılarak yazıldığını iddia ettiği "M.S. 2150" makro felsefe konusunda müthiş detaylı bir anlatım içeriyor. Bu detaylar o kadar kapsamlı ki kitabın bazı kısımlarında aşırı sıkıldığımı, kitabı yarıda bırakma noktasına dahi geldiğimi itiraf etmeliyim. Fakat şu an kitabı bitirebildiğim için keyifliyim, metafizik konulara ilgisi olmayan insanların bile ufkunu açabilecek kalitede bir kitap olduğunu da eklemek zorundayım. Kesinlikle o [...]

    13. I read this book back around the time it first came out. It was a hot read for those of us into New Age philosophy/practice, est graduates, etc. It was a really fun read, right around the time I was practicing Lucid Dreaming and trying to Astral Project. I do remember, even then, that the writing wasn't great, but I definitely have fond memories a guilty pleasue? Wonder what it would be like to re-read now.

    14. This is a loco new age SF novel from the '70s, full of terribly written pornotopic encounters and "choose your own reality" Sedona spirituality. It's sort of like "Zardoz" meets "Seth Speaks" meets "The Sensuous Woman." If MST3K's Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo did commentary on books, this might be their first pick. A terrible, terrible, entertaining book.

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    16. I read this book when I was about 12, I think. It was really profound to me then, though I'd worry I'd find it obnoxiously naive and hippy now, given all the astral projection, free love and toga wearing philosophers in it. But the fact that I looked it up on and rated it four stars for the indelible memories it laid should say something about it.

    17. I love this book I have read it many times. It's a great view of how people should and should not treat each other and a great exploration into the human mind. My favorite quote is "The measure of the mind's evolution is it's acceptance of the unacceptable"

    18. I like science fiction and this was an interesting combination of spirituality and science fiction. Suggests how reincarnation works and why.

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    20. This book feels like self-help disguised in a plot. The author presents an interesting new-age perspective on historical teleology and the progression of Man, but in the end, the plot meanders. Supporting characters act as predictable, and ultimately one-dimensional, guide posts that are there for the sole purpose of providing a shallow counterpoint to the growth of the main character. If you want to pick up a book like this, go for Celestine Prophecy.

    21. This was in a bundle of sci-fi books I had in epub format, and I like old sci fi, so I loaded it up. It reads like someone trying to sell me something. The writing is terrible, and the "plot" simply serves as a mechanism to lecture the reader about "macro-philosophy". The book is about a worldview held by the author (and sold in seminars and such in the 70's) about karma, past-lives, and all sorts of other woo-woo garbage. Stopped reading after the first chapter.

    22. I read this books many years ago and found the story very interesting. I am currently looking for it now to read again. The Macro philosophy is something that I thought was pioneering for it's time. I would like to study it some more since I'm older and hopefully a little wiser to understand the concept.

    23. One of the mest inspiritonal books I have ever read. It is a can opener for the closeminded. I have read this several times, starting in 1991 in Homer Alaska. I re read it in 2009 and a few times before.

    24. When this came out in 1976 I was blown away and have been smitten with the macro philosophy concept ever since. In the ensuing years, I've pondered many philosophies and while macro is still interesting, the book was a bit tedious and preachy.

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