The Master's Plan

The Master s Plan The Master s Plan is a realistic but warm and inspirational story of a woman s struggle to find her purpose in life The story is written with a touch of humor and a solid backdrop of both public servi

  • Title: The Master's Plan
  • Author: Stephany Tullis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Master s Plan is a realistic but warm and inspirational story of a woman s struggle to find her purpose in life The story is written with a touch of humor and a solid backdrop of both public service and church politics Snappy dialogue, interesting yet realistic plot twists, and strong likable characters who have an opinion about everything make this a fun to read aThe Master s Plan is a realistic but warm and inspirational story of a woman s struggle to find her purpose in life The story is written with a touch of humor and a solid backdrop of both public service and church politics Snappy dialogue, interesting yet realistic plot twists, and strong likable characters who have an opinion about everything make this a fun to read and thought provoking novel.Selena Beatrice Jones, aka SB to her friends, is married to Pastor Woodruff T Jones, pastor of Mt Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, Smoothville, Georgia and still sometimes struggles with her status as the good Pastor s second wife and the daily challenges it brings with his family and his church of 25 years.But after recently celebrating her 50th birthday, Selena thinks she s got it going on and is excited about God s plans to use her to move Mt Sinai into the 21st century via The Master s Plan In her excitement to fulfill her purpose, Selena doesn t realize that when Commissioner Reginald Thompson II, aspiring political candidate, agrees to buy into her Master s Plan, he does so because he has his own master plan One designed to get him into the State Legislature Selena is on a mission to fulfill her God given purpose on earth, confident that her steps are ordered by the Lord Reginald is just as confident that his master plan will get him into office and that Selena B Jones is the lady who can help get him there.While the Commissioner s staff struggle to convince him of the importance of adhering to the often painful and seemingly unnecessary bureaucratic details associated with federal funding of faith based programs, Selena attempts to garner the critically needed backing of church family, community and friends for the Plan Suddenly her husband disappears The Plan takes on a life of its own and without the good Pastor s approval Selena s hands are full as she struggles to understand Woody s sudden and highly suspect disappearance while defending both his reputation and position as Pastor of Mt Sinai to a disgruntled and sometimes hostile committee of church elders The Commissioner s flagrant reliance on his charm, good looks and massage the truth tactics to accomplish his mission causes his chief strategist, Shawn Mallory, to challenge the integrity of the plan Deciding that his boss has finally crossed the line, Mallory jumps ship just as the master plan project is launched Unusual and atypical relationships form between government and church officials old and new friends and past and present family making this a must read for everyone struggling to find purpose

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      STEPHANY TULLIS In my world, there is no life without writing, traveling, family, music and my love of politics My loves and interests are central to my writing With this backdrop, regardless of the date or time of your visit, you will find family.My world my back story is guided by my faith and the inspiration I receive from God Without exaggeration, family and relationships are the core of every book I write I love to travel and like me, my characters are always off and running and in so doing require me to research and often visit so many fascinating places.I also love music all kinds and I m never surprised by what track finds its way to my personal playlists and a character s ring tone, door chime, or car radio station.People frown sometimes and don t understand my love of politics, but I have a political administration background and thrived on and in my past government career For me, it s the people, the process and what democracy offers As with life, my fictional towns and cities include mayors, governors, school board members, etc If you haven t guessed, I love my world that allows me to not only live the life I love but to also share it with others I live in Georgia with my family where I continue to write professionally and have published on Examiner as Atlanta s Society and Culture Examiner and in various health related peer review journals.


    1. The Master's Plan by Stephanie Tullis is a wonderful family story of faith and the strength we can build on that faith. This reader was reminded of all those glorious black and white movies that so perfectly depicted struggling families using their faith to overcome diversity. The author expertly manipulates the story weaving in the entire range of human emotions that creates strong, believable characters.Selena is married to Pastor Woodruff and is convinced God has a special purpose for her to [...]

