Hers to Command

Hers to Command For some existence without their mate might seem like the end of their worldr the members of Verdantia s Tetriarch it would be Conte Camliel Aristos deTano Ari has long spurned the marriage forced

  • Title: Hers to Command
  • Author: Patricia A. Knight
  • ISBN: 9781939564078
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • For some, existence without their mate might seem like the end of their worldr the members of Verdantia s Tetriarch, it would be.Conte Camliel Aristos deTano, Ari, has long spurned the marriage forced upon him His contractual bride, Princess Fleur Constante, the beautiful future queen though young and inexperienced, is willing to risk everything, including her ownFor some, existence without their mate might seem like the end of their worldr the members of Verdantia s Tetriarch, it would be.Conte Camliel Aristos deTano, Ari, has long spurned the marriage forced upon him His contractual bride, Princess Fleur Constante, the beautiful future queen though young and inexperienced, is willing to risk everything, including her own sanity, to save her planet.The inhabitants of the sentient planet, Verdantia, are poised on the precipice of extinction following a brutal invasion by an off world, nomadic horde Verdantia s capital, Sylvan Mintoth, must have its failing energy shield restored, or the planet is doomed The Elders know the shield can draw energy from only one thing a very arduous and grueling coupling of two specific people who were pre chosen by the planet Herself and promised by prearranged marriage contract.Verdantia draws strength from the duo, but the sentient planet whispers to Ari that a third is necessary Ari s aide de camp, Visconte Doral deLorion, an angelically handsome, skilled assassin who silently surrendered his heart to Ari long ago.The trio struggles to make this surprising partnership harmonious, pushing through pride, scars of past abuse, fears of inexperience and distrust To save Verdantia, they must overcome their individual weaknesses and realize their full potential Only the Tetriarch and their combined synergy, can harness Verdantia s immense power to shield its citizens from invasion.Be part of the Tetriarch Get your copy today

    • ☆ Hers to Command || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Patricia A. Knight
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    1. All hail the Tetriarch!I'm crazy excited that I've found a new series to sink my teeth into Please excuse me while I gush all over this book"Oh yes, our planet hangs in the balance." With a tortured inhalation, he shuddered, "No pressure." The world of Verdantia is beautifully detailed. This is a lovely blend of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Erotica, Romance, & Intrigue And it is incredibly entertaining!I'd like to create some kind of award for 'Best Prologue' just for this book I was given a th [...]

    2. *I received ARC from the author for an honest review*✰✰✰✰✰This was my 9th 5-star read for 2013 - I'm rereading because I rushed through the first read and it's just as good the second time.I love menage reads but it's a rare menage where all three characters are equal and each has their own relationship with the other two and all three are more powerful as a triad. This book had it all - humor, great writing, yummy sexin' - mf, mm, mfm, mmf, characters I cared about, excellent world bu [...]

    3. **This was an ARC copy given by the author for a honest review**5 starsIn all honesty, this book was great! Fleur, Ari and Doral are a awesome trio! I loved this story and have added it to my faves list. I started this book unsure what to expect but with an open mind and was surprised at just how quickly the story and characters sucked me in. I'm so glad I didn't have plans today and could read this straight through because I don't think I could have stopped reading. This is my first experience [...]

    4. Force field grid powered by crystals which require sexual energy, where is this planet? Is it possible to check to see if I have the required DNA? I would hope that I do because I'd be happy to go through the seven years of training to be subjected to high magic.  Ms. Knight is a new to me author who I will be following closely. She creates a sexually charged world with a science fiction fantasy background. When my favourite genre of science fiction is mixed with steamy BDSM, I'm completely ent [...]

    5. Verdantia is an erotic delight. What a planet! Patricia Knight seamlessly weaves a whole new world, society, and culture through tantalizing, steamy scenes that make a woman yearn to experience a man (or two) with the endurance her heroes repeatedly demonstrate to the point of torture. She puts Fleur through ecstatic heaven, and a little bit of hell judging from Fleur’s demand for some serious payback on at least one occasion.The beauty of this novel is that the Verdantian’s salvation depend [...]

    6. Okay, so this is erotic erotica, and for the genre it's probably fine, if that's your thing. I am learning to be wary of it, discovering that I'm not crazy about ménage. Plus, there was sooo much sex it got redundant. As for the plot, my view differs from many readers, but IMO, the "magickal" world-building elements are pretty thin. The power of a crystal in the hands of destiny's epic lovers -- the plot came straight out of Sedona, and reminded me of Jayne Castle's less raunchy crystal-tuning [...]

    7. War, intrigue, and ménage in a fantasy/sci-fi setting.Doral, hands down is my favorite. A tortured assassin who is the consummate killing machine, yes, I'll take me a helping of that. It is a pleasure to watch his skill in action.Ari, is the confident alpha male who doesn't yield--until he does, and boy is that sexy.Fleur, is the sweet innocent princess whose duty to her country and head for diplomacy is admirable. Plus she has claws and a vicious streak when provoked. For a story with such a s [...]

    8. Erotic sci/fi romance is one of my favorite genres, and I've wanted to read this book and the entire series for some time now, after reading the positive reviews and comments of some trusted friends. I was not disappointed.What struck me about this story is how well balanced it was, dark parts offset by humor or light moments, angst balanced by growth and healing before it got tedious, and erotic moments balanced by the solid world building of an intriguing story about the aftermath of war on a [...]

    9. This book was so much fun~ and such a wild ride, can I go again? I must admit I was a little lost in the beginning, but I soon caught up and let me tell you, I did not want to put it down. Right away you know that this planet is singular in many ways, and that the inhabitants are not conventional in their manner of creating and maintaining energy. I like that the author gave you this to start with, but I think it was lost on me until the real story began, and I could put it into context. I have [...]

    10. Wow! What an erotically nice surprise! When I first started I was a little lost and confused. However, as the story progressed it started to make more sense and it was hard to put down. It was like reading an erotic retelling of Star Wars and the main focus was to create sustainable energy through performing the Great Rite. Which is basically having sex that creates energy. But not just anyone can do this and be successful. You have to have training and discipline. So the planet depends on Ari, [...]

    11. to read my full review: ()My first impression was not that good. I thought the introduction was too long, the names were a bit complicated to remember, the world description a bit too much to remember and my first reaction was that Hers to Command was a sequel. But like each book, I do my best to have an open mind and try to put images behind the words… and it worked. But I honestly enjoyed the intro only after I read the first chapter. I, then, understood the intro better and things made bett [...]

    12. Hers to Command was not what I expected at all. Is it scifi - yes? Is it erotic - yes? Is it romance - yes? But most of all it is unique! Patricia Knight has created a masterpiece way better than Dune with her stunning planet of Verdantia that is sentient and needs the energy released from the act of sex to sustain it and the protective force-field surrounding it. The heroine of this erotic adventure is Fleur. She is a fiercely loyal newlywed to one of our heroes, Ari. Their world is shattered w [...]

    13. The whole idea for planet to connect with people was interesting. It reminded me a little on Avatar (the movie). I was struggling with vocabulary and new words at first but through the book I get to know most of them. The story was ok but jumping from person to person and skipping months ahead was a bit confusing for me. I wanted to know what happened in meanwhile, like all the dirty details with their sex, schemes and even the Haarb. The main characters are good but I couldn't completely connec [...]

    14. This book really snuck up on me around the 18% mark I almost DNF.I read some friend reviews and this gave me the strength to hang onI'm soooo glad I did.I can't really say why this story didn't hook me from the beginning. I mean there is a lot of world building and the names were quite confusing but I just couldn't connect.Then something happened and Ari didn't seem like such jerk-face anymore and Fleur became a sensual, gentle woman instead of a whiney princess. Once these 2 forgot about duties [...]

    15. The book surprised me to no end. It was not what I expected, although, I tried to be open minded. The story was so much more than I imagined. I loved Ari, really loved Doral and Fleur was a strong, amazing woman. I wish the book was even longer. I want more of those three!!! The sex scenes were more muted than I would have liked and some ended before starting, but the story was not all about that. The love displayed got to me and I am not into love stories. I would recommend this book to anyone [...]

    16. So, with a name like Fleur, I honestly didn't think I'd like her very much. Being who I am, I was most looking forward to Ari and Doral. However, this is a trio, so I realized I'd have to adjust to the idea anyway. Fleur is surprisingly humble for someone with a name like hers. Her obvious lack of experience sexually actually makes her more endearing. But watching her grow is the most appealing thing. She has a temper and she's fiercely loyal and protective. Ari is the very confident type. He's [...]

    17. What Have You Missed in Star Wars?Remember your first romance? It probably ended with holding hands, vibrating butterflies in your bellies, a kiss maybe? That's exactly what they've shown us about Anakin and Padmé! And then bang: "The wedding of Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala took place in 22 BBY by way of secret ceremony at the Varykino lake retreat in Naboo's Lake Country." Leap forward through bloody scenes of distant wars and Padmé gives birth to their twins, a baby boy and a baby gir [...]