    2. Interesting Book!The author Stephany Tullis has done a great job of fleshing out her characters. I found myself caring about them and the outcomes of their decisions. They felt like real people with real problems, which made it all the more compelling for me.One of my favorite quotes from the novel, “Janice’s body, with ample due diligence from its owner, finally relaxed. The deep breathing, meditation, and double dose of Xanax paid off. She drifted to sleep…felt like she had been out of i [...]

    3. The Master's Plan is a fast paced easy to read page turner! Selena Beatrice Jones aka 'SB' to her friends, 2nd wife of Pastor Woodruff T. Jones is convinced she's been called to move her husband's traditional Baptist church into the 21st century. Out to save her floundering marriage and tired of her daughter-in-law's jealousy and animosity, SB partners with a local politician who also has a master plan. Commissioner Reginald Thompson III leaves no stone unturned as he recruits a NYC operative to [...]

    4. The book opens with a scene that will leave you wanting to get to the explanation of what exactly happened. Once you meet the characters you start to realise that it's going to be a thrilling and engaging story that will take you along the path to the true Master's plan. Pastor Woody, when faced with a hidden past and difficulties, ignores God's plan for him and goes off to do his own thing, telling himself that it was meant to be. This isn't the kind of book I would usually read, but I did love [...]

    5. The Master's Plan by Stephany Tullis is an inspiring read that moves at a fast pace. I really enjoyed this story and read with gusto wanting to know the outcome. The author tells a very compelling story. This book dealt with real life-like struggles. Some I could surely relate to. The story had me thinking about my own life. I found this hit home. Very realistic. Issues such as fidelity, belief systems, relationships and trust are brought to the forefront. The church politics of Smoothville, Geo [...]

    6. The Master's Plan: A Novel About Purpose, by Stephany Tullis, appeals to me on so many different levels. First, it is set in Georgia and deals with topics many small town southerners face, secondly it tells of the Master Plan for us all. Selena Beatrice Jones is married to Pastor Woodruff T. Jones, pastor of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, Smoothville, Georgia. She struggles with her life as the Pastor's second wife, she struggles with his family and his church of 25 years, too.After celebr [...]

    7. In The Master’s Plan, Ms. Tullis takes the reader through an enjoyable, and sometimes hilarious, romp through the local and church politics of Smoothville, Georgia. It is the story of Selena Jones, 2nd wife of revered Pastor Woody Jones. Wanting to aid her husband, Selena (SB to her friends) naively has put together a plan – a master plan – to help him spread the good word. Throw in to the mix, Commissioner Reginald, who has plans of his own, his advisor Shawn, who is becoming disillusione [...]

    8. Exceptional! I am very impressed with this author. Her work in this book is exceptional. The characters are complex and real, so that you feel as if you know them and can relate to them. The book takes on some really difficult and important philosophical issues that are integral to and enhance rather that distract from the very enjoyable plot. The story is very engaging with plenty of interesting twists and turns to hold your attention. I highly recommend this book and hope to read more from Ste [...]

    9. This review is from: The Master's Plan (Kindle Edition)review by Robert K. Swisher Jr.First off I am not from the south, western guy all the way, and, sorry to say in many ways, I am not religious, but, with this said and done I really enjoyed THE MASTER'S PLAN. maybe there is a plan for all of us and not the random actions that I find myself believing in. This is a serious, at times funny, and always captivating book. The characters spring out of the words and there are aspects of each that liv [...]

    10. This inspiring tale, a central message of faith relevant to non-Christians, hope, integrity, goodness and perseverance prevail. A book about choices we make, temptation and belief. Wonderfully written, inspiring and interesting, I couldn't put it down. Thank you Stephany Tullis for this inspiring book. A must read!

    11. This book came at a time that I really needed it. I think that we all question 'Why we are here' at times. It is encouraging to know that other people face the same dilemmas. I appreciated how the author touched on 'church politics.' This book had a little of everything including humor. I look forward to ready more of this Author's work.