    18. ADULT ONLY PLEASE!As with many of the sci-fi books I've read, I had a difficult time with the first chapter. The foreign words, names and places as well as all the foreign history included in the first chapter is a lot to comprehend when thrown at me right away. It takes a bit of the enjoyment away from the story for me. Although I do enjoy Paranormal, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy, I have a hard time getting into stories that begin by throwing a bunch of foreign names, places and information at me in the [...]

    19. Hers to Command is an Erotic Sci-Fi that is filled with action, intrigue and sex. The novel starts off really slow in the beginning and truth be told I was close to not finishing the book. This has only happened to me two other times before, but I am glad that I stuck with it. I think that in trying to create a new world with unique customs is very difficult and add newly created vocabulary in the mix and it may make for a difficult read. I have to say, if you can get past the prologue and throu [...]

    20. Rating: 4 1/2 starsI received this book for review from the author. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review.The Prologue gives the reader some of the background of the planet called Verdantia so make sure that you don't skip it. After all, this is the start of the series and when you get to book two, Hers to Choose, coming out in July you want to have some knowledge of the Verdantians. Ari, Fleur, and Doral have an interesting way to heal their planet. Too bad it woul [...]

    21. Oh my Goddness! What a story. This book is a must read. I have to admit I was lost in the beginning just trying to get the language down, but it all comes to you. This is not a book that you want to speed through reading. It is a great love story. What starts out as an arranged marriage turns into a great love story to be read. I loved all 3 of the main characters Ari,Fleur, and Doral!! You know what they say the silent ones are the deadliestwell Doral is that and more! Ari is just a huge hunk o [...]

    22. Hers to Command is an incredible futuristic journey with espionage, suspense, romance, and steaming hot love! It had me smiling and swooning one minute and then white knuckling it hoping no one got hurt and if that wasn't enough I thought my kindle might catch fire from the intensely erotic scenes between the Fleur, Ari and Dolan.Patricia Knight has done an incredible job creating Verdantia and Her allies with amazing clarity. She gives descriptions that make you feel you are there meeting a one [...]

    23. This one was a pleasant surprise! I was expecting fluff and I got substance. The story was well developed and the characters were well written. I liked the sub-plots (pun not intended, but upon re-read, I got a laugh out of it) and behind the scene stories. This was a very good book. The story theme revolves around the stories of three characters destined to come together as a threesome to save their planet (yeah, I admit the whole sex to save the planet thing is cheesy, hence my surprise that t [...]

    24. Left unrated, with my apologies; in this case it's not because I didn't like or didn't finish the book. I'm a bit too close to provide an unbiased reviewd no. I'm not the author. Trust me. I'm the editor of this one and the two sequels.I'm just going to add, however, that unlike many of the other reviewers, I loved the foreign terms. How many authors out there short of Dorothy Sayers remember the correct feminine ending for magister?Most definitely placet.

    25. 3-4 stars of total space opera yumminess.Now, if only Ms. Knight would pen a novella about Doral letting himself off of his proverbial chain. I want a scene with the triumvirate where he lets all of that dominance out! ;-)

    26. PrologueI'm a diverse reader: my bookshelves are a hodgepodge of works ranging from literary fiction, biographies, historical fiction, mysteries, thrillers, horror, paranormal, humor, history, romance (mostly Jane Austin), and - of course - tonnes and tonnes of scifi, fantasy and my new love: steampunk. What I don't have on my shelves is erotica. Nope. Not a smidge. I'm not a prude but it just didn't seem to ever cross my path until about a year ago when a friend of mine and I were in our cups. [...]

    27. This is a hellva ride. Romance, suspense, intrigue, space ships and royalityd 2 HAWT!!!! Heroes for the Princess, oh did I mention this is an Erotic Romance?Description:For some, existence without their mate might seem like the end of their world--for the members of Verdantia’s Tetriarch, it would be.Love triangles often create disastrous relationships, but the unlikely members of the Tetriarch face worldwide disaster without the successful bonding of their trio.The inhabitants of the sentient [...]

    28. Hers to Command by Patricia KnightOriginal settlers of the planet Verdantia discovered the planet communicated with a few select individuals while they were engaged in sexual intercourse. Those who were able to communicate with the planet were also able to manipulate energy as a result of this sexually-heightened state. This energy powered the planet. The planet had such vast areas of inner energy flows that modern technological advances in relatively all areas were virtually useless throughout [...]

    29. Sci-Fi is a new category to me. Aside from my favorite vampires that lured me in a couple of months ago and held me captive, I have never strayed this far in to the world of science fiction. With that little disclaimer out of the way, let me tell you that if I thought saving a planet could be so amazingly hot, I would have read more of these books a long time ago!This book takes place on a planet that communicates in a very intimate way. But the planet can truly only be saved by the intense sexu [...]

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