    12. The intrigue of finding out what exactly is "The Master's Plan" keeps you turning the pages. These people were real, making real mistakes and receiving (and giving) real forgiveness. Stephany Tullis has created a vibrant read I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves great fiction.

    13. Where in the world is Pastor Woodruff [Woody] T. Jones? That question drives much of the story behind the Master’s Plan that portrays how interwoven church, politics, community and family can be. Not an easy tapestry to navigate, even when folks [mostly] mean well. Trouble walks in and shakes things up, revealing that not all the motives are pure even among those at the heart of the church. This is a thoroughly enjoyable tale of the struggle to do the right thing in the face of day-to-day chal [...]

    14. A must read! Sharp sighted story about human nature, that is written warmly and with humor. The characters are so realistic I laughed my butt off at times when recognizing things from my life in their behavior. Excellent and something I can easily recommend to everyone!I picked up this book as a friend recommended it to me. It isn’t my usual genre, since it’s a Christian story, but I’m happy I took the leap into the unknown as I enjoyed the story enormously. Politics and religion…d one d [...]

    15. This beautifully told christian tale has it all; hope, subterfuge and redemption.Selena is looking forward to moving, with her ever loving Pastor husband, to Mt Sinai to continue to spread the good word.However, the nefarious Commissioner Reginald has his own plan to use Selena to catapult him into political office.What lifts this amazing story so high above its contemporaries, is the authors understanding of characterization; Selena and Reginald really represent our own internal voices - one se [...]

    16. “The Master's Plan” by Stephanie Tully is an inspiring story about marriage, politics, purpose and faith. Selena Jones, second wife to Pastor Woodruff, becomes convinced that God has a mission for her on earth and – all inspired – goes about to realise her goal. Things do not go smoothly with the Commissioner who promised to help her and with the church committee. It gets worse when her husband suddenly miraculously disappears.In this inspiring tale, whose central message of faith is rel [...]

    17. Did not like this book. The writing was not as complex as I had hoped. There were no good quotes, metaphors or imagery. The characters' reaction to most of the situations was so unrealistic and overly dramatic. What grown woman really handles a bad dinner party by crying hysterically and hiding. You would have thought that she received news that Pastor Woody had died or something. I mean these are suppose to be powerful, influential leaders of a well respected church! And then what really made m [...]

    18. I bought 'The Master's Plan' as it was on the Top 20 in Women's Fiction. The story tells about a pastor's wife who decides to lead her husband's church into the 21st century. At the very beginning it reminded me a Hollywood movie when a noveau Noah saves the city from a new Great Flood, but The Master's Plan turns more into a funny, realistic story of life motivation and fulfillment, the main character, could be anyone who has faith in God and people. She finds a way to enhance her life and new, [...]

    19. For any Christian who has ever questioned your path in life, this book is for you. Beautifully yet accessibly written, The Master's Plan traces Selena on her journey to fulfilling what she believes to be her life's calling. But when politics and religion collide, chaos ensues and Selena must pick up the pieces. I was particularly drawn to how connected I felt to the characters as the author's faith shines through in this absolute gem. Bravo Ms Tullis! Highly recommend!

    20. Always believing in a higher power and wondering what my purpose in life really is, The Master's Plan held my interest from the first page. Wonderfully written, inspiring and interesting, I couldn't put it down. Thank you Stephany Tullis for this remarkable book.

    21. Well written and imaginative story, using the second wife of a pastor as the protagonist. She is trying, really doing her best to "find" her purpose in life. Unfortunately, the plot thickens. Unusual relationships form between church officials and an aspiring politician. Recommended.

    22. Witty, wonderfully told and a marvelous story. I'm glad I managed to finally finish the read. Well worth the price.

    23. I love this author. She has a way with words, as all authors should. The story of church and politics, and the woman behind both was entertaining, funny and brilliantly written. More please

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